2017-18 Blackhawks Regular Season Schedule Released

A few items of note:

  • No long November road trip.
  • The longest road trip of the season is six games, from Dec. 21 – Jan. 3
  • The Hawks host Nashville twice in October.
  • Oct. 24 – Blackhawks in Vegas for the first time
  • Jan. 5 – Vegas visits the United Center for the first time
  • Jan. 14 – Detroit visits Chicago
  • The Blackhawks face St. Louis three times in their final 10 games.


5 thoughts on “2017-18 Blackhawks Regular Season Schedule Released

  1. That’s the most spread out sch. I have ever seen. Only one long road trip and home stand. No teams from other conference in last 10.

    Did the league hire a new/good sch. maker.

  2. Should have more than just one home and home with the same team on consecutive days. It would have been better with a division rival than with Boston. That would make a rivalry stronger meaner.

  3. You can thank the demise of Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus for this more logical schedule.

  4. Yup we knew this would happen when they decided to stop having ice shows and the circus at the UC…but damn I have only gotten a quarter of the way in and I see about 5 back-to-backs already.

  5. Espo I count 3 back to backs in oct. and 3 in nov. 2 in dec. 2 in jan. 2 in feb. and 4 in mar. For a total of 16.

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