2017 Blackhawks Prospect Camp: Team A Breakdown

Below is the roster for “Team A” at the 2017 Chicago Blackhawks Prospect Camp, which will be held at Johnny’s West from July 17-21.

Among the players to watch on this team will be three of the top blue line prospects in the organization. Dennis Gilbert had a terrific season as Notre Dame advanced to the Frozen Four, and Lucas Carlsson has skyrocketed up the organization’s prospect rankings in the eyes of most scouts over the last year. Henri Jokiharju, the Hawks’ first round selection in the 2017 NHL Draft,  is one of three 2017 draft picks on this roster for the camp.

Defenseman Darren Raddysh, who played with Alex DeBrincat at Erie last season, signed a free agent contract with Rockford. He had a huge season with Erie and is worth watching keeping an eye on as well.

  • Forwards

Liam Coughlin
6-2, 201
DOB: 9/19/1994
Acquired: via trade from EDM for G Anders Nilsson (7/6/2015)
2016-17: 31 games, 3 goals, 8 assists, 11 points – University of Vermont (NCAA)
2017-18: University of Vermont (NCAA)

John Dahlström
6-0, 190
DOB: 1/22/1997
Acquired: 7th round (#211) – 2015 NHL Draft
2016-17: 63 games, 30 goals, 29 assists, 59 points – Medicine Hat (WHL)
2017-18: Almtuna (Allsvenskan – Sweden)

Parker Foo
6-1, 170
DOB: 9/12/1998
Acquired: 5th round (#144) – 2017 NHL Draft
2016-17: 60 games, 34 goals, 32 assists, 66 points – Brooks (AJHL)
2017-18: Union College (NCAA)

Mathias From
6-1, 187
DOB: 12/16/1997
Acquired: 5th round (#143) – 2016 NHL Draft
2016-17: 33 games, 3 goals, 1 assist, 4 points – Rögle BK (SHL)
2017-18: Rögle BK (SHL)

Matheson Iacopelli
6-2, 207
DOB: 5/15/1994
Acquired: 3rd round (#83) – 2014 NHL Draft
2016-17: 40 games, 20 goals, 16 assists, 36 points – Western Michigan University (NCAA)
2017-18: Rockford (AHL)

Luke Johnson
5-11, 198
DOB: 2/10/1995
Acquired: 6th round (#181) – 2013 NHL Draft
2016-17: 73 games, 8 goals, 9 assists, 17 points – Rockford (AHL)
2017-18: Rockford (AHL)

Anthony Louis
5-7, 150
DOB: 9/19/1994
Acquired: 5th round (#134) – 2013 NHL Draft
2016-17: 36 games, 14 goals, 25 assists, 39 points – Miami University (Ohio) (NCAA)
2017-18: Rockford (AHL)

Will Pelletier
5-7, 172
DOB: 12/14/1992
Acquired: signed AHL contract as free agent
2016-17: 23 games, 18 goals, 28 assists, 46 points – Norwich University (NCAA D.III)
2017-18: Rockford (AHL)

Beau Starrett
6-5, 212
DOB: 11/1/1995
Acquired: 3rd round (#88) – 2014 NHL Draft
2016-17: 35 games, 4 goals, 10 assists, 14 points – Cornell University (NCAA)
2017-18: Cornell University (NCAA)

Vincent Praplanfree agent
5-11, 185
DOB: 6/10/1994
2016-17: 50 games, 15 goals, 27 assists, 42 points – EHC Kloten (NLA)
2017-18: EHC Kloten (NLA – Switzerland)

  • Defenseman

Lucas Carlsson
6-1, 190
DOB: 7/5/1997
Acquired: 4th round (#110) – 2016 NHL Draft
2016-17: 41 games, 3 goals, 8 assists, 11 points – Brynäs IF (SHL)
2017-18: Brynäs IF (SHL)

Joshua Ess
5-11, 181
DOB: 4/3/1999
Acquired: 7th round (#215) – 2017 NHL Draft
2016-17: 23 games, 8 goals, 20 assists, 28 points – Lakeview HS
2017-18: University of Wisconsin (NCAA)

Dennis Gilbert
6-2, 198
DOB: 10/30/1996
Acquired: 3rd round (#91) – 2015 NHL Draft
2016-17: 40 games, 0 goals, 22 assists, 22 points – Notre Dame (NCAA)
2017-18: Notre Dame (NCAA)

Henri Jokiharju
6-1, 187
DOB: 6/17/1999
Acquired: 1st round (#29) – 2017 NHL Draft
2016-17: 71 games, 9 goals, 39 assists, 48 points – Portland (WHL)
2017-18: Portland (WHL)

Roope Laavainen
6-2, 187
DOB: 8/23/1998
Acquired: 4th round (#119) – 2017 NHL Draft
2016-17: 48 games, 5 goals, 16 assists, 21 points – Jokerit U20 (Jr. A SM-liiga)
2017-18: HPK (Liiga – Sweden)

Jake Massie
6-1, 171
DOB: 1/21/1997
Acquired: 6th round (#156) – 2015 NHL Draft
2016-17: 29 games, 0 goals, 7 assists, 7 points – University of Vermont (NCAA)
2017-18: University of Vermont (NCAA)

Robin Press
6-4, 205
DOB: 12/21/1994
Acquired: 7th round (#211) – 2013 NHL Draft
2016-17: 30 games, 2 goals, 8 assists, 10 points – Indy (ECHL)
2017-18: Rockford (AHL)

Darren Raddysh
6-1, 200
DOB: 2/28/1996
Acquired: signed AHL contract as free agent
2016-17: 62 games, 16 goals, 65 assists, 81 points – Erie (OHL)
2017-18: Rockford (AHL)

  • Goaltenders

Wouter Peeters
6-4, 201
DOB: 7/31/1998
Acquired: 3rd round (#83) – 2016 NHL Draft
2016-17: 23 games played, .899 save pct, 3.21 GAA – Jokerit U20 (Jr. A SM-liiga)
2017-18: Youngstown (USHL)

Hayden Lavignefree agent
6-3, 201
DOB: 4/7/1996
2016-17: 13 games, .912 save pct, 2.92 GAA – University of Michigan (NCAA)
2017-18: University of Michigan (NCAA)

Kyle Keyser – free agent
6-2, 185
DOB: 3/8/1999
2016-17: 26 games, .891 save pct, 3.40 GAA – Oshawa (OHL)
2017-18: Oshawa (OHL)

  • Forward Fredrik Olofsson and defenseman Jakub Galvis will participate in off-ice activities only.

On this list, the following players have a contract with either the Blackhawks or IceHogs for the 2017-18 season:

  • Matheson Iacopelli
  • Luke Johnson
  • Anthony Louis
  • Will Pelletier*
  • Robin Press*
  • Darren Raddysh*
  • Matt Tomkins*
    * – AHL contract with Rockford

The following prospects will be playing college hockey during the 2017-18 season:

  • Liam Coughlin – Vermont
  • Parker Foo – Union
  • Beau Starrett – Cornell
  • Joshua Ess – Wisconsin
  • Dennis Gilbert – Notre Dame
  • Jake Massie – Vermont

10 thoughts on “2017 Blackhawks Prospect Camp: Team A Breakdown

  1. Wooter Peters is the first goalie we have drafted that high (3rd round) in a long, long time. I am guessing since Crawford maybe when he was taken in the 2nd round? I would be nice if he had a good season and showed some signs of being able to have a solid pro career, as now that the Hawks have shed Raanta and Darling in the past year the cupboard is really bare in terms of goaltending potential in the system. To the point that we had to trade to get two AHL goalies this offseason to have them fight to see who is Crawford’s backup and who plays in Rockford. Of everyone in the system, I think Peeters is the one they hope comes around, if nothing else due to the 3rd round pick used to get him.

    Based on the lack of depth in the organization in goal (it was ignored in the draft for too long), I think in a couple years they will have no choice but to re-up Crawford ($$$). Of course they could always swing a deal, but then you’d be looking at a Hammer-type deal, move a better player for a worse, cheaper one.

  2. Kent Simpson in 2010 was pick 58. There’s a reason you don’t draft goalies high and Wall will tell you all about it.

  3. I know the hit rate on goalies is terrible, but is that a reason to NEVER draft one? Or to only use a 7th round flyer to pick up guys? (Isn’t that how we got Tompkins?) That method has not worked for the Hawks. The free agent signings and higher middle round picks are the only players that have worked out for them in goal.

    I think there has to be some kind of middle ground. Paying free agent prices for your starter and your backup is not a good plan. The trade market can get expensive and is not a sure thing, ask Buffalo. The only thing is that there is a glut of good goalies around right now. Raanta, Darling, Fleury, Pickard were all backups last year, and there were lots of other high end guys too. The Hawks will probably have one of the worst backup goalies in the league this year.

  4. I don’t agree that the Hawks will have one of the worst backup goalies this year. I have confidence in the Hawks vision when it comes to backups after all who was Scott Darling or Ranta before the Hawks brought them in. Both of the goalies the Hawks acquired have good AHL stats and are still young.

  5. Darling was a 7th rounder for the Coyotes. Raanta undrafted signing. Emery a cheap free agent. Niemi undrafted signing.

    Look at Forsberg’s AHL numbers. Didn’t he also win a Calder Cup?

    Bernie was a 4th round pick and has put up solid AHL numbers.


    Wooter Peeters was born in 1998 and came to America for the 1st time earlier this year, give the kid a break geez.

    Forget about Kent Simpson, they moved on from him so quickly plus thats when the Hawks were pretty damn good!

  7. I will be watching…


    Specifically how fast/well Foo and Praplan skate versus others… I know From has NHL skating ability/speed… I expect From will be one of the standouts in the Friday scrimmage… If Foo and Praplan can skate … I think both will have a chance to play for Hawks someday (Praplan has NHL hands- Hawks will sign him if he can skate/and IQ is there.

    Carlsson, Ess, Joker, and Gilbert… I have seen Gilbert several times ND… really looks good Versus College guys…

    Hope- Q runs it like a typical high speed Hawks practice w/ lots of 2 on 1 and 3 on 0… much easier to asses who has wheels and soft hands.

    went to Prospect camp few years ago- and Did NOT see that type of practice— more in tight drills and less skating/speed ( at least in that session)…

    Scrimmage was fun to watch at end of week

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