Blackhawks Acquire Jason LaBarbera

On Saturday, the Blackhawks announced that they have acquired goaltender Jason LaBarbera from the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for future considerations.

LaBarbera will be assigned to the Rockford IceHogs of the American Hockey League.

4 thoughts on “Blackhawks Acquire Jason LaBarbera

  1. Strange trade. Labarbera has a 1 million dollar cap hit. It makes me think that either a.) Corey is going to be injured for a bit longer, or b.) maybe Khabbibulin is, or c.) both are. I don’t think they are comfortable with Kent Simpson as temporary backup, and probably to an extent, maybe even a starter in Rockford.

  2. Hopefully – the Khabby mistake is done…
    and La Barbs is just insurance… Many have pointed out to Rants slits/faceplants on goal mouth scrambles… it is just a matter of time before someone falls on that kid and he gets injured too… (not saying it will happen- but every time he is in that prone position- I cringe!!!)

  3. Wall, I agree. The skater’s job will be to keep the opposition away from the net. Hawks let up a little too much against the Flyers in the third allowing 13 shots on goal and scrambles around the net. Raanta is not a big guy and since he is never the player on the move is subject to some hard collisions.

  4. It’s not such a strange trade. Bowman is filling a roster spot on the AHL squad. At 33, LaBarbera is not a viable starter on an NHL team and never has been. Either Bowman will stick with Simpson as backup until Crow returns, or he’ll bring up Carruth or Labarbera in a backup role if there is a need to do so. Khababulin is the question. If Raanta performs well in the next three weeks until Crow is ready to go, he may still be sent back to Rockford when Khabby is able to return simply because he is 24 and he’ll get more work in Rockford and as far as I know, this year is his first extended experience on a North American ice surface. It could be a better idea for him to play frequently in the AHL than for him to play every 4th or 5th game in the NHL. Bowman may be looking at Raanta as a future backup, but he does have a lot to learn.

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