6 thoughts on “Amazing Jonathan Toews All-Star Video

  1. Do these guys ever have any time off with all the promos, videos, appearances ,commercials, radio spots and on and on. Not to mention working out in the gym, practices, time spent with trainers,therapists and doctors? A small video like this still would have taken hours. Yes, I voted ( twice). The season is long and gruelling with tons of travel on top of it all. Well thats our guys in the digital age! Didn’t have quite as much in the Stan Mikita, Chico Maki, Eric Nesterenko days! No one talking about us facing Morin tomorrow night. The guy has something to prove for sure.

  2. Hilarious, Blackhawks TV does a good job with these videos. Check out Bickell in left hand corner priceless!

  3. Look at the muscle definition on arms, shoulders, neck of Kane vs. Bickell…

    You can see which guy is over achiever vs. Under achiever/lazy…

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