Blackhawks Announce Prospect Camp Dates

The Blackhawks announced Tuesday that the organization will host their 2018 Development Camp at MB Ice Arena from Monday, July 16 through Friday, July 20.

According to the post, the on-ice sessions are set to begin on Monday from approximately 1-5 PM CST. at the rink. Practices will take place Monday-Thursday with the group holding a scrimmage on Friday beginning at approximately 9:30 AM CST.

14 thoughts on “Blackhawks Announce Prospect Camp Dates

  1. @ Tab, thanks for posting. I love the prospect camp. Glad to see it move from Johnny’s to the MB center.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the young dmen. Also hopefully both russians will be there. Very interested in seeing how they look.

  3. Hopefully all the prospects attend. Will be excited to “see” Boqvist, Sikura, Beaudin, Hakiharju, Mitchell, Wise, Nordgren, Soderlund, Fortin, Kayumov, Altybarmakyan, Gilbert, Carlsson, Krys and others.

    I had high hopes for Fortin last summer and he really kind of spit the bit, hopefully he comes in with a lot more confidence this summer.

  4. ER- I don’t know why Sikura would be there…

    He has all ready shown he is capable NHL player- who at worst could play 20-35 games in AHL for “seasoning”

    YES- I would love to see 3rd,4th, and 5th Picks from this year – as well as the 2 Russians for my own eyes- to asses skating/compete/IQ versus others…

    Last year- it was quite clear- Mitchell/Soderlund/D-cat/Sikura would all be in NHL at some point

  5. According to scott powers both
    Kayumov and altybarmakyan will not be at the prospect camp. Due to their khl contracts.

  6. That’s too bad about Kayumov and Altybarmakyan. Kayumov scored more in WC, but I kind of liked Alty. He is a feisty little dude with a low center of gravity, good motor, and good skills. Great name too.

  7. Wall – yeah, maybe you’re right about Sikura not going to prospect camp. I guess I was thinking he’s still a prospect because he hasn’t established himself as a pro yet. Either way – there will still be plenty of other guys I want to see.

  8. J-Hawk… agreed- I was hoping to see the Russians live… Seems like both are skilled and ++ skaters… starting to bulk up too I hear

  9. Altybarmakyan– is shown on a twitter link… Pushing an old beat up Pinto or Vega looking vehicle in a field — as part of his workout… I couldn’t get the link to download… but from a far the skinny kid… doesn’t look as skinny as when drafted

  10. Wall i watched a couple of his games, liked the way he played, always seemed to be skating and forechecking. Hope they get him and Soderlund over next summer to give a good look. Kayumov too.

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