Blackhawks Announce 2015-16 National TV Schedule

As the defending Stanley Cup champions and arguably the biggest television draw in the NHL, the Blackhawks will play a lot of games on national television in the U.S. during the 2015-16 season. On Monday afternoon, the league released the details of their national television schedule and the Hawks are prominently featured.

Included in the schedule are the home opener against the Rangers on Oct. 7, before which another banner will be raised at the United Center. The Stadium Series game in Minnesota against the Wild on Feb. 21 is also on the list. The final nationally televised game on the Hawks’ calendar is Boston’s lone trip to Chicago on April 3.

Oddly, the only Original Six team Chicago won’t face for a national audience is Toronto.

2015-16 Hawks TV schedule

5 thoughts on “Blackhawks Announce 2015-16 National TV Schedule

  1. Wow, 25% of the season in HD, that’s great…..and only one late night game among them. Hmmmm let’s see
    21 games on National TV
    15 late night games I can’t watch
    10 games while working
    6 games will be free preview games
    Jeeez, wonder if Center Ice will gimme a rebate

  2. Hofmeister, Mike, David Bonnema and Ernie

    THANKS ALOT!!!! And I didn´t know that you all were working in the united center company. I thought I could get some help or tips from you guys on this issue.

    As one of your own season ticket holders said:- The only reason we keep asking is because they keep ignoring the question. If this isn’t an issue to you
    and you don’t care then why bother complaining about it. I love the Hawks. I’m a season ticket holder. I want my favorite teams stadium in the damn game.
    You don’t have to get that or like that.But face it. The Hawks are a MAJOR market team, an original 6 team, and a 3 time cup champion in 6 years.
    Even casual fans care about the Hawks being authentic in this game.

    You all don´t seem to care at all. I am upset on that the championship banners and especially the retired numbers in the rafters of Glen Hall,
    Pierre Pilote, Keith Magnuson, Bobby Hull, Denis Savard, Stan Mikita and Tony Esposito are missing completely from the NHL 16 Game!

    They should get more respect from the F..king united center company. I think they have earned it, RIGHT!

    We FANS stick together, NOT… Only if its the right subject. As I said in the beginnig of this post: -I would have appriciated if someone
    here on the message board could help me or knew who to talked to.

    But don´t worry I can´t do sh.t about untill next year when NHL 17 gets realeased.

    I´m gonna stay out of this website in the future.

  3. EE, don’t take it so hard man. EA is just a game…..we care, but not that much. On a personal note, having played several HS and college games at Chicago Stadium I am kinda partial to that place.

  4. Eric Ericson – the United Center is a joint venture owned by Rocky Wirtz & Jerry Reinsdorf. Your complaints are laughable, which is why I refrained on commenting until now. Please don’t come back with that crap.

  5. To Tab Bamford

    Thank you so much for an honest answer. You are the first person that actually has given a statement on this topic. It’s something I appreciate a lot. And I will not trouble you again with anything that has to do with this. I apologize. That’s all I wanted to say.

    Go Hawks!

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