Blackhawks Announce Game Times

Who’s ready for 7 PM CST starts at the United Center?

Without traffic as an excuse the Blackhawks will be starting most of their evening home games a half hour earlier than usual during the 2021 season.

There are a few weekend matinee starts as well, including back-to-back mid-afternoon starts in Nashville on April 3 and 4.

3 thoughts on “Blackhawks Announce Game Times

  1. I would be very surprised if any fans are in the UC for some months to come given the slow rollout of Covid vaccine. I’m pretty much full on board for rolling my 2020-2021 season investment to 2021-2022 season. I will for sure miss being at UC games, but the TV coverage is good and it’s safe. Period of weirdness in our lives continues.

    Stay safe and healthy all of you.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

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