Andrew Shaw Out For Game 4

On Thursday, coach Joel Quenneville told the media that Andrew Shaw will not travel to Minnesota and will not be active for Game Four on Friday night.

Quenneville did indicate that defenseman Nick Leddy will return to the lineup after being a healthy scratch for Game Three.

25 thoughts on “Andrew Shaw Out For Game 4

  1. Was there ever any discussion whether Stoner’s hit on Shaw was legal or not? I seem to recall that he jumped into Shaw, but his skate may have indeed been on the ice 1/10000 of a second before he jumped, making it “legal.”

  2. If it’s me, then here are my lines…

    Bickell – Toews – Kane (Kane needs to be unlocked in Game 4 and I think this helps)
    Sharp – Smith – Hossa (Sharp REALLY needs to kick it in the ass on both ends)
    Saad – Kruger – Nordstrom (Saad needs to be better and much more consistent)
    Bollig – Handzus – Versteeg (feel free to insert Morin instead of Versteeg)

    I also sit Rosival (no critique) and pair Leddy with Brookbank. Leddy needs to show up in a playoff game for a change too.

  3. I don’t really miss Shaw. I think Nordstrom on that third line is a silly decision. A bigger body to at least help Saad fetch the puck would be neat. Especially with lil Marc on that line as well.

    I think Sharp is trying too hard \ gripping the stick too tight \ not letting the game come to him — Some kinda cliche like that. One would think he is prime to explode but he needs to loosen up first.

    It has to be frustrating for a scorer (now that he is a one dimensional player since Q has him sitting in the Ovi position most of the time, draws lower quality of competition, isn’t contributing to the whole second line center predicament and doesn’t kill penalties for whatever stupid reason) and not have another outlet.

    I think a big game out of Toews is coming, a two point night for Keith and Crawford usually does good things when he is pissed off and he seemed pretty irate after the last game.

  4. I don’t know if this was a case of the line-blender gone haywire or if these are the lines that will start Game#4, but supposedly the lines at practice today were:


    On the one hand it may help the 4th line to actually contribute to the game and Sharp and Hossa have played with Handzus before. Plus it provides some offensive punch on 3 lines.

    But it’s different enough so I’m not sure what to make of it.

  5. ER – I’m thinking those are the lines Q is going with for Game 4. Versteeg is in the doghouse. Q is rewarding those who have earned it with play, I like it. We miss Shaw but these are some solid lines, especially the top 3, but I doubt the 4th line gets much pt anyway.

  6. Versteeg can sit for the duration of the playoff run so far as I am concerned. He’s simply not a good nor consistent player at this point. In hindsight it was a waste to pick him up. Bowman will rectify in the offseason.

  7. I don’t know how you can consider Versteeg a waste. All it costed was Olsen who never was going to make it with the Hawks and Jimmy Hayes, who also wasn’t doing anything for us. Steeper had a solid season and started the playoffs strong. Game 1 vs. STL he was the 2nd leading forward in terms of ice time as he played extremely well. If Bowman is going to trade him, it won’t be in the offseason as his trade value is very low. Waiting for his ACL injury to fully heal would be best for both sides at this point. If he plays like he’s capable, keep him. If not, trade him (Winnipeg always likes former Hawks, sort of like the Panthers who traded him).

    Overall though, I would much rather see Versteeg play than Nordstrom who gets the puck knocked away much too easy. I wonder what Versteeg did do to get in Q’s doghouse?

  8. Bickell – Toews – Hossa
    Sharp – Smith – Kane
    Saad – Kruger – Nordstrom
    Morin – Regin – Versteeg

    Swedish Hammer – Oudya
    Keith – Seabrook
    Leddy – Brookbank

  9. Brain Sprain – Those are some good looking lines although I would switch Nordstrom with Morin or Versteeg

  10. A lot of good line combinations here. I would like to see Morin as a winger one of the top three lines. I would also lie to see Regin replace Handzus as third or fourth line center. I don’t mind Nordstrom replacing Versteeg but Steeger is one of those guys like Bolland that may come up with a big play. The more more speed in the line up the better.

  11. I know we love playing fantasy hockey w/ the Hawks lines, but the reality is that Q does little – if anything – different from one game to another. It will still be Bickell-Toews-Hossa and Kane-Smith-Sharp at the top, with Handzus skating 55% of his time on PK (which hopefully means he’s under 5 minutes) and whomever is the 12th fwd from Bollig/Versteeg/Morin getting another 5-7 minutes. If I made one change it would be Regin for Nordstrom… but, as has been the case over the last 5 years w/ Bowman/Quenneville, it appears Nordstrom is the kid getting playoff experience 10 minutes at a time (see Smith, 2011).

  12. Did anyone actually see Shaw in MN? Why would he fly if that knee is too swollen to play?

  13. Well you were wrong Tab, as the lines are exactly the same as yesterday per espnchicago & Tracey Myers, so that’s the lines for tonight…

    ESPN Chicago
    Lines are same as yesterday. Bickell-Toews-Smith, Saad-Kruger-Kane, Sharp-Handzus-Hossa, Bollig-Nordstrom-Morin.

    Tracey Myers ?@TramyersCSN 30m
    #Blackhawks’ lines are the same as yesterday. There you go.

  14. …and as I said yesterday, I really like these new lines. Rewarding good play with playing time. The top 3 are really good. 4th line won’t see much playing time anyway.

  15. Also Hammer not on the ice at practice but reports seem to think he will play (he is tough as nails after all) and is just getting rest to heal before the game.

  16. Maybe Tab is saying that the lines at practice are more of a gamesmanship move by Q to get Y thinking. He can easily turn on his “line blender” and revert back to the old lines.

  17. That’s what Tab means and whatever the lines are, like John Wayne said we going to make adjustments based on what happens with each line/fine tune. Whoevers on what line, we are going to play hard and bring it.

    Push the pace.

  18. I hope either Sharp or Steeger decide to make a positive impact in the playoffs at anytime now! Isn’t Sharp the guy who has put up big numbers against Minny in the past?

  19. Steeger isn’t in the lineup? I’m really starting to doubt he is on the team next season.

  20. What ever the line ups they need to step up and pull together. This is for the Cup men!

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