Barry Trotz Out

On Monday morning, significant news comes from Nashville. Barry Trotz – the only coach in Nashville Predators history – will not return for a 16th season. For more on the firing, read this great piece by Dirk Hoag at On the Forecheck.

Trotz leaves the Predators with 557 career wins and 479 losses.

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8 Responses to Barry Trotz Out

  1. Rufus T. Firefly says:

    Barry Trotz is an outstanding coach. If I’m a franchise looking for a leader and a guy to lead my team, then I’ve got Trotz on the phone right now. That said, it was time for him to leave Nashville where they have never been quite good enough in assembling talent or managing the cap.

    Trotz would make a TON of sense for the Islanders.

  2. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    Trotz has a good personal relationship w Q I would be happy to have him added to the team as a “special adviser” if he decides any of the open jobs don’t fit his needs. He is a top bench boss and did a lot w a weak roster. That team lacks talent bad move on their part firing him!

  3. ebonyraptor says:

    The victim of coaching a team that doesn’t spend to the Cap and he was always in a position to have to try to do more with less. But coaches have a shelf life for one reason or another and it’s not surprising he got the boot.

    I would love for the Hawks to bring him in in some capacity, but unless he wants to take a year off from being a head coach, I’ve got to think he will have a head coaching offer available if he wants it. He seems like a pretty classy guy.

  4. Tim G says:

    He will be behind a bench somewhere… period.

  5. Hoponpop says:

    Not fired. Nashville announced they will not extend him another contract as a coach as he is being offered a job elsewhere in the organization. That being said, he may want to continue coaching and move on.

  6. Rufus T. Firefly says:

    Trotz will be best served turning the page and moving to a new city. If he wants to coach next season, then I’ve got to believe his phone is ringing off the hook right now. He should have his pick of jobs. He’s make a REAL interesting choice in San Jose if the Dougie Wilson ever got the guts to oust that existing under-achieving staff. But watch out for the Islanders. I can see that happening.

  7. Ernie says:

    Fired the wrong guy. David Poole is either over rated, or significantly handcuffed by the market he is in. It could possibly be both, I see this as a move for Poole to buy himself one more year. Like Gillis and Regier did. Didn’t work for either of them however.

  8. noonan96 says:

    I live in Maple Leaf land-home of choking and lots of snow today-
    The upper management in T.O wants to make a splash so although Trotz isn’t glamorous he it just what they need there-defense and accountability-

    (oh yah they need some better players to)
    Hawks in 6, but it will be a war, and the next round will be the really tough one for the hawks.

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