2014 Hockey Hall of Fame Class Announced

On Monday, the Hockey Hall of Fame announced its Class of 2014: Peter Forsberg, Mike Modano, Rob Blake, Dominik Hasek, Pat Burns and Bill McCreary.

Sadly, Steve Larmer still has not yet taken his place in the Hall where he belongs.

Hasek card

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8 Responses to 2014 Hockey Hall of Fame Class Announced

  1. Sr. Brad says:

    All worthy inductees, but how do you Blake or Modano go in before Larmer? It will happen Tab, its just a question of when.

  2. David Bonnema says:

    Bill McCreary?

  3. Boy Named Sioux says:

    Look at Hasek in that photo. Can you believe how much netting is exposed behind him? I believe Hasek is under 6′ tall, but still . . . just another reminder of the equipment evolution in pro hockey.

  4. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    That Stephane Beauregard for Hasek trade worked out pretty good for the Hawks,….uurgh! Hey but at least we also got the slowest Blackhawk of all time Eric Daze as the future consideration.

  5. noonan96 says:

    Pat Burns gets in-that makes me happy

  6. Peter says:

    Daze the Blaze…pronounce both words in French.

  7. Scottie P says:

    The goalies no question have more pads nowadays, but the rule changes also favor offense. Tough call but which generation do you think was harder to play in?

  8. goldenbladz says:

    Can you believe the Hawks had Belfour and Hasek at the same time…..just crazy. Then the trade away Hasek and Roenick. Man i’m glad those days are gone.

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