Blackhawks Announce League-Leading National TV Schedule

On Thursday afternoon, the Blackhawks announced their national television schedule. Chicago will appear 21 times, a league high for the 2016-17 season.

31 thoughts on “Blackhawks Announce League-Leading National TV Schedule

  1. Congrats to the Blackhawks on growing their brand. Bruin homer joe haggerty was on NHL radio and although he still feels the Bruins are the leader to grab Vesey he is no doubt concerned about SB 2nd visit with Vesey within the last 2 weeks. No doubt the Hawks are still prusuing him very aggresively while they still can kudos to Stan.

  2. Haggerty is a hack. Hawks are definitely the wild card. Toronto doesn’t have a chance. They messing with Auston Matthews over performance bonuses. OK, so you try to be terrible to get the pick. You’re successful. Now you’re going to be cheap in the richest market in hockey…while also wanting to sign another top end prospect. If I’m Vesey I’m not interested. If I’m Matthews, I’m going back to Switzerland.

  3. Curious how NBCSN is considered “national” when it’s only available to 70% of the US? Put it on NBC…at night…during the week. What other crap does NBC put out on Wednesday night?

  4. Ernie- Totally agree with the NBCSN non availability .. My cable provider does not offer it so it’s not a doable thing for anyone here. CBC and SN pick up some., TSN some it usually only if it’s another Canadian team . Maybe Bell on satellite but it’s horrible or non existent reception up here. Going to have to buy the NHL package in addition to high cable fees. Sheesh. Only 70% in the States eh? How is that national coverage?

  5. It is called ratings and the NHL took a beating from the NBA this post season.
    The NHL should give teams that get great ratings CAP relief so they can keep a few more good player and put on a great show which would result in great ratings (MONEY)!
    NBA Warriors in ’15 broke a long drought same as Hawks in ’10.
    NBA Warriors had a long starting winning streak same for Hawks.
    NBA Warriors tried to repeat title same for Hawks.
    NBA Warriors had many top players (stars) same for the Hawks.
    Get the money picture?
    I will have to go to BJ’s Bar & Grill for dinner. The manager in charge of the kitchen is a Hawk fan!

  6. Would you rather play with Johnny Toews and/or Patrick Kane during those guys 5 prime of their prime yrs or someone else. You can still sign with who ever you want when your 27.

  7. Well, this sucks for me. In order to watch nbcsn, you have to upgrade 2 or 3 levels on directv and games on “national” tv are blacked out on NHL package.

  8. Ernie/Mike- I don’t know how it works in the US…I assume a basic cable package does NOT have NBCSN and that it is an add on that comes in a bundle of other channels that you must buy as an extra. Is that correct?

  9. It’s in some packages but not others. NBCSN used to be versus and OLN. It’s available to most…but being available and having it aren’t necessarily the same.

  10. Mining man, I have directv and you have to move up several tiers to get it, about $20/month. Something I do is to upgrade for the game then down grade after and get prorated the cost.

  11. Apparently the TV schedulers don’t believe that the Black Hawks will be as inept as several posters on this site seem to believe.

    Go Hawks!


    The Flyers and 8th seed have 20 and they are kinda inept, just saying

  13. Except a few of those “several posters” are the same person in real life. Got nothing to do with how good the team is. NBC paid the NHL the most money (apparently) so they get first crack at what games they want to give NBC the most viewers. More viewers the more money they get. Regardless of how good the team is, Chicago draws the best ratings in the States

  14. @ Ernie

    Yatzee! The Hawks are a US hockey brand the sells! Just to expound my last comment. Its classic east coast biases. Bruins(non playoff team) and Rangers are of course getting a lot of games. Washington, Philly and Red Wings are also well represented.
    How about the western champ Sharks? 11 times sames as last yr prior to the cup run. Ducks are pretty good right,…NOPE 2 times LOL The Kings have won a few cups recently??? 8 times! Skill has ZERO to do with this. The Stars won the division and are in the central time zone,……4 times LOL

  15. Mike- I feel your pain. I live in Minnesota and get NHL Gamecenter to watch the Hawks. The NBCSN games are blacked out on gamecenter here also. My cable bill would go up $75 to get NBCSN. I guess I will also hit the local bar.

  16. Internet and basic cable here is $85 a month. Add the package that includes NBCSN and it goes up to $146 a month. $61 a month increase( not $75 I previously stated).

  17. My solution to see every game regardless of blackouts is to use a website like adfreetime to block my ip address when I use gamecenter on my apple tv. $2/month for their service on top of the $100+ for the subscription is well worth it not to have to pay for cable/go to the bar.

  18. Now there’s an idea, grant Chicago some cap relief because of our great ratings! Good one, Toot.

    All this really is a testament to the strength of the Blackhawks’ franchise. Living in southern CA for many years now, it’s such a pleasure to go to Phoenix (where my son is in college), L.A. (only an 90 mins away), and Anaheim (even closer) to see the Blackhawks. Multitudes of Hawks fans, always. No one draws on the road like us. Remember the attempted ban on Hawks fans in Nashville? I walk around in my old school Blackhawks cardigan at these southwestern arenas, people come up to me all the time to talk about being a winner, many of them not especially Hawks fans. They’re just attracted by the vibe of our team. Can’t wait to go to Vegas!

  19. @Ernie, your ip address tells gamecenter your location and will black out a game if it’s being broadcasted locally. what does is give you access to an ip address based outside the US (where there are no blackouts), and instructions on how to set up your device to use it.

    Setup is fairly simple and using the overseas address actually brought the cost of gamecenter down a little bit. Last year I watched NBCsports, playoffs and local (kings/ducks) games without issue.

  20. @Red Top. Same here in CO for Hawks fans. It’s about a 50/50 mix of fans. They even brought a group of Hawks fans from SIU down to the ice after the game.

  21. Well if 70 percent are getting coverage that means only 6 states do not so,.,.,.,.,i wish i had a really colorful pictograph and the likes for this but,.,.,.,.,Nevada. Arizona ,New Mexico,Alabama ,Louisiana , and New Orleans wont get the games,.,.,See its not so bad. I got rid of cable because of the channel packaging bullshit. I will not pay good money for crap t.v.
    Have a nice day friends.

  22. Well here’s the thing. The way I read it. It’s not that those 30% choose not to upgrade their package. It’s that it’s completely unavailable to those 30% regardless of package. So how many of those 70% elect to opt in to a package that carries it is a lower number.

    I go to New Mexico every year. Went into Santa Fe on my way to pick someone up in Albuquerque to go back 3 hours north. This is when a former bull was still in his prime…pre-injuries. you would not believe the amount of jerseys their were. Granted Santa Fe isn’t a hockey hotbed. But Alabama has actually produced hockey talent. Cam Talbot came from Alabama Huntsville. The NHL is still a growing league. Does anyone remember the guy from StLouis that accidentally turned on the blues game and was tweeting about it? The guy knew nothing about the game but loved it. The blues brought him in and gave him tickets.

    Point is, people can’t follow hockey if they’re not exposed to it. They’re not exposed to it if it’s on NBCSN. Why do you think there are so many Cubs fans in places that don’t have a Baseball team? WGN.

  23. DishTV – NHL package – Every game, all the time. Any device, anywhere. $150 for season. At least here in Western WI.

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