2016 World Championships Updates: Big Day For Panarin

On Thursday at the World Championships:

  • Russia blew out Denmark 10-1, led by Blackhawks forward Artemi Panarin‘s five points (one goal, four assists).
  • Forward Tyler Motte picked an assist on JT Compher’s second period goal in the USA’s 4-0 win over France. He skated 15:12 in the win.
  • Forward Vince Hinostroza served six penalty minutes and skated 10:28 for the United States.
  • Defenseman Michal Kempny skated 18:06 in the Czech Republic’s 7-0 win over Norway. Kempny is reportedly close to signing with the Blackhawks.

18 thoughts on “2016 World Championships Updates: Big Day For Panarin

  1. Don’t know if we ever had anything like Panarin…Its easy to see the loose association of Mikita and Hull with Toews and Kane, the very essence of the franchise. This guy is as if we got Jagr as a rookie. He’s the whole damn Esposito, Hodge, Stanfield line. It will be a challenge to hang on to this guy for the upcoming years but we must. Stanley Cups awaiting.

  2. Tab- We are all waiting for your headline blasting out of the Committed Indian universe announcing the freeing up of Bickell’s $’s once and for all.

  3. Mining Man- AMEN!!!!

    Tab- is it to much to ask for the headline… “The “Handcuffs” are Finally Off”!!!

  4. Hope nobody is holding their breath…

    Does any team need a $4mil expiring contract?

  5. Hawks will need to keep Panarin for at least 3-4 years extra …but at what price ??
    Iff he ask to much then you trade him to Washington for 2-3 kids that are already in the system…or on the team …
    But off course keeping him happy would be the first choice …

  6. Hey. Goldenjet…are you the same guy from the other blog from Montreal ? Long time no see .

  7. I think the Hawks should shoulder Bicks’ contract for one more year. Hawks will need EVERY cent to keep Panarin next year. Why drag the thing out?

    Mgmnt to Bicks….We love ya. This will be your last season in the Hawks org. Teach these young guys in Rockford all you can. Be a leader, help them understand the big league.

  8. BTW, If someone will take his contract without giving up anyone but nothing in return……….see ya

  9. Never seen Vay play… but strongly agree with someone should give the guy a shot based on size and age… who knows w some quality coaching… he could pan out…

    nothing to lose

  10. Wall, the kid has to be raw. But you don’t have to invest anything but money and time. This year he played in the MOL Liga. It’s for clubs based in Hungary and Romania. He put up a .925% and a 2.75 GAA. Out of guys that played more than 12 games he put up the best save %

    On his team he played 39 games, another goalie played 11.Other goalie had an .896 save% and 3.23 GAA

    Going back to his years in El Paso he had a 1.76 GAA and 2.03 GAA with a .936 and.923 save% the other goalies didn’t get near the games Vay did, but numbers were comparable.

  11. Tab should rename the site either committedernee or erneeindians. He has posted half the time on this thread and not one makes sense.

  12. Mike, if your still here, I’m with you on your Bickell take, long range makes sense to me.

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