Artemi Panarin, Blackhawks Beat Stars

In what was supposed to be a preseason nod to the past, it was the Blackhawks future that excited the crowd.

With Patrick Sharp, Antti Niemi and Johnny Oduya in visiting sweaters, Artemi Panarin made his preseason debut for the Blackhawks on Saturday night and did not disappoint as the Blackhawks ran away from the Stars at the United Center.

Panarin dangled his way through traffic and got the crowd’s attention in the first period, opening the game on a line with Patrick Kane and Artem Anisimov. In the second period, on a power play, Panarin put a quick one-timer on net and picked up an assist as Marian Hossa deposited the rebound.

The song remained the same in the third period, but at even strength. Panarin put another strong shot on net, and this time the rebound found Kane for the Hawks’ second goal of the night – and Panarin’s second assist.

Panarin, who will turn 24 on Oct. 30, was seen receiving instruction from Coach Joel Quenneville on the bench with Anisimov appearing to serve as a translator. He was strong on the puck throughout the night and didn’t take long to develop chemistry with his teammates on the ice.

Hossa added a second goal – the third of the night for the Blackhawks – late in the third period. At that time, Teuvo Teravainen was on the ice with Hossa and Jonathan Toews. Teravainen started the night at center, but struggled at the dot on the third line with Ryan Garbutt and Bryan Bickell. He won only one of seven draws and failed to put a shot on net in the game.

Andrew Shaw, who started the game on the line with Hossa and Toews, undressed the Dallas defense and extended the lead to 4-0 in the closing minutes.

Corey Crawford started opposite Niemi, but left the game in the middle of the second period and went to the room immediately. Niemi gave way to Kari Lehtonen after two full periods. Chicago’s starter made 13 saves, but was scheduled to play the entire game. Scott Darling replaced him and played well for the rest of the night, making 14 saves in relief to complete the shutout.

Kyle Baun, who appears to have won one of the final forward spots in the wake of recent cuts, found himself in Quenneville’s doghouse after taking two penalties late in the first period. He saw only three shifts in the second period.

Bickell, who cleared waivers earlier on Saturday but remained with the Blackhawks, led the team with five hits in 10:28 on the ice.

Viktor Svedberg was in the lineup for the fifth time in six preseason games and skated 20:09 with two blocked shots in the game. He was paired with Brent Seabrook to open the game; Trevor vanRiemsdyk skated with Trevor Daley and Niklas Hjalmarsson was with Duncan Keith. Seabrook led the Hawks with four blocked shots, while Keith and Kane led the way with four shots on net each.

The next time the puck drops it means something. A banner will be raised before the Hawks host the Rangers in the beginning of the title defense on Wednesday night.

55 thoughts on “Artemi Panarin, Blackhawks Beat Stars

  1. It was hard to see Sharp in the Stars uniform. I know it was business but man it hurts. Other than that I loved Panarin when he weaved his way around the Stars. That was cool. We ended the preseason winning all but 2 games not bad at all! Can’t wait for the banner raising ceremony it will stir a lot of emotions that’s for sure.

  2. I’ll be there on Wednesday and my plan is to don a new #7 jersey. It will be a great night. I’ve never experienced something like that.

  3. “First impressions are usually correct” boy I sure hope that is true in the case of Artemi Panarin, showed some nice moves and very good hands for his first time on the ice with the Hawks. I thought Daley played much better, and Baun much worse. I feel for 29, he just looks lost with the puck, appears that the physical part of the game is all he is capable of doing at the present time. You can tell that the chemistry is off somewhat but that has to be expected, now that roster is somewhat set, you would think their tape to tape passing will return. “The next time the puck drops it means something. A banner will be raised before the Hawks host the Rangers in the beginning of the title defense on Wednesday night.” Those are two sweet sounding sentences. GO HAWKS.

  4. None of the sportwriters, analysts, “pun dints”, power rankings and so on are picking the Blackhawks to repeat. The common theme has us in the top ten and a contender that unfortunately and inevitably will “run out of gas” and bow out early. Maybe this is logical and a fair assessment in the cap era, however, they are overlooking several key factors. From the owner through to the GM (including Scottie), and the coach we have the best management and coaching team by far that knows how to win. The Blackhawks have retooled to be younger and faster. Panarins nifty stickwork will be a tremedous asset for someone like Kane. Hossa is going to have a great year, Crawford is going to have a great year, Keith has plenty left in the tank, TT goes to a new level. Dano is another hidden X factor that will play a big role and our gigantic Dman Svedberg will develop nicely because he is playing with 3 of the finest defensman in the league who will mentor this fellow. This is all visible to us but not these analysts. Our Russians are going to be unstoppable, Toews and Kane are still achieving newer heights, and Crawford plays big when its crunch time ( shutout Tampa Bay ). This is a monster team with tremedous experience blended with new fast highly skilled assets, a brick wall D and superb mentoring and coaching. Bettman will be cheesed off big time ( on the inside) when he asks Toews to come over and take the Cup. Pie in the sky dreaming? maybe but I doubt it. No one has kept up to us. We are witnessing a redefintion of the game that will catch everyone napping.

  5. Realy like Anisimov and Garbutt. These two guys can help release Toews and Hossa from most of their PK time. More time for offence.

  6. I felt this way from the beginning and training camp only confirmed it from me:
    I’d consider Anisimov-Penarin as their own entity and give them their own line.
    I’d have the Toews-Hossa line, the Kane-Teravainen line, the Anisimov-Penarin line and the Kruger-Desjardins line.
    Spread the wealth. You could see it last night. 2 over the top strong first lines, a 3rd line that made little sense. A question mark 3rd line not only is a bad thing in general, but it also wastes Teravainen’s skill and opportunities.
    Marko Dano would also be a perfect fit as Anisimov’s RW. They know each other very well.

    Toews-Hossa-Garbutt (or Braun)
    Kane-Teravainen-Shaw (he can play C or wing, he can take the face-offs)
    Anisimov-Penarin-Dano (or Tikhonov)
    Kruger-Desjardins-Braun (or Garbutt)

    Basically put the new guys on their own 3rd line, a kick ass line I might add and go from there. Then in time, as they get rolling, change stuff up, move people around, experiment.

    PS: You just can’t love what Kruger-Desjardins have going on. Their awesome.

  7. TT- was in good position last nite as a C… BIG problem- terrible at the dot… and 29 on left wing…

    I liked when Q moved TT to 1st line LW… he will be great there…

    Dano??? either:
    A) he is not at all comfortable on LW versus RW
    B) he isn’t Comfortable w/ Hawks “System”
    C) he was rocked/Concussed in 1st preseason tilt

    I like the idea of putting him on RW w/ AA ( which leaves big void on LW for Hawks)

    Sad reality… Hino, Dano, Tiko are ALL better options than 29 and Baun… But Hawks want to keep at least one forward with girth ( I guess)

    Gbutt or Tiko/AA/Dano

    would be Hawks best line ups ( but $4M reasons and one goon for Q- probably not gonna happen)

    TvR- Hope kid stays healthy… he is so smart

    Speaking of Smart- TT needs more PP time- one of few on the team who understands when/where to move puck when being pressured on the PP….

    Svedberg- didn’t mind him in the “half-court” game- still scares me skating in transition

    Shaw- is not good on the PP unless he is in front of goalie!

  8. Just like Brad Richards, it’s going to take Anisimov some time to get used to centering for Kaner. Let’s not be on a mission for the guys head after a couple of games. If this all works out, this may be Kaner’s most productive year!!

    The season starts Wednesday, so “game faces” on everyone!!

  9. By virtue of clearing waivers, Bickell can be sent to Rockford up until he has played i 10 games or spends 30 days on the roster. After that I guess he’d need to go on waivers again, not certain.

    So it could be they are giving him “one last chance” to bring it …

  10. Dano will be here when he is ready to fit the highly disciplined and accountable style of play demanded by this team of its forwards. I wouldn’t sweat it.

    Anisimov is a major addition on this team. Love his two way play. If he can shake the injury problems of the past then this will be very happy marriage in Chicago.

    Still deeply distressed by how Daley is supposed to fit. He can’t play defense and is souped up much more expensive version of Runblad.

    Svedberg can’t skate and it is I can’t really underhand why he is here. He is the anti Q player on defense with the inability to skate. Plays like a freak show and I hate it.

    There is HUGE opportunity for a young defenseman in the system to rocket up the depth chart and join this team. Whether it is Pokka or Gustafson. I would think the later makes this roster at some point unless he crashes and burns at Rockford.

    We should all love the three headed chaos that Shaw, Desjardins and Garbutt will bring. We have not had this sort of skilled sandpaper in this quantity before. It’s going to be good and the Hawks will be adapting a change to their style in a good way. The defensive accountability on this team has been improved big time at forward.

    Panarin impresses me.

    Teuvo needs to be third line center. Period. He is NOT a wing.

  11. Bickell is not of sufficient health. He is a class A individual and I wish him the best. But I think he collects his paycheck in Rockford the next 2 seasons. He will start in Chicago and go down before the 10 game mark is hit.

  12. Rufus – Teravainen won a SC as a winger so he’s a winger. The question mark is if he’s a Center or not. Especially as a 3rd line C with average quality wingers. He’s been killing it as a winger partner of Kane.

    This “Daley is a up much more expensive version of Rundblad” you’re going to pay, but I suppose you’ve got nothing to lose after your previous projections. haahhhah

  13. Reg – who’s going after Anisimov’ head ?

    Rufus- trading Bickell is not a SF scenario. At some point the Hawks might pony up some prospects, draft picks or/and retain salary option and he’ll be moved. So, I doubt he’ll stay in Rockford for the next 2 seasons.

  14. Panarin has been the real deal for awhile. He can and will change the game for the Hawks. He’s a natural, skill set off the charts, if he can stay healthy then Kane would and should have 40 goals if he’s paired up with Panarin.

    Teravainen is not a center, got to win the dot . . . might be too light but Kruger is small and is rated just behind Towes. Teravainen plays well in center ice but that’s not half of it. He will add value on power play and allow Coach Q to insert him like he did Kane last year, add speed, stick skill and puck possesoon on any line. He is what i call a FLOATER and a good one.

    Daley is solid . . . Rundblad is soo inconsistent in the d zone it’s scary. not sure anyone is watching close, not all his turnovers end up in goals BUT watch.

    TVR is somewhat over rated … already? yep . .. . . He has not really done one thing or have a single skill ( except for last name) that is stands out. Maybe he is just a 4th line d-man and for that he’s fine but many fans like me at one time felt he was going to be a game changer, right now, not soo much. Problem is he is okay at it ALL and not brilliant at anything? Which is not bad! He misses the net on shots from the blue line more than Dennis Hall. But he’s got time on his side!

    go hawks

    Hawks can easily REPEAT if healthy. This is year where Coach Q actually has some talent, speed and puck sense to mix and match. They could win it all much easier this year if he can get what he needs to get out of them.

  15. Have been waiting for Panarin and he looked real good last night, obviously the guy can really skate and stick handle.

    Here are some my thoughts talent wise, Tuevo needs top 6 mins where ever they choose to skate him. The Hawks really need someone to grab these LW jobs. Maybe Panarin? Tuevo?

    I like Shaw and Garbutt but lets keep them in the bottom 6.

    Seriously whats the plan w Bickell? Couldnt even give him away?

  16. Tampa did the Hawks a favor ( and the nhl) and YES, The Hawks are built to play faster and now really have the flexibility and talent to mash up lines and move players each week and game from line to line. This team is scary good WAY BETTER than last year. The will win games by more goals period. If they stay healthy and
    WE GOT SOME HUNGRY DUDES which to me is the art, getting rid of players who are complacent like BICK even and bring in guys like they have!

    The only issue would be goal tending not that Crow or “the wall” Sasquatch Darling are not good, but every year is different, last year means nothing sadly as good as they both where. Darling can NOT play 10 to 12 games in a row so if CROW goes down that is the only “QUESTION” but goal tending is always the Questions even with Rangers and Kings!

  17. The Toews and Hossa line need NET FRONT PRESENCE, Shaw gives them that but I would keep Shaw down on the 4th line as high energy and effective and really rounds out a 4 line ATTACK.

    But that is the big challenge for Toews and Hossa line, Saaaaad And Sharp where okay but not a net front presence or guys who go to the net with authority. Hawks have plenty of options but that is the HOLE” to fill.

    go hawks

  18. No disrespect to Crawford and what’s accomplished, but I think Darling is the more talented goalie.

  19. Went to the game. Biggest take away is Panarin and TT. Their skill level is phenomenal. TT looks bigger and stronger on the puck where last year he appeared to trepid. The pass he made to spring Kane on the breakaway was crazy wild. He does is physical weak at the dot. As I’ve said before, the skill level on this team has been raised significantly.

    The other takeaway is Darling’s play. I am a big CROW supporter, but this is business. Darling has made many athletic saves and seems pretty focused and in the zone. If he continues to develop and work hard, the probability of parting ways with CC at the trade deadline (longshot, but maybe for a solid dman for the run) or next season (likely) will rise drastically. That is why I was surprised when Raanta was traded away. Must of been due to contract issues. I am not sure what criteria Mike the Mook has to support his statement that Darling cannot play 10-12 in a row, but I am very impressed with his play and his work habits. Maybe he should room with Kaner.

    Just looking at the roster, a concern is that we actually have become a smaller team. More skill and speed for sure, but definitely less lbs this year. The Ducks average over 200lbs as a team and I believe are closer to 210. We probably sit in the low to mid 190’s.

  20. I will NEVER understand the love for Sharp! There he was playing his game taking a ton of low percentage shots from shit angles, thank God he is not longer on the team. Puck possession flat out die with Sharp. GOOD ridenance!

  21. With few choices at LW… Gotta play TT there…

    and Hide 29 on the 4th line LW… (assuming he stays)
    29 handicaps 3rd line… (or put him on 1st and double shift TT there from time to time)

    Hino centering TT and Dano by mid season- would be great too,,,


    Hope 72 keeps his head up… I can see Torres type guy – getting pissed with 72’s “curly shuffle” and just “cheap shot-ting him in frustration!!!

  22. The game has changed in the last few years so you don’t need the big tough guys so much. Look at the SC finalists last year. Speed and skill now trump size and toughness. The Hawks have done a great job adapting to the new reality with the additions this year.

  23. Shaw has to play on the top line out of necessity. Need a net front presence for Toews and Hossa. No way do you put the dimunitive Teuvo on that line. Shaw will do just fine because he is a Swiss Army knife for Quenneville. Ideal on top line? No, but he will perform fine.

    Daley has been brutal defensively all camp. He is what he is. He is with the Hawks because that was the price to pay to have Dallas take on Sharp’s salary. Daley is going to be an interesting dilemma this season. Seabrook or Hjalmarsson are going to have to cover his ass as best they can in the defensive zone. No say is van Riemsdyk up to the task of being paired with Daley. Maybe Rosival at some point.

  24. If I’m Dallas and Lindy then time for me to have a talk with Sharp. He needs to realize he plays for Dallas now, and time to stop the pouting and sad face. Sharp has always been self absorbed in my book. Which is fine on one level because a lot of players are like that. But he either gets his heart into playing for the Stars or he is going to become a problem in that locker room.

  25. I’m really excited and can’t wait until Wednesday. I have two concerns….

    1) The first is no surprise… What is going to happen with Kane?

    2) the Hawks only have 2 centers that can consistently win over 50% of their face offs. They also have just 3 centers (want to see TT on wing), 19, 15, and 16.

  26. Mike the Mook – van Riemsdyk has played 18 NHL games — it might be a little early for a definitive judgment – “just a 4th line d-man”.

    Rufus – Svedberg — also, it might be a little early for a definitive judgment. He may be just getting a long look at this point, but he is not without some skill to go with that size.

    Booman – is trading Crawford really a possibility as long as the Hawks have only two NHL goaltenders in their system? (I think not.) Completely agree about Panarin and Teravainen – SKILL level.

    Kane-Anisimov-Panarin = amaizing “second” line!?!?

    Sadly, and it may be premature based on one game (…of course nobody’s forgetting the last two seasons), but if this is Bickell after his “wake-up / set a fire”, he is only in-the-way (of Dano, Hinostroza, et al.). He seems to be a good guy _”a class A individual” (- Rufus), and I wish him well, but not in Chicago.

  27. Hof……thanks for the review on Bickel and the cap. People can bash him all they want, there comes a time in every professional athletes life when, whether they realize it or not, they are DONE! They can’t figure it out, they don’t know why, they are just done. It happens to every pro athlete.

    Bryan Bickel is no exception. A great guy with a huge heart who scored some HUGE goals for this Hawk team and now it is time to go. I am not sure he needs anymore “wake up calls”, “benchings” or motivational speeches from the coaches…….it’s just time.

    There is no shame in just running out of gas.

  28. Great exhibition by the Blackhawks! Artemi Panarin looked ‘special’. Along with TT and Kaner it won’t be long before these guys are making regular appearances on the highlight shows across the hockey universe. Lots of dangerous players on this team – wow!

    Didn’t mind Daley or Svedberg’s play. As a whole the defense was pretty good, at times they were a little disorganized but when playing fast teams like Dallas that is not real structured, sometimes this is more perception than reality.

    Hoss looks amazing out there. For a such a seasoned veteran he is the epitome of playing the game with integrity, never complacent and always leading with his exemplary play.

    As I watched last night, I felt like this will be a season of very exciting hockey from this team. I don’t see many weaknesses, in every area the team is more than solid and there is still some nice talent down in Rockford. Dano and Hino are going to be up some time this season, It may sound ridiculous but the Blackhawks have added skill(72, 15, 56, 6) and toughness (28, 39) to a championship core and the best coaching/management staff in the NHL. There is awesome depth in this organization, a credit to SB for sure.

    Unlike any other year where the hawks were defending, I believe this year all of us fans expect this team to repeat, and I agree with Mining Man that all of the experts can’t quite see what is so obvious to us Blackhawk fans. Can’t wait for Wednesday night, Go Hawks!

  29. For the record TVR, if he can stay healthy, will absolutely be a mainstay on defense for this team. He will play as a top 4 defenseman before too long, and you can book that.

    He is a ‘really smart player’, which is evident to any fan who has watched this game for a long time. Next game watch how patient the kid is with the puck, rarely ever ‘hurries’, and that is skill that you can’t teach, guys either have it or not. Simply put he doesn’t panic, my god even in the SCF, he handled everything in stride and none of us can really appreciate how hard it is for a player to handle that situation, let alone a rookie with so little experience. He is definitely not overrated by any means!

  30. Panarin, yes he is that good. Svedberg is a sleeper, Q likes him, his quickness is deceptive. The Hawks may be quicker than last year!

  31. Really liked what I saw last night, even though neither team had much edge or urgency, but that’s to be expected in pre-season. Looked like they just wanted to get though the last game without any injuries. That said, I loved seeing the A team together and the incredible possibilities we have to look forward to this season. Panarin is for real. That kid has some sick skills. Here’s hoping he can stay healthy when the big boys start putting him in the cross hairs. I think he can, but we’ll see. Baun needs to stop the dumb penalties. Q will not put up with that shit in the regular season. He’ll be in Rockford in a heartbeat if that continues. Garbutt continues to impress, he’s got jump and skill. I like his game. Anisimov has to stay healthy for us to succeed. He’s good at the dot and we need it, as our performance against Tampa in the final proved. (217 to 143 – we totally dominated.). TT looks ready to shine. Dano will make his mark for us this year before it’s all over. Daley looked just fine. I don’t agree that he’s worthless on D. That’s nonsense. And Svedberg can skate. Enough with the mindless criticisms.

    Lots of “ifs” as always, as it is every year. This is a strong team. How it will play out is anyone’s guess, but so much to look forward to.

  32. vsn Riemsdyk is just a guy. Doesn’t project as a mainstay anything but rather a 6th defenseman type option.

    Svedberg is glacial moving on his skates. I see nothing but a big slow moving carnival act when he is on the ice. I must be missing something. He’ll get eaten alive in the NHL.

  33. Here’s my opinion on D. I personally like the idea of having both a left and right shot on each pair. I am going to agree with Rufus as far as TVR. He’s a solid bottom pair dMan. Is he going to be more later on? Maybe. But I tend to doubt it. And that’s OK. He’s signed for two years after this to a very reasonable cap number. He’s similar to Hjalmarsson, just a right shot. With that said, I don’t think he fits as a Hjalmarsson partner.

    In my mind the ideal 5v5 pairs should have a left and right shot and 1 guy thats better defensively, and 1 better offensively. Each pair complimenting the other. So who fits that description? Pokka. Granted he’s young. But I think I like the idea of a Hjalmarsson Pokka 2nd pair. And a Daley TVR 3rd pair. In PK situations pair Hjalmarsson with TVR.

  34. The Blackhawks shutout the Dallas Stars, an NHL team. For all the naysayers here, something doesn’t make sense. TOI for all the defensemen that are no good, overrated or nothing special includes Daley for 19:48, Svedberg for 20:09, and TVR for 17:01. How did the Blackhawks keep the puck out of the net 56’58” these guys were on the ice? The speed of Daley, the size of Svedberg and the steady play of TVR will all play an important role this year. No point in complaining about the defense following a shutout.

  35. Rufus, “(Svedberg) is glacial moving on his skates. I see nothing but a big slow moving carnival act when he is on the ice” — didn’t Milbury say that just before he traded Chara to Ottawa? (“The Senators knew from observation that Chára would be a reliable defender, and were also aware that he was growing into his body and improving his skills each year.”) — I’m NOT suggesting a direct comparison between Chara and Svedberg. My point is that it may be too early to tell what type of player Svedberg might develop into. Chara was 23 when he was traded to the Senators.

  36. Dickie and ChiJoe: I think your assessment of the Giant Swede is on point. He looks slow until you realize how much ice he is covering. He has nice hands and a plus hockey I. Q. I am curious as to his shot strength from the b line!

  37. Ernie – in my mind the Hawks consider Seabrook as an offensive Dman. Really he’s both and that’s a great option to have. That’s why they dressed Svedberg and not Rundbland saturday. They can use Keith, Seabrook, Daley as the offensive D men.

  38. Svedberg’s lack of quickness or speed is a rather secondary problem. As in it’s not a big problem.
    You can keep him out of those match-ups for the most part, plus not everybody in the NHL can take advantage of that. Few have speed, but everybody can forecheck, so I’d rather take somebody like Svedberg than somebody who turns the ball over when forechecked.

    Svedberg’s main value come from his Penalty Killing skills/value. If he’s solid there -and he might be given his size- there’s a pretty clear role for him on the roster. That’s because Oduya was a PKer, while Daley might not be. Rundbland can’t do it. That leaves Keith, Hjalmarsson, Seabrook and TVR.

    Not a good scenario having, after the PK, Svedberg and Daley as a D pair. Even from a combination point of view. 2 lefty Dmen.

    Ideally you’ll have Keith, Hjalmarsson, Seabrook and Svedberg as PKers, with TVR-Daley coming on after that…a much more logical paring.

    So Svedberg has value on the Pk and you can give him other minutes spotting him on the ice and against certain lines that aren’t speedy nut jobs. If he can play solid PK. I don’t know. Does he ? Seems to be perfect for that role…that size, that stick, shot blocking factor, clearing the crease.

  39. personal opinion remains that Svedberg is a pylon they ran out there in 5 preseason games in hopes/prayers of unloading. Nothing about his play in the preseason impressed me at all.

    that said, I wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if the Hawks signed Cumiskey once he’s cleared to play. Keep that in mind…

  40. Tab- I disagree. He might get moved when Rozsival is cleared to play. Rozsival is more or less the natural switch for Svedberg. Cumiskey is from another planet. He should contend Rundbland from a skill set point of view.

  41. Tab I think it’s pretty clear they will sign Cumiskey one he’s cleared to play. Obviously they like him. The question is – will he play in Chicago or Rockford?

    They have time to figure it out, just like they’ve got 10 games / 30 days to figure out whether Bickell stays or gets sent down.

    It looks like they’ll audition Svedberg, and for a guy on a one year deal they’ve had in the organization for a few years, it’s not a bad idea. I too wasn’t terribly impressed although I did see progress – I thought he was decent this last game.

  42. I’m not sure if its good or bad that I completely forgot about David Rundblad.

    I will say that from a purely offensive perspective if he gets any time at all he will put up points. Some team out there will value that and you can throw him in as a sweetener. Fingers crossed

  43. Rockford starts their season this Friday on the road. Dent and staff will be getting things together this week with pairing and line combos and such … a few more cuts to come probably by Wednesday. Practices are closed so it’s a little tough to get information other than want they want the public to see.

    Should be a competitive team for the Ice Hogs this year. Goaltending will be a key, it’ll be important for Visentin to elevate his game and shake off the rust. I would expect Leighton to carry much of the load for the first 10-12 games and then Visentin being worked in more often.

    They have a bunch of defensemen to decide upon too. The front office wants these guys playing so Indy will get some guys for sure.

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