2015-16 NHL Schedule Announced

The NHL released the 2015-16 regular season schedule on Thursday morning.

Click here for the Chicago Blackhawks 2015-16 schedule.

A few key dates:

Home Opener: Wednesday, Oct. 7 vs New York Rangers

Original Six @ Chicago:
NY Rangers – Wednesday, Oct. 7
Montreal – Sunday, Jan. 17
Toronto – Monday, Feb. 15
Detroit – Sunday, March 6
Boston – Sunday, April 3

Stanley Cup Final Rematch vs Lighting: Sat., Oct. 24

Home Finale: Thursday, April 7 vs St. Louis Blues


19 thoughts on “2015-16 NHL Schedule Announced

  1. Tab can I sneak this in here about Stone from Ottawa? Stone 23 yr old just signed for 3 years at cap hit of 3.5 mil. a year. His #s for 14-15 are 26 goals and 38 assists = 64pts and a plus 21 compared to Saad’s 23 goals 29 assist’s=52 pts. and plus 7. Maybe this sets the market value a little less than some of us had feared. Maybe 4 mill. tops get’s it done, hope so.

  2. Really short summer for the two SCF teams. I know this will never happen, but I can understand Q telling 2, 4, and 7 to not even show up until Nov. 1.

    Training camp opens in less than 3 months, quickly followed by first exhibition and Oct. 7 opening night. We just hoisted the Cup 10 days ago while LA, Dallas, Boston, SJ, Predators, and Blues have been recuperating and training for 2-3 months now.

    Just saying that the boys may be in for a rough start next season… Hopefully, not a repeat of the Kings 2014-2015 season.

  3. The Kings also had a draft class that didn’t impact their chances for a repeat. And more injuries, as usual for their play style.

  4. hoping for –
    Sharp to Habs-

    #26 and Andrighetto or Lehkonnen – both can skate and Put puck in net,,, TT would be comfortable with A.L. and Hawks have tons of Prospects that can pass the puck… need some finishers/snipers!!!

  5. Maybe Sens? They just traded Legwand n Lehner for Buffalo’s 21st pick. Freed up 5.5 in cap space.

  6. Sens- are supposed to be going after O’Reilly

    Tab- You suggested Hawks might be looking at Soderberg???

    Can you believe He Got over $4M+???

    and then you get kids – Stone/Toffoli/Zib-Jad… getting $3M for way better Numbers??? I know they might be “Bridges”… but way overpay for Soderberg in my eyes!!!

  7. Wall agreed. If Hawks can do a bridge for Saad like like LA did for Toffoli, $3.25mm for 2 years, Hawks would be in MUCH better Cap shape.

  8. Wall – Soderberg contract terms are crazy. Very surprised by the Avs.

    It will be interesting to see how the Toffoli/Stone contracts impact Saad. I must say that the numbers on these two deals were lower than I would have expected. Here in LA there was concern that someone was going to sign Toffoli to an offer sheet so they are relieved to get him signed quickly.

    Should be an interesting couple of days. Anyone hearing whether there is any interest for Bickell? My guess is we have to add a prospect to make a deal happen.

  9. MS- my thoughts exactly…

    Soderberg is slow… but does offer great size/strength… and wings for Avs have speed… so perhaps they think it is a perfect blend… but $4.5M+????

    don’t get it

    hope Saad is bridged at $3.5 ish… heard 81 goes down to $1M cap hit in 2 years (don’t know if true)… but if that is right… Hawks will be able to afford 20 then

  10. Yeah, Reilly signing with Minnesota. Oh well.

    Can’t get them all.

    They’ll need some left defense coming in soon though.

  11. By the way, on the Reilly thing, that loudmouth Wiz goof on HockeyBuzz who thinks he’s a draft expert, he was tweeting Mike Reilly’s account dozens of times daily telling him to sign with Chicago.

    I doubt it affected the kid’s decision but if he reads his Twitter I’ll bet it made him think the Blackhawks sure have some whacked out fans. Strange behavior for a grown man to be rapid fire tweeting a prospect telling him where to sign.

    Meanshile, I’m sure Bowman and company are on to the next target.

  12. Wall, Hossa’s salary may go down but his Cap hit was averaged over the term of the contract.

  13. Bruins fans can’t be happy that they had to move Dougie Hamilton since they didn’t have the cap space to sign him. Losing top young players does not bode well for the future even with the picks they received. Hope we get Saader signed quickly.

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