2 thoughts on “Great Blackhawks of All Time

  1. 60 yrs.a Blackhawk fan and I have never witnessed such a fiasco! No goalie, weak defense,no depth.Get rid of the excess garbage.Leddy is not readyHow was Stan Bowman able to dismantle a chamionship team so quickly? We hired Scotty not sonny boy. He is too stubborn to make a trade to save face and save the team and the frustration of the loyal Hawk fans. Just a few hours left.Please help us, the team and Joel,who is calling out to you.He is not a loser ,we are not losers,the Hawks are not either!Stan, be a man and make a move or we will have to grin and bear it for the rest of the season. Do you want to be another Angelo? KEEP THE RED RISING! BG

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