2015 NHL Free Agent Signing Update

  • Forwards

Justin Williams – Washington Capitals
Matt Beleskey – Boston Bruins
Antoine Vermette – Arizona Coyotes
Daniel Winnik – Toronto Maple Leafs
Gregory Campbell – Columbus Blue Jackets
Brad Richards – Detroit Red Wings
PA Parenteau – Toronto Maple Leafs
Mark Arcobello – Toronto Maple Leafs
Steve Downie – Arizona Coyotes
Cody Hodgson – Nashville Predators
Viktor Stalberg – New York Rangers
Michael Frolik – Calgary Flames
Mark Letestu – Edmonton Oilers
Blake Comeau – Colorado Avalanche
Brad Richardson – Arizona Coyotes

  • Defensemen

Mike Green – Detroit Red Wings
Paul Martin – San Jose Sharks
Andrej Sekera – Edmonton Oilers
Francois Beauchemin – Colorado Avalanche
Zbynek Michalek – Arizona Coyotes
Matt Hunwick – Toronto Maple Leafs
John Moore – New Jersey Devils
Barret Jackman – Nashville Predators
Matt Bartkowski – Vancouver Canucks
Davis Drewiskie – Philadelphia Flyers
Cameron Gaunce – Florida Panthers
Taylor Fedun – Vancouver Canucks
Taylor Chorney – Washington Capitals
Raphael Diaz – New York Rangers

  • Goaltenders

Thomas Greiss – New York Islanders
Michal Neuvirth – Philadelphia Flyers
Jhonas Enroth – Los Angeles Kings
Richard Bachman – Vancouver Canucks
Anders Lindback – Arizona Coyotes
Matt Hackett – Anaheim Ducks

27 thoughts on “2015 NHL Free Agent Signing Update

  1. Wonder of Bowman is talking to teams about Seabrook? Especially if the dont or cant trade Bickell, Sharp, Versteeg, and/or Crawford?

  2. You can’t move Seabrook he is the glue of the defense. Throws timely checks, scores big time goals and complements any partner they put him with.

  3. DM22 I agree wholeheartedly!

    Unless you get some insane return for #7 I believe he is as untouchable as you can get……

    I bet if you asked any of the “core” players who is the most important player on the team, to a man they’d say 7…..

  4. the 27 front- seems kind of quiet…

    hoping they told 27 to sit still… wait for SB to make some $$$ room for him…
    27 should be one of the most sought after D UFA’s… but guessing- he wants to stay w/ Hammer… and let SB try to dump 10,29,23…

    Which makes room for 27 and 16… who both might take discounts to stay w Hawks!!!

    If SB pulls this off!!! WOW!!! Hawks are way deeper than last year-imo

  5. It was rumored that the Hawks were working on an extension for Seabs. The secondary marketing is taking shape as we speak! As of right now on the general the Hawks have 13 forwards, 4 defenseman and 2 goalies on the books for over 80 million. That doesn’t included TVR 925K & Panarim who unbelievably is carrying a 3.25 million dollar cap hit for some reason.

  6. Kevin Shattenkirk is on the block, if only there was a way to bring him here for that price tag! The Hawks would have to go 3 way because I highly doubt the Blues would trade him in the division.

    “Hey Uncle Dale can you call Doug from STL and kick the tires for me?”

  7. The numbers are a little confusing but based on what I’ve been able to figure out they are currently at ~$71 million in Cap hit but ~$80MM in total contracts. Paranin is also just shy of $900K in salary, the rest is bonus which doesn’t count (yet). So cap space still needs to be cleared to make room for a couple Icehog d-men.

  8. I think it would be helpful to only use cap hits when discussing player salaries because actual pay is significant only to the payer and payee, not hockey operations.

    As much as I like Kruger and as much as I hope the Hawks re-sign him – the objective should be to get in position to re-sign Seabrook. PERIOD. And unlike with Saad where the Hawks were able to get a return when forced to trade him, Seabrook will be UFA so the Hawks will get nothing if they can’t afford to re-sign him.

  9. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about Seabrook being talked about as being sought after by other teams (this talk was coming from places such as Dallas and was during the playoffs, but before the Stanley Cup Finals). There were some teams interested in going after him, but they were also shy of the big payday he would demand after his current contract is up. His age might preclude them from being interested in a long term deal after this upcoming season.

    Tab sent off a quick response that Seabrook was NOT going to be let go under any circumstances, and that anyone who though he was on the block was crazy.
    With that said, I would suggest that a Seabrook move would be the biggest shocker of this post season.

    I would like to see a healthy Oduya back. However, I think Kruger is overall more important. Between his ability at the dot, his PK prowess, and his overall unsung “little things” he brings to the table….I’d want him back as a higher priority.

  10. The Blackhawks have been working on an extension w/ Seabrook for almost a month. I don’t see him leaving via trade any time soon. Certainly not before the 2015-16 season. Sorry, Big Indian.

    That said, Kruger is needed next year. Saad was emerging as a key piece of the PK unit and the Hawks will need to replace that (Nordstrom?). The ability to not rely too heavily on 19 & 81 there has been big.

  11. Assuming worse case Cap Wise, what would be our team’s current cap hit if we had to buy out Bickell, Sharp, and Versteeg? Would we then be able to resign Desjardins, Krueger, and Oduya (in that order)?


  12. Great point RE: penalty kill. Speaking of, Frolik five yrs @ $4.3M hit, and Asimisov same length @ $4.55 hit. Frolik would have saved $ on cap hit w/ proven, versatile commodity. Kruger & Frolik owned NHL on PK along w/ Toews & Hossa. Like others have stated, what was the big rush to sign Asimisov to long term pricey extension? Circa summer ’11 when Bowman was OCD obsessed w/ Montador, even traded for his rights before became UFA. Bowman is NOT always patient and meticulous. Although he did a good job w/ the Saad trade based on circumstances under the gun, it wasn’t like Asimisov was also RFA or UFA and could have signed elsewhere ASAP. Bad move locking him in long-term so quickly, against Bowman’s general protocol. Why not wait to see how all else shakes out? The jury is out and will remain out on this as the next couple seasons transpire.

  13. Although it would hurt the Hawks, I wouldn’t blame 16 and 65 (next year) for pursuing the biggest pay check possible. Those 2 guys must lead the league in scraping themselves off the ice, yet somehow being able to make their next shift.

    I’m still in awe that Kruger survived Stoner’s cross check from behind (2 minutes ?????) and the dump onto the half wall in front of the bench.

    Someday one of those hits is going to end a career and that big paycheck will come in handy.

  14. Oh, BTW, any chance we show some class and give Richards, Saad, and Vermette a respectful welcome and thank you when they return for a thumping with their new teams next year? Kind of like Philadelphia and Nashville did with Timo?

    (Does SJ still boo Soupy whenever he steps on the ice?)

  15. Ice you wouldn’t have saved any $ but increased it by 4.3. Asimisov is making $3 something tbis year. That new contract starts next year. Who else were you going to trade to free up that dollar amount.

  16. I have to believe that Bowman has to at least be thinking of making Seabrook available. As teams fill their rosters the market for sharp, versteeg, and bickell gets smaller. I would think Bowman has a list of the core players that he would move if all else failed. That list might only be Seabrook and Crawford. I would think Seabs contract would be at least 7 million a yr and about 4 years long. How does paying that to a 30 year old help a team that is having horrible cap issues? And i know that is a year away and lot can happen but Bowman is probably listening to offers.

  17. I can’t see moving Seabrook at this time since we only have two other veteran d-men. I still believe moving 29, 10 and/or 23 will happen if we eat some salary and include a prospect or two, possibly the goalie Nilsson who had such a strong year in the KHL.

    Regarding the Kings pursuing Oduya, LA is probably waiting for clearance to void the contract of Slava Voynov who is now on his way to jail for 90 days. I believe his cap was around $4.5m.

  18. So is there a way to keep Sharp and somehow get under the cap? I don’t think getting rid of just Bickell and Versteeg will do it … which means maybe Crawford really is on the trading block!?

    Hey how about trading Sharp and Crawford to the Islanders for Halak ($4.5M x 3) and deHaan ($2M x 2 – RFA). Halak/Darling would probably be OK and deHaan could be the LD on the 2nd pair. That would be about a $5.5M cap reduction and take care of the LD we need. Then just get rid of Bickell somehow and go win another Cup … whadaya think?

  19. re: EbonyRaptor’s trade idea – why would the Islanders get more expensive in net, another expensive forward, and trade an emerging young defenseman after having already dealt a young dman to Edmonton during the draft? No logic from the NYI perspective. Sorry.

  20. Tab, they probably wouldn’t. But I think Crawford is better than Halak and Sharp would be an upgrade to whoever else is going to play with Tavares and Okposo. So, it’s not like I’ve gotten into the mushrooms with this idea.

  21. Crawford is better than Halak (why the Hawks wouldn’t/shouldn’t do it). He’s also $1.5M more expensive.

    Sharp would be a tremendous fit for the Isles; I never denied that. But they can’t afford to include de Haan at this point.

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