Blackhawk Assign Jan Rutta to Rockford

On Friday morning, after he cleared waivers, defenseman Jan Rutta was assigned to Rockford by the Blackhawks.

8 thoughts on “Blackhawk Assign Jan Rutta to Rockford

  1. As expected no one claimed him – moving on.

    Gus back in tonight for Manning – ok I guess we’ll see

    When Forsling is healthy they may send Joki to WJC and deal with the log jam on D in the New Year

  2. Thank you Bowman for wasting your money on Rutta, Manning , Davidson, Ward, Kunitz, and the rest of your great signings!

  3. Ward at 3 million with a modified no trade was also dumb.
    Everyone should remain professional when you are getting paid $16,000 a day.
    Poor Cam!

  4. Ward is the one FA signing that panned out. When your top goalie has severe health concerns in the off-season you target a goalie who falls between starter and backup. That costs about 3M. Seems legit. Granted the rest of the signings were bad. Most of us knew that before the ink was dry.

    Let’s see if we can flip Rutta to a team needing AHL depth…

  5. Travis I see you logic of signing Ward the problem is if Crawford comes back you now have 9 million tied up in your two goalies. (seems like a lot)
    Myself I think I would have been looking at a guy like Andrew Hammond as the backup. $650,000 two way contract.
    If Crawford was unable to come back I then would have been looking for an NHL starter.
    At the start of the year I did not see the Hawks as a Stanley cup threat.
    Do you honestly think Cam Ward could have made much of a difference as a starter?
    Remember the goals….Win the cup…..Lose for Hugh’s

  6. Ruuta was better last year. But he was never that good. Hes still kinda young but dahlstrom and gustafson are younger and better. So good riddance.

  7. Rutta will be gone next year along with Forsling…..the one person that needs to be waived is Keith, too bad we can’t do that.

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