Andrew Shaw Update

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  1. ebonyraptor says:

    Good news. Welcome back Shawzie, and don’t forget to bring your shinpads.

    If he just plays his game without crossing the line he will be a nice boost for the team.

    (my) odds for who sits when Shaw returns:
    Regin 5/8
    Bollig 2/1
    Versteeg 20/1
    Handzus 50/1

  2. wall says:

    they better sit Bollig… Cuz ya know Shaw is good for One stupid penalty per game…

  3. Mike57 says:

    Wow, where is the love?? One stupid penalty a game? How about the stupid penalty he draws from other teams whose skin he has irritated? Sometime we don’t appreciate what we have in this team. Roles, if everyone plays their roles we should win one in LA and regain control of this series.

  4. Sr. Brad says:

    Shaw is in many ways the heart and soul of this team…playing on a 3rd line this season that Q attempted to break up into tiny pieces and cast to the wind, still scored 20 goals! How many 3rd line players in the NHL scored 20 goals this year? How many first line players in the NHL scored more than 20 goals this season? And yet goal scoring is only one of the things this great young player does. Huge boost to the lineup.

    Regin has to stay in with Bollig out. Regin gives Q FLEXIBILITY as a Centre or Wing, and with his speed he could conceivably skate on any of the 4 lines. Plus Regin has been throwing his body around just as much as Bollig has. We are a tough, tough team to beat with Shaw and Regin both in the lineup.

  5. morrison says:

    Practice has the normal standard lines.

    It does have it set for the 81/88 move, when the time is right.

  6. DropThePuck says:

    Has anyone figured out why Seabrook got 3 games for his hit on Backus while Prust only got 2 for the hit that broke Stepan’s jaw?

  7. morrison says:

    The same reason Bollig got an interference penalty and Stoll did not.

  8. morrison says:

    The league with suspensions and sch. & the ref with penaltys are the most even and consistent then I have ever seen in 30 yrs. You guys are awesome. Good job Bettman. Now go back to nba where you belong, ya fuck.

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