2017 NHL All-Star Game: 4 Blackhawks Make Roster

On Tuesday, the NHL announced the rosters for the 2017 NHL All-Star Game, and four Blackhawks made the cut.

Forwards Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, defenseman Duncan Keith and goaltender Corey Crawford are all headed to Los Angeles. Nashville defenseman PK Subban, if healthy, will be the captain of the Central Division team.

Kane is tied with Sidney Crosby for second in the NHL with 44 points entering Tuesday night’s action. Kane’s 32 assists are second in the league behind Connor McDavid, while Keith’s 28 assists rank fourth overall. Crawford’s .925 save percentage is tenth in the league.

The 2017 NHL All-Star Game is on Jan. 29, with the skill competition the previous night.

10 thoughts on “2017 NHL All-Star Game: 4 Blackhawks Make Roster

  1. Toews……well Central All Stars I guess ??

    Subban Capt. ??? That’s a politically correct joke
    Yes, Kane should be Capt. No Panarin??

    Red Wings will have extra energy tonight. Hawks better be ready

  2. Even though Bread Man/others deserve to be at asg, this is good for player bonuses.

    Vote escalator and good oil news.

  3. “I really didn’t expect to hear my name get called for the all-star game this year, knowing how great of a season (Marian Hossa, Artemi Panarin and Artem Anisimov) are having. No doubt about it, they’re much more deserving,” said Toews. <<< credit him for being honest.

  4. There was a time when being named an all star really stood for something , Remember those special hockey cards in the 70,s ???Espo , Mikita , Hull ,.,.those were the days .
    Just a bunch of watered down ,kinder gentler bullshit now . I wish ,i wish Wall was as humble as Toews ,.,.,.Ha. ,.,.Best 6 million bucks we ever spent !

  5. I would be fine without an All Star game. Just give the players 4 days off and let them heal and get focused for the second half.

  6. Just watching the Hawks and Red wings ,.,seeing lots of dirty littlle hits and things from the Wings,.,.,i wish Tootoo would grab TaTar and just pound him ,.,.,need to send a message . Now i realise Tootoos nuts have been snipped and his fighting days justbout done but ,.,.,Christ someone needs to get ugly .

  7. That slew foot (leg) trip on Hammer that led to (gave them) their 2nd goal is bullshit. Should have been 2-1 after 2nd. Bunch of… pussys.

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