Blackhawks, Andrew Shaw Agree on 2-Year Extension

The Blackhawks announced on Tuesday morning that the club has agreed to terms with forward Andrew Shaw on a two-year extension, keeping him under contract through the end of the 2015-16 season.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie is reporting a cap number of $2M on the extension.


13 thoughts on “Blackhawks, Andrew Shaw Agree on 2-Year Extension

  1. Most pressing RFA in the upcoming offseason taken care of. Love that Shaw gets rewarded and 2 million is a hefty chunk of change for his role, but is probably worth it. Gotta figure Bowman is going all in to get the rest of the team in place and making signing Kane and Toews a priority for this off season and not let them get to their walk year summer.

    Hoping the Cap goes up a decent percentage next year…if we are able to resign Toews and Kane might not have that $2 million bubble for the trade deadline next year that Bowman likes to have in his back pocket.

  2. Coming in as a GM Bowman’s only question mark was evaluating talent, and there are obviously no issues there…he knows numbers inside and out and wouldn’t have given Shaw $2 million if we couldn’t afford Peter…I agree with you that Shaw was the most important RFA…and now that’s Kruger, Shaw, and Leddy all taken care of…a big tip of the glass to Stan…

  3. SB must know more than we do. As it looks right now the Hawks have 15 players at $61.7MM under contract next year (CC goes to a $6MM Cap, Shaw to $2MM).

    Smith, Morin, Pirri, Bollig, Zues, Brookbank, Mills and Habby are all RFAs or UFAs this coming summer. Between them they have cap hits of $7.0MM. So if all are signed with NO raise the Hawks will be at $68.7MM for 14-15. Obviously some guys are not going to be resigned, Zues and Habby for sure. We will have to wait and see.

  4. Mike, I get a little bit worried about it too. I think Brookbank, Mills, Habby, and Zues are all gone regardless. This might be the year a few younger players get sent packing at the trade deadline to pick up a higher quality missing piece. If I had to guess, I think Bollig and one of Smith, Morin, and Pirri will be back (maybe two of them) and one of them plus some others from Rockford might get traded at the deadline.

  5. Great news. A heart and soul guy that plays every second of every shift, who can and has played on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th lines – center or wing. Plays in front of the net on the PP and has started getting some PK time. Agitates, hits and does whatever it takes. A winner.

    Excellent signing.

  6. Shaw is my favorite of the young hawks; great that he’s locked up for another 2 years! Interestingly, when the extension expires, he’ll be an RFA again.

  7. Nice signing, keep depth without breaking the bank. More of these please (less of the Khabi/Rosival signings, please).

  8. Shaw is one of my favorite players on this team. His joy to play in the NHL is so apparent. He brings his best effort every game and for his size he is one of the most fearless players I can remember. The kind of guy you hate to play against that every team needs. Good job SB!

  9. Love this extention. 2 Mil is a good price.

    Will be interesting to see how the roster unfolds over hte next coming years. SB is a great GM and it is fun to watch him work.

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