Blackhawks Activate Sharp, Assign Nordstrom

The Blackhawks announced two more roster moves early Tuesday afternoon: forward Patrick Sharp has been activated off IR, and forward Joakim Nordstrom has been assigned to Rockford. Chicago already assigned forward Jeremy Morin to Rockford for “conditioning” on Tuesday.

With the moves, the Hawks have 12 forwards on the active roster.

11 thoughts on “Blackhawks Activate Sharp, Assign Nordstrom

  1. Also makes you think that McNeill is hurt worse than anyone thought…
    Rumored to be back last week… Now you have both 42 / Mo coming down… Doubt if McNeill is ready…

    or Maybe- another Hog gets a call for a “sniff”…
    Ross, Mashitter (please no), TT, Johns, TJ???

  2. I’m brain dead today. Sorry, still recovering from Nashville.

    I meant no lineup spot. I’m going to assume they want both Morin and Nordstrom playing games this weekend before they decide if they want to keep one on the 23 man.

  3. Morin has a time limit on how long he can be down, and there is a good chance that the league calls shinanigans on the Hawks and they force Morin back up.

  4. Actually, I’m about positive it’s salary cap related as far as Nordstrom getting sent down. Since Sharp’s money is back on the books and they are carrying 3 goalies.

  5. JS, that’s right about 42. When Crow is back we will bank cap space with 42 there (as soon as he can stand on skates I would have 31/33 there as well). It doesn’t matter if we only have 12 FW, we can always call Nordy but we cant bank with 42 on 23man in press. Same for 5 if he didn’t need to clear waivers.

  6. Bickell has three goals and 10 points this year–yet how often is he a healthy scratch? They should bench his lazy ass and let the younger, hungrier guys play.

  7. C’mon everyone knows Bickell only comes through in the playoffs he needs his conditioning for the stretch run! We can’t trade him!

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