Back to School: Where Blackhawks College Prospects Will Play in 2017-18

Since taking over as GM of the Blackhawks, Stan Bowman has consistently filled his draft classes with players headed to college. The 2017 NHL Draft followed that pattern, with Chicago selecting four players who will play in the NCAA this year.

Last year, the Blackhawks had a number of prospects leave the college ranks after the 2016-17 season, either by graduation or by contract.

John Hayden and Anthony Louis finished their fourth collegiate seasons and made the jump to the professional ranks. Hayden sprinted directly to the NHL level in fact. Leaving college early were forward Matt Iacopelli and defenseman Luc Snuggerud, both of whom had terrific 2016-17 seasons.

Chris Calnan, a third round pick in 2012, finished his senior year at Boston College as their captain, but has not yet received a contract from Chicago.

Looking ahead to the 2017-18 school year, Chicago stands to have 15 prospects – seven forwards, eight defensemen – playing college hockey.


Dylan Sikura, F, Northeastern University
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 166
Shoots: L
Drafted: 2014 – 6th round (#178)
2016-17 season: 38 games, 21 goals, 36 assists, 57 points

Fredrik Olofsson, F, Omaha
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 200
Shoots: L
Drafted: 2014 – 4th round (#98)
2016-17 season: 34 games, 11 goals, 13 assists, 24 points

Beau Starrett, F, Cornell University
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 212
Shoots: L
Drafted: 2014 – 3rd round (#88)
2016-17 season: 35 games, 4 goals, 10 assists, 14 points

Jack Ramsey, F, University of Minnesota
Ht: 6-3 Wt: 185
Shoots: R
Drafted: 2017 – 7th round (#208)
2016-17 season: 36 games, 1 goal, 4 assists, 5 points

Liam Coughlin, F, University of Vermont
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 201
Shoots: L
Drafted: 2014 – 5th round (#130 – by Edmonton*)
2016-17 season: 31 games, 3 goals, 8 assists, 11 points
* -acquired from Edmonton for goaltender Anders Nilsson in July 6, 2015

Evan Barratt, F, Penn State University* (2017 pick)
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 187
Shoots: L
Drafted: 2017 – 3rd round (#90)
2016-17 season: 63 games, 18 goals, 38 assists, 56 points*
* – with the US National U18 Team

Parker Foo, F, Union College* (2017 pick)
Ht: 6-1 Wt: 170
Shoots: L
Drafted: 2017 – 5th round (#144)
2016-17 season: 60 games, 34 goals, 32 assists 66 points
* – with Brooks (AJHL)


Dennis Gilbert, D, Notre Dame
Ht:  6-2 Wt: 220
Shoots: L
Drafted: 2015 – 3rd round (#91)
2016-17 season: 40 games, 0 goals, 22 assists, 22 points

Chad Krys, D, Boston University
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 185
Shoots: L
Drafted: 2016 – 2nd round (#45)
2016-17 season: 39 games, 5 goals, 6 assists, 11 points

Blake Hillman, D, University of Denver
Ht: 6-1 Wt: 181
Shoots: L
Drafted: 2016 – 6th round (#173)
2016-17 season: 43 games, 1 goal, 7 assists, 8 points
DU won the 2017 NCAA Championship

Ryan Shea, D, Northeastern University
Ht: 6-1 Wt: 176
Shoots: L
Drafted: 2015 – 4th round (#121)
2016-17 season: 38 games, 1 goal, 13 assists, 14 points

Ian Mitchell, D, University of Denver* (2017 pick)
Ht: 5-10 Wt: 165
Shoots: R
Drafted: 2017 – 2nd round (#57)
2016-17 season: 53 games, 8 goals, 29 assists, 37 points*
* – with Spruce Grove (AJHL)

Jake Ryczek, D, Providence College
Ht: 5-10 Wt: 181
Shoots: R
Drafted: 2016 – 7th round (#203)
2016-17 season: 50 games, 8 goals, 21 assists, 29 points*
* – with Waterloo (USHL)

Jake Massie, D, University of Vermont
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 177
Shoots: L
Drafted: 2015 – 6th round (#156 – by Carolina*)
2016-17 season: 29 games, 0 goals, 7 assists, 7 points
* – acquired from Carolina in a Kris Versteeg trade on Sept. 11, 2015

Joshua Ess, D, University of Wisconsin* (2017 pick)
Ht: 5-11 Wt: 181
Shoots: L
Drafted: 2017 – 7th round (#215)
2016-17 season: 23 games, 8 goals, 20 assists, 28 points
* – with Lakeville South HS (Minnesota)

12 thoughts on “Back to School: Where Blackhawks College Prospects Will Play in 2017-18

  1. Honestly not alot of impact players at forward in the college ranks. I think they may have some players on D though. Krys & Gilbrert might be NHL players. Jake Ryczek seems to be something but is a few years away.

  2. Hopefully they will be able to sign Sikura after his senior year.
    I think they will be able to sign Gilbert and olofsson early.

  3. I like what I have seen from Gilbert….

    Olofsson- I have always liked… started slow/injured and sick a little last year… expecting/hoping for big jump this year.

    Hillman- might be the sleeper here… plays for a great – speed system in Denver…
    watched a little during NCAA finals… that team – just seemed a little ahead of most others… wonder if Mitchell will be his partner???

    Foo and Barratt– I have not seen… but read/hear lot’s of great things

  4. I am liking what I hear about Barratt. Guys who care have that Shawzer blood in them. Maddog.

  5. That Penn State hockey was the only team, other then the team that got beat in final, to play the team that won good. He could win a national championship in his freshman year.

  6. Justin Williams??? on the radar???

    always liked his game… smart player… swiss army knife guy… will be 36
    don’t know what money/term he is looking for

  7. Ian- yes – i know… but SB signing Seabrook w/ NMC for that length???

    Is worse than that!

  8. Ernie, said we signed Eddie O son. He went to Penn State. Saaders brother went there too, how good is he.

  9. Luc Snuggerud is going to be really good once he gets about 50 professional games under his belt.
    Dennis Gilbert has been exceptional at Notre Dame. That bodes well.
    Blake Hillman is turning into a really good stay at home defenseman.
    The Hawks love Chad Kryst. So that’s 4 lefties.

    With last weeks draft of 4 righties and the signing of Ruuta and Darren Raddysh, that’s a lot of guys with promise.

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