Blackhawks Acquire Jiri Sekac

On Thursday morning, the Blackhawks acquired forward Jiri Sekac from the Anaheim Ducks for forward Ryan Garbutt.

Sekac, 23, had struggled to get on the ice with the underwhelming Ducks this season. He has appeared in only 22 games this year, registering one goal and two assists. He appeared in 69 games last year between Montreal and Anaheim, scoring nine goals with 14 assists. Sekac played in seven playoff games for the Ducks last year.

A left wing, Sekac will give the Hawks another option on the left side and comes with a $925,000 cap hit for the 2015-16 season. Sekac is a restricted free agent this summer. Sekac was averaging only 12:11 per game for the Ducks, and all three of his point came on the power play.

Sekac initially signed as a free agent with Montreal in July of 2014, and was traded to Anaheim for Devante Smith-Pelly after only 50 games with the Habs.

Garbutt, 30, was acquired from Dallas in the deal sending Patrick Sharp to the Stars in July. He has two goals and four assists in 43 games with the Hawks this season, and has also been credited with 94 hits. So, in summary, the Blackhawks traded Sharp and Stephen Johns for Rob Scuderi and Jiri Sekac.

Something to keep in mind beyond the two individuals in this deal is the Blackhawks get Garbutt’s salary for the 2016-17 season off the books; the future of Sekac isn’t set in stone yet by any means, but Garbutt was set to become a UFA after the 16-17 season.

63 thoughts on “Blackhawks Acquire Jiri Sekac

  1. So we gave up sharp and johns for jack shit!!! I see this guy most likely in the press box or in Rockford

  2. You have to look at it like we got rid of sharp and johns to bring in Panarin and Gusty. I feel better thinking about it like that.

  3. Gotta love people complaining about trades in the midst of a franchise record 12 game win streak. Or, you know, that whole 3 cups in 6 years thing too, but what do I know?

  4. I think that’s the summary. We don’t know much. Garbutt was decent, but no one’s heartbroken about this move. And in Stan we trust.

  5. Good move, freed up another 900k in cap space for the offseason. Maybe that keeps Kruger or Shaw in a Hawks’ uniform going forward. Johns is turning out to be a non-factor in the Dallas organization too. He hasn’t played one game at the NHL level, and their #6 has been a revolving door.

  6. The interesting stat about Sekac is that all his points came on the power play. Garbutt never saw any power play time. It would appear that Sekac has some offensive upside, enough for the Ducks to trust him on the power play. It would appear that Stan is once again trying to upgrade the talent level similar to what he did with the Panik deal. In Stan we trust.

  7. LOVE Brokerwayne’s thought…. Sekac on a line w/ Teravainen & Danault can fly and is really intriguing. Desjardins moving down to the fourth line with Rasmussen and Panik probably a better fit for him as well.

  8. In one week Panik showed more offense then Garbutt did all season. That made Garbutt expendable. This trade adds a left winger to the org where we are lacking at the NHL and AHL levels. No question it looks like we gave Sharp and Johns away but we were backed into a corner and had limited options. That’s history, so let’s look forward. I doubt Sakec was acquired for the first line LW position. In fact, I believe Shaw is making the case that he stays there long term as far as the organization’s thinking goes. If that is the case, then we need to backfill for losing Shaw there. If we can address our opportunity areas within the org, how great is that for our cap future. If we save the little cap room we have for the future, we may not be faced with another Sharp type trade this offseason. Of course, that would be after the Cup celebration. Sooooo, who in Rockford wants to push our 3rd and 4th liners.

  9. The culture in the Hawks dressing room & the coaching staff have got to be a helpful tool in looking to acquire players with potential who are underachieving. Seems like there is some upside here, just like with Panik, where other organizations/dressing rooms aren’t as strong as our Hawks.

    And seriously, giving up Garbutt isn’t very painful.

    There is a strategy in hyping prospects and then trading them when there is still “potential”. Hawks player development is strong, they know what they’re looking for, giving up Johns was a “sell high” move.

  10. Please stop talking about what we got for Sharp. He had to be moved for cap reasons – full stop. Instead concentrate on SB’s never ending quest to keep the team on track to be highly competitive year in and year out. He has few peers right now in this regard. Love that he is continuing to tweak despite current success. Got to see more of Sekac last year for the Ducks and there is no question he has some talent. Excellent skater and decent hands – could be very interesting to see him on 3LW with Danault who is a huge positive surprise to me along with TT. If he doesn’t pan out them we have one less contract next year – not much downside.

    On another positive note – I posted on a different thread that prospect Tyler Motte has 5 points on Sunday for Michigan in a win over Ohio State. He may be an interesting prospect in 2-3 years. This is his third year in college so I expect he will sign at the end of the season and finish the year with Rockford.

  11. It struck me lately watching the Hawks that there is almost zero focus on any kind of hits – the focus seems to be entirely on being in proper position to defend. I also think this approach reduces the chance of injuries (compare Hawks injuries to more physical teams like St. Louis, etc.). It also would be another reason that guys like Garbutt and Bickell did not fit. I know that puck possession has always been a critical element but my eyes seem to tell me that Q has tweaked the system a bit more by trading the few hits we used to make for better defensive positioning. Would love to hear other thoughts on this observation.

  12. Booman, I agree completely. I also think Garbutt was an inferior cc of Shaw or Desjardins or Hartman and was also 30 years old. Cap relief is HUGE these days and the Hawks scouting for European nuggets of gold seems to be pretty damn good, wouldn’t you say (Gustaffson, Panik, Rasmussen, etc.)? One area where we might lose is that Garbutt usually had most of the hits for the team, so maybe there’s a drop in team toughness a bit.

    And can we all stop looking at this as Johns and Sharp for Scuderi and this guy? Remember last summer when everyone was worrying that we wouldn’t be able to unload Sharp because of his cap hit… Not so much of an issue right now.

  13. Tab- very nice stat/find… the CA60 #…
    I can’t offer much opinion on Sekac… But reading up on him… some say he has Stalberg2.0 speed??? If that is the case… coupled with CA60… This could be another GREAT find… we will see

    I also wonder if Garbutt was asking (like Daley) for a move… he was skating around 8 min. a game a lot…

    Lastly, Hoss/Panik probably know the guy a little (Panik- probably a lot)…

  14. Good move by Stan. We get cap relief for next year and we get a younger player with an above average shot. He won’t be as fast as Garbutt but let’s face it, Garbutt is not a finisher.

  15. @MS

    Why should people stop talking about a historically horrible trade. The two players the Hawks acquired are already gone 7 months later.

    In other news I heard the Anders Eriksson for Chelios trade was a smart move by the Hawks

    I don’t understand why Stan cant be a very good GM who made a really awful trade? Garbutt was nothing special not sure JIRI SEKAC is either. whatever, both are bottom 6 guys, now Jiri is our guy so guess we will see how it plays out.

  16. Wall – Get to see a lot of Ducks on TV here in LA. Sekac has high end speed and better hands than Stalberg, although not as big a guy. He played quite a bit last year, not sure why he fell out of favor this year although the Ducks have been a mess. I think there is some nice upside here and zero downside.

  17. Garbutt was / is “just a guy,” and frankly a disappointment in Chicago. So this is a move to clear out more salary (after this season) while simultaneously adding some depth at the position of greatest need, that being Left Wing. Sekac isn’t much to write home about, but this is a good move.

  18. MS- thanks for info…

    I did just watch his “goal hilites”… small sample- but agree – appears to have better shot than Stalberg… good size… the one break-away type goal- did notice Saad low power stride in his skating…

    biggest plus- (besides his CA60 mentioned by Tab)…
    Sekac- shows the ability to go East-West in O zone/near net… Garbutt was 100% North/South guy…

    Fact- getting harder to score in NHL
    Opinion- this guy- will move laterally in the O zone/to the net and get some “cheapies” in the Hawks system (like Desi/Kruger- but stronger/more strength to actually finish)

  19. SSHM – My comment is that people want to talk about the trade in isolation. Each move is part of a bigger picture of building the team and staying cap compliant. I can’t believe that SB passed on great deals in order to make the trade with Dallas – but we will never know. I believe that some other GM’s that couldn’t pull the trigger on Sharp are regretting their decision (See Montreal, Pittsburgh, etc.). Same goes for Versteeg who we had to give away and is having a pretty decent season. At lease SB has the cajones to take some chances and his batting average is pretty darn good.


    What the hell are you talking about? It is non-topic because it was a trade only in name, not some big blockbuster fail of a trade. The Stars took our massive cap hit with Sharp, and anyone who isn’t an idiot realizes that. Anything else that happened was necessary to facilitate this year’s roster, which is better than last year’s and the 2nd best in the entire NHL.

    Old trades that hurt the team are one thing, whereas the money alloted from the Sharp trade brought in amazing talent and helped us become even better..

  21. @MS

    If you isolate the trade it is absolutely pathetic, if you look at the big picture this team is 1st in the conf and rolling so I certainly see your point. No question Stan isnt afraid to make moves to improve his club and sometimes you swing and miss. Shape was a huge wiff but you are right Stan has some nice hits under his belt!

    Speaking of misses did eveyone see Clendening was moved yet again about a week ago.


    I’m talking about Stan Bowman getting bent over and screw by Jim Nill this offseason for the Sharp trade. I’m talk about a trade that both players the hawks acquired no longer being on the team, that FEATHERS & STRIPES is a bad f’ing trade anyway you slice it!

  23. Stan is quietly making the Blackhawks a younger team. This is very positive and bodes well for the future. The Panik move and Sekac move suggests that we may finally be done with the Bickell era.

  24. Desjardins is playing his best hockey — by far — of the year w/ Danault & Teavo. Puck possession machine of a line, defensively responsible, and he has even contributed offensively. There is NO reason at this time to break apart the third line. Desjardins’ confidence is at an all-time high.

    Panik skates well, if this other guy does as well, even better. Slovak and Czech versions of Stalberg. Let them play together.

  25. Again, it wasn’t a trade but standard terms, only in name. The players we received were never going to stay on the Hawks. They were filler to get rid of Sharp.
    You can’t isolate a single action in a long-term plan without determining its projection and effect on that plan. Any sport, business, or even raising children proves this.

    The Bickell extension, however..

  26. SSHM- gotta agree… that is one trade SB wishes he could do over… especially after the fact

    let’s pretend- SB sends Sharp to Habs for 3rd pick (cap relief)… keeps Oduya…
    and Hawks have both Gus and Oduya!!! That would be a pretty awesome D!!!

    NOT saying SB’s fault… (and Hawk’s fans would have been screaming 10 for 3rd Pick!!!)…. but in hindsight- would have been GREAT!!!

  27. Me thinks the penalty Garbutt took the other day was the last straw.

    Garbutt had a hit of 900k, Sekac 925.

    Sekac was in the young stars part of the All star game from his time in Montreal. He was traded for Smith-Pelly. Plays a similar style to Garbutt, without the dumb stuff. He had a pretty decent playoff last year against the Hawks. He was noticeable. Isnt that what you want from a bottom 6 guy?

    Also, the Hawks had 2 retained salary contracts, Garbutt being one. Possible flexibility there come playoff time?

    Tim, Johns was just passed over for a call up in Dallas for Esa Lindell. Its debatable whether or not he’d even be ahead of Julius Honka. So maybe Johns isnt that great. I have faith that that deal was the best deal Stan could get. Sharp’s value was low and he had some pretty terrible media on how he had issues with other players wives/gfs. Who wants that in the locker room? or even that possibility? And it is incredibly difficult to trade 6 million when you have no leverage, no team wants to help you, and you just won the cup…again.

  28. Ditto on the comments regarding Garbutt and Daley really being the surrogate players to facilitate some trade that would get Sharp off the books. If they worked out and produced, great. But they didn’t, and could be parlayed into other deals that are step 2 in bolstering the team’s future health….financially and perhaps otherwise.

    I was wondering a bit about whether Garbutt would be moved soon. He’d have the occasional spark of intensity out there, but you couldn’t call him a steady producer. If the new young guy brings speed and can get paired up with good linemates, could be an added bonus.

  29. The Sharp trade with Dallas was made out of salary cap desperation. Clearly Bowman couldn’t find takers for Sharp’s contract, and so in the 11th hour he took the best sh!t sandwich that was available. And that was taking on Daley’s contract while also giving up Johns. Sure, Dallas threw in Garbutt, but so what.

    No fault whatsoever by Bowman. His options for moving Sharp were very minimal. And has we have sadly seen, his options for moving Bickell nil. The good news is Bowman has smartly shed both Daley and Garbutt, while adding more serviceable talent in return, plus and most importantly, more salary cap flexibility.

  30. Bowman has done a good job overall — but here we go again — just like Q, he is not immune to criticism. He traded Sharp to a team in his own division, he could have traded Sharp to an Eastern Conference team for a draft pick and be done w/ it. We all agree he was in a tough spot and it was a 1000% salary cap dump. Not the worst trade in the world, but it is certainly not on the “+” side of Bowman’s ledger.

    Bowman has done a nice job overall pawning off salary cap affected players in trades to the Eastern Conference; in Sharp’s case, he failed to do so. We move on.

  31. Broker that is hilarious!

    Speaking of Morin, I hope Panik continues to light it up for Hawks. Babcock and Shanahan and Italian Grandpa Lou will feel pressure to recall Morin to Leafs and give him a shot based upon stupidity of trading Panik. Morin is not a good fit on a bad team like that, the trade will look even better for Hawks.

  32. Agree with MS. I watch the Ducks games all the time here in LA and Sekac has some real skills. He’s fast and has good hands. And he’s younger, easier to mold to our system. I like this move a lot. Stan is sneaky. This one could have a big upside for us.

    Also like BWayne’s thought of Sekac with TT and Danault. Not sure why the Ducks wanted Garbutt, but lots of luck to him over there.

    Ducks beat Minnesota last night, but a rather boring game. Minny is in a huge funk right now.

  33. Q said Sekac could play against Florida. Panik overslept and missed practice. Looks like we get Mashinter tonight and 7 defensemen.

  34. This is a no lose trade for the Hawks. Either Sekac plays well and it’s a win for the Hawks of he doesn’t and then it’s at least saving Garbutt’s cap hit from the 2016/17 cap.

  35. Oh my God you are all still talking about the Sharp trade…you all keep claiming that Bowman was wrong not to deal him for a draft pick. Fine but what if you’re wrong? I doubt many teams wanted to trade a pick for a 34 year old winger with a $6 million cap hit.

  36. His game does mesh well with the Hawks so hopefully he will fit in and produce. He was put him some pts. at the NHL level and played well in Montreal who play a similar game to the Hawks

  37. I just heard about the Panik situation on The Score, so he won’t be playing tonight. I bet he’s none too happy he was late, with getting more ice time lately.

    Watching Sekac, he plays similar to Saad, but without less explosive passing and motor. I wouldn’t say he’s a big leap over Garbutt, but their skill areas contrast.

  38. I’m really curious because Stan Bowman and all of the other NHL GMs never let me know any of the details of their business…”(Bowman) could have traded Sharp to an Eastern Conference team for a draft pick and be done w/ it.” — is this true, a fact?

    I think hisexcellencyRTF is correct in, “Bowman couldn’t find takers for Sharp’s contract…so he took the best that was available. His options for moving Sharp were very minimal. The good news is Bowman has smartly shed both Daley and Garbutt, while adding more serviceable talent in return, plus and most importantly, more salary cap flexibility.” Hopefully, Sekac will turn out to be a pretty good fit.

  39. To be clear, this was a move to bring more salary flexibility in the offseason more than anything. Garbutt skates fast north-south, but does little else. His grindiness is mitigated too often by his stupidity.

    There were no other options for trading Sharp last summer. The idiots that suggest Bowman made a dumb trade, to a divisional rival no less, don’t know what they are talking about. If Bowman could have dumped the Sharp contract on a Eastern Conference team and for a draft pick, then he would have done it in a nanosecond. But that option obviously didn’t exist and he was desperate in the 11th hour. Bowman (and Quenneville) knew from the instant the trade was made that Daley would be a terrible fit. And that Garbutt was a hockey nobody. But sometimes in life you get backed into a corner and have to make a trade that otherwise is terrible. Welcome to the salary cap boys and girls.

  40. Garbutt gone…good.

    This gives Stan a 2-way contract to play with…saves us $900k off next year’s commitments…gives the Hawks another youngster to try to mold…and they have some wiggle room to make more deals this season.

    The Hawks are almost in position to cover the bonuses that Panarin is almost certain to get after this season.

    The thing with Bickell is…he was actually given a slightly under market value contract when he resigned the the beloved. His game tanked. It is a glaring example of how nearly perfect a GM has to be with a team’s money in this hard cap era.

  41. Bowman has a pretty hard and fast rule that he always wants bodies back in a trade. He never trades guys straight up for picks.

  42. Stan has parleyed an extremely difficult Cap situation…where nobody in the NHL was going to do the Blackhawks any favors…into a revamped line up, filled with youth, the hottest team in the league and options moving forward…Even with the Bickell money hanging around his neck.

    As things stand today relative to a year ago…this team is substantially better imho.

    If not for the Kane injury that suddenly freed up $7mil in cap space down the stretch, last year’s team could easily have stumbled.

  43. I never disliked Garbutt, but I feel that this move gets the roster younger with more talent potential to the future. Money is a push. Sekac looked fine last year in playoffs against the Hawks. That Ducks line was active. Sekac has wheels and hands. For sure it looks like the 3-4 lines just get better and the talent pool a bit deeper. and more competitive for roster spots. Sekac has to buy into the Q system and go for it like Panik has. Seems weird to be trading with Ducks. I watched Ducks-Wild last night. A real snoozer like the Blues -Dead wings game. I’m in Austria for a few more days so if I get up early and can watch this stuff, I give it a whirl. All I can say is Ducks, Blues, Wild all look really flat at the moment win or lose.

    Can anyone have imagined the Hawks roster as it stands when the season began, all of the changes, and the apparent developing cohesiveness of this team? A real don’t wake me up, this dream is way to fine type deal. Young guys fitting in as good or better than we could have hoped for. Of course the current run will end, and some doldrums will have to be dealt with before playoffs start. Never mind an inevitable injury here or there to get the hands wringing. It flat out looks like this team as kt stands is quite competitive and dangerous to play against. If they stay healthy, especially core guys, this run can go very deep again this year imo.

    Carpe diem in Fla boys.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  44. I am Hawks fan living in Montreal so got to see this kid a little it while he was here. He’s got skill and size and plays with an edge so I would hold off judgement here. That 3rd line with TTs playmaking ability, might become a bigger threat on the offensive side with Sekac.

  45. Removing foot from mouth re Panik comments. The guys sleeps in and misses practice. Wtf is that? Dude come on, how hard is this??? Hope Hossa kicks his ass.


    Lets Go Hawks!

  46. Mr. Rufus your points are baseless, what else is new? Bowman wouldn’t trade for someone — let alone he “knew” ahead of time — he thought was useless. That makes him look real good, correct? Garbutt was more than a nobody, but Bowman “knew” that too and took him on as well.

    Look at the Nick Leddy trade for example. That was a salary cap dump, just like Sharp. Bowman didn’t take on NHL contracts like he did in the Sharp trade. Who cares if the minor leaguers he received for Leddy never pan out? He dumped the contract on an Eastern Conf. team, and did it during training camp in a patient fashion. You can’t tell me that w/ all the cap space teams like Florida, Carolina & even the Islanders to name a few that Bowman has dealt w/ amicably that they wouldn’t have traded for Sharp in exchange for even one minor league player. (I will admit that Sharp likely had a limited no trade/movement clause that may have tied Bowman’s hands).

    Bowman was forced into trading Sharp b/c of the salary cap; however, he was NOT forced into trading him to Dallas for two one-way NHL contracts. He hasn’t done that very often, this time he did, and it just wasn’t sound practice. There is no denying that Sharp has helped make Dallas a better team.

  47. Enough of the sharp/johns trade. 1 can’t crack an NHL line-up, the other is gone for more reasons than salary cap. All tbe holy than thou’s who want to rip on kaner should throw some of ghat venom at the x #10 for turmoil he created in that lockerroom last yr. we are lucky there is a solid group that put all tnat bs aside and won a cup. Sharpy has a whole new town of conquest’s to achieve, see ya.
    Dani for Drouin

  48. Morrison; Good point, I miss alot of those angles because I am anything but cap savvy, thanks. The age factor combined with some dumb penalties make this look to be wise move, only time will tell.

  49. Where were all these teams that would take sharp and his salary for a draft pick? By that simple reckoning, we should be able to unload Bickell for a low future draft pick. Garbut’s TOI told the story, on to the next cog to try.

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