2017 All-Star Game: Pacific Crushes Central

Minnesota coach Bruce Boudreau started the first part of the All-Star Game with four Blackhawks on the ice: Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith and Corey Crawford.

After 20 minutes of hockey, Boudreau and the rest of his Central Division roster were done for the weekend.

Toews scored the first goal for the Central, which lost 10-3.

PK Subban and Vladimir Tarasenko scored the other two goals for the Central.

Crawford and Devan Dubnyk had the same ugly stat line: 10:00 played, 11 shots against, five goals allowed, .545 save percentage.

Every player on the Pacific roster had a goal and an assist in the rout.

13 thoughts on “2017 All-Star Game: Pacific Crushes Central

  1. I didn’t care either. But if you dress up and step on the ice one should show some effort. Otherwise why bother.

  2. It really sounds like you care…especially when you criticize the captain of a made up team for a game that means absolutely nothing. Not even pride was on the line.

    John Scott was the MVP last year. A guy that never played in the league again.

  3. And why bother? Because if your name is called and you don’t go, you’re forced to sit out a game that actually matters.

  4. Maybe if the winning purse was coming out of the losing teams pockets the competitiveness level would be a notch higher :)

  5. Based on the interviews over the weekend with the players, seemed like this year would have been more competitive for all 4 divisions. Guess all the guys were all selling it for the NHL. Did crack me up that the Kings fans booed our guys. It was a given they would boo the Sharks and Ducks players. Also pretty funny how the King Fans were chanting Crawford’s name during this exhibition game. What a bunch of classless fans. It is just a meaningless all star game.

    I live in So Cal and King fans are total bandwagon fans based on the recent success of the Kings.

  6. I DVR’d it and watched about 2 minutes and saw a pace below beer league games in my town and deleted the recording and went back to doing something else. Glad it’s over. Go Hox!

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