8 thoughts on “Artemi Panarin Named Best Russian Player

  1. Wow! That’s a surprise to me- and a pleasant one. Doesn’t hurt his negotiating position. Another surprise is that it looks like Tarasenko was not in the mix for this trophy.

  2. And Motte will play for the Hawks more then 40 games next year…
    Glad for Panarin and hope Hawks can sign him for 3 more years …at a fair price …

  3. Hay, Zamboni the bloggers on this site have been following Vesey and Vermette, now both signed. The Hawks need someone other than the Captain at the dot. Vermette is/was very good at the dot. They are now counting on the college kids. College teams seem not to be consistent at the dot, win one lose one. The Hawks have?

  4. Who gives a sweet flying truck,.,.,over rated playing on the outside flash . Stop beeping this mans horn till he wins a cup,.,nuff said. P.S wait till pre game to see our new centre. The suspense is killing me,.,.,NOT,.,.we don,t have enough cap space to get a proven Left wing or Centre . SAD but true .

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