Blackhawks, Andrew Shaw Release Statements

Andrew Shaw made a few bad decisions on the ice on Tuesday night, but his choice of words in the penalty box have been cause for a great deal of conversation since the game ended.

The best opinion we’ve read Wednesday came from Christopher Hine at the Chicago Tribune.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Blackhawks and Shaw released the following statements:

From Shaw

“I am sincerely sorry for the insensitive remarks that I made last night while in the penalty box. When I got home and saw the video, it was evident that what I did was wrong, no matter the circumstances. I apologize to many people, including the gay and lesbian community, the Chicago Blackhawks organization, Blackhawks fans and anyone else I may have offended. I know my words were hurtful and I will learn from my mistake.”

From the Chicago Blackhawks:

“We are extremely disappointed in Andrew Shaw’s actions last night. His comments do not reflect what we stand for as an organization. We are proud to have an inclusive and respectful environment, and to support various initiatives such as the You Can Play Project and the Chicago Gay Hockey Association. We will use this opportunity to further educate our players and organization moving forward, so that we all may learn from it.”

18 thoughts on “Blackhawks, Andrew Shaw Release Statements

  1. we all make mistakes: andrew shaw admitted his, took full responsibility and apologized.

    given the honest hard working way he plays, I believe his apology is sincere. let’s leave this behind and get back to enjoying spring cup hockey.

    the hawks have a lot of work to do: let’s hope they can get off the canvas before the 10 count and fight some more


  2. This was the right thing to do. Good damage control. If this is the only punishment then I think it certainly fits the crime.

    Again, not sure any of it will matter to the Hawks chances at another cup.

    I am watching Dallas now, I want to see Sharp get his 4th cup the year after he gets traded. Oduya, 3 cups! Awesome!

  3. Wait a minute though… Nothing about Flipping off the refs… Will he get suspended for that? Fined?

  4. Disrespecting the ref was equally bad. I doubt we’ll be seeing Shaw for a game or two, that is if there are two left to be played.

  5. Maybe I don’t want to know but what’s the difference between gay hockey and straight hockey?

  6. ….maybe the refs and linsemen are gay….lol….if that’s the case Hawks are really screwed!……

  7. You are kidding me…suspended a game for a racial slur?!?!?! That you could only tell happened by watching a replay? I’m sorry but that is BULLSHIT. So same suspension as slashing someone in the face? What is happening to hockey?

  8. Ganderhawk – no racial slurs were involved, and slashing someone in the face is apparently a 6 game suspension. This got a lot of media attention, I’m not surprised by this result. Shaw has nobody to blame but himself.

  9. What an outstanding article by Chris Hine. Thanks for the link, Tab.

    We’ll miss him tomorrow night, that’s for sure.

  10. Shaw certainly shouldn’t be punished 5 0r 6 games for this. What he did was wrong and addmited it. He apologized. He should get 2-3 games

  11. Because of the gesture to the ref, I worry that we won’t get any more goals overturned due to missed offside calls.

    April 20, 2016 at 2:11 pm
    Maybe I don’t want to know but what’s the difference between gay hockey and straight hockey?

    I think it has something to do with the curve of your stick & whether your right or left handed… ;=)

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