Andrew Shaw Suspended For Game 5

With the Blackhawks facing elimination on Thursday night, they’ll be without forward Andrew Shaw.

Shaw has been suspended for Game Five of Chicago’s first round series for making a homophobic slur during Tuesday night’s loss at the United Center. The NHL also announced Shaw will be required to undergo sensitivity training, and has been fined $5,000 for directing a single-finger salute at the on-ice officials as well.

From the release:

“While Mr. Shaw was apologetic and remorseful for both the offensive comments and the inappropriate gesture directed at the on-ice officials, he must be held accountable for his actions,” said NHL Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell. “The emotion of the moment cannot and will not be a mitigating factor for the conduct that is expected of an NHL player.”

Shaw was previously suspended three games during the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs after running into Arizona goaltender Mike Smith.

62 thoughts on “Andrew Shaw Suspended For Game 5

  1. Suspended as he should be. Nothing more to say on this unfortunate set of circumstances.

  2. That’s a tough one. You just can’t do that any more, no more Trottier vs Bellows in this day and age. His apology was sincere and I believe it. I know I’ve said that and worse in my younger and stupider years, and meant nothing toward the people who would be offended by it, still doesn’t make it right.

    Rest up and hope to play again this year, it’s going to be tough without one of the only players making goals happen. He was out of control pretty much all 3rd period, lucky he didn’t get more.

  3. Sensitivity training – another word for thought control. Maybe the refs and the front office should grow some balls.

  4. Shaw gets what he deserves. I would suggest that this issue will be in the equation for whether or not he’s in the future plans.

  5. What a joke these self righteous people. Oh I’m above that.
    If the ref was black and Shaw made a black slur I get it. But calling someone a fag is a general term not really directed at the person. There are a lot worse things said in a game but the protected class cannot be insulted.

    The PC police will call this a win.

  6. All these sportscaster insiders running all over themselves to prove they are sensitive to this issue. Pathetic

  7. Maybe we should establish a safe place for the offended party on a university campus near the rink. Fine yes, suspension no. The Hawks and Shaw appear to have done everything they could to head this off before punishment was meted out. The NHL marketeers are now in the same Politically Correct mindset as the NFL marketeers. A great day for the PC Police, a sad day for NHL hockey. Every player should be equipped with a Chirp Meter so that in game Freedom of Speech can be suppressed. Looking forward to the Bettman amendment to the First Amendment.

  8. I have thought the League is a fucking disgrace for yrs, this just makes it more/what is more then that. What a joke. They must still be scared of us.


    What did that red wings player get for smashing another player head on ice (or something like that).

  9. What’s next–will “Fuck you, asshole” get you fined or suspended? Please. It’s grown men in fierce competition, and now they have to watch what they say on the ice? The NHL is on a slippery slope with this ruling.

    And the PC crowd is pussifying our culture.

  10. I absolutely hate the overbearing PC nature of social media in the U.S. now, when half the people calling them out are as bad if not worse.

    It’s ruining individualism and will eventually swing dangerously the other way.

    This whole suspension crap is pathetic. Fine for the finger, and let’s play hockey.

  11. When did the world get so damn sensitive? I’m more upset that Shaw acted like a four year old throwing a violent temper tantrum than anything else. I’m fairly certain Shaw wasn’t screaming that term at someone because he didn’t like that they’re gay. I called my coworker a fat fucking ass clown today. He’s neither fat nor a clown.

  12. I went to one NBA game years ago just because they were 2nd row when the Bulls were the Bulls, if Shaw gets suspended for the finger, I guess that’ s what it has come to. If he gets suspended for the slur, then they should not have let Jordan or the other half of team play the rest of the year.

  13. To me that looks worse than Dunc’s latest stick incident. I agree with Morrison, the inconsistency on this type of stuff is maddening. What if Shaw would have been off camera? Would he be sitting for G5 ?

  14. The NHL is inconsistent. Where was the penalty fo this game with New York. They sure got Duncan Keith though fo six games for he slash and blood he drew. That’s th price the BlackHawks have to pay???? Where the penalty for this game????

  15. Hey Jake, who is the protected class? Gay people?

    Jake, on a chain of idiotic comments, you win the gold medal.

  16. Man i will be happy when this ,sad state is complete. I completely agree to disagree,
    We live in kinder gentler times ,.,.Tiger Williams once said ,.,Empty Net Goals Are For Faggots ,that is in type, in a book ,.,.,times were different and,.,.,the man is nuts BUT,.,.,Mr. Shaw made a really poor choice ,.,.,he was angry ,.,.perhaps even delusional,.,.The Blues are laughing their asses off ,.,.,saying things like Poor C–t ,Aaaaaah Shawsey ,.,.,can we say,.,.LOSER or is that to harsh for the public? There is NO place for saying stuff in front of lip readers and or the camera. Punishment fits crime. Move on and win a game for a change boys.

  17. Well, my pig friends and i love the soccer mom, no passion aspect of this game. My fellow overlords have decided all you goyim can watch euro hockey and have man on mam love.

  18. Gay, used to mean Happy.
    Fag, means cigarette in British English.
    What are we getting so outraged about.
    PC Police, go watch some ballet.
    Real man play/watch hockey.

  19. I’m a decades long Hawks fan and the definition of a conservative Reagan Republican. I’m the furthest thing from politically correct. That said what Shaw did both in terms of the slur and the flipping off of the refs was wrong. You can’t do what he did and he knows it. Frustration and immaturity reared its ugly head. A one game suspension is actually light punishment. Shaw severely screwed up. And I say that as one of his absolute biggest fans.

  20. I’ve tried to not comment on this, but im cracking…

    Was shaw in the wrong, YES. If he is off camera, no one ever hears about this. How many refs have had “inappropriate gestures” thrown their way before… i mean come on.

    Fine… sure. Post season sensitivities training, All for it, Andrew should know better as a “public figure” to do that. Some community service to boot, go for it! But a suspension for some bad words in the heat of the moment???? REALLY????

    I am in no way advocating to repeat the things he said, or use offensive language in any light. But He’s an adult… the ref is adult… there was no true malice in the comment… let it go.

    What’s next… “Hey!, That guy checked my favorite player and I was bullied in school and the bully called me names and pushed me around like he just did… that’s a penalty cuz i have repressed memories and hurt feelings!!!!”

  21. Here’s the thing. Shaw is a PROFESSIONAL athlete. That status no longer applies just to his skill on the ice. In today’s realm of sports entertainment, it requires a certain code of ethical standards to which all participants of said sport must adhere. Yes, that code seems to be expanding further that some of us of older generations had to afford or are comfortable with accepting. Yet, our comfort with the pretense of what is today considered “Right” or what is “Equal” is irrelevant.

    Character is the crucible against which our humanity is judged.

    Shaw has the amazingly good fortune to be a member of one of the finest sports organizations in the entire world, a member of an Original Six club, a standard barer of he Warrior Head. His passion and temperament are absolutely prerequisites for him to fulfill his role for the Hawks, but they are in no way excuses to permit him to act like a classless jag.

    Sensitivity Training, which is a requirement of Shaw’s suspension will not fix the problem. Nor will missing a game or paying a $5,000 fine. There is a major difference between stupid and ignorant. Ignorance can become educated. Stupidity cannot be fixed.

    Expect more of this to come. Maybe not from Shaw, but from one of the hundreds of other “professional” athletes like him that have no concept of the totality of what that label both affords AND requires of their position in our culture.

  22. Again agree with SW-
    I’n old school as well, but today is a different world-and he was wrong-
    By the way I believe the world is in trouble-in a day when we are ultra politically correct it’s do what i say, not what i do-in other words there is lots of talk, but not a whole lot of actual integrity and humanity.

  23. When Johnny comes home from the playground and says “Billy hurt my feelings”. Mom replies, “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”. She nows needs to add to that, “But that doesn’t apply to the NHL”.

  24. How about looking at the entire body of work for Shaw in that game. Cross checked in the head by Brower after one of the Hawk goals. No penalty call. High sticked in the mouth by Blues player going to the crease. No penalty call. Shove a player that falls into the net at a crucial time and you go to the box. Shaw plays with out of control intensity at times and crossed the line, but a full perspective of his evening would have been nice from our home town announcer. Without Shaw and Keith we might have been shut out in that game.
    We shouldn’t use our words to hurt people, fists and sticks are OK but watch your mouth! The NHL is a joke.

  25. It is what it is. Ridiculous, but the NHL has made a decision.
    The real question is how did no one get suspended from the 4 games last night?
    You’re telling me none of those players said anything inappropriate?
    I would expect an average of one suspension per game if this is what the NHL has decided. Maybe we can add a stat for good behavior. We can try to build teams not with skill but character. Lets see which hockey team can be the nicest.

  26. I have no problem with the one game suspension at that stage of the game. Had it been in the first period probably would have simply been a game misconduct.

    Hitchcock screams that the Hawks get special treatment. What Letang did was willful and direct. He was both feet and had 100% control of his stick. He should be suspended 10 games, based on Kieth’s six

  27. Yes it was correct that Shaw be given a game for being stupid and “insensitive”. What he did was wrong, and he needs to stay in control. Of interest to all should be what triggered Shaw to lose it.

    Yes Mike57 you are 100% correct. The crosscheck to the face he received from Brouwer as well as the spear in the groin from Steen that sent Shaw over the edge at the end of the game. Never mind getting sticked in the face while lying on the ice. All of this was intentional by the Blues. No calls. Brouwer should be suspended for that crap. All of those replays are available on Comcast Sportsnet Chicago. I watched it on my phone app. The Letang whack at Stahlberg was brutal. The NHL needs to discipline this crap before someone gets dead on the ice or permanently disabled. Oh yes lets not forget the Lucic spear to the groin of a Sharks player that went for just a 2 minute slash(? )the other night. Bad stuff.
    Beat the Blues!

    Lets Go Hawks!

  28. If the nhl wants to take this stance and suspend shaw fine. But if the league is so concerned for the lgbt community why havent they issued any statement about the law passed in north carolina. How about saying we will never have an all star game or draft event there unitl that law is repealed. The nhl cannot have it both ways. Time for nhl to show consistency for once.

  29. Not sure what is so hard to understand. One, Shaw called another player a f*****. Two, Shaw flipped off the refs. If he didn’t realize his transgression was going to meet with harsh punishment then he’s an inexcusable idiot. There is no rationalizing what he did….he fu(ked up, just like Keith fu(ked up when he retaliated with his stick. The Hawks used to rise above this crap and stay disciplined. We have unraveled in this regard, and other team’s apparently have figured out that you can get under the skin of some Hawks and make them do stupid things. Hence also why St. Louis has a douche bag like Steve Ott on the ice…to goad certain Hawks into doing stupid things. Seems to be working because we cannot beat this team, and crumble every third period.

  30. getting crosschecked all night and taking a dumbass penalty for retaliation does NOT excuse the word Shaw chose to use at that time. The Hawks put out their You Can Play video less than 2 weeks ago. Would Shaw have been suspended if a camera hadn’t caught him saying it? Probably not. Does that make it right? No. And this isn’t the PC police coming to ruin the NHL. It’s human decency trying to eliminate a hateful word from it’s too-commonly held place in the vocabulary of professional athletes.

    There are hundreds of ways Shaw could have told the officials what he thought of them w/out using that word. He didn’t. On to Game 5

  31. No it does not Tab

    but maybe, just maybe if the refs went by the rules and called those infrations earlier in the game

    Shaw might not have been on tilt and said that stuff..


  32. @ DaveHawks – I agree the officiating has been awful in this series (for both teams). And A LOT has gone uncalled.

    But this Hawks team has overcome in the past by controlling their emotions and winning physical battles (see Anaheim 11 months ago). That has not been the case in this series.

    And uncalled crosschecks still DOES NOT excuse Shaw’s word choice.

  33. yes, i agree, it does not

    just my opinion if the calls are made

    it doesnt elevate to where it did..

    but i agree, no reason to say what he said..

  34. Ernie, great video… and to suggest that stick/whack was just a normal follow thru!!!

    Is just a fucking lie/outrage… 100% intentional – with purpose/meaning… and Nothing from league…

    NHL- not only is scoring down (becoming boring)… Cuz goalies/D-men are getting Bigger and schemes of “zoning” the net are better… BUT- inconsistent reviews/replays/ and rulings after the fact are becoming a regular issue!!!

    I understand – in real time officials “missing” calls… but with out a doubt plays like that should be reviewed/suspended… Just like Keith.. what Wild player prior to Keith – should be accounted for and suspended…

    NHL – will need to change the rules- to promote more O… bigger nets? No offsides??? I don’t know…. but 6’5″ goalies and D-men… are taking skill out of games… becoming “Puck luck” deflection games

  35. I agree with davehawks. I am tired of the refs not making calls. A penalty is a penalty regardless of what time of the year it is, the players involved or where on the ice it happens. The whole point of 2 refs is to catch penalities and call them. This sense that just because you are in front of the net means that the rules go out the window is just rediculous.

  36. Cover your mouth when you swear, ala pitcher’s mound discussions in baseball.

    On to game five.


  37. But a suspension is too harsh!! A fine and sensitivity training is sufficient.

    Let’s hope Q can make some good lineup decisions to make up for his crappy ones thus far.

    Weise in for Shaw
    anybody in for TT (except Mashinter)

    Keep TVR as a 5/6 and Rosy too.
    Dress Ehrhoff and sit the swede (not 4)

  38. Another issue I have is that once a player gets called for a penalty and the play is still going on (delayed penalty) or whistled, this penalized player has free reign to commit other infractions to try and get the other team to retaliate. We need to start seeing double minors called or misconducts. It drives me crazy!!

  39. Regarding scoring being down. Someone, I wanna say Mcindoe had a piece going back every year since 1993. Ever since he goes year by year about what’s been said, what they did. And what the results were.

    Have goalies gotten bigger and better? Yes. However, I can deal with a low scoring game. What is the bigger issue in my mind is the neutral zone trap. How can you get rid of it? Well, it’s a mindset. And there’s not a whole lot that can be done until someone figures out how to beat it consistently.

    As much as I hate the man. Tortorella had some interesting comments when people started to blame coaches. He said the onus isn’t on the coaches. Too much money and not enough job security to not employ it. His theory is if you give coaches a 10 year guaranteed deal, the trap would go away.

    I disagree. But he’s not all wrong either

  40. The more I think about this ridiculous suspension the more it upsets me. It would be one thing if this ref was gay and Shaw said what he did. But he most likely isn’t. In fact, recent data suggests that only 1.8% of the male population is gay (based on a Washington Post study). So it is fair that I make this assumption.

    The truth is that the English language is littered with derogatory words that don’t really mean their literal translation. For example, if I call you a pu**y am I saying that you have women’s genital parts? No, I’m telling you that you are weak and can’t defend/stand up for yourself all in one word. Similar to calling the ref a f*g, Shaw was telling him that he is a both a pu**y and and a-hole.

    I have to say, I agree with him on that.

  41. Wall gotta agree-the players are faster, fitter, bigger and better but the game is hard to watch, unless you’re invested in the team that’s playing.

  42. Bitch and moan about the refs all you want, but fact is that the calls invariably even out over the course of a season and even thru the course of a game. I think NHL refs do an outstanding job in what is an incredibly fast paced and fluid game played on ice. Losers bitch about the refs. Suck it up and grow a pair.

  43. The word is just as offensive as the n word. Or calling someone a Jew. It’s all unnecessary and all derogatory in how it was used. Maybe he chose that word because he’s gay? Who cares why he said what he said. He can’t say it. And then to flip the double bird. Yeah, he needed to sit.

    Say he didn’t use that exact word. But still cursing at them and flipping the bird. All inexcusable. And still is it not abuse of officials?

  44. I don’t think the refs do as good of a job calling the game as they could. How can the viewer see blatant penalties in watching a fast paced game but not the refs? I don’t buy it. Favorites or prejudices that’s why. Just like the viewer I guess. Whatever. Hawks have not let emotions get the best of them during the game in a long time. They need to rise above it and play better and they need to do it tonight. I think they can.

  45. Tab, it is probably fair to say that some old fashioned trolling is going on via Perk and a few others with this thread. I’m not taking the bait.

    Stay out of the box tonight, know your opponent. Hawks special teams MUST win game 5. Beat the Blues!

    Lets Go Hawks!

  46. Its not about calls being evened out. Its about the refs doing their job. If you think they do an outstanding job then you must have a low threshold for that status. Plus i am tired of hearing how the refs have such a hard job or that the game is so fast. A hard job is serving in the military, bomb disposal, heart or neuro surgeon. A ref just enforces rules to a game. If its too hard to for them then they should quit.

  47. We win game 5 anyway and we are back at home with Shawzer and backs against the wall. We can be very dangerous when we have the momentum.

  48. Please Andrew Shaw, stop with the that’s not me stuff. We are what we do, Shaw did what he did, so that’s who Shaw is. But – let’s put what Shaw did (who he is) into context. He didn’t yell what he yelled in a quiet grocery store after church. He didn’t yell it at a school play. He was in an NHL playoff game. Everyone’s yelling – all kinds of words. So he’s a hockey player, in a playoff game, yelling. Big deal. Now, he yelled a hurtful word, and I’m OK with the Blackhawks fining him. But an NHL suspension is fucking ridiculous – particularly with all the physical crap that’s going on that doesn’t even draw a penalty. It’s maddening. And to put my comment into context, I’m a Predators fan (the only team I dislike more than the Blackhawks is the Blues).

  49. Tab, thank you for posting what you did at 9:34am. You put out a very good product. Unfortunately some of your posters just don’t have a clue. Human decency…. I couldn’t have said it better, thanks.

  50. Sorry sensitive bunnies, freedom of speech is still protected in this country and that includes every slang expression all of us know for race, religion, sexual preference etc. When Tab or anybody else has a list of what they think is admissable, then they’re on a very slippery slope. And that’s the reason the courts don’t go near this issue. From a legal standpoint, the NHL doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  51. This isnt a legal issue. You can’t work certain places saying derogatory words. Certain places its acceptable. Others it not. The NHL is one of those places where it is not. Legally speaking the league cant stop you from saying these things. But they don’t have to allow you to play when you use these words

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