Ben Smith In Against Bolts

Ben Smith will reportedly make his 2013-14 season debut on Saturday night when the Blackhawks host the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Smith has spent much of the last few practice days on the third line, indicating that Jimmy Hayes is likely either getting bumped to the fourth line or out of the lineup; Brandon Saad and Andrew Shaw aren’t likely to go anywhere after Saad posted three points and Shaw tied for a team-high with five hits.

11 thoughts on “Ben Smith In Against Bolts

  1. Eddy, I will take that bet… Nordstrom played fine- the entire PK was bad- cuz they collapsed TOO much!

    And – Caps used 1-3-1 PP (which Hawks should try to use more of)
    PP’s are supposed to score, attack- they have the advantage! I know it doesn’t look/seem that way when Hawks are on PP… But I think the Hawks may learn something from that Caps – PP… at least I can hope!

  2. I am glad Smith will be on 3rd line ( would be even happier if it was Morin)…

    Hayes- wasn’t that noticeable in game 1- to me.

  3. Nordstrom displayed some nice speed, but he has to play with some confidence. He looked a deer in the headlights the other night.

  4. I like Smith, and think he will be a solid player in the game, but I thought Hayes was alright in Game 1. He used his size some and showed a little chemistry with Saad. I think he is okay to have as a “swing” (3rd, 4th, bench) forward this year.

    I think Nordstrom will play, but I was surprised at his nerves in the first game because I his decent preseason. Since it was his first career NHL regular season game which happened to be with the defending Stanley Cup champions, I will give him a pass.

  5. Season just getting started, Q will make all the adjustments as usual. Just happy to have hockey back on after the pathetic baseball at both sides of town.

  6. Tim is right, this will be a revolving door all year…the best will play…and no one is getting down on Nordstrom…he did well in his first game…the results of the PK were not due to his inabilities they were due, as Wall perfectly pointed out, due to our system not functioning and adapting…we began to sag late last year and throughout the playoffs on the PK…it was only due to CCs big saves that our stats didn’t drop even further…this needs to change right away…we started last year aggressively attacking the points to HUGE success and became more and more “defensive” as the year progressed.

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