After Review(s), Blackhawks Tie Series

After a crazy sequence that saw multiple would-be goals reviewed, the Blackhawks may have broken the hearts of the St. Louis Blues on Friday night.

The first period was more of the same: no goals. Neither team was able to solve the opposing netminder through 20 minutes, but the physical play was coming from both sides.

In the second, Jori Lehtera took advantage of Michal Rozsival to find a wide open Vladimir Tarasenko to give the Blues a 1-0 lead.

But an awful icing on the Blues in the final seconds of the middle period opened the door. Jonathan Toews won a draw and Duncan Keith found the back of the net with four seconds left in the period.

The third is when things went nuts.

It appeared Lehtera found Tarasenko for another goal, but coach Joel Quenneville challenged the play and Lehtera was ruled offsides on the play. The call was correct, but isn’t the intent of the rule. Nobody in Chicago is complaining, however.

A couple short minutes later, with a Blackhawks power play coming to a close, a rebound was tapped in by Andrew Shaw. Toronto took a look at it, and confirmed the call. St. Louis coach Ken Hitchcock then challenged the play, claiming Shaw had interfered with Brian Elliott. The on-ice officials looked at it and also confirmed the call.

The Hawks had a devastating 2-1 lead.

With Elliott on the bench, Keith cleared the puck from deep in his own zone and Artemi Panarin tipped the puck at center ice. The redirect was just enough to find the empty cage to give the Blackhawks a stunning 3-1 lead.

The Blues scored off a faceoff in the closing seconds, but the game was already decided. The Hawks won, in St. Louis, 3-2.

Keith returned from suspension and had an enormous impact. He skated 30:59 with four shots on goal, three more that missed the mark, one blocked shot, one hit and one takeaway. He was credited with an assist on Panarin’s goal to go with his goal.

Toews had a huge night as well. He won 19 of 29 at the dot and was credited with three hits and four shots on net. Andrew Ladd brought the lumber again, picking up eight more hits to give him 16 in the series. Marian Hossa was also terrific on that line, finishing with four shots on goal.

Patrick Kane led Chicago forwards with 23:41 on the night. He was credited with two hits, one blocked shot and two assists. Kane was one of four Blackhawks with a team-high four shots on goal.

Niklas Hjalmarsson led the Hawks with three blocked shots in 23:36 and Trevor van Riemsdyk skate 21:11 of better play as well. Brent Seabrook had an assist and two hits in 21:14 on the night.

Corey Crawford had a stellar night in spite of the morons in St. Louis chanting his name throughout. He made 29 saves, many of which were in traffic.

Richard Panik took the place of Brandon Mashinter and skated 7:20 with one hit and one takeaway. He was on a line with Teuvo Teravainen, who struggled all night, and Andrew Desjardins. They were all limited to under eight minutes in the win.

Viktor Svedberg was the sixth defenseman on the night and skated 6:46 with two blocked shots and, most importantly, no major mistakes.

Game Three is at the United Center on Sunday afternoon.

58 thoughts on “After Review(s), Blackhawks Tie Series

  1. That 4 on 4 blew my mind. Ladd touched him and the guy dove like Sidney Crosby into Toews”s legs. Ladd was lit with dozens of crosschecks that made that one look like he was dusting off a jersey.

    A win is a win, but I expected an embellishment and tripping on the Blues for that play. Even a 4 on 3 would’ve been more reasonable.

    Great job getting to the net, Hawks!!!
    Greasy goals win championships.

  2. Well how you like dem apples? Pretty damn good I tell ya. That’s the Blackhawk magic and it’s still with us big time. Rationalize all you want but we know what we are. Anthony Justin…your bus has left town.

  3. Funny how “puck luck” ends up evening out. In the post game news conference Hitchcock strongly suggested that the defending champs get all the close calls – love being in their head after only two games. By the way I thought the replays were pretty clear supporting the calls.

    Tab – can you expand on why this wasn’t the intern of the rule? I thought this was definitely one of the types of play that were subject to a challenge.

  4. The Hawks won despite Q’s faulty decision making process. Rolling three lines has never worked for the Hawks during the Q playoff era, yet he resorts to it anyway. Lastly, Van Riemsdyk cannot be paired w Roszival, that’s not going to cut it. He needs to play w Seabrook or Hjalmersson. Svedberg needs to play some of Roszival’s minutes.

  5. Great win. Keith obviously huge. I also thought Panik helped the team. He needs to stay in the lineup over Mashinter.

  6. After game 1 reporter asked the “Stay-Puff” man (Hitchcock) about Hawks getting 2 back and in all his knowledge he replies ” he’s just a guy on the other team”. Well done. Great effort/ game for Hawks.

  7. If you want to beat the Blackhawks in the playoffs you need to first beat Duncan Keith. He really got into the Blues heads with that very late goal. It signalled to the Blues that a split was happening and they just could not get that horse fly off of them. Instead of charging Keith or blocking the shot Berglund pulled a flamingo, closed his legs together and stood there like the Statue of Liberty or a frozen ‘fraidy cat”. No Blackhawk player on this team as constructed would ever do that. With 4 or 5 seconds left in the period as well. That was a huge thing for us. That is a part of what shows is a fundamental reason why Q is superior to Hitchcock. Do not turn tail on this team.

  8. Milton – completely agree re: Shaw. He value this time of year is huge. It will be a sad day if we can’t sign him to a new deal due to Cap challenges.

  9. Glad I can see every single one of your pathetic posts, V, before kicked off by Tab. Best of luck the rest of the series, TVR/V, can’t wait til the actual TVR plants one, it’s gonna be more fun than you know. Good luck with the rest of he series!

  10. So Rozival was still on the ice for a goal …how come IQ still keep him in the game ??
    Crawford again …he continue is good work from last 3 games in final last year……iff hawks stay healty and go far will be because Crawford and Keith. Again ….

  11. Another observation…lots of loathing from sport writers, media, other fans, even some of our own ( on quilt trips I suppose) over the Blackhawks yet again this year. It will continue and get worse. Examples such as ” Maybe IF Crawford continues to really shine he can be considered as one of the great goalies currently in the NHL”: “well it’s not really fair to consider Panarin a real rookie”; “look who Panarin is playing with, no wonder he has that many points” ; “look who Kane is playing with, no wonder he won the scoring title” and on and on it goes with some pretty tiring cliche’s. Well we are NOT a big bad empire, built on nasty attitude or throwing around huge dollars and buying our success. We are a shining example of smart’s, hard won, hard fought, drill, blast and muck it out. Hard rock mining. Hard rock. None of this soft rock stuff, it’s like cutting cheese, that’s what the others do. With a machine. We use our hands and strength and ingenuity. Bring it on.

  12. Wow, the pillsbury dough boy pretty much saying the refs favoured the Hawks. video clearly showed it was an offside…also complained about no call prior to tarasenko slash on Shaw. Blues have bad Karma

  13. The hockey gods evened things out-
    it was ridiculous for a couple of people to say that they didn’t have to split-this win was beyond huge–
    Here in Canada we watched on Sportsnet and they had the St, Louis TV feed-didn’t know former Blackhawk Pang was such a homer for the Blues-I thought the two of them were going to cry.
    Hopefully the Hawks can lessen the turnovers. Crow needs to stay healthy, and there aren’t any ill effects from the shot to the head.
    And yes Panik was an upgrade

  14. To me, if skate off the ice is the determining factor, it was off sides. Shaw shot the puck in before he was cross-checked into Elliott, so if at that point, after the puck was in, Elliott was unable to play his position…too late. The point is to get the call correct, so “good job”, officials.

    Great game Duncan Keith — not only the goal and assist, but all of the “little” (IMPORTANT!) things he does, especially playing defense. Also, Crawford, Ladd, Shaw, and the faceoff men. Continue Sunday. GO HAWKS!!

  15. “Holy jumpin!” Great win. Great effort. Panik over Mash – great idea. I wonder if Q reads this blog? Milton, right on the money. Mining Man, you, too! Shaw is a force. Hard won, hard fought, indeed!

    BTW – Panger is a douchebag.

  16. 14 looked great. he was strong to the net, aggressive along the boards, fast, and in general, effective. gotta keep playing him.

    nick in san diego—has costco come through with the good whiskey yet?

  17. Just watched Hitchcock’s post game presser. Holy shit. I think he just flipped off the refs. Nice strategy.

  18. V, you couldn’t be more wrong. Either you’re a Blues fan trolling, or you need to fucking buy a pair of glasses. He had no part of his skates behind the blue line as the puck fully cleared it. It was close; but clearly, the correct call was made.

  19. A few comments. First I think the Hawks are playing a really good team. I think possibly the best two teams in the conference are in this series. Also it seems that are well coached. Any small weakness in the Hawks has been magnified and that is why Coach Q was not rolling all 4 lines tonight. That being said I feel the Hawks have really stepped up their game from the end of the regular season. Ladd has been a beast and worth everything the Hawks gave up to get him. St Louis had really tested the Hawks mettle with their physical play and so far the Hawks have stood up to it. I really like their chances now coming home with a split in St Louis.

  20. The mission for the road team in a 7-game series is to split the first two on the road – mission accomplished. Now you can’t give it back to them by losing game-3 at home.

    Nice having Keith back.

    Nice having Cap’n Kangaroo complaining about not getting the calls. Hopefully his team follows his lead.

  21. The Blues go all Blues all over themselves. Instead of fighting through a bad call Tarasenko does his best Paul Bunyan, and gives the game away. Then Hitch calls out the refs in the presser. What an absolute joke of a franchise. Thanks for never changing.

    Keith is flat out awesome and Congrats to Crow for passing Tony O on the Hawks goalie wins list!

  22. Haha Flatliner, sadly no, had to pay full price elsewhere for the good stuff, it was worth it, believe it or not there’s plenty left for game 3 :)

    I didn’t like the offside call but it was technically correct, that’s the point of being able to challenge so good on the bench. Hitchcock had problems with the officiating? How about the no call on Kane’s breakaway, ya didn’t notice anything there, dummy? That can’t really be what he feels, unless he’s truly an idiot, which may be the case. The refs got the reviews right, womp womp. In all fairness, this series probably determines his future, but if blaming games on refs is all you got (especially after they got it right), maybe it’s time to make a change, that’s not the best strategy with 5 chances left in a series.

    Crow took more than one to the mask, I hope that guy’s ok but I’m not optimistic. That could be it for him this series, maybe the season. Those headaches are even worse than Woodford reserve can deliver. A lifetime of misery isn’t fair payment for a couple more weeks of glory, I hope they do what’s right if he’s hurt.

    Toews to Kane to Keith- if that’s what it takes to get in the scoreboard, glad we have those horses.

  23. TT- looked pretty bad most of the nite…

    BUT- looked good with 88/14 for the only shift that line played together… had a great chance from 14 feed… (amazing how Kane makes everyone better)

    Wonder if Q tries to exploit that with Double shifting 88 w 14/TT (who rightfully played sheltered minutes (especially TT- who was falling all over the place))

    14– way better option than 53

  24. And round 2 goes to the Hawks, this is going to be a really good fight. Panik a huge upgrade over Mash and welcome back Keith. Go Hawks!!!!

  25. “Ryan” – Nice!!!! I got the reference…

    I saw a story where a bunch of Blackhawks Dunkin (Duncan) Donuts cups were delivered to the St. Louis area in error… Or maybe not…?

    You may have started a new market campaign for D&D & maybe a new nick name for Duncan… We have the “Bread-Man”, now maybe the “Donut-Man”…? Or simply “Donuts”…

  26. What a game. World class theater. Massive win, period. The Hitch post game presser revealed a man that conveyed weakness,and a coach that left his team no positives whatsoever. To blame the refs/Toronto for his team losing a game was lame beyond belief. To imply the Hawks get special treatment from the NHL is pathetic. This from a coach whose team got away with crosschecking, interference, and holding at every turn throughout the past 2 games. The refs Mr Hitchcock have basically let the boys play which is large to the the Blues advantage. Lamo Blues fans chanting Crawford, booing Keith, Kane. Classless as per usual.

    How can one not love the heart and desire of Andrew Shaw?

    The penalties called resulting on the 4 on 4 was a direct result of Fabbri chopping Toews in the ankle and Ladd saying I don’t think so by cross checking Fabbri who fell like a rag doll. Well done Laddy! The Tarasenko slash that broke Shaws stick was a major league slash. What could they complain about? Blues ramped the physical game up and left crying that somehow they got screwed.

    If the Blues keep playing the heavy game and taking players out of position in the process the Hawks I believe will exploit that advantage. We saw some of it last night.
    As fans we must understand that the Hawks are a very resilient and competitive bunch. Led by the core guys, this team will not easily go away. They love it when things get ramped up.

    Hawks did their job and split the first 2 games. Like the last time they played the Blues in playoffs they could have won the first 2 games. I am happy they got one out of two. Should be a barn burner at the UC tomorrow. Can’t wait to be there.

    Thanks Mo for waking up the lion.

    Lets GO Hawks!

  27. Tab – what is the “intent” of the offsides review? Why would you want to review an offsides for anything other than the offsides possession resulting in a goal?

    If I’m Backes, Brouwer, Bowmeester, Shattenkirk… I’m ashamed of Hitchcock and the comments he’s making. Implying that Toronto wants the Hawks to win this series? Is that why, in 2014, Toronto suspended the defending champ Seabrook for 2 games? Is that why Keith got a suspension for a playoff game in this series? Is that why they got 4PPs in Game 1? He sounds like a pussy.

    Those are shameful comments. I would fire him if he doesn’t win this series.

  28. What a great post Phil, I really mean that. It was very, very insightful. What I wanted to encourage everyone with this morning is to forget about the officiating and move on…whether the calls went for or against the Hawks it doesn’t matter, the game is over. The Hawks have been on the “wrong” side of so many calls over the years, and yet they turn the other cheek and move on…we should too.

    I agree with Phil so much that Hitchcock’s post game comments were very bad for his team…he simply gave his team a reason to doubt and to quit on him again. The Blues played a great game, they are a great team. The bounces come and the bounces go…and for the most part you make your own luck, so he should have said that and then, “next game”.

    This series might just become better than the Cup finals, these two teams are so good. Will the Hawks win? I believe they will as Crawford looks to be right back on top of his game, and that is the key to me.

    Right now the Hawks hold the advantage because the Kruger line is outplaying their counterparts. The only thing holding the Hawks back is the Teravainen line. He got Panik and Desi on his wings last night (two good forwards), and he really didn’t take advantage of them at all. He needs to be better or someone else needs to take that spot, because if the Hawks can get 10-12 solid minutes out of that 3rd line, this series might be over in 5 or 6.

    With all the hockey the Hawks have played over the last 6 years, with all the injuries and ups and downs they had this season, you really have to tip your cap to the guys, especially the core. They were pretty awful over the last few weeks of the season, and yet, from the puck drop in game one of the playoffs, they have been lightning tough. Few teams can “turn the switch on” and go…the Hawks are one of them.

    BTW, I’d really like to see Weise get in the lineup. I really don’t understand the rationale of not playing him, especially against the Blues. Panik is a good young forward, but he doesn’t have the playoff pedigree of Dale Weise. And this handling of Weise by the Hawks will assuredly mean that he walks this summer, and that means we paid an enormous price to get he and Fleisch. Phil Danault is going to be a very good NHL centre for a long time.

    15 to go.

  29. Not that anyone needs confirmation of how tough the central division is – Nashville outplayed the top seed in the west last night and looked very strong. It’s not too far fetched that the conference final could have two central teams.

  30. Phil, great post. Always very well thought out and written.

    Agree with many. Unbelievable that Hitchcock was explicitly saying that the champs get all the calls and his team has to play through it. He came across as a whiner and as a very weak coach. I could not believe I was hearing what he was saying. I hope he enjoys his last week as the Blues coach. He has made little to no adjustments in the fashion his team is playing the champs. Rather than blaming the refs, he needs to look in the mirror this week before his Blues coaching career is over or he can have the rest of his days to do so. Make adjustments or resort to self blame Mr. Hitchcock.

    Don’t remember who was the primary author of the trade TT speak earlier in the year, but I am entering your camp. He has tremendous skill and playmaking ability. However, his fear of any physical contact totally neutralizes those skills. Him pulling up in an effort to avoid contact is resulting in turnovers. The puck is on his stick and off it very quickly. However, the majority of the time his quick passes are clearly getting the puck off his stick so he cannot be checked. Many of those passes are to players that are not open and result in turnovers. They certainly aren’t generating scoring chances which is what you would expect from those playmaking skills. He has been paired with many players over the last two seasons and he makes none of them better. Looking back to last season, he looked better because of Sharp and Vermette rather than him making them more viable. I understand that he is young, but I don’t believe fear is something he will overcome. He certainly does not have grit and character to fit in with this championship core. He is not a gamer and time, I do not believe, will develop the courage to match the heart and will that of many of our championship players. I believe TT is a player better suited to be playing with the Blues and/or Ken Hitchcock.

    With regard to championship players, Shaw is a gamer. Hope we can do whatever we can to keep him on this team. He is a major part of the core and a major reason for the character this team brings to the table. Kudos to Corey Crawford as well. The guy misses 3 weeks and comes back and is playing as well as any goalie in these playoffs. Crawford! Crawford! Crawford! Do the Blues fans really believe that will rattle a battle tested goalie? Loving what Ladd is bringing to these games. Compliments to the entire core. It is a privilege as a Hawks fans to be watching you guys flipping the switch and elevating your championship play yet again.

    Go Hawks!!!

  31. Hitch is a whiner . Pang and the Blues tv crew are whiners and huge homers. I cannot stand to listen to them.

    Overall Blues are not winners . Heck, Troy B was one if their best players so far in series. And he learned to win in Chicago. It feels good when we beat them.

    Anyone know why 43 is playing ahead of Gustafson ?

  32. Probably b/c 52 makes a slick move to gain the zone… only to blast it into the shin pads of a defender and put the Blue in transition with 52 stuck up ice.

    TT is 21. Ask the Bruins how that Seguin trade is working out.

  33. It seemed the Hawks were coasting until the Blues scored and then they ramped it up. I’ve seen that before. They were determined to score before the 2nd ended and they did with that special group of Toews/Kane/Shaw/Seabrook and….Keith. Love it.
    Panarin looked good and will be a force. Kane got more space as the game went on. Cannot do without Shaw. What he brings to the team each playoff run is invaluable. The Hawks cannot lose him.

  34. TT is in the shadows, reserved while playing yet. He will become our secret stealth weapon when called upon, when all have forgotten he is there and pay zero attention.

    “Combat tactics Mr. Ryan”…..

    ( Hunt for Red October; Morrison)

  35. PB, the Bruins traded Seguin because of his incessant partying and off ice behavior. That had more to do with them trading him because they felt it was impacting his on ice play. TT is no T. Seguin.

    TT is just “SOFT.” I don’t know if courage can be developed. I am really tiring of his alligator arms. That is how someone aptly referred to him. I also read he is more worried about spending time on the golf course then in the weight room. If true, does that sound to you like the dedication I have heard Toews, Kane, Keith, Seabrook, Hossa, Hjalmorsson, Sharp, etc. put into their prep and workouts. If you want to be a champion, it takes commitment and sacrifice. I’m not seeing it or hearing it with Teuvo.

  36. All that being said, he is ours during these playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised if Q sits him a game or two rather than just limiting his minutes.

  37. Booman,

    I did not want to go on a rant after a win so I did not want to share my thoughts on TT in these first 2 games. When style of play is physical he does get alligator arms and clearly does not want the puck on his stick. He’s gifted, yes, so are the sedin twins, but the comparison or the hope that TT is the next Seguin is a fairy tale. Seguin not only has the talent, strength and speed but he also has a nasty edge and the intensity required for the NHL. Right now TT needs to sit a game or 2 and let somebody else play. He can use the time off to find some balls.

  38. Dunks is back but when we get back to Chicago.

    But word has spread. The Highlanders are coming down on their own. In droves of hundreds… and thousands.

  39. I’m not saying TT is a future Art Ross contender. I’m saying you don’t give up on a 21 year-old—playing far from home—who just needs time to learn. The goal for TT should be top 2 center on this team in two years.

  40. TT not having the work ethic of the champion? He was the captain of the WJC Finland team that won gold. And he has a Ring… in his rookie year.

  41. Yes, TT was a champion, playing on a larger surface and in a less physical style (not the NHL). You supported my point. He isn’t doing it now after 1.5 years. You cannot learn courage and tenacity. PB…After the Hawks win this cup, we can debate whether TT will be a necessary component for future Hawk cups. Right now he is ours and I’ll cheer him on like I do the rest of the team.

    Go Hawks!!!!

  42. TT isn’t afraid of contact. You must be watching different games than me. He hasn’t been in a scoring deluge because he is constantly playing defense lately, unlike his WJC play and much of his rookie season here.

    Q has been leaning on him for defense, and while he doesn’t have the body weight to take blow after blow, he damn sure has the tenacity.

  43. My point is that you shouldn’t trade a skilled 21 year-old, bc 21 year-olds have a lot of room to mature and develop.

    You made the points that a 2o15 Stanley Cup champion doesn’t have championship work ethic, isn’t courageous, and won’t be tough enough to make an impact in the NHL.

  44. 1. Brower is pissing me off. Late & cheap shots.

    2. I was reminded last night how much I love these Hawks and how they respond to playoff hockey. It’s just so fun and such an adreline rush. They just stay so calm and poised and keep showing up. Man is it fun to be a hawks fan. Love how they play.

    3. Crow looks good. Tracking puck beautifully and his competitiveness is awesome.

    4. I always forget how huge Keith is in the playoffs. I think he shows up more than anyone in big games. Quietly but brings an amazing game.

    5. I’m jealous how much fun the Hawks have playing hockey. Their joy in the intensity of playoff hockey is awesome.

  45. F& S, Coach Q was counting on TTs defensive prowess for a whole 6 and half minutes of ice time last night. Which game were you watching? I am a hawks fan for nearly 50 years and trust mr this kid is soft.

  46. ….omg….the champion Blackhawks are back……I am so embarrassed Minining Man…lol….they must be on Viagra….keep it up!…….

  47. BCHAWK and PHIL

    You guys brought your A game to your posts this thread. Looking forward to more!
    Go Hawks!

  48. Personally, I like Panik in the lineup. However, I also think Weise should get in there as well. Should Weise be put in for Fleischman?

  49. I have a different slant on Hitchcock’s remarks. I am of same vintage as H and and Q. Gillette’s Friday Night Fights were broadcast in US and Canada in our day. The scoring for every championship fight for whatever weight title was described as follows: the challenger had to win by a substantial margin otherwise the title stayed with the current champion. I believe this is all H was telling his team using boxing terminology. The Blues can’t worry about close calls, they have to beat the Blackhawks in every game as they did in the first game. He was merely challenging his team.

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