Blackhawks Address Organizational Direction

On Tuesday the Blackhawks published a letter to fans trying to open up about the direction of the franchise.

Ready for a youth movement?

Stan Bowman sat down with the folks at NBC SportsNet in Chicago to discuss the decisions to move on from Corey Crawford and Brandon Saad and a meeting he had with Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith.

You can listen to that podcast here:

Bowman said he doesn’t envision asking Toews, Kane, Keith or Seabrook to waive their individual NMCs. He said he spoke with all four together (which we reported previously) and tried to get them to understand where the organization is going.

“This isn’t just about one or two or three players,” Bowman said. “The Blackhawks organization will thrive and survive moving forward.”

Bowman said they’re trying to build more of a team approach than they’ve had in the past, developing more organizational depth to get the team back to competing for a Stanley Cup.

Which begs the questions: how did the bottom fall out on the pipeline? And who is ultimately responsible for the lack of organizational depth?

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  1. It’s not what Stan SAYS- it what he DOES, that matters!
    His actions say that there is a rebuild and his track record shows he’s incompetent, at best. At worst, he is deconstructing a proud franchise with no obvious plan or strategy to achieve the “summit” objective!
    I’d rather hear from the 4 veterans- whose team it is that Stan is unraveling ?

  2. How do the core four (Towes Kane Keith and Seabrook) fit in to this plan? Will any of these players be traded or let go and will there be more communication about future changes with Towes?

  3. The Hawks (and I say that because the organ-I-zation is far more than one man) have had the organizational depth and keep having to trade it away because of many very expensive contracts, 3 of which we still hold. To one degree or another those players have lived up to those contracts, but in a cap system, you cannot tie up that kind of cap space on a few players. Our cap hell has cost us that organizational depth and it was predictable in 2015 when 19 and 88 let Mr. Brisson convince them they would be happier by making this much money. Only they can decide if they are.

  4. Addendum…and yes, I know 7’s contract is the most painful now, but his contract was the first one inked after 19 and 88 were the first players not to take a “let’s win as a team” discount. That was the day things changed.

  5. I think the answer to your questions is A) the young talent was shipped out to try and win now
    B) Stan and staff have to answer for that
    Bad contracts, Hossa condition and the salary cap all helped take this team down. I think the league likes and wants it this way so no team can be on top to long.

  6. When the Supreme Being speaks we all listen for the impending car crash.

    Dollar Bill had a huge failing in his character. Well actually many flaws if you read his case history in a book called Career Misconduct.

    Back in point, the flaw I am speaking of is 100% blind loyalty.

    Pulford had such loyalty from him and the franchise got ruined to the point where Rocky took over an organization in colossal disrepair.

    Starting to wonder if Rocky inherited the same loyalty flaw, such that his loyalty to Scotty Bowman has resulted in the continued employ of Scotty’s son.

    Remember: Young Tab, the blog purveyor, has stated SB is doing C minus work over the last 5 years.

    C minus work.

    And methinks Tab is going easy so as not to openly offend.

  7. If you listen very closely, that strange sound you hear is the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth with an echo of dashed hopes across a wide swath of Hawk fandom. With the anticipation of a Christmas morning, many Hawks fans drifted off to sleep last night dreaming of Stan being danced out of town like sugar plum fairies dancing in their heads … only to wake up and find him handing them another lump of coal and wondering how can this grinch still be here? Life can be so cruel.

    I’ve never been a Stan hater but it was pretty anticlimactic. Reminded me of Geraldo opening Capone’s vault … THUD!

    But at least now we know they really really mean it this time.

  8. Younger, whatever – everyone knows that. What I want to know is what kind of a team are we supposed to become. A hard, heavy team like the Blows and Vegas? A grinding, punishing team like the Bruins? A skilled team like T-Bay?

    In 2017 and 18 Stan overdrafted smurfy defenseman. In 2019 he went for big guys in Dach and Vlasic. This year it was a skilled player in Reichel. Where is the pattern? What are is going for? Both the current roster and the pipeline seem like Stan is just trying to fill holes (and sometimes not even the right ones), but as to how it all comes together and what kind of identity we’re going for I have no idea.

  9. Pretty much as thought, do some development of current young players over next year or 2 and get team to contender status with them and core. Have a healthy pipeline in place to maintain it as 2-3 years become 6-7 years. As i said before ho0e they get it right. Thanks for the link Tab.

  10. John McDonough is/was a world class pr!ck that, sadly, Rocky let have too much power and eventual sway in the hockey operation. It was McMarketing that superceded sound decision making the last three years and advocated for the horribly misguided “rebuilding on the fly” strategy. Fortunately, Rocky woke up and removed the idiot from the equation.

    I’ll say this….rebuilding happens in any salary cap sport. The fact that the Hawks were able to crank out 3 Stanley Cup Championships and maintain a hi level of play nearly 9 years is astounding. But the last three years were mishandled badly.

    I’m also sick and tired of pandering to Toews, and to lesser degree, the “core 4.” Toews is a 32 year old at best league average Center making $10 plus M per season and with a NMC. By simple mathematical definition, his presence on the roster significantly limits how a rebuild is fueled. At one point, trading Toews would have been the smart thing to consider because it would have removed big salary commitment and added top young talent to the pipeline. Well, now its way too late for that because no team is going to give you anything for Toews given his contract. So shut up Jonny.

    Seabrook? I can’t for a minute believe he doesn’t recognize how he is crippling the rebuild and improvement plan. He’s not dumb. He understands his contract is among the worst two or three contracts in all of hockey right now. I don’t think there is any “explaining the rebuild” to Seabrook needed. Hopefully he wipes the smirk off his face when he looks Rocky and Bowman in the eye.

    Keith? I’ve said it before…it is brutally clear to me that he has zero respect for Colliton, and in fact thumbs his nose at him on the ice. Keith has a bone to pick about the rebuild I suppose. Then again he could quite simply waive his NMC and Bowman would have zero problem trading him to a contender for a reasonably okay package of younger talent to fuel the rebuild.

    Kane? Still an elite player at the soon to be age of 32. Worth every penny of his contract and obviously THE biggest draw the Blackhawks have right now. But again, he must surely understand the realities of what happens when there is a salary cap, your team picks low in the draft for nearly a decade, etc. If he were really frustrated by the rebuild then he could march into Rocky’s office and be on a plane to a new team by dinner time. But seems like he’s more content — at least to this point — to stay comfy in Chicago, being the face of the franchise, and building his individual stats. To each his own.

  11. So was this not obvious to everyone else. Vegas was playing with their food against us so I don’t understand why people think this roster had a chance of succeeding. When your money is tied up in too few players that’s what happens. At least we got our cups before cap hell hit unlike Toronto and others.

    Money is the same reason why Panarin was forced to be moved and so on. Also saved money on the Saad and Maata deals. This team won’t contend till 7, 88, 19, and 2 are off the books and we can save money to build a deeper roster. Tampa Bay just got their cup and now they are looking at trading Stamkos potentially. This is just what happens after teams are good, let’s just not get stuck here like the Oilers or Sabres have been since they made runs in the mid 2000s.

  12. Also I totally agree that Stan shouldn’t be pandering to his star players. This is not the NBA where LeGM (Lebron) controls what his gm does to build him a team… Besides Keith and Kane may be the only ones able to be moved and if they really wanted to they’d be gone. Seems like Toews is the one upset about moving Saad and others but it’s not like he’s allowing Stan any flexibility by being overpaid

  13. Toews is sick of playing with sub par players ,Stan has traded or given away some really great drafted players , This is going to be a long road with the coaching staff and Bowman at the helm.

  14. Complaining and whining is easy – what would YOU do. What would your best realistic plan be? Here’s mine.

    1. Talk to Kane and get him excited about a trade to NYR and a chance to rekindle his bromance with Panarin on a team on the upswing. If he agrees to waive his NMC – trade Kane (50% retained) to NYR for their 2021 #1 pick and Kaapo Kakko. Take back some salary if necessary. Kane and Panarin are dynamite together and Kane’s contract ends the same time Lafreniere’s ELC expires. Kane @ $5.25M for 3 years is very attractive and would be a big plus towards the Ranger’s Cup aspirations. Plus NYR will probably be a playoff team meaning their #1 pick will not be lottery eligible.

    2. Trade either deHaan/Murphy for best offer to open a spot for Mitchell to play on the Hawks in 2021.

    3. Play the 2021 season with Toews and Keith leading the young players in playing the right way and getting experience. They will most likely not make the playoffs which means in the least they would be in the draft lottery and maybe in the top-5 just based on their record.

    4. Draft (2) BPA’s with their own and the Ranger’s pick.

    5. Have Reichel and Vlassic play in Rockford in 2022.

    6. Trade Toews with 50% retained for a 1st round pick. Toews @ $5.25M for 2 years would still be pretty good for the receiving team as long as his play doesn’t deteriorate in 2021.

    7. Trade either deHaan/Murphy to open a spot for Kalynuk or Beaudin to play for the Hawks in 2022.

    8 Draft (2) BPA’s with their own 1st round pick and the pick acquired in the Toews trade.

    Entering the 2022/23 season, the Hawks would have Top-9 forwards: Dach, DCat, Kubalik, Suter, Strome, Nylander, Kakko, Reichel and possible high first round picks from 2021 and 2022. Their d-corps would have Boqvist, Zadorov, Mitchell, Kalynuk, Beaudin, and probably Keith if he didn’t retire or get traded. That would be the first year they have a legit chance to make the playoffs, but if not they get another high 1st round pick.

    The Kane and Toews salary retentions would come off the books after the 2023 season so the $10.5M would go to paying some young guys coming off ELC’s and supplementing the young core with a veteran free agent or two.

    The goalie situation will either work out internally or you sign a free agent.

    Someone send this to Stan and tell him to get on it. :)

  15. Toews has already said he’s not going anywhere and I highly doubt any of the others are either – we have to hope Seabrook post surgery can at least play 3rd pair minutes

    If not maybe he’ll be willing to waive his NMC if anybody would take him which I also highly doubt unless too big a sweetener is added

    The two players I’d like back are Teuvo and Danault both traded away to go for another Cup – if Stan knew Bicks had MS he wouldn’t have had to trade TT

    The Danault trade was just bad – Fleishmann and Weise did nothing for the Hawks

    I know some like to say that trading Panarin was the move you’d want back but the team would be in a much worse position currently with Panarin’s $11 mil added to the cap

    This current team with those Teuvo and Danault on it looks a lot better IMO but that’s what you get for constantly going for the Cup – I don’t blame Stan for trying but it didn’t work out and once once T and K had their big contracts there was never enough $ to flesh out a good enough roster to win it all

    As we move out of the pandemic sometime next year the cap will start to rise again and T and K’s contracts will take up less and less of the cap – with the young players hopefully developing there could be a window for the Hawks to compete again in 2-3 years before the core 4 ride off into the sunset

    Still I’m not sad about not competing right now – I never thought I’d see another Cup after 1961 and I’ve seen 3 more – I just hope the team is steadily improving over the next couple of years then we’ll see where we’re at

  16. When it comes to the draft teams should pick the best available player period. Teams can barely pick needs years down the road.

    Look at draft history anyone drafted after the second round is extremely hit or miss….with most being miss. Heck just running though previous years like 2010 2011 2012 2013 2015 any there are tons of first round draft pick busts. Even the second round has plenty of bad picks.

    Some drafts reimagined based on performance stats years later with a minimum of a hundred games played wouldn’t last past the second round….no seriously look.. the second round wouldn’t even be filled all the way through it would end midway through the second round….seriously. no really go look at draft history of the league overall. And redo the draft…the second round wouldn’t even finish…seriously look.


    Now factor in how well the drafting has gone for the Blackhawks the past couple years. They got a couple home runs in debrincat though to be fair if he was three inches taller likely would have gone much higher in the draft…right? While we are at it let’s all scream “no more smurfs” while crying about the Saad trade an inevitable free agent.

    ….I mean that’s a good draft to look at now its four years later. Players from that 2016 draft are just now maybe entering the league. Some from the 2016 draft are just now entering the league…think about that. Trade everyone for draft picks right?

    Debrincat in retrospect is maybe a top ten pick!!(based on offensive stats*) But he sure has his critics here doesn’t he? Same posters screaming to trade players for picks right? Yeah, okay.

    And no more smurfs while we are at it. Excuse me sir, can you put some cake on top of my cake? Extra frosting please.

    This is why I never understand people complaining about trading away draft picks. Dont get wrong, the kimo timonen one was a real head scratcher. Even the cost to bring Shaw back was wayy too high. The Canadiens were trying to cut salary and were backed in a corner. My point being for people to suggest trading actual contributing players for draft picks that statistically speaking will NOT contribute is silly.

    Note the next draft all players likely will be a year behind development, at least in terms of some areas, due to the virus. Will this have a lasting impact on future development, for some definitely yes. Others maybe not, but my money is on yes. Maybe more than anything else this draft will be toughest to predict.

    Now….this could mean that teams will ne more willing to part with draft picks than they would have been in the past. Time will tell. One thing for sure is the Blackhawks have a lot of very tradable players…..and that’s not a compliment that’s just saying as it stands now quite a few expendable players.

    The message from the organization is a lot of hot air and really wasn’t necessary. I didnt need to hear it but obviously some fans did especially after the capitaind comments which really was kind of a slap in the face (and maybe a needed one) to some of the teammate’s.

    They traded Saad. Big deal. Saad is a great player but he wasnt going to be resigned. Word on the rumors is they got the best deal they could. Maybe we are wrong and Saad is overrated from our perspective. Maybe hes insurance for when landeskog walks. I like Saad but I’d rather have zaduriv than a second round pick that is four to five years away from being an nhl regular or watching Saad walk to free agency. Moreover zadurnov a rfa might be just the player a team is willing to pick up for a hefty price at the deadline on a cup quest. Whereas Saad with a no trade clause is not. Sorry!

    But draft picks for Saad in a likely very unpredictable draft class and with the highly criticized drafting by Stan along with draft picks by history long showing a lot of busts would have been a better trade right? Yeah, I do not think so.

    Moreover guess what saad is still a ufa next year so if he wants to come back he can. In the meantime the Blackhawks got a big guy with nhl experience to try and fit in with coach Collitin’s system. Since his Colorado critics point out zadurnov is always out of position maybe he will fit in nicely with coach Collitin’s system. Booya

    Havent people been complaining for years about not having a big defenseman? Anyone who mentions regula and vlasixc needs their head examined. Neither are here and between both of them they have zero experience in the pros. Zero.

    Pertaining to crow I mentioned in a previous article it looks like stan tried to land multiple goalies including Crawford who rejected a deal. The fact he only got four million on the open market was shocking to me. I thought for sure he would be offered hefty performance bonuses. Keep in mind it was an odd offseason and truthfully quite a few other teams are in worse shape overall. The Blackhawks arent looking that bad.

    Honestly if this roster doesnt work it’s time to take a look at the coaching and system than players have been vocal, I’ve literally watched players like keith openly not necessarily criticize but….discuss it. A coach can have the best system in the world but ultimately the coach needs to utilize the teams abilities.

    Losing Matta who everyone was a big critic of up until the playoffs. Count me in that club. He was a financial casualty and it looks like stan chose to act fast rather than not at all as there are still multiple teams over the salary cap. Teams are still looking to dump salary. Keep in mind people are complaining about the log jam(?- is there really one?) On defense. Odds are someone is moved. If I’m stan I’m shopping Murphy and dehaan for the absolute best offer…but not rushing anything. Heck Murphy left unprotected from Seaatle may very well be drafted.

    Crawford going to me is the only real big change. Lankinen is already being looked at by Seattle from what I hear. To all you “trade Seabrook” people dont be shocked if its lankinen and Seabrook should he waive his clause. Keep in mind though he may have one of those clauses once hes traded the clause goes away….which would be a big motivator to never waive it. Again Seabrook has earned and is getting paid to return. He deserves the opportunity to now maybe play pain free.

    Everyone excited about Dach? Anyone else think Seabrook inviting Dach to live in his attic played a role in his development? No way right?

    Blackhawks gonna protect Lankinen? Will Lankinen get a chance in net this year? Will there be a minor league? How many games?

    To me the real bonehead of the offseason is Joe sakic for not making a play for any goalie. Crawford could have been offered all kinds of foolish bonuses in a Colorado cup quest. Whatever maybe the Colorado goalies will prove me wrong. No team goes anywhere without decent goal tending…which right now is the biggest question mark for the Blackhawks.

  17. ER – well thought out plan however the wrench in the works is first Kane and then Toews waiving their NMCs – I just don’t see it happening unless the Hawks forced them out by being truly awful or if Stan thoroughly pissed them off

    I suppose it’s possible but highly unlikely – otherwise solid plan ; )

  18. Couple of points he said make me womder how it plays out, 1st he mentioned having enough capspace next year to take a bad contract and a sweetener for the future, who he would be looking at there.. 2nd he said he’d be willing when this group current of young players show some development, he wouldn’t be against signing a young ufa or making trades for young star. If you look at ufas 2 to 3 years time, names like Barkov, Seth Jones, Horvat and others on teams that may not want to resign them if he were to go all in one or 2. Might be interesting in 2 or 3 years. Plus still add a high pick or 2 in the interim.

  19. Friendly reminder Toews is one season removed from a career high in points.

    Kane is still world class.

    Seabrook and Shaw though both overpaid, largely due to injuries might I add, deserve the opportunity to return.

    Keith making 2.6 million this year and less the next two might be the best money spent on a defenseman over the age of 24.

    These guys arent the problem nearly as much as has been the poor development and drafting of players over the past few years. Then again that seems to be a league wide problem….time to expand the league right?

    Yet we have call for trading of kane and toews ahead of an unpredictable draft that is based on a lottery….a lottery. No way! Safe bet any of these players ask for a trade due to crime and tax increases in the city before anything to do with a coaches system or supporting cast.

  20. Bowman is the worst GM ever. I use to respect Rocky but when he fired Q instead of Bowman I lost all respect. Firing McDonagh ( sp? ) was a good move. He should have included SB. You need a hockey guy running things, not a businessman. Bowman runs on his Daddy’s reputation. Why do we even have Scottie I wonder. SB gave out those stupid contracts & now we suffer becuz of it.

  21. For as long as we have Toews, Kane and very good secondary scoring, we should keep trying to win because we will never have a pair like this again. However, if you DO decide to rebuild, DON’T tell every GM on the planet what your intentions are. Here’s a for instance … We unload DeHaan for a 4th round pick, right? Not now, since other teams know our plans we would be lucky to get a 7th round pick. I like Bowman’s European pipeline, but everything else about his actions make you roll your eyes.

  22. And the Blackhawks were absolutely robbed of a top ten pick this year. I would have benched Crow in Edmonton without a contract. He was somewhat disrespected anyway right? May as well have done it without costing the team a top ten pick right? I bet celia or whoever would have beat Edmonton anyway. Should never have been in that series the Blackhawks were absolutely robbed!

  23. It’s been 5 years since the Hawks won the Cup in 2014/15. The plan was to continue to try to win the Cup with the core group of Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, Keith, Seabrook, Hjalmarsson and Crawford. Then Sharp left, then Hjalmarsson, then Hossa, and now Crawford. All during these last 5 years the plan remained the same – supplement the core group with whatever the Salary Cap allowed for. It hasn’t worked and the probability that it will work has become less and less as the players have left and gotten older.

    Some fans still think it’s a viable plan if only this or that would happen. Stop yourself. It’s over. The “core-4” will either be gone or in the geriatric ward before the Hawks are a legitimate contender for the Cup. Kane might be the exception because he’s the youngest and still playing at an elite level – but if the Hawks don’t leverage him to acquire prospects and/or picks to be part of the new core group – then the rebuild will take even longer and he probably won’t still be playing at an elite level by then.

    This always was an inevitable thing so there’s not point in delaying that inevitability any longer.

    As for NMC clauses. Maybe Kane simply will not budge no matter what – but I hope Stan tries to convince and let’s him know the Hawks will retain 50% which would probably mean he can have his pick of any team he wants to go to because any team would love to add Kane to their lineup for a cool $5.25M for 3 more years. It wouldn’t hurt to ask him.

  24. Bottom liine for me is:
    I feel like whomever was behind today’s message was just stupid and super condescending to any of us that really follow & know hockey.
    It was the Blackhawks version of the Bears repeating “Rex is our quarterback” ad nauseum back in the 2000’s.
    I thought Rockwell was smarter than his Dad.
    But, Wirtz’s Gonna Wirtz….

  25. Stefanie
    I noted Wirtz similarities also.

    you asked what we would do, then have us your multi paragraph plan.

    Here is my plan:
    A, Fire Stan Bowman and Jeremy Colliton.

    B. Hire Darryl Sutter and Gerard Gallant.

    Out goes a losing culture.
    In comes a winning one that will stand for no bullshit.

    Pithy is great isn’t it?

  26. It’s nice to see the vast majority of posters are intelligent and understand the Hawks will continue to suck while Bowman is in charge. He must have some blatant, incriminating photos of Rocky.

    Aside from Bowman’s world tour today, the day to day, on ice operations will continue to be a joke w Colliton remaining in his position. Bowman’s hiring of this clown (he made him generational money, including a $1.6M house in Lincoln Park) is worse than his player transactions. Extending him will just extend our suffering into perpetuity.

    Assuming, arguendo, Colliton is somehow discharged at some point sooner than later and the Hawks actually have a generally legit 18 skaters, if you don’t have a goalie, nothing else matters. It’s all a waste. Just like Bowman. And just like everyone’s hard earned money that pays for tickets and ancillary items related to the Hawks.

    Good evening.

  27. EB, whatever road you take, alot things have to fall the right way, that’s sports. A few years ago in duscissions here on to proceed, i said at that time i hoped he loaded up and tried for another cup or go full rebuild. Didn’t feel the reload was best route. After 3 years here we are, 3 years into a reload. I not saying it’s a sure thing but seriously, didn’t expect Bowman to say anything else at this point and it is what it is, so i’m 100% behind hoping it works, even if i have some concerns. Bowman sold this process, he has to try to see it work and if it doesn’t in a year or 2 he is gone. Guarantee one thing if it doesn’t work the coulda, shouldas will be well documented. If it does you’ll be hard pressed to hear anybody say they were opposed to it and not meaning you personally either. There is opportunity through all this to bring in some serious talent in next 2 or 3 years through all avenues, development( see prior article), draft, trades and fas. Just have to see how much he makes of it.

  28. Ian you stated previously that the hawks maybe looking for a new president sooner than later. Hope this is true and he has a strong hockey background that can put his imprint on this club. If he doesn’t fire Stan , at least there will be someone who Stan will have to answer to. It seems , as of now Rocky believes everything Stan is selling.

  29. Bobby Rocky Wirtz said this summer that Danny had other roles in the businesses that needed his attention. His intention was to find a replacement fairly quick. Wouldn’t expect Bowman to go anywhere right now.

  30. Ian I agree Bowman is not going anywhere soon. However with a Pres with strong hockey background can tell Stan this is the plan , and what he expects of Stan .

  31. Well…kinda looks like it’s all about Stan Bowman doesn’t it? Stan the genius. Stan the wheeler-dealer. Stan the move maker. Stan the “rebuilder”now. There’s so many moving parts being discussed, I hardly remember who is on the frigging team. Bowman’s outlook is to justify his job with every move. But he does it badly. Obvious to see over the last four years to everyone but the Wirtz family. A Colliton extended contract is the stupidest thing Bowman has said yet. We all know it just extends his complete control over the coach. Who plays, who doesn’t, who comes up, every shitty decision. Bowman is doing what Gar Heard and John Paxson did to the Bulls. Ruined the team for years. The Blackhawks definitely have a case of never ending GM incompetence.

  32. ‘Ok, I’ll be transparent now.’ Let me just put a nice statement out, adorned with the Hawks letterhead. Thanks, Stan. With your logic, we shouldn’t trust you until you really say so. His arrogance is unreal. He’s sorry not sorry.

    Not sure how the players put the Hawks in this situation – the roster build, the hiring of Colliton, the trades where most can been considered been ‘poor’. Amazing other teams are competitive in this tight salary cap.

    Guessing all those who curse Toews now would have paid to do his laundry during the Stanley Cup years. Also, probably praised his play in this years playoffs.

  33. Wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth can be heard hither and yon.

    A dark cloud has descended on Hawkville. Will we ever see the light of day again?

    Oh Ashley, Ashley.

    Wait … up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no – it’s Stan the man!
    He’ll save the day, he has a plan. If Stan can’t do it nobody can.

    The dogs bark but the caravan moves on. :)

  34. Any trade takes two to tango. I’m actually surprised we dont see more three way trades. Things would probably be more active. I listened to the Stan interview. He makes sense. You can criticize plenty of past moves. The list of stupid trades is long. Coach Q can share some blame. Daley not fitting in for example. At least make the guy look good so Stan can move him for more than a pile of manure.

    How about the handling of vermette?playing him on wing? I mean don’t get me wrong him being put in the faceoff circle after Shaw or whoever gets kicked out isnt so bad right? Is that more bowman or quenville? Really they couldnt afford him but probably both.

    Fleischerman danault trade obviously. I thought the Ladd trade was atrocious….although…that first round pick they gave up…should they want the player selected he might be able to be had for a bag of bucks.

    That first round pick German Rubtsov has played four nhl games. If only we could trade Kane for a first round pick right???? Maybe, just maybe that first round pick will score zero points and be minus one in four games three years later. One can dream I suppose.

    What seriously would you have had stan do instead of what hes done this summer?

    Wait for a better deal on Matta? Okay that would be fair. I thought matta was decent in the playoffs. Again four teams still over the cap. Numerous teams with lots of cap space. Lots of revenue losses incoming. Does the league still share profits.

    What else would you have Stan do?
    Wait for a better deal on Saad who has a no trade clause kicking in at start of season? Okay…wait and see not a terrible idea…then again its wish in one hand, you know the rest. I dont think this is the worst trade. Better than a second round pick if you follow statistics and really think Saad is going to make them an even better team.

    Heck Saad is just so good should have been a first round pick instead. NO doubt Saad would make sure that first round pick is close to number 30 overall, I mean he makes that much a difference in 18 minutes a night. There is now way any team hes on ends up in a draft situation pocking anything in the top twenty. See how it works, trade a good player for a draft pick that draft pick gets worse because of the good player. It’s easy to say first round pick but when that first round pick becomes pick #29 suddenly it’s not so great. Basically at this point you’re hoping the pick the team has gets higher because the team is worse…then win the lottery.

    Cmon seriously which is it? If any player is that good they are just going to push any draft pick they are traded for higher (further away from first). You cant have things both ways. Note Erik karlsson seems to be the exception to the rule. Fact is Saad a ufa and the score sheet for a six million dollar player doesnt look that hot. Defensive play be damned.

    Anyway you slice it I bet Zadurnov is easier to trade than Saad at this deadline. Lord knows he will be easier to trade during the draft than ufa Saas would be.

    Interview with Stan confirms they wouldn’t budge in the length of the Crawford contract if you believe him. Weren’t most poeple two years ago saying get rid of Crawford? Is that my imagination? A bag of pucks and cap space is what many were calling for if my memory serves me.

    Pray tell what would you say if Crawford would have got hurt in the first month..remember compact season similar to 2013 season. Crawford may want the net but he was always really good when he had a decent backup. Lehner, Emery ( God bless and God rest), and Darling…..oh that’s right Darling the goalie everyone wanted to keep and trade Crawfors right? That idea aged like milk. Darling got a big contract then did not work out the entire summer before the season…you read that right he took the summer off after signing a big contract. He said so himself in an interview. Brilliant. Darling is a free agent by the way.

    Short of goaltending I think this years overall roster should overall be better.

    Were people upset about the gustoffson trade? Some people were. Well guess what the team could have had him back. He signed one year three million with philly. One year.

    Time to settle in for the Seattle draft. Remember soon….teams may be forced to make trade as its “hey maybe lose this guy to Seattle draft or trade him for a little something in return” which the Blackhawks are one of quite a few teams in position to do. Something to think about . Problem being quite a few teams are in position to do the same.

    Its gonna be a short season time wise with a lot of games in that time frame. Youth on the team should see plenty of ice time. Stan kinda talked about koko being on the team at least in past tense. Perhaps after another move he comes back.

  35. We all asked for Rocky to, do it and he did.

    Then we asked Bowman/org whats the plan, identity and he did it.

    Someones listening/or reading here.

  36. 1. I see the divide between the Hawk’s past and future most clearly when Colliton talks about players being “coachable”. Cut the guy some slack. Can you imagine being in a room with aging veterans rolling their eyes at you? Sure they won cups, sure they’re HOFers. But will they teach the kids? He’s the right man for the job at this point in time. Thumbs up Jeremy, hope you get a better contract.
    1a. And I hope Marc Crawford sticks around too. He was a good addition, ostensibly to help JC’s development.
    2. It’s clear that “the brand” ruled all decisions during the Mcdonough era. So many trades for former players and all Stan’s fault? I think not. I’d be curious to know the real reason Q was let go. It’s patently clear that Mcdonough was the albatross; good thing Rocky woke up and put Danny in charge.
    3. I have far less respect for the remaining core if they’re bitching about the obvious. You have a young team and you need a coach that can teach. Use your experience to further that, have a career year and pad your stats to cement your legacy. Can’t handle it? Waive the NMC. Retire. I predict at least one vet will move. Hope it’s not Kaner.
    4. Maybe I’ve just drunk the narrative that the Hawk’s want to present. Maybe this is all Stan’s last stand, the rebuild and all. Maybe. But I like it, for now.
    Let’s play some hockey already.

  37. I think Stan is hoping to catch a break with Lankinen in goal say the way he did with Niemi or even Crawford who I believe was 26 ish before being the starter

    If Lank or one of the other two don’t work out they’ll probably patch with a cheap vet (or not) and hope for a lottery pick (not the worst outcome by any stretch) and then find a goalie

    If Lank (or Delia/Subban) does work out I think on paper this is a better team – maybe a playoff team

    We’ll see how it plays out with the goalies but if you think about it either scenario is a win for the Hawks

    Maybe that’s the plan – If it is you couldn’t blame Stan for not saying so

  38. I have never been a huge Stan Bowman fan but if the young players truly get a legitimate chance to make this team,which would be the 1st time in about 10 years,and with the defensive minded additions in Zadorov,Janmark,and Wallmark I like the direction that this team is headed.I look forward to watching a team that is not reliant on a Goalie standing on his head to be competitive.And yes this means Debrincat,Strome,if he is here,Kubalik and maybe Nylander will all have to play on both ends of the ice and be responsible for their checks and defensive positioning.Maybe even Captain Serious can crack the top 25 statistically for #1 Centers this year.If this team accomplishes some of that and is still terrible then we truly have big problems.Give Hagel,Morrison,Suter,Kurashev,Chalupa,Carllson,Mitchell,and Kalynuk fair shots at making this team.

  39. Blackhawks prospect pool got depleted from trading picks to try and WIN another Stanley Cup.3 Stanley Cups in 6 Years certainly,,Stop the Blubbering Please,Bowman has been GREAT,,Shut up and live with it ,watch the rebuild !

  40. Why haven’t the Hawks won another Cup with the core of 5 intact last 5 years? “ Not my fault”… But cashed out right?
    Coaches fault, GM fault, blah blah blah….
    Every move was made to preserve the Core…. Wasn’t Q the coach til 1-2 years ago when Hawks sucked? Hind sight 20/20…
    “I would of done that differently yesterday…

  41. I know about these guys in Rockford. But what do you guys think of Pius Suter? Is he going to be the surprise hidden gem we’ve all been hoping for? Or not? I’d like to know more about him and what some of you think, so I don’t have so much to bitch about.

  42. Salukisal, Suter scored 30 g and 53 pts in 50 games in top Swiss league last year and was mvp. He isn’t big but not a soft player, forechecks and backchecks. Playing in Switzerland, getting points mostly every game but last week or 2 lots of their games getting cancelled from covid positives.

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