Blackhawks Acquire Antoine Vermette

The long-rumored end of Antoine Vermette’s days in Arizona has finally arrived, and he’s headed to Chicago.

On Saturday night, the Blackhawks reportedly acquired the 32-year-old center from Arizona for defenseman Klas Dahlbeck and a first round pick in the 2015 NHL Draft.


Vermette was second on the Coyotes with 35 points (13 goals, 22 assists) and is minus-23 in 63 games this season. Somewhat surprisingly, he played 16:25 against the Bruins on Saturday night, winning eight of 18 faceoffs and finishing minus-two in the 4-1 loss.

This season, Vermette has also been credited with 71 hits, 41 blocked shots and 25 takeaways this season while winning 56 percent of his faceoffs. He has been a good power play producer as well; 13 of his 35 points have come with the man advantage.

Vermette was informed of the trade before boarding the plan, but flew home from Boston with his teammates and will join the Hawks in Chicago later. His contract, which carries a $3.75M cap hit, expires after this season.

Vermette’s best season came with Columbus in 2009-10, when he posted career highs in goals (27) and points (65).

134 thoughts on “Blackhawks Acquire Antoine Vermette

  1. Yikes…these guys are expensive…Dahlbeck and a First….lot of Dahlbeck fans on this site..pretty high for a that the first time we dipped into the future? A pick and a prospect…seems to be the new “standard” approach to things. Ok Vermette interviewed on TV after the Coyotes game and he didn t seem too happy and very emotional about leaving his “great bunch of guys”. Well I guess thats ok, probably a standard line …would like to see a little more yet from Stan.

  2. A 2015 1st round pick and a quality prospect seems like a steep price to pay for him. Somebody please tell me how a 32 year old average middle 6 UFA center commands a #1 in what is being touted as the deepest first rounds in draft history. Not being critical, I just honestly dont get the move.

  3. Happy Days! Well done Stan.

    Vermette is a legit center who plays a 200 foot game. He’s a good skater who plays PP/PK, wins faceoffs, and has enough of an offensive game to be a very good #3C or a decent #2C. This gives Q three centers that can play solid defense against the big centers in the Western Conference and should Richards spit the bit in the playoffs Vermette can move into the #2C role.

    Kimonen and Vermette is about as good as I could have hoped for. Getting through the first 2 rounds of the playoffs until Superman comes back won’t be easy but it got a little bit easier with by adding these guys and that’s all I could have asked for. I’m very happy Stan is going all in – even if it doesn;t work out it was the right thing to do in my opinion.

  4. Bowman’s lost it. Two horrendous trades in two days and a huge selloff of the future.

    For two guys who won’t be on the team next year? Somebody take his bottle of cheap scotch and his phone access away.

  5. Wow. Hawks going for it, kudos to Stan for getting the crown jewel available.

    He matched what L A did in getting Sekara.

  6. Looks like Stan and the management team have decided to go all in for a Cup run this year. Can’t argue with that thinking. In fact I like that thinking. Prior to the injury to Kane I suspect even the most optimistic fan would not have dared dream we could land two such high quality rentals. Now we need to hope the boys can get through a couple of rounds and then pray that Kane can recover just a little quicker than the doctor’s estimate. We suddenly have a lot of centers. I guess Shaw will become a fixture on the wing through the balance of this season. All we need now is for each guy to play as well as we saw prior to the start of January.

  7. Pretty steep price to pay for a good but not great 32 year old rental. He has never been a prolific scorer. He did play for some lousy teams though. Antoine better light it up and the Hawks better be still playing when Kane is ready to come back or this move may bite Stan in the ass.

  8. I feel like if sharp gets moved this guy has a shot to resign, may end up being not only a rental, but probably

  9. “”Kimonen and Vermette is about as good as I could have hoped for””

    ER is ok with giving away the future for one last run at the cup this year. Well done dude. If you like TIMONEN so much you could at least figure out how to spell his name properly. Obviously you’ve researched him in depth.

    Timonen has already announced this is his last year in the NHL and Vermette wants $6M per after this season, so the Hawks can’t afford him unless a whack of big names are leaving town. Pathetic job by Bowman.

  10. this is not a mortgage of the future despite what people say… draft picks are such a crap shoot. Dahlbeck is a nice player, but he isn’t in the nhl thks year and the hawks are going for it. if we were to lose this year there’s no guarantee the moves for us to win next year will be available. You got to go for it when you can and deal with next year after we raise a cup.

  11. Huge addition. A great two way center who shall fit like a glove. Richards has been a big disappointment, but now we have a bonafide center to play on the 2nd line. This move should allow Shaw to move to wing where he belongs too.

    Bowman has to go for it because this team is going to be gutted in the summee and it likely will be a few years before we can seriously hope to compete for a Cup again. If Kane can somehow come back AND be instantly effective in the playoffs? That will be the question.

    Losing Dahlbeck, a 1st, a 2nd and another pick for Vermette and Kimmo is the price to be paid. I’m good with it.

  12. While worrying about giving up picks at this point, remember the Hawks are going to be active at the draft dumping salary. Bowman has a pretty good history of getting most of the picks he gives up back later… ex: 2nd & 3rd he gave up for Oduya came back in Frolik & Bolland deals, and picks in those rounds were higher than the Hawks were selecting.

    Point of the two deals we’ve seen in the last 24 hours is clear: w/ the cap crunch coming, they’re all-in. Timonen gives the Hawks a good veteran leader on the back end, and Vermette gives the Hawks a significant upgrade at center; Shaw is no longer working the dot, which cannot be stressed enough. These are good deals for a team that wants to win now, even without 88.

    And Bowman might not be done…

  13. Scotty, we usually sign the guys we trade for. Would mean were not keeping 10 and 29, etc. Might also add a top4 Defenseman at draft/FA. Get those positions set and have low caphit vets/younger players.

    We are going to fight harder then ever fro Kaner.

  14. I like it. It’s been said that picks will be coming back our way before the draft so I Vermette must be pretty happy, 3 yrs prior were without playoffs

  15. Justafan- the Capitals acquired the rights to Brouwer from the Hawks for a first round pick. And he hadn’t played a game for the Caps. Vermette will at least play games. Steep price, Hawks may be able to get some of that back at the draft by trading his rights, or Sharp and/or Bickell.

    Funny Stan has taken care of both concerns, yet some people always want more. This move will put Shaw on the wing where he should be. Does Teuvo get bumped to 2nd line? Wing or center? Or sent back down…… or one more move coming?

    I liked Dahlbeck. He reminds me of Ryan Stanton as a prospect. This was the final year on his elc though, so he may have reached his ceiling. Steady d-men, nothing flashy. Put up a lot of points last year, some garbage points as well, and hadn’t replicated those numbers this year.

  16. AlbertaHawk– I am with you on these trades… gonna be one of strongest/deepest drafts… and Hawks get to Old rentals???

    Unless – SB has one more move (for some scoring/net presence)… these Rentals will not make a difference-imo

    This summer- will be a Buyers market… right now it’s a seller’s Market…
    So no guarantees- that 10 or 29 or ??? bring High picks back… If 10 keeps playing like he is– why would anyone give up a 1st round pick??? If 29 keeps being Bickell regular season- he is not even worth a 2nd round pick…

  17. Alberta- lets try another exercise rather than chastise and criticize well respected members here as well as Stan.

    If you were Bowman, what would you have done as far as players being moved. I’m sure most of us here have posted our ideas, but I haven’t seen anything from you. Would you have stood pat? Salary dump? Please, be specific and rational. We all look forward to your ideas so we can have an actual discussion, although I suspect we won’t actually get one.

  18. Alberta, excuse me, I accidently misspelled Kimmo Timonen’s name. As for researching him in depth – he’s been in the league forever so anyone that has been an NHL fan for more than a few years knows TIMONEN very well. He’s been an outstanding d-man for many years. The question regarding Kimmo is can he play at the level he played at last season because if he can then he is a big upgrade to everyone else the Hawks have played at 5/6 this season.

    As for giving away the future for one last run at the Cup – a bit melodramtic but yeah, given the situation like the impending Cap purge, Hossa’s age, prime years of other players, etc; I prefer to go for it this year even at the cost of a 1st and a 2nd draft pick.

  19. Wall- while I do not agree with your eternal pessimism, I do think a net presence is still needed. Maybe he is not done.

  20. Ebony Raptor: amen to you for your logic and clarity. And I agree with your “go for it now” thoughts. We have perhaps gotten a little spoiled here with the talent and success we’ve had. Championships are rare and special…you have to go for them when you have a chance. Think 85 bears…we thought it would keep happening but we only got one.

  21. For the current team and the fans SB had to go all- in since next year will be much more challenging with the cap. We have a lot of promising d-men in the system so giving up Dahlbeck is ok. If the two high picks we gave up make a major difference long-term then we have more serious problems. Look forward to the team coming together for a great run!

  22. Booman- That is a trade that would really help the Hawks this year and long term. Unfortunately I do not see any reason why the Canes would want to make that trade.

  23. After reading these comments I’m feeling a little bit better about it all..kinda reacted to the bird in hand and was not thinking of this upcoming summer .still not sold on Timonen though….too many variables and what I think is a big risk, but hey OK! At least we know that we are all in…what happens to TT now?

  24. Regarding what Vermette will bring to the Hawks – faceoffs and a solid 2-way game. That doesn’t sound sexy and he won’t wow you with his offense but he is exactly what the Hawks needed. The commonly held belief is that the Kings beat the Hawks in the playoffs last season because the Hawks couldn’t match the Kings down the middle. Toews and Kruger were the only centers who could hold their own against the Kings. Shaw isn’t a center and no way he can play effective defense against big centers. Richards is worse than Shaw defensively. Vermette fills that role to a tee. And as little attention as many fans pay to faceoffs – they become very important in tight games and especially for teams that play puck possession – which is another way to say teams that don’t win many 50/50 board battles so you better win the faceoff and get possession – and Vermette is one of the best in the league and has been for years. The Hawks now have 3 centers that win over 55%, and for those 45% of the time they don’t win the faceoff – they play good defense.

    One more reason I love the Vermette acquisition – Shaw should play winger full time which means he can go back to being the energizer pest we know and love.

  25. Bowman got a 3rd for Bollig. Let’s play for now and let the draft worry about itself while the Hawks are dumping salary. Lots of time and plenty of options between now and the end of June.

  26. Good moves (both), Stan. Will recoup pick(s) from dealing goalie and others and desperately needed to make a move on both ends. Would prefer we added size/feisty/physicality, but Vermette is 2-way guy and wins FO’s making him a valuable addition imho.. “Mortgaging the future”? Ummm. No.

  27. Two good moves. For those who think SB is mortgaging the future, who knows what the picks will yield. Former Hawks first rounders include Hayes, Skille, Beach, the list goes on and on. As many others have said, the coming purge will yield more picks.

    The Hawks also have several d-men in the pipeline who will get a look before Dahlbeck. TVR, Pokka and Paliotta are all higher on the depth chart.

    Looking forward to the defensive corps getting things settled down and Vermette injecting some life into the second line. Go Hawks.

  28. If there’s more to come, what else can be done now? Sharp is going nowhere according to reports. Vermette and Timonen almost equal Kanes’ salary. I hate to see draft picks go but if Bowman does nothing, everyone is screaming he should have done something. Who knows who else he went after but just couldn’t get other teams to agree. LA was aggressive and pushed other teams to be aggressive and give up high picks. However, Bowman is no fool and like many of you said here, he’s going to get those picks back somehow.

  29. Watched quite a bit of the NHL Network today. One of the things mentioned about all of the teams that are looking for upgrades at the deadline, and specifically about the Blackhawks……if they’re gonna be active they’re gonna have to pay a price! Nobody’s giving anything away. If Bowman et al decide that they need Vermette now, then it is okay by me. And as far as picks go, there is going to be plenty of time to sort all of that stuff out when Stan has to work cap space, let go player X or player Y. Vermette may be a rental, but I applaud the team for going for it. Be aggressive for gosh sakes. If it doesn’t work then it will have been a “failure”. However, if “One Goal” is anything more than a marketing statement, and I don’t think it has been just marketing as far as Wirtz etc. go, then it makes sense. Do what you can, and then work with any fallout later.

  30. As a perennial critic — for the most part — of Bowman, I extend him the accolades regardless of how all plays out. He woke up — or someone woke him up — and finally pulled the trigger. Based upon gazillion prior postings from many bloggers, there are plenty of D-men in Hawks’ system that have potential. And as someone pointed out elsewhere, other than Seabrook, Towes & Kane, Hawks’ 1st Rd. draft picks in the last 15-20 yrs. have been primarily busts. These trades provide the Hawks with the best chance to win the Stanley Cup this year; that’s all that matters. The Western Conference goaltending is generally a joke. If the Kings don’t make the playoffs, Crawford easily stands out amongst every other goalie. Rinne looked like he bet on the Red Wings today. The better goalies are in the Eastern Conference.

  31. As others mentioned, Dahlbeck was passes by other Dmen, making him somewhat expendable.

    Everyone thought this draft year was one for the ages….last year!!!
    Now, most analysts believe it’s extremely top heavy and is not as deep as previously thought.

    Hawks needed to go for it this year with the purge coming at the draft. Now we just need to bring the Cup home.

  32. Excellent point about the draft Tab. I watched North Dakota vs St. Cloud tonight and thought, Nick Schmaltz is a good player as an 18 year old, he probably needs 2 more years of college hockey before he turns pro, that takes us to 2017, then like 2 years in the Ahl, that puts us at 2019. You get my point.

    So the guy the Hawks gave up tonight in the vermette deal, when drafted in June will likely be NHL ready in the hawks organization sometime around the same time 2019ish.

    Seemingly the 2 best forwards on the ice tonight for rockford were McNeill and Denault.
    That’s 4 years later than when they were both first rounders.

    Bottom line Stan went for it now. Can’t fault him for not worrying about the roster 4 or 5 years from now on March 1, 2015

  33. I like the Vermette deal. The ice gets smaller in the playoffs and you need players who will skate the entire 200 X 85. Vermette does that very well.

    Tomorrow is promised to no one. Go for the Cup NOW!!

  34. Many great comments/thoughts.

    I like Vermette – I guess I don’t like giving up a first round pick (in what is projected to be a good/deep draft), but that’s what it took = Full Speed Ahead!

    On the surface, Timonen is 40 and has not played, so who knows??? I hope he’s able to return to form. Maybe this is just what the Hawks needed? They have to be better than they were a couple of days ago.

    Anyone else think that all of this Sharp bs/locker turmoil is mostly exaggeration and filler for a “slow news day” sort of thing? Distraction?

  35. The supplemental pick was a 2nd round pick. Arizona gets Chicago’s 2015 first. As for what pick Philly got, that is a good question.

  36. I don’t agree with the Flyers trade, but my compliments to SB and the organization. I am sure Rocky and McD had prodded these actions forward. They recognize the issues they have and they are not sitting on their hands doing nothing. I agree with those saying another move for some net front presence with size is still going to be made. Go Hawks. I am excited again after watching an extremely talented squad play beneath their capabilities all year.

    I am a big Sharpie fan and supporter. I don’t know if any of the rumors are true about him and hope they are just that, unfounded rumors. However, I was at the open practice on Monday and something was definitely up with him. All the other players were huddled together and talking with one another. Sharpie was usually away from the others and by himself during the entire hour plus practice. Despite being his fan, if there is something affecting his play, I believe we need to move him now.

    Go Hawks.

  37. With all the criticism of past years that SB has taken for doing nothing significant at the deadline, this is an about face. Thinking back to prior years, I’m sure the voices hoping that he ‘held his (roster) cards as was’ at those times were extremely far and few between, if there were any indeed. And with this years team under-performing to a degree beyond what we’ve seen in the past, and with Kaner out, SB has to be given credit for doing exactly what the vast majority of us wanted from him.
    No team was going to give away their assets to the Hawks without a price being paid; it’s a gamble for sure but they indeed are going for it.
    We know what we should get from Vermette and that’s a definite plus for the depth chart up the middle; he should be electrified for an opportunity to legitimately make a Cup run for the first time in his career. If Timonen can get his legs under him quickly and shows he can be a 2nd pair level guy like he has been in the past, and if TVR can be back to early season form in the 3rd pair, that truly strengthens the blue line. On top of all this, Kaner’s return is what we’ll be waiting for.
    Mondays’ game will be very interesting viewing.
    LET’S GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I stand slightly corrected…I’m reading Vermette was in Ottawa back in 07 when they reached the Finals with Ray Emery manning the pipes . But since then, this has to be his best chance at a run for the Cup.

  39. Congratulations Blackhawk fans. You might as well go for it cause after this year your team is going to start to really suck. It’s a fact. This is the end of your dominance all because of your two incredibly greedy superstars Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane. LOL. Because of their $10,500,000 each per year contracts you will first need to trade away Patrick Sharp and who knows where that leads to. If that’s even enough. Top that with trading away your 1st and 2nd round picks, hugely committed long term to an average goaltender. Unfortunate but hey it’s been a great run for ya ‘all . Signed a bitter Canucks fan, and yes I know I’m a troll but I love it BAHAHAHAHA

  40. Whether we agree with the trades, or feel the Hawks gave up too much, I’m sure all Hawks fans can agree on the fact that the way the team has played the last 30 games, give or take, they weren’t going anywhere in the playoffs without moves like these. Sharp has way under performed, and roll players like Shaw and Bickel are at their best when they are physical, and they haven’t consistently done that.

  41. @Chadallac

    If only you knew the joy of watching your team win the Cup. I can hardly begin to explain the thrill. There are so many great moments you collect along the way. They stay with you the rest of your life. Everytime I meet a fellow Hawks fan we can make instant connections by simply mentioning moments we remember from the Cup runs. The cool thing about it is it takes away my bitterness toward other teams’ fan base. I get that not every team can achieve what the Hawks did and that most will toil in irrelevance year after year. Whenever I read comments like yours I can’t help but thank the hockey gods for the thrill of watching the Hawks over the last 7 years.

    Good luck to your ‘Nucks. You’ll need it.

    *blows kiss*

  42. While I’m a little surprised they gave up a 1st in this draft-I understand the thinking-this is a reward to all the warriors in the room.
    As some have said drafting is a crap shoot especially after the first few picks. GM is a tough job because you get it no matter what path you take-bottom line 2 Cups.
    I keep seeing Skinner’s name. Is this being confirmed by some writer? Skinner is a great guy, great skater who is small (listed at 5′ 11-yah right) who now has some concussion history. I’d be really surprised by this one.

  43. Positive- Hawks are better w Timo/Vmette… instantly…
    Another positive/ IF Hawks make it to WCF… they are much improved team

    Reality- Timo + Vmette … Does NOT equal KANE… So Net effect is = to Hawks being worse than they were 1-2 weeks ago, before Kane went down!!!

    So I am to believe it was wise- to trade 1st/2nd picks… to build a team that is less capable of winning than it was two weeks ago (due to Kane injury)???
    Not really logical…

    The Only way this makes sense– is if Timo + Vmette is greater than Kane…
    AND if that is the case… My “Reality is wrong/ and most here are right to be “excited”…

    And If Timo+Vmette is greater/better than Kane-Hawks overpaid for Kane…. (which doesn’t really matter here/now… but does in future)

    Just my Opinion!!!

  44. Kudos SB, Excellent move the Hawks add 2 new roster players and don’t give up anyone of the roster.

    I’m confident that Q and the organization knew what they had in Klas Dalhbeck. I would assume the Hawks will be active in Free agency and undrafted free agents to fill holes.

    As for the current team. I would assume a Tuevo goes back down. When Kane a Oduya comes back this team will look very deep. Vermette is a proven top 6 player, but I’m curious to to see how Kimmo plays.

  45. Positives
    Vermette gives us a true #2 centre – Vermette is 56% at the dot ( puck possession) Vermette is solid both on the PP & PK – Vermette is 6 goals shy of 200 career ( joining the likes of 19, 88, 81, 10 & 91 which is pretty good company) he also seems to be respected by his coaches, teammates and fan base. Sounds like some character to me.
    IF – Kimmo is even close to the player he has been and can be, he adds a solid 3/4 D-Man and excellent point man with a heavy shot for the PP and more character/respect to the dressing room. IMO it can’t hurt at all.

  46. Kane is irreplaceable but they’ve added blue line depth and will allow the first line to have a more offensive role. Makes it much easier to roll 4 lines and roll at least 5 defenders. Should be enough to get to the WCF if the goaltending holds up.

  47. Not sure you can do the math of subtracting Kane but adding two other pieces. Nobody is going to replace a player of Kane’s caliber. However, the team’s biggest issues have been on the defensive side. Both of these moves (potentially) help rectify that issue. If Timo helps solidify the back line by replacing one of the many liabilites back there and Vermette plays a solid second line center spot winning draws and back-checking, the rest of the team has enough firepower to win games. If they can do that and grind out a couple series, then a fresh Kane makes it back for the WCF, well, I like our chances against the Kings.

    What the team absolutely can’t do is what they did last year and sit around and wait to get down a couple games before flipping the switch. If they do that, it doesn’t matter what Timo and Vermette bring, they will go out against the Blues.

  48. Not sure you can do the math of subtracting Kane but adding two other pieces. Nobody is going to replace a player of Kane’s caliber. However, the team’s biggest issues have been on the defensive side. Both of these moves (potentially) help rectify that issue. If Timo helps solidify the back line by replacing one of the many liabilites and Vermette wins draws and back-checks, the rest of the team has enough firepower to win games. If they can do that and grind out a couple series, then a fresh Kane makes it back for the WCF, well, I like our chances against the Kings or Ducks.

    What the team absolutely can’t do is what they did last year and sit around and wait to get down a couple games before flipping the switch. If they do that, it doesn’t matter what Timo and Vermette bring, they will go out against the Blues.

  49. The only way to fairly measure the two trades is results down the road. If the Hawks go deep in the playoffs and Kane comes back then kudos to Stan. If the Hawks get bounced out of the playoffs in the first round and Stan can not recover the 1st round pick he lost then the moves were a failure. In business you get measured by results.

  50. 1- These additions do not replace anything or anyone. Confused to the our logic?
    2 -The logic behind both of these is driven by THEY IMPROVE OUR POWER-PLAY and will even bring insights and ideas to the Hawks current failure! Both are solid pick ups, both very good leaders and locker room guys, way too early for anyone to “bloggulate” on how long or if they’re rentals. If Vermette plays like he can a game changer, and he will play better with Hawks second line, he is the type to fit our system of players the HAWKS build around, and worth losing some older players and contracts next year. He is pretty big, good at the face off dot and plays both ways and blocks shots PLUS has the ability to put the puck in the net. HAWKS need a few more guys who can close it out, score . . . period. Hustle is one thing but ya gotta put the puck in the net. Time of possession and shots of net often are meaningless if ya cant score! Timo is older and could very well take a short, smaller contract next year. He’s solid and will show the average Hawks fan how to exit the zone if he is healthy, then you can witness it. But Timo is 2 years he sort of like ROZY but for today and the playoffs two solid guys. Great deals for Hawks and does give them a big BUMP emotionally. Go Hawks!

  51. Using the equation Vermette + Kimmo does not = Kane, therefore, hawks are worse off than with just Kane is absurd. It is much more complex than that. Adding those two players completely changes the dynamics of the entire team, especially in Vermettes case. By adding them you changes the roles of players around them.

  52. Or does Q bring back the dominant, defensive, shut down, 3rd line with Vermette in the middle? Would it open up Toews and Hossa’s game? Does Shaw on the wing seems to be creating problems for the oppositions break out?

  53. Bri- So the Hawks are better w Timo+Vmette??? than w just Kane???

    I understand it is not a simple Math problem (more complex)… but I am really trying to understand your viewpoint.

  54. these trades aren’t even possible without 88 going long term

    the injury has the potential to be a blessing when viewed wide angle

  55. Leafs just claimed Erixon off waivers…that will make them a powerhouse! On a more serious note I would still like to see an addition to the defense…and someone has to strongarm Smith, Kruger, Bickell, Carcillo, Shaw, and tell them that, while their game has been good in some regards, its time to start putting forth some scoring. Really and truly we have been a shell of what we expected and really are… still shaking my head over this Timonen thing…nothing would make me happier if I’m dead wrong and I become a big fan of his.

  56. I am very pleased to see Vermette in the fold if only as a rental made possible with Kaners injury. In any sport, getting stronger down the middle is a positive thing. The addition of a quality player like Vermette opens lots of cool possibilities for Q to play with this lineup. Vermette in an excellent face off guy, and as mentioned this takes pressure off Shaw at the dot and moves 65 back to wing where he belongs. Vermette should move to 2 center, maybe 3rd line. Either way the Hawks are better with this guy in their lineup. Who knows, maybe they can room to resign him in the off season, which would be huge.

    Timonen can’t hurt as he has lots of experience and could easily solidify the back line 3rd pairing for the playoff run. Just noticed that Leafs claimed Erixon off waivers BTW.

    Did these 2 additions help or hurt, and at what expense? I liked Dahlbeck, but with the cap issues and some decent d men hopefully ready to take the next step up from Rockford, it’s a move that has to be made to make the team better right now considering the core group being as good as it is here. Every year that goes by is the window closing a little with this group of very good core players. The Hawks should have won a Cup last year and just missed by a bad bounce. Those chances don’t come along that often. Its all about staying competitive and having a legit shot at winning a Stanley Cup. This team can do it again especially over the next 2-3 years. Lets also consider this season which many have called very disappointing. Look at the standings. The guys have not played that well the past 2 months but they are still right there. I believe they will get better as we make the stretch run into playoffs and Vermette additions tells the team that management is willing to make some moves to help the team get better. My Hawks glass remains half full.

    Considering the Sharp issue is looking kinda viral, that is where the next news will likely come from over the next 24 hours before the deadline. Don’t think SB gives his value away, but maybe there is a solid deal out there to be made. If there truly are serious dressing room issues with Sharpy, that cancer will need to be cut out. I have been a huge fan of Sharp over the years, and he has been a huge contributor. Prior to this current rumor about Sharp I have heard he was viewed by team mates as being a bit selfish regarding his stats at the expense of the team. As discussed though here over the past few months something has been wrong with his game. Maybe coming back from the knee injury was a frustratingly slow process, or was it a combo of the injury and off ice issues. His play though suggests he has not been fully engaged in my eyes. I wish Sharpy well. The guy is a really good player and is a solid right handed sniper that will benefit whomever employs him. As of right now, I highly doubt it is with the Hawks.

    Lets grab some points this week against a couple of weaker teams, and get these new guys into the mix. Good for Bowman making these moves over this weekend and who knows maybe there is another big story before the game tomorrow.

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  57. Bowman made two excellent rental trades. Without Kane going down neither move could have happened. So now the obvious hope is that the Hawks can progress thru the playoffs and pray like hell that Kane can hook up wirh them AND not be rusty. Bowman absolutely has to go for it because this team will be gutted in the summer. Giving up a few draft picks plus the middling af best Dahlbeck doesn’t bother me.

    Suffice to say the Hawks will be banking heavily on Johns and van Riemsdyk being regulars on defense in 2015-16. There is a sobering chance also that the Hawks won’t be able to keep Seabrook, so puts all the more sense of urgency on trying to win another Cup now.

  58. Well again I didn’t think the Hawks were going to win it this year. They were struggling with Kane healthy. I know they are going for it, but losing draft picks for rentals is frustrating. The West is just too strong. It will be extra disappointing when the season ends and there aren’t as many draft picks to look forward to. Again Timonen is 39 and hasn’t played all season because of blood clots. Vermette is a -23. That is not encouraging for a team who is struggling defensively. Giving up a #1 and a descent prospect is ridiculous for this rental who will be way too expensive to re-sign. I don’t like this mortgaging the future for a slim chance at the Cup this year.

  59. Gotta like Vermette (not saying the price) being on the team, and hopefully Timonen can help cure the Cancer that is Rozy and Runblad. A little Kimmo-therapy perhaps. Ok I will go sit in the corner now.

  60. The last series of games have shown that the Hawks will struggle against StL,LA, Nash, et al, even with a healthy Kane. They need to roll four lines against these teams and get scoring out of their 3rd and 4th lines, in order to keep up the pace of the game and not get blown out as the pace slows. I think these additions will be a positive contribution. Consider, Timonen will not play an 80 game regular season before the playoffs, but less than 20 games. As far as trading away draft choices, this year we have seen the steep climb necessary to go from AHL World Beater to everyday NHL contributor. I was disappointed to see Bolland go and hope he is back in disguise as A Vermette.

  61. Good God some of you need to get perspective. Draft picks are just that…a window into the longer term figure. Anybody picked this year is unlikely to make a dent into the NHL for at least 3 or 4 years. If then. The Hawks are built to WIN NOW and are facing substantial roster changes in the summer. And Bowman will be able to move Sharp and others for picks.

    This isn’t the NFL boys and girls. Draft picks are not as important, especially for a team like the Hawks right now and who aready presumably have a number of good prospects already in the system.

  62. “Bernstien” just reported that Kane’s injury was a ruse allowing the Hawks to subvert the salary cap and make these trades. It was all part of Stan’s mad plan……..

    I will now be joining Scotty P in the corner……

  63. Wall asked Bri: “Bri- So the Hawks are better w Timo+Vmette??? than w just Kane???”

    Not answering for Bri, but for me, my answer is a qualified yes. The qualification is that Kane’s offensive contribution can’t be replaced by Timo+Vmette, but the overall team defense should be and the engine that drives the Hawks is team defense. When they play team defense the way they’re capable, then the defense to offense transition is much better which drives and sustains their puck possession game. Timo+Vmette will have a positive impact on team defense which could/should make the team better in terms of winning games and not blowing 3rd period leads. They may not score as much without Kane in the lineup but the should give up less and the net result leads me to conclude the team will be better. Plus the team will be even better once Kane returns.

  64. To further Joey Zamboni’s report that the Kane injury is just a ruse to get around cap issues, concocted by Stan and reported by Bernstein…have to admit some of us probably thought about it but quickly dismissed it. Got to admit the timing was perfect and the Docs performing the operation were Blackhawk staff doctors. The big dismiss is that Kane was legitimately in the race for the scoring title and would have been the first American born to do so. No way he would let that go by. Besides the whole story sounds too devious and desperate, not the kind of move the classy Blackhawk organization would do.

  65. Blackhawks appear to be 1-for-3 on recent college undrafted free agents. TVR is a hit, LeBlanc a miss, and Carery looks like a miss too.

    One guy they had at their prospect camp the last two years is a big goalie out of BU, Matt O’Connor, maybe it’s BC, but there are a lot of teams on his trail so I doubt he’d pick Chicago. But we’ll see if they sign anybody, it’s getting to that time of year and I haven’t seen any articles or indications they’ve got their sights set on any guys.

    Obviously an issue for the future as the big thing right now is the current team, as it should be.

    I will say this on recouping draft picks – not as easy as it sounds. Bowman has been good at getting 3rd round picks, 5th round picks etc. but it’s different to get a 1st or 2nd. Maybe if they eventually try to deal Sharp for $$ reasons but that’s a slippery slope for many teams – here, take this 33 yr. old coming off a down year and oh by the way give us a high draft pick or two, and you get to pay his almost $6M salary for two more years. Hmmm …

    Again, this is an issue for 4 months from now but they’ll need to move money and there are other teams in the same boat as them – near the cap. Not a huge pool of teams who’ll take on money and give you high draft choices.

  66. Joey welcome to the corner. But seriously does anyone else think the Kane injury isnt at a bit perfectly timed? What if I told you that you could play Kane 75% of the season, rest him right before the playoffs, take his number off the cap, add players at positions of need, and then insert kane back in when the games really matter? Would you take that deal? That playoff cap loophole is crazy.

  67. Does anybody know if TVR has seen any playing time at Rockford and if so how has he looked?

  68. anybody else have a hunch that Stan might acquire one more defenseman tomorrow ? – Cumiskey went back to Rockford; Toronto claimed Erixon. Oduya on I-R, Hawks have only 6 healthy defensemen.

  69. ER- (and Bri- who probably didn’t answer- cuz- knew it would be the wrong answer)…

    So you say they are better w/ Timo+Vmette… than why the hell would the Hawks sign Kane to $$$- when they could have been better getting 2 guys (like Timo+Vmette) and having additional money left over to buy another Player?????????

    Please reply-

  70. Mud/bill- Thanks for the info, hopefully he will be able to get some game experience soon.

  71. van Riemsdyk suffered a major injury and his NHL experience (hell, his professional experience for that matter) spans a whopping 18 games. And when he did play to start the year it was more the case of him not screwing up as opposed to flourishing. He’s mildly interesting player, but nothing about his skill set suggests top 4 material. Expecting anything out of him did the remainder of this season and into the playoffs is a stretch.

  72. Wall- To anwser the queston “are the hawks better with out Kane and with Vermette and Timmo?” We don’t know yet. What we do know is that Stan has put them in a position to be as good or better. If you were to ask me, generally speaking, would you rather have kane or have vermette and timmo I pick Kane hands down. Kane is irreplaceable. That being said, where would the hawks be this season if Kane wasn’t having a career year? The point I am trying to make is that with vermette and timmo and no Kane you alter the dynamics of the hawks.The general problem with the hawks is team defense and turnovers. Verm and Timo give the hawks a good chance to address those problems. With Kane in the lineup without those two you still have those problems (which were getting worse as the season progressed). I think Stan did a great job bringing in the best guys available.

  73. Mining, sounds like somebody/s is trying their hardest to make us look/feel bad or try to hurt us/cause things, etc. Trying to add to Kaners injury/punch while down. Instead of trying to kill us, it now has made us stronger.

  74. Mining Man & Scotty P – Thanks for getting my “eccentric” sense of humor……

  75. They resigned Kane because he is a player you build a team around. He is a franchise player. There is only so much one guy can do though and the rest of the team is having major breakdowns. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to fix the broken parts to allow the rest of the team to operate efficiently.

  76. Wall- those were well thought questions. I enjoy respectful oppostion of ideas, it makes us all think more.

  77. 6 healthy defensemen, 14 forwards on the roster. Another trade coming (Hawks roster forward for ??? defenseman)?

  78. If hawks had been rolling all year, then no way would I be making this argument. I make it only under the circumstances.

  79. the New York Rangers have traded John Moore, Anthony Duclair, a 1st round pick in 2016 and a 2nd in 2016 to Arizona for Keith Yandle, Chris Summers and a 4th. ARI retains half of Yandle’s salary

  80. also, at the risk of agreeing with Rufus (gasp!), perhaps the number of teams willing to sell high round picks in the upcoming draft tells you something about how front offices around the league perceive the value in the upcoming class.

  81. Joey zamboni – not sure why bernstein is in “”. Is that not his real name? Anyway, did Stan get the Panthers defenseman to check kane too? Was that part of his plan? If so he is amazing.
    Bri- Are the Hawks better with Vermette and timonen than kane? If kane was on another team would you trade those two for him? Thats what I thought.
    Can we stop claiming Vermette is a “great” two way player? Again he is a -23!

  82. I think we need to pump the brakes on Vermette being the 2c for the remainder of the season. He’s in between a 2 and 3c. I think I would rather have him next to Shaw on the third line. Do you really want Richards in a checking line role? Could Vermette play 2 c? Yeah probably. But I think there are more positives of Vermette not playing 2c than having Richards play 3c

  83. The team has said today they see Vermette as a 2C, and if Shaw can be a checking line center so can Richards.

    And to gravytrain – please don’t cite plus-minus when evaluating a player… it doesn’t tell much of the story, and Arizona is -76 as a team this season…

  84. I get your point, Bri. I know I’m talking baseball but the Seattle Mariners had a much better record after both Alex Rodriguez and Ken Griffey Jr. were gone. As for draft picks… How many #1 choices has Edmonton had and were are they now?

  85. Trades/ signings are all situational. It depends on what your team needs at that time. Also, as Tab just said you have to look at the complete picture, -23 while your team is -76.

  86. Clearly Vermette assumes the 2C role. Richards has been terrible and a liability in the ice with exception of a 3 week stretch.

  87. Tab ok what stat tells you he is a good 2 way player? I know +/- is not the best indicator, but -23 does tell me he’s not “great”. He’s not some 4th liner just on the pk, he does have 35 points.

  88. Sharpy publicly denies all Rumors regarding personal life issues . Seabs backs him up. One can only hope this is the truth

  89. Wall, Bri did a better job of answering your question than I would have.

    The bottom line is that unless the Hawks get back to playing a sound defensive game, they will not advance far in the playoffs whether Timonen, Vermette and Kane were in the lineup. So it remains to be seen if the Hawks can get back to playing the way they need to play in order to win. Timonen and Vermette can help that happen.

  90. According to all the NHL stats, Vermette and Toews are basically the same when it comes to face off percentage. In fact, Vermette is a tad better. Vermette also skates as many, if not more, shifts per game than Toews.

    We play a puck possession game, so face off wins are huge for us. If Vermette and Toews continue to be in the top 8-10 face off leaders we will do very well in the post season.

    Plus / minus is a very over rated stat because if your team as a whole is terrible, you will more than likely have a very low + / – stat. The only real stats that you can use to judge Vermette on is his face off percentage and the fact that he wins a lot of one on one battles. Oh…….and he used to kill the Hawks on face offs.

  91. I would toss Vermette into the Bolland role and have him take some of Toews responsibility. Put Richards out there with Sharp and Hossa and let them beat up on the weakest link. That would be the best way to compensate for no Kane IMO.

    Kind of like that Stanley Cup before Sharp had a no center clause added to his contract only Richards is a huge upgrade over TomoCop.

  92. I am sure Timmo can move faster standing still than Rosy can when skating.

    With the injuries to Johns, is there any chance we see him this year. He does have nice size.

  93. Still waiting for Alberta’s transaction suggestions… Indeed, the NHL draft is a futures draft, nothing like NFL or NBA, more like MLB. The Hawks’ core is not getting younger, and there is no crystal ball to say even worse injuries or departures will put them in position to win next year… And if Dahlbeck was to be a cornerstone of the future, the future may not have been that bright anyway. Nor have the Hawks been barred from acquiring other draft picks, but as Tab points out, people are selling, not buying next year’s draft. SB didn’t sit on his hands, got some good players, without going nuts.

  94. I know it has been stated by Tab that the coming free agent class is going to be thin in ranks and that Vermette will command top dollar (i.e. overpay). And, I understand the fiscal cliff the Blackhawks face this coming summer, but I would not be surprised if SB has a scenario mapped out (some combination of 10, 50, 29, 65 changing sweaters, 27 coming off the books) whereby he is able to make Vermette a respectable offer for 3 years. Perhaps I am still in shock SB traded away his first round pick for a short time rental.

  95. Reg/AJ, that’s what I was thinking. In 2013 we only had two good faceoff guys, 19/36. Then we added 26 who was good too, so we had three good faceoff guys. This is like that where we had 19/16 and now 80. Even though 65 got to around 50% (I think). For Vermette to do the role Bolly did, checking line center, then 19/81 can be even better offensively. It looks like Q is doing that, maybe by having 10-86-20 as the line that goes head to head with other teams top line, by having 10-80-20. Plus what if 10-86-20 tear it up.

    Always good to have moar options. Now which ever way we do it, we have 4 quality lines again.

  96. Here is a stat that I thought was interesting……….when Vermette takes the first face off in his own zone on a penalty kill, he wins the draw 78% of the time. So the penalty is called, the face off comes into the Hawks zone and 78% of the time Vermette is going to win the draw and (if we don’t turn over the puck) we clear the puck, we kill off the first 20-25 seconds of a PK. That’s an unbelievable number.

    I also got a text from a linesman that said there are only 3 centers in the league who he would want to take a big face off during a game if he was a coach, Toews and Vermette and Bergeron……….and we got 2 out of 3 of ’em!!!

  97. The question isn’t “are the Hawks better with Vermette and Timo than with Kane?” The question is, “Do Timo and Vermette give the Hawks a better chance to get to the WCF so Kane can return?” And that answer is a resounding yes.

    The hope with Sharp is obviously that his shooting percentage regresses to the mean, he has an incredible end to the season followed by an incredible playoffs. Out of the question? I don’t think so.

  98. Well JS I can only hope that Sharpy uses this negative situation as a motivating tool. The guy is a still a really good player IMO. A very intriguing story.

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  99. I’m not in agreement with any conspiracy theories, but I have a feeling we will be seeing kane sooner than expected. Definitely before we’re out of the playoffs. The hawks do have a way of orchestrating story lines like that.

  100. Lots of concerns over a 1st round draft pick being lost. With Bowman at the helm, here are the first round picks he has made as GM:

    ’10 – J. Hayes
    ’11 – McNeil & Danault
    ’12 – Teuvo
    ’13 – Hartman
    ’14 – Schmaltz

    Most of these have been near the back of the draft…so not sure we should be getting up in arms about this when banners hang from the roof forever. Let’s focus on improving our play, assimilating the new guys into the team and going for the prize.

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