7 thoughts on “2013 Winter Classic Update

  1. Tab, can we start a new hockey league? Show the owners they do not own the fans. The WHL, world hockey league. Chicago Hawks, etc. haha….but seriously.

  2. Well, unfortunately today’s announcement is no surprise. The owners aren’t going to negotiate with the players. They want the economic equation changed. And they are seem fully prepared to let Donald Fehr twist in the wind until next summer.

  3. Is there any optimism to be had at all with the recent reports of the two sides meeting at an “undisclosed” location?

  4. What are the player’s going to do- Not accept the Owner’s crappy offer next year?
    And lose 20% of their career’s and 20% of their life time earning power…

    Someone w/ a Math Degree should sit down w/ Players and explain they really can’t win if several owners are Really losing money!

    I know the “players are are not only fighting for today’s player… they are fighting for future Hockey Players “… that is so beautiful… and altruistic of them… but stupid.
    If the NHL has to fold 2 teams How many players will lose careers?
    If the Players sit two years… they will lose way more than taking a 5-7% haircut!

  5. The players WAY overplayed their hand when they hired Donald Fehr. The second Fehr was hired I knew there was going to be labor strife. Fehr was the hero of the MLB players and brought the baseball owners to their knees, to include on collusion. But alas, the NHL is VERY, VERY different than MLB. The economics are night and day different, especially for the small market clubs.

    This thing looks like it will drag into next summer. At which time I suspect the players will crack and put pressure on Fehr to sign the deal being proposed by the owners at the time. I also won’t be surprised to see the players fire Fehr at some point out of desperation, because I doubt Fehr is going to agree with the players acquiescing to the owners at any point in time.

    A total and complete clusterfu*k. And the truly sad thing is that smart hockey fans knew this was going to happen before it happened. Two NHL seasons flushed down the toilet in recent vintage.

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