18 thoughts on “Arizona Claims Jiri Sekac

  1. Sharpy 5.9

    Daley 3.3
    Scuderi 2.2 (1.3 caphit when on Rockford roster)
    Scuderi at 50% retained 1.125 (is .200 better then 1.3 when on Rockford roster)
    Ehrhoff 1.275 (only for ’16, then ufa)

    Garbutt .900
    Sekac .925 (only for ’16, then ufa)
    So starting with Daley 3.3 and Garbutt .900 (which is 5.9-4.2/1.7 difference), its only 1.125 for ’17. Sharpys 5.9 is now 1.125, which is 4.775m difference.

    So Erfhoff 1.275 is a ufa for 17 and Scuderi is 1.125 (instead of 1.3 on Rockford roster) for 17. Which is .200 better for entire 186 days (82 games).

    Without fully getting into the prorated caphits, these are the exact amounts each guy caphits are and what they were for us. Based on the total 186 days.

    Daley 3.3 for 68 days for a 1.206 caphit
    Scuderi 2.250 for 65 days for a .786 caphit
    Scuderi 1.125 for 44 days for a .266 caphit
    Ehrhoff 1.275 for 45 days for a .302 caphit
    Garbutt .900 for 106 days for a .513 caphit
    Sekac .925 for 36 days for a N/A caphit

  2. Well with all the madness happening is Stan done working his magic or might there be another rabbit in his hat?
    What do you all think, maybe put in a claim for Brooks Laich (Washington)?

  3. Cap space. And an extra contract when it comes to college free agent season. Can only have 50 contracts. Hawks have 47.

  4. Correction, they had 47 contracts prior to Sekac being claimed. They now have 46.

    Colorado is maxed out with 50 contracts. So they’re SOL if they want to sign a college free agent.

  5. Trade: San Jose sends goalie Alex Stalock, forward Ben Smith and a conditional 4th round pick in 2018 to Toronto for goalie James Reimer and forward Jeremy Morin.

  6. Justin Schultz to Pitt for a 3rd. Pittsburgh now has Trevor Daley and Justin Schultz. Hahahahaha nice job Rutherford.

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