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2020 NHL Draft Coming… Soon?

On Friday night, Elliotte Friedman reported at SportsNet that the NHL is working towards having the 2020 draft early in June – specifically, June 5.

This would mean the draft could happen weeks before it was initially planned, which could play a role in the Blackhawks decision making as changes have started taking place at the top of the organization. Hiring a new President and/or CEO (or GM) five weeks before the draft is a complicated proposition.

Here are some of the details of the tweaked process the NHL proposed to teams on Friday night, according to Friedman:

  • The lottery format would change for year’s darft only. The lotter would pick only one winner, and limit any move-up to a maximum of four spots. This would mean the best the Blackhawks could do was move up to the fifth overall pick. The Red Wings would pick no worse than second overall.
  • The draft order would be determined using each team’s points percentage.
  • Unless there are changes made to the playoff format (not in the memo last night), the 15 non-playoff teams would be in the lottery.

Friedman notes a number of executives have already pushed back against the plan to draft in early June, including (interstingly) Detroit’s Steve Yzerman. One would think the team with dramatically increased odds of landing Alexis Lafreniere would love the idea that their worst-case-scenario was second overall, but Yzerman was among those not happy with the plan according to Friedman.

One other point of interest brought up was the concept of conditional trades. How could a team trade a player at the draft if the league hasn’t officially canceled the remainder of the 2019-20 season yet? Accoring to Friedman, the NHL would propose solutions to conditional trades and the teams involved would have seven days to either change the deal to the league’s satisfaction or accept the league’s proposal.

From the article: “Daly indicated the league’s research of the last five draft days showed that there were 106 trades conducted and 64 would have been similarly permissible had the draft been staged prior to the end of the season.”

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  1. This finishing the season/playoff scenari0, coupled with draft/trades is looking kinda messy. That would mean 42 trades conflicted last summer, sounds like Yzerman may be willing to pick 2nd or 3rd for some trade flexibilty he would lose under this proposal, likely not involving his 1st overall pick potential.

    Getting really messy for Blackhawks if they don’t get their front office people they want in place, a new President would want to oversee draft and off seeson moves i would imagine even if no other moves made right now. Hard to imagine a new president not needing have his own Gm and coach too if his responsibilities are on ice performance of team. Time to make it happen, whatever the intention is.

  2. MRFENN92 i think the draft is an attempt to get fans thinking about hockey again for when they start playing. Be no fans there until fall at earliest likely. TV stations maybe pushing for content and cash flow for teams has disappeared. May have a big impact on survival of alot of franchises, new tv deals which are due for next season i think, may be tied to whether they can have a finish to this season or not, for all we know. Marketing summer hockey in a way to maximize revenues could make a difference no doubt.

  3. I don’t like the proposed new lottery format.If you tank or are that horrible there should be a chance that you drop down several spots. Conversely a team like the Hawks should get a lotto shot at improving faster.One of two scenarios are going to play out for the Hawks management wise.They keep Rocky,s son as interm President with Bowman and Colliton kept in place or they have known who they are going to hire and will speed up the hiring process significantly.

  4. The draft format was supposidly in place to have parity, worst teams having a better chance of getting the top prospects.
    The main reason they have a lottery is to draw more interest from hockey fans and not so much to do with teams tanking or trying to have parity.
    In reality Detroit is the worst team and should get the first pick. In my opinion none of the bottom teams were tanking they were not good teams.
    Teams like New Jersey, Buffalo, Montreal, Chicago and the rest of the teams in reality should have no chance at any of the top picks.

    Several teams having a chance to pick first overall is a bit of a joke.

  5. The NHL is going to ram this through. Bettman and Daly do not want to suddenly have the NHL pop up on or about July 4th and say hey look Hockey in the summer.

    They want the NHL to remain relevant during the unknown time gap. The only thing to plug in besides old memorable games is the draft.

  6. Whenever the draft is you have to keep the format exactly the same. You cant be throwing out wild card ideas 4 or 8 wks before the draft.

    Keep the draft like it has been 3 lottery ping pong balls.

  7. I am totally lost on what differs Detroit from the other teams with poor records other than a few losses and Detroit tanking.The previous Draft Lottery System worked well.The worst team had a better chance at the top pick and the other teams that were also poor had at least a chance to move up.How anyone figures that New Jersey, Montreal,Chicago, etc don’t deserve a small chance to move up is lost on me.The Lottery system as was,was good for the league and fan interest.

  8. Stape I do agree with that. I just really donot agree with a change/last second to formula. Need to keep it the same, at least for this draft.

    If they want to rearrange the draft like they did the division, whatever, just do it at a normal time.

    I mean no changes during the season. If there is any change it needs to happen, offseason only, and then everyone has 12 mths or more to go by.

    This last second/during in-season is garbage.

  9. Let’s be realistic. The Hawks went from 12th to 3rd last year and Bowman looked like the cat who ate the canary at the lottery with that smirk.

    At this point, Boston, Tampa, St.Louis and a few others have to feel sick that their pursuit of the Stanley Cup is at best any iffy proposition.

    If the Hawks stay at #9 in a June draft, I will be very happy.
    We will have a shot at Jake Sanderson, Anton Lundell, or perhaps one of the Swedes : Raymond or Holtz. If we get one of those 4, huge win ! Blue Chipper.

    No on the Russian goalie btw

  10. Mo the reason i saw for changing lottery was if expanded playoffs and more than 16 teams get in. Then under current lottery rules a team could win draft lottery and be a playoff team and win the cup too, so going to only moving up 4 spots and only first pick on the line it would guarantee against something like that embarassing the league.

  11. Another big concern could be with a prospective franchise in Seattle in another year, them coughing up $600m in to join is probably contingent on financial security of league and having solid tv deals in place. Not wanting them have a option to back out because of the virus possibly driving this a bit too.

  12. You always think of key things like that. I was going with what I think is the fairest.

    I really hate, in any sport, anything changing/or news announced during the season. Everything needs to be, always, done offseason. Rules or other, whatever it is.

    I cant stand that/for that.

  13. Craig, thats the important part that were getting a 4th blue chip/or superstar-77 with one of those four players. That has to be the bulk of a core right there.

    Its not exact Four Horsemen looking like it was a couple yrs ago, like the NAS model, it is 4 of the prob core players.

    The crazy thing is when see a prospect score 30 goals in rookie yr and then 40 goals in 2nd yr, your thinking core player/lock. Though if not a HHNL deep player, might not be here longterm depending on new gm/team system style makeup.

    The bottom line is whoever we keep 77 and others and not Buckaroo and others were going to have a good group of young fast players. You cant ufa those, they have to be draft or trade-from a similiar draft. The rest will fill in on its own/take caer of itself. This is the hard part, drafting-getting top 10 players/blue chips.

  14. Agree Mo normally that’s the way it should be, but this isn’t a normal year and need do things like summer hockey, expanded playoffs, amended lottery etc. different for this season if it’s going to happen i guess.

  15. Like I said before….
    1- cancel the season
    2- move on and do the Draft
    3- time to do the things they want to change in the league for the Future.
    Or …
    1- Continue to swim against the currents to get their fu,,,,, Money
    2- Show the fans they are irresponsible in front of the situation.
    3- realize that they have to cancel the season in September or October because it’s to late anyway and it’s almost 2021 .
    You don’t need to be Einstein to understand that the C19 threat is Still there for many months
    It’s over ,,,,finish,,,,,done,,,, the End
    Adapt and adjust……

  16. Its different sure, the draft doesnt need to be. What about the draft would make/makes any difference in the reg/season/playoffs. The draft is the draft.

    I see what your saying in keep people interested kind of thing. To me the draft is untouchable for any changes.

    Now if they want to move it up wks earlier, whatever, the format formula needs to stay the same. There should be some kind of law that changes to rules of the game or draft cannot be done in season, has to always be off season and at least 12 mths in advance kind of thing.

  17. 2010, yea reading about college sports/ncaa might not be played for the fall sports or pushed to spring. If there not playing any fall sports how in the heck can you try to sweeze in a 2.5 mth playoffs.

    Health/doc saying sports might not have people in stands until fall of 2021, at least.

    So like your saying cancel entire season and maybe the 21 season can be played at all. Sort of like the 13 season doing a 40-50 game reg season and full playoffs.

    The league can just reward the presidents trophy this yr.

  18. Thinking of the cancel entire season this yr, at least. Man we got lucky.

    Its about timing and this is a really good time to be collecting top 5/10 draft players. While the top teams are in prime and getting older. Were getting younger wave loaded up.

    Future is bright/looking good for Blackhawks.

  19. The loss of development this year and possibly next year in Rfd. is a concern, because not be any Ahl games without fans as tht’s basically only way of getting revenues is a live audience.

  20. How is not be in ‘hockey’ shape going to effect the older players in league. 24 mths of not being in shape by the time you get back up to speed.

    This really is a reset. The timing of it is very good for the Blackhawks and other up and coming teams with young wave cores.

  21. Well this stinks for teams looking to make a pre draft trade. Easy for me to imagine but I was hoping the Blackhawks move a noncore member and a pick for an additional top ten pick. The Blackhawks need to make a decision about Saads future sooner than later regarding resigning him. Same for Strome. The Blackhawks have what, 28 million or so spent on defense not sure about bonuses.

    I would argue the time off may be beneficial for some players in particular players playing through injury. Just think if this season resumes in the fall its possible Shaw, Seabrook, and Dehaan are all back be back in the lineup. Heck maybe even Smith? Maybe Dach and Boq will focus on eating well and have some girth to them by then. Never understood people calling for Seabrook to retire yet excited to see dehaan come back. Seems silly to me.

  22. Jacob Nilsson & Anton Wedin are both returning to Europe. No surprise on either.

  23. Mo may be an advantage to younger teams as far as back to level where they want quicker. Agree vets getting healthy will help them that way. Saying a 2 or 3 week training camp after the players that have to quarantine get that done, so be awhile after they finally agree on what they’re going to do before anything happens.

  24. The virus sucks monkey. What I like is we have to wait for these 5 yrs anyways to reload with top 5/10 draft players. Weve done 3 yrs and we have to wait anyways. Were not wining Cup in these 5 yrs we are in now so good timing. Now let those flatlanders miss valuable yrs for there prime yrs and get us back to the promise land.

    Keep collecting top 5/10 draft players. Isint a better time to do it. Trade 20 17 other and get moar top 15 picks.

  25. I wish Wedin had gotten more of an NHL look – I liked what I saw of him in a bottom 6 role

  26. 57 91 others look good when we have a proper top 6 9 and top 4. These guys cant be playing in spots there not better/same as other top teams-same spots. We won the dynasty because we were better and deeper and no team could do anything about it. Luck bounces refs league shgit happens. You have to make roster and team system better and then play as good as you are.

    When we play we play.

  27. Ian, yes Kane and Toews are still young and have led the team every season. And
    because our GM is a fool, they are still fresh in their early 30’s from not being in the playoffs. And Keith like Chelios can play untilo over 40!!!
    Now, Howe never left Detroit, he retired from the NHL at the age of 41. Then came back to join the WHA to play with his sons. Gretzky was forced out of Edmonton because their owner was bankrupt! In fact within 2 years, Edmonton traded everyone away after their last CUP, otherwise they had more to win. Orr? He had no knees after the Canada Cup, no contract and only the Hawks with Wirtz made that crazy deal even happen to fill the seats at the stadium that had a bad team.
    If this management trades those CUP winning legends, they are fools! Then again, the history of Chicago with their Iconic players is probably the worst in all of the original six teams. Just remember this, after Pierre Pilote retired, Mr. Arthur Wirtz and company made Pat Stapleton the CAPTAIN??? Not Bobby Hull or Stan Mikita! How dumb and embarrassing was that? How many years was Mikita captain? I believe the answer is only two years? In fact they then made a below average defenceman Keith Mags the Captain over Stan Mikita??? Think about that for a second? It was embarassing to say the least! So, do I trust anything that the Wirtz family does? The anwers is NOOOOOOOOO!
    Bobby Hull was never a captain and hardly an alternate captain. Stan Mikita was captain only twice, one year I belive in 1970 & another in 1975? Think about that!
    Oh, one more, as I watch 2011 playoff game 5…Any GM that signs John Scott shoukd be fired! Unreal!

  28. Reading elsewhere league trying to change draft rules of a game in the middle of OT at whistle tv timeout.

    Looks like the bitcches whined and are getting consyndyation. Want to get it right. WIth COL and others not getting the top pick more then they bowed down to those teams. In honor of parity not that it wasnt sukking on it enough already. They are going to a fixed draft formula so the worst dive record team gets first pick.

    Now you will see teams dive if its like that.

  29. Hull don’t see Kane, Toews or Keith traded before their contracts expire in 3 years, unless they request a trade themselves and all have too much trade value to be considered bait for expansion draft or anything like that. After then all bets are off, depending how this retool goes will say alot in that regard. If team is a solid contender and they can still contribute then yes they’ll be resigned. If injuries and age slow them too much or there is a need to rebuild some more then maybe not.

    There is lots of superstars who finish their careers on another team for various reasons. Not sure why after Pilote there was a void of no captain and Mikita only given a couple of short runs. Being best player doesn’t always mean your captain, so i don’t put alot in that point about who deserved it. Hard to say Pilote for Pappin wasn’t a good trade value wise, Blackhawks won that one easily, although a 3 time norris trophy winner, 1 stanley cup in 3 finals does deserve respect.

  30. I think it is ridiculous to change the draft rules during this shutdown. Bettman is always trying to do something to controversial. Just call the season already. I don’t want players getting hurt after such a long layoff just to name a winner. Let’s just focus on everyone staying healthy and preparing for the 20-21 season.

    In regards to Wedin and Nilsson, I will comment on them based on the “one” game I watched on the glass, right next to the Icehogs bench just before the shutdown. First, I barely noticed Nilsson. He was on the top line too. I just didn’t see any passion on the ice and especially none on the bench. Wedin was giving effort, but was frustrated all night long, and it showed on his face ever time he came off the ice on a line change.

    To reiterate my scouting, Alexandre Fortin was the best player on the ice, followed closely by Phillip Kurashev, and Brendan Hagel. Entwhistle was not playing that night! Also, the other guy that impressed me was Gabriel Gagne, and all four of these guys played significantly better than Wedin. But, Wedin was lights out better than Dylan Sikura! FWIW!!

  31. wrap

    agree on wedin. several guys could have gotten a look in this wasted season if nylander wasn’t shoved up our asses by the next guy to be fired.

    that goes for dach as well. he was decent for a kid in over his head, but he had little impact on a team going nowhere. took up another nightly roster spot, blew a year on his elc, started his free agent clock, and kept a rockford player from showing what he could do.

  32. Even though we should have done better record wise and made playoffs. These things happened for the good other then blocking another man from a girl.

    Were those guys really ready though other then a couple games. Still they ll be more ready for the next season then they were that one. That should be fine-longterm wise.

    Were getting another top 5/10 quality blue chip draft player. Thats what we need the most and what it takes to get back to top 5 team roster wise. Thats 4 in a row now when you count Mitch.

    So even though we screwed up on some things it worked out for the best. The only way it could be better is to get two ping pong balls draft players.

  33. re: Hawks2020 – “Continue to swim against the currents to get their fu,,,,, Money”

    If the league doesn’t get more money – specifically their TV money for a postseason – what do you think that does to the salary cap for next year & the following season?

    Sadly, this isn’t such an easy proposition. The cap is based on the revenues of the league. If you – fans – don’t want the cap going DOWN next year, the league needs to make as much money as they possibly can. With that being said, they’re stuck between a rock & a hard place because they need to make money and do it safely. Which nobody knows when/how to accomplish that (yet).

    The longer this goes on the more it impacts how/when the league can safely start the 2020-21 season. The later the playoffs theoretically begin the more risk you’re putting on players’ health next year.

    There are no easy answers.

  34. That’s exactly the point i was trying to get at, whether or not you agree there is alot of pressure and likely alot at stake on making the decision on finishing this year. A little give this year might mean alot in coming years, no way of knowing what it really means, if able to be done safely.

    Good prospective of the trades in that article. Should be able to be addressed, pthe strength of this years draft to next years could be an issue, as possiblity of where in round pick falls. A 2nd round pick could be just outside 1st round in 20, could run risk of being a glorified 3rd next year or vice versa depending where you sit.

  35. Hagel and Fortin should take 2 of the spots occupied by Smith,Carpenter,Kamph,if they outperform them in a true training camp competition.

  36. Ian you got me thinking. How about a scenario that we trade Keith and Strome to Seattle for a pick for drafting Seabs. Thinking Seattle would use that to help reach the floor. Would also be good marketing (Mc Donough could help) for them. Don’t know if Keith has any deep roots here. Both could be the foundation for starting something new. Maybe easier to get both to go. Big up side for Hawks is the room that would be left.

    Possible to sign both Tofolli and Hall or other elite UFAs. The only thing is the timing is off for this year but we can look into next years UFAs.

  37. I thought Fortin was in Collitons dog house… You know the one that prevents certain players from getting a real opportunity.

  38. Just do not trade any players like Buckaroo again. We donot know how long the gm or crew or coaches will be here. So keep every good drafted player please.

  39. JR, Keith has a son who is not very old yet, assume him and his ex have a joint custody arrangement, so likely staying close to his son would play a big factor in him not wanting to go anywhere for the duration of this contract at least.

  40. @Stape

    You are 100% spot on! Colliton does not like Fortin, maybe he shagged his GF! Nevertheless, all you have to watch is one Rockford game to see that the most dangerous player on the ice is Fortin! At any point, he can break out and go in on a 1v1 with the keeper. However, his game has evolved where he is quite the creator and this Gagne kid on his line was taking advantage of his creativity. The only drawback was that they had the other Sikura brother centering that line, and he’s hard-nosed but he’s as creative as a stick figure artist. I can just picture Fortin playing with DeBrincat and Strome, he can go get it, Strome can pass it, and DeBrincat can finish! Not going to happen with these two clowns at the helm, so fk it! It’s not a hard game to dissect if you have any hockey acumen, and you’re not and ass***hole!

  41. Keith, Kane and Toews stay! No deal! They can still perform on a high level. The real problem once again is the lack of talent Mr.Bowman has assembled the last 5 years via the draft and free agents.
    The last 5 seasons which means the prime of Kane and Toews’s careers.
    Just for a moment, if Bowman trades away Saad a second time, we would have had absolutely nothing in return for Panarin. And now , Bowman will arrogantly fall in love with Kubalik, over pay him money that he could have used to keep Panarin years ago…a Panarin who had already signed a bridge contract. the point is Bowman always takes one step forward and twop steps bback. Imagine you are Saad’s agent, and you have other players drafted by the Hawks or free agents, there is no reason you want to deal with a dysfunctional GM and one who is always changiung his mind. If Kubalik signs a big contract, think about that for a moment? Bowman dis not want to pay Saad in 2015 the $5million he wanted? He could have easily given him a bridge contract. Panarin had just arrived…
    Now what, Saad gets traded..he will get notthing in return that is any close to Panarin. A complete joke.
    I want 2, 7, 88, 19, 50, 20 to stay and let Bowman leave before.

  42. I thought Saad told his agent or his agent did it on his own, that he was not accepting a bridge contract. So how could Bowman have done anything different.

    It doesnt matter now and it actually helped us build thought the draft the best possoble way with 4 top 5/10 skill draft players.

    If Bowman and crew would have gotton better ufa players we would have had a much better record made playoffs and not won like PIT did last two yrs and have 4 picks between 20-30th pick.

    With screwing up or whatever people call it/the things that happened it actually was better for the longterm of the roster/team in getting top /10 blue chip players.

  43. You cant build a championship core with drafting from 20-30th pick.

    You do it through top 5/10 picks and we have 4 of them now, if you count Mitch.

    Worked out for the best even if that wasnt the ‘real’ plan.

    Now were going to have a deep HHNL young wave to fill in around.

  44. Now when filling in around the young core you better do it right like we did in 2009 2010 2012 2013 while we were filling in.

    Thats when it matters and when you ‘really’ want to do it.

    Meanwhile the other top teams that made playoffs every yr and are going down. Once there down there not getting up. There done.

    Thats when we ll be back with a group of young fast blue chip draft players.

  45. Maybe substitute DCat for Keith if DCat scores 20 or less goals next year. Thinking Seattle and Chicago are going to have a good trade relationship. Hypothetically that would be say 15mil freed up. 7.5 to Hall 6mil to Tofolli 5yrs each.

  46. This is the time to do it. Bowman always said he doesnt trade players just to trade players, if theres noone ready to take spot from within. That your just going nowhere. We know what kind of players we need to add, so we need to do the musicaly chairs with good players. Trading them so we can add the, type, we need.

    In the end of the trades and young wave becoming established, we then need a 30-40 goal scorer then we go get one then. Adjust the roster with the trade assest we have to get other good players. Donot trades that donot bring/or aquire ufa wise same value-with us getting the, type, we need.

    If cap goes down or stays same this yr, then goes down next two yrs. Were looking good for being in the sport were in. Making the mistakes we did actually made it better for us. Were not a top teams that have to get fleeced in trades because you cant keep everyone.

  47. The entire 2004/05 season was lost and the world did not come to an end so I don’t know why they can’t cancel the rest of this season. A dozen or so regular season games and the playoffs is nothing compared to 04/05. The revenue loss now would be a pittance compared to that year. Cancel the season and playoffs, keep the draft system as it was, and rank the teams based on percentages. Easy, simple, done.

  48. Pucklogic it’s not quite that simple, in 2006 when Nbc took over tv contract, Abc gave them last year of their deal to get rid of it. Now a 200m per year deal expiring and an expected sizeable increase was expected. Seattle is prepared to pay 650m expansion fees next summer, suggesting that number in 15 years ago would’ve got you locked up as being crazy. Obviously not wanting to jeopardize that is likely a major concern. Most labor disputes are not spontaneous but prepared for so losses are minimized as much as possible. This type of stoppage wasn’t foreseen, and impacts business ventures owners have outside of hockey also, putting the ability to run a franchise that isn’t financially successful before in jeopardy now. Don’t disagree that from where we sit cancelling would seem like the best idea but alot of factors and comparisons to lockouts has a number of differences as well.

  49. Forgot to add player signing bonuses due july 1st whether they play or not. Blackawks due about 20m, some teams like Leafs due as much as 60m.

  50. It is reasonable and sobering to assume that the NHL salary cap is going to severely impacted. The league can’t drain money to the degree that MLB, the NBA and the NFL can. There are a number of franchises that operate on a barely break even level. If you wipe out the rest of this season, and then figure league attendance is going to be under definite threat in 2020-21, then it’s fair to say the salary cap is in the crosshairs. Which is really going to hurt the Blackhawks. The NHL is in a world of hurt right now. Don’t for a second think that’s not true.

  51. Were fine salary cap wise, right Ian? Its the teams that need to sign high end players and good players that are in trouble and will lose good players just because of this. More then they were already not being able to keep. LTIR might help us out bigtime by already having hurt players like 7 44 65 15 anybody else?

    It might make it harder to add players we want like Tafaolli ohers by making trades then sign them.

    I think the timing of this could help us out. Mess some of the top teams up.

    We could come out of this and expansion looking like roses.

  52. Mo if Stan pat is basically the plan, then a buyout of Maatta, to make room for Mitchell, Shaw a good chance opens season on ltir. That would to start season allow them about 15m to sign Crawford, Strome, Kubalik and Cagguila, with Delia as backup and Koekkoek or Seeler as 7th dman. Then make some deals during season, if they want. Personally a few other moves be better in my opinion.

  53. If a virus was going to cap the cap there isint a better time then there is now/these yrs for us. It will screw certain top teams/others. For us it doesnt matter, in a way, because were not ready yet. Just get the salary cap going up again once our young wave players need higher caphits.

    For now/these yrs could help us.

    Yea I want to do those trade and add picks in the process then add those ufa players with the cap space we ll have and adjust that way while adding picks.

  54. Players like Ovie, Malkin, Crosby, Kopitar, Bergeron, Kane, Toews can go to the dance until their mid 30’s. All that needs to happen is to give them some help up front. The more you have the puck, the less you have to defend. And the Hawks need to play the style that gave them those cups! Last season, when Colliton tried to change their style after Coach Q was let go, they lost 12 in a row. To save his ass, Toews and Kane had their say in the room along with Keith, and they were reunited and played offence first! What happened? Toews had a career year, Dcat had a 40 goal season, Strome seemed comfortable, and Gus had 61 points! Kane was Kane, the superstar and the HAwks made a run!
    This season Bowman’s high school coach, decided to bring his buddy from sweden div. 2 hockey to play defence first. What happened? Toews has an off year, Dcat and Strome were a disaster, Kane handcuffed to play with losers like Carpenter and Kampf, and Gus told to stay back , taken off the PP, and traded!!!
    What happened, out of the playoffs by a mile!
    What did the Bruins do after staying in a defensive system first? They traded Tyler Seguin, a huge mistake , missed the playoffs and finally fired Julien! Cassidy, an experienced coach, an offensive mind got them at the top immediately, career years by Marchand and Bergeron, almost won the Cup last season.
    What happened after Trotz tried to unsuccessfully make Ovie play defence the first couple of seasons, they lost!!! Finally, he realized Ovie and the Caps play offence first, puck possession,, and let the goalie make the big save!
    Does it sound familiar?
    The point is Mr. Bowman, the fool that he is, allowed the identity of the Hawks slip away in the hands of a coasch who thinks defence first when you have Kane and Toews on the team. HUGE MISTAKE! And because he drafted poorly, kept giving his team players like Bouma , Carpenter, Kampf, etc., not once did he sign a NHL free agent scorer! NOT ONCE!!!
    The Pens haven’t changed with Crosby and Malkin! Why should the Hawks change and play JC’s dumb hockey! Because Stan is an arrogant Gm who thinks he can change what worked and make it his own! He has no idea what the Hawks need to be.

  55. hull 65

    don’t disagree with you, but any system can have success when the roster is talented.

    bowman’s greatest failings are bad trades, bad contracts, and cap management. rosters that cannot compete flow from there. i am not a colliton apologist whatsoever, but scotty bowman in his most brilliant moments couldn’t win with the rosters of the last three years.

  56. Hull when you keep bringing up the past and rant about bad drafting, don’t you ever wonder what kind of roster it would be/have been if Toews and Kane weren’t bookended by failed 1st round picks. The 2 before Barker at 3rd and Skille 7th overall, then followed by Beach 11th and Olsen 28th overall. No sense speculating on who was available instead to pick because what’s the point. Just say that trades Skille for Frolik and Barker and getting Leddy played big role in bringing cup number 2 back and salvaged something from those picks.

  57. To Ian’s point – if the Blackhawks take Kopitar (the center) instead of Skille the year before Toews, does that change their pick to… say, Phil Kessel? Who Wirtz WANTED? Revisionist history is easy; making the picks isn’t. That being said, we’ve been critical of Bowman’s draft history here as much as anyone. He did a terrific job of uncovering a few gems early in his days as GM and manipulating the roster via trades & European free agents to build the team back into the ’13 and ’15 championships. But he hasn’t done much right since the ’15 Cup.

  58. Agree 100% Tab, no guarantees changes would be for better, that’s why i say it’s pointless and try to avoid it. Could also say if they take Wheeler or Ladd instead of Barker year before maybe Dman Staal is picked over Skille too. It’s depends on if you want a glass fuller or emptier version.

    Also agree Bowmans performance since 2015 has been lacking although there could be some potential in the current youth if they stick with them, which has been a huge issue with him also. His choice of coach doesn’t seem to be working out and should be addressed as well. Is it going to happen, possibly.

  59. We need more good players then last 3 yrs.

    Really young wave is whats needed. Then add to that/fill out with wahts needed.

    Donot think it made any difference who the role players were last 3 yrs, without a good enough and young enough core.

    We need a good enough young core that its like we have 81 and 4 back. Not replace just have as many good players.

  60. Bowman also seems to have lost his biggest advocate in McDonough.

    Interesting dynamic to me is that Danny Wirtz is slightly younger than Stan Bowman.
    When McD fired Tallon and elevated Stan Bowman to General Manager, McD promoted a young, hungry “kid” so to speak. More than a decade later Stan might be dealing with the exact same thing, only this time he’s the one on the hot seat, not the hot up and comer. Hmmmm.

  61. @Craig, I was thinking the same as you just posted. I feel like by firing McD, Bowman lost his cheerleader and biggest supporter. This pandemic might save Bowman’s job. (For now).

    Let’s be real: NHL games–the way we are used to them–will not happen for a very long time. And that means lost revenue on all sides.
    Nobody knows how it’s all going to shake out, but this will continue to have a major effect on hockey and all pro sports for years. I just hope the NHL survives all of this.

    I miss hockey.

  62. Nobody knows how it’s all going to shake out, but this will continue to have a major effect on hockey and all pro sports for years.

    Which would benefit the Blackhawks more then every top 15 team since they have the most to lose roster wise.

    Couldnt work out any better for us with only elc caphits to do and let the ‘tamp’ ufas contracts run out on there own.

    Then were ready and stacked with young fast players on elc and bridges.

    Were going to come out of this as good/better then most teams. Which puts us where we belong. Top 5 team again.

  63. The virus will punnish the ‘balanced’ teams because they are only as good as they are because of balance, not top heavy.

    Teams like VEG and others are screwed. Salary cap going down will put those teams where they belong and where they should have been there first 10 maybe 15 yrs.

    A shht team/pay your dues and suck for 10 yrs.

    Karma a few yrs later then deserved karma none the less for VEG and any other ‘balanced’ team in the league.

    Being top heavy will be better once again. Load the young wave.

    Lets go young wave core!

  64. Elliott Friedman today :

    “3) This is a personal opinion, but with each passing day I believe more and more that, if the NHL does return sometime this summer, we are going to punt the regular season and go to a 24-team playoff. “

  65. I’ve heard the 24 team playoff format mentioned and it seems the Hawks would qualify IIRC – wouldn’t that be something

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