Anisimov, Crawford Lead Blackhawks Past Stars

There aren’t many nights when a forward has four points in the first two periods and clearly isn’t the best player on the ice, but that was the case for Artem Anisimov on Saturday night.

Anisimov picked up assists on goals by Brent Seabrook (a power play marker) and Trevor van Riemsdyk in the first period, and then scored a short-handed goal and added an assist on a Patrick Kane goal in the second to give him four points thru 40 minutes.

But the story of the first couple periods was Corey Crawford.

The Hawks out-shot Dallas 11-9 in the first period but Crawford had to make a few big saves to keep the high-octane Stars offense to only one goal. Tyler Seguin was able to beat Crawford 80 seconds after van Riemsdyk’s goal in the first period, cutting the Hawks lead to 2-1 at the time.

Marian Hossa came back with a short-handed goal of his own in the final minute of the first to extend the lead to 3-1, which apparently was enough for Dallas to make a change in net; Kari Lehtonen replaced Antti Niemi for the second.

Niemi finished the night with eight saves against 11 shots.

Jonathan Toews picked up the primary assist on Hossa’s goal, the 300th regular season assist of his career.

The Hawks controlled the flow until van Riemsdyk went to the box seven minutes into the second. Dallas didn’t score on that advantage but grabbed control of the action for most of the remainder of the period, and the Hawks were able to withstand the onslaught only because Crawford played a magnificent period.

When the dust settled after a furious middle stanza, Crawford had made 18 saves in 20 minutes and his teammates added two more goals for a 5-1 lead.

Kane’s goal late in the second period that made the score 5-1 established a new career high of 31 for the Hawks superstar winger.

The third period saw a few decent opportunities for either side, but the four-goal lead made the final 20 minutes a bit of a formality. Crawford’s performance in the second period was a dagger deep in the heart of Texas. Late in the third period, with most of the seats formerly filled with Stars fans emptied, there was a well-deserved, noticeable “Corey! Corey!” chant from the Hawks fans in attendance.

Niklas Hjalmarsson was credited with two assists, joining Anisimov as the two Hawks with a multi-point evening. Anisimov was part of a strong night at the dot for the Blackhawks as well; he won 11 of 19 and Toews won 13 of 18 to lead Chicago’s faceoff performance.

Andrew Shaw became the fourth player from the 2011 NHL Draft to play in 300 career regular season games on Saturday night.

Crawford’s 31st win keeps him right on the heels of Braden Holtby for the league lead as those two figure to be the front-runners for the Vezina Trophy this season. Certainly Crawford’s performance against a Dallas team that had won three straight coming into Saturday night will bolster his credentials for the league’s top goaltender honor.

The Hawks return to the United Center to host the Sharks on Tuesday night.

43 thoughts on “Anisimov, Crawford Lead Blackhawks Past Stars

  1. Not to nitpick but that was Kane’s 32nd goal and Panarin also had a multipoint night with 2. Hole-eee Crawford was good. Things sure are going well and a much easier schedule from now to the end…knock on wood. Fear the Blackhawks and woe to the vanquished.

  2. Time to say that we are a better team with Anisimov than with Saad. Nothing at all against Saad who is an incredible talent but having a big, strong, versatile 2c makes defending the Hawks a much tougher task. Hopefully Dano will be the cherry on top. Also, Panarin is the best free agent signing to enter the league in many years. Loved how he responded after Benn took a run at him late. Very strong games by TVR and Teauvo as well. Great road trip.

  3. So we can forget that last game against the Stars. This team is really clicking. Crawford’s been stellar but you gotta expect him finger some rest…right??

    That sequence where Danault fought through 3 stars then almost scores and then keeps the Stars from editing the zone… Keep that up kid!

  4. 15 and 72 is better then 20 and 10, now and coming years.

    That chicken shit took a shoulder/or higher hit to 72 a min. earlier then that.

  5. MS- right on the money with Anisimov…that goal was something else as was Toews breakout charge while short handed. Vae Victis…those are at the mercy of their conquerors and should not expect or request leniency…hence the shorties!

  6. These 3 wins make up for the ones we took hits in after a few really really good wks. Now were even from where we were on the road.

  7. Sharp is in a cold streak, but it still wasn’t smart to trade him w/in the division. He has 40 points and b/w him and Saad they have 36 goals. Bread Man and Anisimov have been outstanding, no question, roughly the same amount of goals.

    Its worked out quite well for the Hawks, they were forced to trade those two guys b/c of the salary cap. I hope Lewis Gross is happy that he pimped a young, unsophisticated kid like Saad over pocket change in the scheme of things.

  8. I posted on here back in late 2015, that I thought Dallas was “fools gold”, run and gun in the first 3 months of the season when teams, like our beloved Blackhawks are trying to figure out who slots where and who belongs where. I stand by that. This was a bell weather game in which neither team was fatigued, unlike just before Christmas and the Hawks just worked/torched them.

    The Hawks are fresh and really clicking. One thing that these last 3 games have shown is, to be in the lineup for the Hawks you really have to be at the top of your game and totally sell out for the team.

    Denault’s tenacity is just so impressive. Rasmussen’s persistence in drawing a penalty late in the second was just all hustle.

    One other note, TVR was pretty much an offensive defenseman at New Hampshire. As his confidence has grown playing in the Nhl, his game is really starting to blossom.

    Great night all around !

  9. That was fun. More of that please.

    Three tough games coming up – San Jose, Dallas and Anaheim. Let’s see where we’re at after those. Anaheim has righted the ship and are playing very well … but then so have the Hawks. Looking forward to the next three games.

  10. Iceman, I really don’t think Stan had a choice at all. If he did the return would have been better. He needed a team with cap space. And that thought Sharp would put them over the top. Most teams with cap space didn’t think they had a shot. Dallas was one of probably 3 teams that could absorb a hit like that. What’s done is done. Dallas doesn’t scare me. They didn’t scare me after the first game. What Craig said.

  11. The Crow Show was amazing, this year mid-year he found another level and that is very hard to do after ya won 2 Stanley cups. Midway thru that 2nd period a offensively juggernaut, tidal wave, shootings Stars came with everything and Crow just shut them down. This is one of those of games King Henry in NY has but not Crow, but this is the new Crow, get used to it. 37 shots on goal and the Hawks again show why they are hard to beat, you can out shoot and hit them and lose 5 to 1. No one in the NLH no one get outshot and out hit as much as the Hawks and still win! Hawks team defense is so smart, so well prepared (video and experience) and they execute beyond logic. So many great defensive plays last night. So many shots contested! They palyed short handed a lot, way too many penalties lately . . . still won!

    Dallas Defense is horrible . . . Dallas goal Tending is horrible they will not score their way to a Cup, period. Florida and the Caps are the real deal, unlike last year the west ain’t so wild anymore. Hawks need rest before the playoffs so they will play hard in the next 3 weeks ,hard so they can get a lead, some distance and coast a la rest. Crow will be exhausted at this rate. A fool see the results of rest.

    All 4 lines are playing well with pace and that is the Hawks difference that no other team does, Hawks are “Heavy on the Puck” like all night. Just puck, not the body! Plus they are going to net hard and harder, they have not just one body on the edges of the crease (kanes goal) but two players. Many NHL fans want more scoring well, the reason why not, is a lot of shots, a lot of long shots and no Players with the Skill level to take it to the pipes hard. No players who “camp out” in the crease like old days, everyone want high light reel, So they settle for long shots hope for tip in often 15 feet from the net or a Power play! Look at the few rushed even Hossa has had. Everyone strong to the net. All the players who need to play well played Great last tow games.

    Mashinter is trying but he misses more “hits” than anyone, flat out miss. Reminds me of a young Shaw but Shaw has the talent of “words” and “attitude” which is a talent to instigate. Monster-Mash is putting in the effort but his timing is way off. Da Moose Rasmussen is improving a little I did see him use his size and strength long the boards and just break down the Stars defense, twice. Pretty impressive. Panik also is so strong, like a mini-hossa, with the puck he just angles his body so well, and just get thru and past people, sometimes over, he is here to stay, that 4th line Panik is on might be tooooo slow for his skill set. Like to see Panik play with a few speed guys.

    I want Marko Dano up now! Any of you AHLer’s know how he is doing? Love that kid and a good 4th liner, I predict if he comes up he’ll do well. He has speed, stick skills, got back on defensive coverage and was always always in the crease.

    TVR is playing better, glad he got a goal again second man on a rebound, in close, BUT it think GUSTY Gustafson is putting pressure on TVR to play better, especially on the offensive end. TVR will be odd man out come playoffs but competition is a great thing makes both better. TVR still weak defensively at times but offense has picked up.

  12. YES TVR is the offensive defense men I now live in Maine ( born raised chicago) and watched him play live a lot. Sadly to me he is not nearly good enough to be a top 4 defensive defensemen. In today’s game out here in Hockey East country all I see are GREAT offensive defensemen, dime a dozen. A lot! So that skill set to move the puck up ice is critical but now it dominates so the real skill set a la Dunkin well that’s hard to find. Our top 3 defensemen are the best in the nhl and that are smart enough not really skilled to find open ice, seamless, take chances and not get burned.

    Dunkin is a GOD, he does it all, he was born that way! Gusty shows me signs of Dunk, in his feet, all in the feet, quick short moves, not burst, he is elusive and confident and if Dunk rubs off look out. TVR not there yet may never be.

    go hawks

  13. NIGRELLI good call on MOOSE Rasmussen’s move, YES! The kid needs to do more of that, I like a team that dumps and bangs to the puck, don’t avoid or skate around, direct line baby that was why i liked Garbutt. Dump and Bump bab, make contact with your shoulder, bound off them or run them over and force them to reach, hold and grab. Panik has this skill too. Rasmussen on a 4th line is hard on a young guy playing with new players rotating in and out, and your game adjust. But that is what makes Panik look good, consistent, just skates hard never over skates and just plays his game. North to south . . . 3 and 4 lines just need to slow the game down, back check and keep the game even, not much to ask?


    if Tab don’t mind the post?

    Great Read on “Coaches Challenges” and why the on ice referees are looking at i phones or mini-ipad or crystal balls to see what they can see NOT THE WAR ROOM with HD, Gizmos and slow mo! When I saw the ref look at that tiny screen in his hand on Hossa over turn, I said, “what da fu_k? ” I knew something was wrong? Normally i just go make a sandwich on a challenge but that one i watched. Anyway i learned something!

  15. Maybe Gustafsson has the flu that’s been going around or maybe he’s hit the rookie wall. Only 10 minutes against AZ and 12 minutes last night when both TvR and Rozy got over 18 minutes. Hopefully just something that is short lived.

    Speaking of TvR and Rozy, they both have scored a goal and both look rejuvenated. I’m not expecting the energy level to remain that high with Rozy but it’s nice while it lasts.

    I know this is probably sacrilege to say, but I think Panarin might be the best skater on the team in terms of dangling and hanging on the the puck in a small and congested area – even better than Kane, Man, that kid is special!

    Danault and Rasmussen are finding their place in the NHL and that bodes very well for the Hawks.

  16. Panarin is very skilled, BUT he needs to be moving with speed to stand out. When Panarin is sort of middle of the ice, between the blue lines, in transition be looks average at best and consistently turns the puck over. It takes him too much time to generate speed but when he does and in the zone, He is unstoppable but between the blue lines he is shaky at best as most Hawks. I would love to see a more “power move” shoulder lean, head and body tight low to the ice and a entry with strength. But Panarin is awesome he will get even better.

    Sadly the down side to Hawks in skating the Puck in on Power Plays, no one seems to have that strong skill to drive, Toews if he wants he can, but beside Da Captain it’s hit or miss, mostly miss!

    Panarin is great . . . I know he will EXPLODE in the playoffs, meaning i say he’ll turn it up to another level. Watch and see!

  17. Marian Hossa is still worth every red cent and when he is done, it will take me some time to move on. That’s all.

  18. @Ebonyraptor …… does some of Gustafson’s lack of ice time have to do with the large number of power plays and PK’s going on the last two games? Seems like TvR and 32 get their time boosted up when there are more of those types of games. Regardless, you have to like what he and 70 are doing overall.
    Go Blackhawks!

  19. RD- Hossa is 19 games away from playing more regular season games as a Hawk than a Senator. Now, factor in playoff games and he’s played 4 more games as a Hawk. He’s a Hawk. 522 total games. 74 playoff games 548 regular season games.

  20. Svedberg sent down to rockford…an article speculated this may indicate a trade in the near future. Anyone have any insight as to what the trade may be? I’ve heard a lot of shoring up the defense, but not sure who is affordable/effective.

  21. Lots of talk of Byfuglien going to LA Kings….that would not be good for us if it’s real….seems like a tough thing to pull off though as they are also tight up against the cap so they would lose some bodies ….Winnipeg in the drivers seat on this one. There is some talk of Versteeg coming back in a trade but that’s kinda nutty, no? Only real competition for the cup I see is LA getting to the final, then Washington, Florida and Tampa Bay …and the Ducks coming on, not overly worried about them. Pretty sure Stan will do something, it’s his style for sure and can be expected.

    Nightmare scenario is Bettman standing at center ice saying ” Los Angeles, you have a dynasty”.

  22. I’m hoping that we don’t trade for defense and let the younger guys develop. If we do make a move maybe a left wing for the first group. Shaw could drop to the third or fourth line which would strengthen either one.

  23. Same speculation happens whenever any prospect is called up then sent down. Same thing happened with McNeil before the all star break. Unless the article says “reportedly” its just the author trying to sell a product. They don’t know much more than we do. At least not usually enough for it to be credible.

    It’s a rarity for the Hawks to have trade info leaked before hand. No one saw the Sekac trade coming. No one saw the Panik trade. Daley requested a trade. No one saw the Desjardins, or Timonen trades. Hell look at the Saad deal. Nobody saw that at all.

  24. Mr. SouthSide, that really was cute. There were a couple of articles out there on how Dallas was bucking the trend of defensive-minded teams winning in the NHL. They are out to prove that a high scoring team can win a Stanley Cup. Offense is a beautiful thing but when a team lacks defensive depth and goaltending…look out.

  25. @ Mining Man, id be shocked if it wasnt Hawks vs Kings round III. No question Buff helps the Kings however the Kings lack cap space and a 1st rounder so Peg would be getting roster players back. Either way the Jets are big part of the trade deadline. Dont be surprised if the Hawks are in on Ladd either.

  26. I like laddy/Staal. We are going to add a player so whatever other teams add too, its going to be same difference and we have a better roster to begin with. That guy here said in ’15 even though were not as deep as certain yrs everybody else is still behind us trying to catch up, roster wise.

  27. I agree with RD regarding Marian Hossa. What a treat it is to watch him play. I hope he can play out his contract. His never takes a shift off and is such an inspiration to the younger players on the team. I know Kaner has improved defensively and I would venture a guess, Kaner would credit Hossa’s influence on his improvement. The best thing that Dale Tallon did was the 12 year contract to Hossa. Stay healthy, Hoss.

  28. That was really a fun game to watch. I can’t remember the Hawks ever getting two shorthanded goals in the same game before.
    On another note I think the most under rated player this year has been Andrew Shaw. He may not be the fastest Hawk and the most skilled shot but he is glue that holds this team together and whatever line he gets put on he makes it better. I think he has done well on the top line and has been willing to go hard to the boards and also go to the net to free up some space for his line mates. He is one point away from tying his second highest point total and can easily surpass his best year if he keeps going at the same pace. Also despite being on the team for 4 years now at 24 years old he is still one of the youngest Hawks being 4 days older than TVR and just 3 months older than Panarin. I know one of the positions SB has been looking to shore up is LW on the first line but if it doesn’t happen the team will still be in good shape with Shaw there.

  29. The defense looks set with Rosy in at 6 and days off between in the playoffs-
    with big Sven and Scuderi as 7 and 8-probably would be nice to get Pokka a few games as he would be a depth guy for the playoffs. That would be 9
    If they stay healthy, and don’t add on the blueline who should be 7?
    Or will it rotate so that two 37 yr olds can eat up the left over minutes.
    I like the idea of getting the big Swede ready.

  30. Keith, I am sure we did it since but the most famous of them was the 7-2 road win in SAN for Hoss debut/game. Started the game with two shortys.

  31. @ Noonan

    2011 vs Columbus was the last time, I want to say it was a game when Viktor Stalberg had a big night and was on a hot streak.

    I like Shaw but I would really like a proven top 6 LW added at the deadline. Ladd and Hudler would both be great moves. Boedker is also available and would fit in and Stan already has a history w Maloney. Az is probably pretty happy with the Vermette trade.

    This team is going to cruise into the playoffs, with 76 pts and a very favorable schedule the rest of the way don’t be surprised of this teams loses focus. However, they Hawks do have alot of guys going thru this grind for the 1st time; Panarin, Danault, Rasmussen (who is likely the odd man out when Kruger returns) TVR and Gus, Panik and Sekec

  32. Southside-
    @ Noonan
    2011 vs Columbus was the last time, I want to say it was a game when Viktor Stalberg had a big night and was on a hot streak.
    ( What???? are you writing)

    I do like the Boedker idea but he is having a -23 year. (on a team that struggles some nights)

  33. Sorry Noonan that was meant for Keith’s question on the last time the Hawks had 2 shorties in 1 game,…sorry old age

  34. I remember or think I remember Steve Sullivan having two shorties against Colorado. It might have been within a span of a few minutes.

  35. Mudturtle, Sullivan did. That was the game that a fan mocked him for catching a stick to the face. Then, Patrick Roy shoots the puck over the glass and hits that same fan. Sullivan I believe after scoring 1 shorty had to return the favor.

  36. Here’s what I propose. The first being relatively minor and is more for future cap space. David Jones for Bryan Bickell and a prospect not named Pokka. Both make 4 million. Jones however is in the final year of his contract.

    Second, trade for Jared Cowen. He’s been a healthy scratch in Ottawa lately. However, I’d take him over Scuderi. Also because of his age if he’s bought out this summer, the team would get a 650k cap credit for 2016/17. It would cost a bit in 17/18 however.

    Third, man would Eric Staal look great or what? 1Lw or 3c. Price tag is probably too high. But I can dream.

  37. was listening to TSN Winnipeg and Ladd is absolutely in play according to their beat reporters. Uncle Dale, the Wild and Chicago are the 3 teams to keep an eye on for Laddy. Also had a Kings/Ducks reporter on the radio he doesnt think the Kings or Ducks will make any deadline moves. Just the latest rumblings that I wanted to share w everyone.

  38. Thanks guys for the recaps of the other two shorty nights. I don’t remember seeing them. I think this game in particular was a needle in the eye for the Stars. According to one of the Dallas papers they were looking forward to this game and obviously didn’t play well. Re: looking for another forward I guess Byfuglien isn’t going anywhere. He just signed a 5 year contract with the Jets at 7.8 million per year.

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