5 thoughts on “Blackhawks Announce Reverse Retro Jersey Schedule

  1. Love the jersey colors but not a fan of the crest, should have had a large tomahawk logo on the crest with a small Hawks head on each shoulder……

  2. YUCK! I understand retro jerseys are a money maker and especially in these lean times is helpful in keeping organization’s lights on … but I’ve never been a fan of retro/3rd jerseys because most of them look like that, especially the Hawks where you take the best jersey in sports and turn it into that.

  3. Color distribution is good. The crest I do not like either but I guess something had to be retro. Would have gone with either the same Indian Head facing the opposite way with a white or red outline. Or a C with crossed Tomahawks. Also like that black hawk with colored feathers that is floating around out there.

    Other thoughts

    Joker. 11 games. 1-1=2. -4

    Mitch. 19 games. 2-1=3. -4
    Boq. 8. games. 0-4=4. -2
    Beau. 11 games 2-3=5. +3

    Joker. 69 games. 4-11=15. -6
    Nylander. 65 games. 10-16=26. -2
    Obviously different positions.

    Think we dealt from strength. Traded the right one. Still yet to be determined who did better but think we have a higher ceiling.

  4. So Roman
    You say ‘we traded right one’.

    #10 on Buffalo played every game last year avg 18 minutes TOI on a lousy team.

    This year he has played 12 of the 16, missing 2 for Covid protocol.
    His TOI is over 17 minutes….. killing penalties and running the 2nd unit PP……again on a lousy team.

    And where the hell is Nylander now?
    Where was he last year? (On the perimeter, that’s where)

    Don’t look at stats and only stats.
    That is for guys in mommy’s basement.

    Turn on a Sabres game and watch…

    You will see the point I am making.

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