Artemi Panarin Starring At World Championships

Blackhawks prospect Artemi Panarin is enjoying a strong tournament at the World Championships in the Czech Republic.

Russia, in Group B with the United States, is off to a 3-1-0 record with their lone loss coming at the hands of the Americans on Monday. Panarin has scored two goals and added four assists in his first four games of the tournament, and his six points are tied for fourth in the tournament with NHL stars Matt Duchene, Filip Forsberg and Oliver Ekman-Larsson.

Panarin and Russia play again on Saturday.

Another Hawks prospect performing at the games is goaltender Anders Nilsson, whose rights were acquired in the Nick Leddy deal. Nilsson has a .891 save percentage and 3.04 goals against average for Sweden.

32 thoughts on “Artemi Panarin Starring At World Championships

  1. this kid should be a lock for Hawk’s next year…

    Johns- with another goal and assist last nite in Loss to GR/Detroit farm… he should be the other lock for next year’s team…

    if SB lands this Reilly kid… I think he has a solid chance…

    + Baun

    so 3/4 out of the 6-7 openings are “penciled” in –

    really like how SB has used the College/Euro FA’s to “fill” in the blanks for the Hawk’s Prospect pool… Now he really can deal from “strength” during summer – for What “returns” he can net the Hawks… imo- strengths- D-men, and Goal,,,
    weakness- still is Power forward and Center (assuming can’t afford- 80 or 91)…
    but who knows- (maybe moves 2 bigger names- and has some money left to burn)

    more likely- is 29 or 10 and 23 contract… but who knows- lots of options

  2. Before we anoint him as “a lock for Hawk’s next year”, we need to see if Q feels that he is or that he will be a “lock for next year”… I’m just sayin’… And we won’t know that until next years roster is announced.

    A few folks on this blog anointed Teuvo as the Hawks number two center for this year and although he is playing (wing) and playing well now, that didn’t quite work as some thought. Next year, who knows.

  3. Right, it’s way too soon to annoint anyone. Too many things can happen and usually do. With Panarin, we really have no clue how good of a two way player he is.

    We are just looking at YouTube clips and a game here and there. I do think he’ll get every chance to stick, plus he’s 24 so it’s not like he’s right out of juniors. He has some experience. But he’ll have to show he’s ready.

    I also suspect a young defenseman or two will be moved in a trade. You have to give to get.

    The Ice Hogs lost on a goal in the last three minutes by Pulkkinen, who’ll probably be up with Detroit full time next year, he’s got top notch skills. Rasmussen and Broadhurst didn’t play much if at all in the 3rd period, there were some giveaways in the 2nd period and I gathered they were at fault. Game Two is tomorrow night and then the series shifts to Rockford next week.

    Hogs were apparently very poor in their own end in the faceoff department last night although Danault was strong at the dot and his line had two goals.

  4. Versus USA the other day… Panarin lifts the stick (steals puck)… that leads to the zone exit for Russia… 10 seconds later skates in front of goalie… holds puck – patiently drawing 3 D men… and finds a wide open D man for basically an open net…

    That sounds/looks like a “Q” guy to me

  5. This is a solid tournament. There are ALOT of NHL stars playing in this tournament. I give SB a rough ride at times, but he has done an above average job at finding and signing players to fill the roster. Rannta Darling, TVR, are 3 that quickly come to mind.

    Hopefully this Russian cracks the lineup. Either way its nice to have guys on the roster with something to prove.

  6. Sounds like a Q guy but of course says nothing about his two way play, which is what the comment referenced.

    I’m not meaning to be a wet blanket about this guy, I think it’s a great signing, but all too often I see fans setting premature expectations of players, like he’s a lock, and if the players don’t match them, the fans run around looking for someone to blame, which is usually the coach for not playing him, the GM for not seeing his talent and overruling the coach, etc. etc. etc.

    I long ago tempered my expectations about players coming into the NHL for the first time – there are so many adjustments and it inevitably takes more time than anyone expected.

  7. Wall, Although I am enjoying the playoffs, I look forward to the post season discussion about who goes and who fills the holes.

    I, like you, want some more size in our d-core. I know Johns had injuries this year, but I have been salivating over this guy since they drafted him. I believe he will be a lock next year…can’t wait. I am also rooting for Pokka and Paliotta to make the team due to their size.

    Panarin sounds like he would raise the team’s overall skill level. With Toews, Kane, Teuvo, and Panarin, we would have a hell of a group of playmakers there. After Toews and Kane, you could see our skill level diminish in shootouts. I know SO’s do not equate to playoff success, but he also sounds like a gamer that plays well when the stakes are raised. If all the “pub” comes true, he will fit with the core of clutch guys we have.

    Well enough of that for now. We have a Stanley Cup to chase… Go Hawks!!!

  8. Wall… I get it, I hope it works out for us and for him!

    This roster is certainly going to look a lot different next year. Hopefully, younger, faster and better(?)

    Question is: Is Q willing to give more of the young talent a long enough look given our cap constraints? We shall see…

  9. Panarin is a no lose proposition. If he doesn’t work out – nothing lost. If he does work out – happy happy.

  10. Wall, you know what is interesting this summer, the Hawks have three of their centres (the team’s current strength) Richards, Vermette and Kruger all as FAs. Desi and Oduya also are UFAs, while Saad is a RFA. Plus with Toew’s and Kane’s contracts coming into effect, the Hawks have three huge question marks in Crawford, Bickell and Versteeg (who are all under contract for big dollars, even Steeger at $2.2 and sitting on the pine).

    So if you are Bowman, what do you do this summer to bring about a healthy Cap situation and still keep the Hawks competing for another Cup?

    For me, I would keep Vermette as a stabilizing effect down the middle of the ice, if he would accept reasonable dollars over two years. Vermette is a ten year pro coming off of his “money” contract. Would he take 2 years for a total of $6 million to have a chance at winning more Cups?

    That would give the Hawks Toews, Vermette, Kruger (re-signed) and Phillip Danault as Centres, with Shaw and Teravanien as insurance. That keeps both TT and Shaw on the wings where they can be more effective in their games, IMO. That would give the Hawks four fast, two way centres, who are all very good at the dot moving forward and who can all penalty kill.

    As for the wingers, I would trade Versteeg for sure and then make a decision between Crawford and Bickell. Honestly, I would rather keep Bickell’s $4 million/year contract than CC’s $6 million. I believe strongly that the Hawks could win a Cup with the tandem of Darling and Raanta, but that’s just me. So with Bickell staying and Versteeg gone my lines would look like this…

    Saad (re-signed)-Toews-Hossa

    That would leave Panarin, Nordstrom, Ross, McNeil, Hartman, Kero and Rasmussen all fighting for a starting role or the 13th forward. This lineup would mean Vermette for Richards (upgrade), Kruger for Vermette (same), and Danault for Kruger (not a major downgrade with a big upside).

    As for the Defence, we will only have three realistically under contract, Keith, Seabrook and Hammer (how could the Hawks possibly move forward with Runbad when he can’t be trusted to play a minute in the post season?). Oduya wants to stay and a two year deal for $5.5 million in total is do-able. That’s a group of 4 DMen that rival any other in the NHL. Johns is a certainty as the #5, leaving TWO MORE spots. Paliotta will be given a chance at the # 6/7 spot, so will Van Riemsdyk, Pokka Gufstasson and Reilly (if he signs with us). TVR simply cannot be trusted/counted upon as he has a clear history of MAJOR injuries throughout his career, going back to bantam hockey, but healthy, he likely makes the team. So the ideal addition to the Hawks would be a solid veteran DMan who could be counted upon to play 15-17 minutes a night of no frills defence and help teach the game to the two youngsters.

    I think that this lineup limits the changes to a minimum, makes us younger, faster, stronger and better, while keeping us under the cap. If Panarin comes to camp and dominates, then he’s on the team obviously. The only thing that Q and Bowman have to be careful of is becoming too young and non-physical. By letting Vermette walk and promoting TT to the 2nd line centre position and adding the likes of Panarin is not the direction that I want to go. Stay STRONG down the middle and let all the young talent blossom around this strength!

    Let me know your thoughts on this!

  11. It was a tough loss by the Hogs last night, as they should have pulled out a big road playoff win, but key F/Os lost in our own zone and suspect goaltending by Leighton doomed the Hogs. That was a VERY tough one to lose and may have an impact on the boys because they walked into the Griffin’s stadium and took the game to them!

    Danault, Ross and McNeil dominated throughout the game, but Danault cannot take every Hog draw! Johns had a big night as well. Let’s see how the boys respond to this heartbreaker.

  12. B n B… I like your line-up… although a lot will depend on what SB can get for any of these potential trades… And I think the Hawks will be better off keeping Crow vs. Bickell (I know some might be shocked by that-) But my reasoning is – it would be “easier” to replace 29 w/ Baun, or Mcneill, or Hayden… also included in my 29 vs. 50… I think 29 has had a couple of bad knees, and BIG guys usually age/slow down sooner than smaller guys (generalization here), 29 is big and will “age” poorly most likely…

    Before the PO’s – I would have had 10 on the top of the list… BUT- he is really playing great in ALL zones… and seems to have great Chemistry w TT right now…

    In the End- they NEED to dump 23, 1st of all… And like you – I really think they need to consider the “Weak spot” going forward- Centers w/ skill and or size!!!
    So If needed- to keep Vermette- OR pursue another real Good Center…
    moving BOTH Crow and 29…
    Might be the Best option (at least in my eyes)

    wish I was a fly on the wall… and could hear all of the “offers” that SB will be hearing this summer

  13. B&B, Just did the math on your roster with Cap calculator spreadsheet and I can’t make it work. Here’s what I would suggest instead (using some of your numbers for FA’s):
    1. Keep/sign FA’s: Saad at $4.5, Vermette at $3.0, Kruger at $2.5, Desi at $1.25 (who I like), and Oduya at $3.0
    3. Trade: Sharp at $5.9, Bickell at $4.0 and Versteeg at $2.2
    3a: Lose/don’t re-sign: Richards, Carcillo, Timo and Rosi
    4. Bring up: Johns @$800k, TVR @$925k, Baun @$925k, Tenarin @$750k, Denault @$863, McNeil @$900k

    Lines then look like:

    On D:

    CC/SD (Raanta stays in Rockford or gets traded)

    You’re in under projected $71.5 Cap by $3.5M to use for another low cost veteran and/or Rockford shuttle bodies such as Kero, Pokka, Rasmusson, Nordstrom, Paliotta, etc…

  14. @Wall- Too funny, we’re both thinking same way on CC vs 29 at this point. That said, I remain open to trading CC if the return is good and we can get another quality C. Just hope he keeps playing at this round’s level to keep Hawks rolling and enhance his value..

  15. Thanks guys. Negzz, I had Saad signed for 3 years at $3.75 million and Kruger resigned at $2 million to make it work, but I like your list. The only thing for me is that Baun and McNeil are likely too much for the Hawks to overcome in one season. As with Desi, I love him too and would like for him to stay, but in an organization with as much talent and effort as the Hawks have, his role can and should be replaced internally to keep the development rolling. As for Sharpie, I wouldn’t trade him, like Bickell, he is just too valuable come playoff time, he’s really a complete player for a sniper.

    Wall, I hear you with Bickell’s knees and size, I just would hate to lose what he brings during the post season. The Hawks are always going to make the playoffs with or without Bickell, but his post season game is so crucial to our success, IMO. As for the goaltending situation, I would trade CC because of Darling. I am biased towards SD because I “discovered” him last year while watching him twice shut out the Hogs and saying to myself, “where’s this kid’s weakness?”. The numbers that he and Raanta have put up this year are incredible and should be rewarded. Like you, I just can’t justify CC’s money tied up in a non-skating role!

    Hof, you are right, and the only thing that is a worry is someone out East swooping in and offering Kruger a big contract to solidify a checking line for a playoff run. If that happens that Hawks won’t be able to match. I would like us to stay strong down the middle and not go back to the days of Handzus and Johnson.

    It’s going to be a very interesting summer.

  16. I would trade 23 & 29 for prospects if somebody would take them. I do not understand the love for Vermette. He is good at the dot but other than the last 3 games has been mediocre. Let us see how he does during the rest of the playoffs. I would not resign 91, 32, 44, 13 or 27. It appears to me either 50 or 10 will have to go to stay under the cap. I would rather keep both but do not think it is possible if we are going to keep Saad and Krueger. I think Panarin will make the team and has the potential to be a top 6 forward. Should be an interesting off season. I hope Stan refrains from signing bargain basement over the hill guys. Give some of the young guys a chance.

  17. Hawks1961, the love for Vermette comes from the fact that he is so defensibly responsible, quick, physical and strong at the dot. In other words, he’s a perfect playoff type player and that’s what it is all about. He can be our second PP centre and kill penalties for us. For whatever reason Vermette struggled when he first arrived, but he has turned the corner and is a major reason why we are winning one goal games on the road. I wouldn’t let him go until another Hawk proved he could take his spot. With Kane, Toews, Saad, Hossa, Sharp and TT (perhaps add Panarin to that list), the Hawks can score enough to make the playoffs, but it’s guys like Vermette that help you to win championships at crunch time…the same can be said for Bickell, which is why I would keep him.

  18. Negzz, McNeil was our first, first round pick from the 2011 draft. Next year will be the 2015-16 season. He has to be given every chance to make the team or we cut him loose! This is EXACTLY why Bowman has been so aggressive amongst College and International FAs. You rarely know what you are going to get when you draft a kid.

    Would you prefer 5 years of McNeil in Jrs and the AHL versus signing mature kids that will be given a chance at camp right away? I know what I prefer.

  19. Vermette gets more than 3 on the open market.

    Agreed on Panarin being no lose. Lets not forget what Oduya was in the regular season. All of us wanted to get rid of him. Last 2 weeks of the regular season he puts it into high gear. Sorry Johnny, too late for me.

    I think its great what the post season has done for the Hawks. All the guys with the exception of Versteeg (who you may have to bury in Rockford), that were on the trade block and lagged in the regular season are lighting it up now when it matters most. Even Crawford who only had a few bad games has restored his temporarily reduced value.

    I think unless a team wants Kruger he stays and Danault is 3c. A lot of teams have a goalie making coin. With Howard and possibly Miller, and Markstrom also on the market it could be tough finding a team that wants CC. That said, Crawford has something none of the others have.

  20. Vermette will be 33 next year Ernie, I don’t how much more than $3 million he would get, so to stay with the Hawks and win Cups seems to me to be more appealing.

    And you are right about CC, whether he stays or goes, he has value regardless of his contract because he knows how to get past low points in a hurry and win Stanley Cup(s).

  21. As for Oduya, his regular season reflected having an ankle fracture during the playoffs and not having an offseason to prepare for the next regular season (just see Versteeg). After the Hawks gave Oduya time to rest and heal, he came back and played like we know he can. I wouldn’t want to give that up for a fair price.

  22. OK, I’ll chime in. NEGZZ, I am on board with most of your plan, could you see Mike Fisher instead of Vermette, he is also UFA? Put me down as moving Crow, and I am not a hater, it is all about allocating $ elsewhere and feel god about Darling. If we do keep Bickell, can we just make him 4th line with more limited minutes and maybe we can get some of playoff BICK in the regular season? I was skeptical of Hawks finding that on switch for playoffs, glad I was wrong, won’t be the last time. Lot of good thoughts here, love the passion from all. Late June early July will be very interesting but in the meantime lets enjoy the ride, keep injuries to the minimum. And the Hawks are sure fun to watch again. Wish the Hogs were on Chicago TV.

  23. You people are freaking drunk.

    Brad Stuart signed for 3.6M a year for 2 years. Brad Stuart. Johnny Oduya is going to take 3?

    Maybe the guy doesn’t care about money and would take 25% less than what he could get on the open market to stay in Chicago, but I doubt it.

    Radim Vrbata is a year older than Vermette and he signed a 2 year $10M deal last summer.

    I love Marcus Kruger, and in some world where he had the hands to be more than a 4th line center, I’d give him more money.

  24. I know this sounds crazy- but I now think Oduya is too valuable a piece to lose at this stage. Yes, I have been down on him plenty of times the past 2 years, BUT- if we’re bringing up 2x rookie Dmen (like Johns and TVR for example), I’d like to retain him at (per JS I’ll up the offer), to $3.5 per x 2. Does that get it done to stay in Chicago and win?

    Personally, I’d keep CC for 1 more year unless we can get really good return (like a top4 Dman or big bodied PF.) I like SD and see him as the next guy- maybe as soon as next year, so I’m flexible on moving his $6M deal.

    The problem is at Center, as we’re back to the weakness if we don’t/can’t keep 80 (and/or don’t want 91.) If Vermette needs Vbata $$ I’d pass at $5m. But he’s a di’t player than RV who’s a winger and scorer. Valuable but in dif’t way. I’ll move my offer to him up to $4M in this model scenario.

    With the increased offers to 27 and 80 and keeping CC we’re still $2mil under the 15-16 Cap. If you move CC, that opens up approx $5mil of add’l opportunities.

  25. Personally I think McNeill gets traded. If they think Kruger can be a 3rd line center they do what they can to re-sign him. Danault is probably ready to be their 4th line guy, he has really improved his game this whole year and he’s suited for the role and inexpensive.

    I can see them trying to re-sign Oduya but who knows how much it’ll cost, he loves it here but I think he’ll go for one last larger payday. I can see four veterans and three young guys on the squad though. Who those guys are is the question.

    Even if they re up with Kruger and move Danault in, they still need another center and I presume that’ll be by the trade route. They probably already know who they want. I believe they’ll move on from Richards and Vermette I think will cost too much.

  26. We all know some tough choices will have to be made, some will probably be unpopular. So where do the cuts get made that hurts the least? That’s the million dollar question isn’t it? So many variables come into play, not the least of which is that none of us know what Stan, et al, think about the prospect’s prospects to fill a role on the big club next season. Can one of the d-men handle a top-4 role or does Oduya or another veteran d-man need to be (re)signed? Can TT handle center yet or will another center need to be signed so TT can stay at wing? Can Darling handle being the starter after only a relatively short audition? What can Stan get in return for the potential trade possibilities?

    My hunch is that the Hawks brain trust does not want to go into next season with three or more rookie d-men. So even if the belief is that one of the rookies can step into a top-4 role, meaning Oduya would not need to be re-signed, there would be a veteran d-man brought in so there would be at least 4 veterans on the blue line (with 2/4/7). So then the question becomes how much will the veteran d-man cost and if it’s cheap, then wouldn’t it mean it would be a bottom pairing guy? In other words, the question becomes would you rather have a 2nd pairing guy (Oduya) at $3.5M (assuming the home team discount his agent intimated) or a bottom pairing guy at $1.5M? Even if Stan thinks one of the rooks can handle the #4 role, the insurance of having Oduya may be worth the extra ~$2M.

    OK … that’s enough for now … my brain hurts.

  27. Thanks JS for helping me support my argument. Athletes rarely take less. Look at 19 and 88. They earn every penny so I’m not going to knock them for getting paid.

  28. I really think Edmonton winning the McDavid sweeps creates an avenue that SB should pursue. The Oil are now a team that needs to put losing in the rearview mirror. They, more than they’d like to admit will want CC if he is made available.

    CC and spare parts if necessary (McNeil, Versteeg) for Leon Draisaitl is something I would love to see happen.

  29. great discussion on here today.

    watching tt he definitely belongs on the ice. the only place his game suffers is anywhere there is a physical contest for the puck. open ice? he has a great handle, but on the boards or anywhere someone steps into him he get separated from it. kane was like this for awhile. this year he is tough on the boards. tt will get there with maturity. my guess is that panarin has the same strengths and challenges as tt at this point.

    this is where a guy like sharp or vermette are in stark contrast to the kids. the kids have talent but a sharp or vermette is downright mean in the playoffs. watching those 2 play you can see the secret ingredient to playoff hockey. both of those guys are fighters when it comes to gaining puck possession. marek and wyshinsky (sp?) said it pretty well: centers are measured by their face offs (among other stats). but what is a face off for a winger? a board battle.

    a board battle is a face off with hitting. this is where i see the true playoff hockey value/difference to sharp and vermette. hawks need to keep them.

    tt and panarin have skill without question. but that board battle aspect of their game needs to develop.

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