Blackhawks Announce Training Camp Roster

On Wednesday morning, the defending Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks announced the roster of players who will attend training camp when it opens in South Bend on Friday.

Patrick Kane is on the list, and the team confirmed that he is indeed expected to be in attendance when camp opens.

Other names of interest on the list start on the blue line, where we previously reported that veteran Jan Hejda agreed to a PTO contract with the Hawks. Also on the list are veterans Michal Rozsival, Kyle Cumiskey and Lubomir Visnovsky. Visnovsky, 39, played 53 games for the Islanders last season.

Between the pipes, the Hawks will presumably begin the season with Scott Darling and Corey Crawford. Also on the camp roster are Mark Visentin, Michael Leighton and Mac Carruth. Visentin is an intriguing name; he signed an AHL contract with Rockford earlier this summer. Brandon Hope will also attend camp.

Up front, the crowded roster will offer a lot of competition to make the NHL team. Former Hawks center Jake Dowell, who signed a PTO contract with Rockford, will be at camp. Former Hawks forward Tomas Kopecky is also on the list.

Click here to view the entire training camp roster.

45 thoughts on “Blackhawks Announce Training Camp Roster

  1. “There is no chance Kane is at camp. None barring a miraculous and sudden unforeseen change of events with his legal crisis.” —- RTF 9/14/15

    Master of the future prediction

  2. There are enough names on the roster to field three teams. Mr. Rufus, you have the floor — let’s hear your cognizant thoughts re: some of the players delineated in said roster. Thank you.

  3. What an interesting turn of events … at least from the perspective of many, including me. As it stands right now it appears Kane will be on the ice Friday, but if we’ve learned anything during this situation it’s that when assumptions are made they usually turn out to be wrong. I hope he is there and I hope it indicates this nightmare will be over soon.

    So now Dowell, Kopecky and Visnovsky are PTO’ing too! I can’t imagine Dowell or Kopecky will win a spot but Visnovsky may have a chance. I don’t know if Rozsival needed to sign a PTO since he was a member of the team (don’t know how all that stuff works), but it’s interesting he has recovered enough to be there. When the dust settles I wouldn’t mind having Rozsival back in the 5-6-7 rotation providing the injury hasn’t made him slower than he was last season. In any case, I gotta think that one of Rozsival, Hejda or Visnovsky fills the last d-man spot or maybe even two of them and Rundblad goes away.

    But, TC is less than 48 hours away – HALLELUJAH!!!!

  4. ER- well said… Re: assumptions in this Kane-ing…

    I can also see a case where they like Hejda/IR Rosey – like Paille…. and Keep Paille,
    leading to more trades – (Garbutt (if Kane is really in clear) with 29 and or 5)… or any combo of…

    SB- has a lot of options here w/ all these PTO guys showing up and willing to play for cheap!!! BUT- all depends on 88 situation- if there is a good chance of him missing time- SB does not have luxury of 29/Garbutt… if 88 is really here…
    one or both – kinda of expendable w/ all these PTO’s- and really some good value guys fo other teams in NEED- assuming some injuries in pre-season (for some other teams)

  5. All you fans on this blog know that John McDonough is NOT a knucklehead. He knows the story. He knows what happened that night. He also knows that without any charges against Kaner, he cannot afford to lose his locker room by telling him to stay away from camp. Without charges, Kaner is no different than any other player on the roster, right now. He is a 26 year old man ACCUSED of a crime.

    McDonough must know that this will not stand up in court, because if he wanted to suspend Kaner he would. So he must know that this is going to go away when it runs its course.

    McDonough also knows that Southbend, In. is going to be a circus starting tomorrow and his players, management team, equipment people, coaches and anyone associated with the Hawks are going to be inundated with questions, prodded, mis quoted and badgered about this situation.

    If McDonough knew Kaner was guilty would he put his team through this?

  6. Holy names! Very interesting that Rosy is back, wouldnt shock me if he gets a contract.

    Hayden McCool, i hope he makes the team based solely on his name!

  7. So there you have it…I’m 100% trusting Rocky and the Blackhawk upper management that they definitely know things that we do not…I was waiting for a signal and now we have it. It will be a brutal and relentless scrutiny from the media so if they decided to weather that storm and ok Kane to be there, that, to me anyway, shows they are willing to stand behind their guy. I do not buy into any theories thats its all about winning and the money because no one individual is bigger than the team and the brand, especially this one.

    Quite the roster to choose from at camp. Makes one’s head spin.

  8. I’m not sure the news of Kane coming to training camp indicates good news – it might and I hope it does – but without formal changes against Kane I’m just as inclined, if not more so, to think the Hawks are just playing the hand dealt to them. They don’t want to make it seem they believe he’s guilty before the DA even charges him with a crime, let alone he’s found guilty of a crime. So they have to let it play out and this is the path of least resistance. Yes, it will me a media circus but it would have been one in either case of Kane being there or not. The questions would either be why is Kane here? or why isn’t Kane here? The questions will be asked whether it’s now or later so there’s nothing to be gained by keeping him away from training camp – at best it would just defer the circus until a later date.

  9. If the Russians have a strong camp, SB will be able to give away a forward (e.g. Bickell) for some low draft picks to sign some D-men to shore up the blue line. Being up against the cap gives him very little room to sign somebody that impresses in the next two weeks but is currently without a contract. Look for more trades coming towards the end of camp.

  10. I speculated in early afternoon yesterday… on another blog… that the words used by both Hawks “expect Kane to be in camp”, and Brisson dodging the direct question of “will Kane be in Camp” without a direct answer… as something (a deal- or early stages of a deal were playing out)…

    I speculated- that as part of 88’s deal in works- that Kane’s camp might start by throwing out simple apologies, then “this situation” should have never happened, might even “withdraw- from camp”- on his own- to go into treatment/counselling for alcohol- ( cuz Hawks- shouldn’t take the heat for making him do anything) and makes 88 look better, and might be part of the accuser’s terms…

    Of course- He could say all those things- and still be with Hawks- and in “treatment”… the point is all the semantics- seemed to me that- a deal was in the works- and the way it plays out — well there is a script/outline- that has been agreed upon- by all parties involved- at least- a formal outline. Hawks/Kane/accuser…

    ALL speculation/opinion of course- but this a blog.

  11. On to Hockey–
    if Kane is here
    and 29 is gone…

    The PTO’s lining up for Q/SB to chose is almost unfair + the added Cap $$$ to sign some one of value at TDL- if 29 is really gone!!!

    Haggerty has a great shot… if he has a brain/ and skates better than average- I wouldn’t be surprised if He doesn’t make the team- considering all of the great passers the hawks have…

    Kopecky/Pialle- Haven’t really watched in years- but used to be very good skaters/checkers

    Gustavsson/Hejda/Lube/Rosey– all on the cheap… if 1-2 of these old guys can still skate a little… I am also hearing that Daley’s Hip surgery is slow to recover…

    SO- SB, could IR Daley to start season (banking more Cap$$$) and have some Real season auditions for 2-3 of the above mentioned D-Men… (and Bank more $$$ for TDL)

    Kane plays- and 29 gone??? X-mas just came early!!! let’s cross our fingers

  12. According to the tribune Kane’s accuser has two lawyers. A criminal attorney and a civil attorney. rhetorical question: why does the accuser have a team of lawyers?

  13. So there is a criminal process hanging over Kane’s head, training camp is about to start and the accuser has a team of lawyers. If a settlement is reached I think people need to think about who has leverage in any settlement Bottom line if Kane settles it doesn’t mean anything about guilt or innocence.

  14. Kane at Hawks Camp must be a surprise only for those who don’t know what a fuck they’re talking about. Usually those are the ones that think it’s all about them when it has nothing to do with them.

    Pete… the fact that the victim of a rape case hires 2 lawyers says nothing. If someone would rape me I’d hire 10 if that somehow made me believe it gives me more chances of destroying that fucker. It can be even contra productive, it just has to give the victim a sense of control.
    That being said if a settlement is reached (and that means the end of the criminal investigation) I will, without doubt, believe it was all a con job. I just don’t see any scenario where a victim takes a payday which saves the ass of her/his rapist.
    Especially in this case where the settlement is what…. 2-3 months of his salary MAX ?

  15. Wall…..Haggerty has a great shot….I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t make the team…… head is spinning.

    Said before and will say again, a settlement is a bad idea for 88. Settlements always carry a negative connotation for the accused. What do the Hawks do with him then?
    It may be his only way to get back to hockey soon and he may see no other choice. But I am with the bloggers who say, why not camp if he has yet to be charged.

  16. If I were Kane I would settle and then never talk to strangers again even if completely innocent. All the leverage is against him. Even if he is innocent how can he risk whether the jury(or even grand jury) would believe the accuser. Plus his career/life is on hold while this plays out trying to clear his name with the investigation and regardless the team of lawyers hired by the accuser will be suing him for money. I make no comment on guilt or innocence, I am just saying I can totally see how Kane would settle even if he is 100% innocent and that should not be counted against him.

  17. Pete, I respectfully disagree

    Kaner just stated publicly that he has done nothing wrong and will be absolved. If this is the case, why settle? I have no doubt that people out there are digging for gold in this case. But good God, if Kane is absolved the whole discussion ends. If he settles, there will be a cloud over his head for a long time.

  18. Mike, my only point was IF he decided to settle he wouldn’t be admitting to anything and I wouldn’t think he was guilty in that event.

  19. Didn’t figure Rosey would be back…thought he’d hang it up after that ugly ankle break. Really interesting to me that Kopecky is going to be there too. Love the total mix that’s going to be competing. Gonna be great to see how this all pans out on the ice, and have some things to discuss other than the summer distraction.

  20. A lot of competing, but realistically for only a couple of spots, right?

    I assume that Dano and Paranin are locks, and if Shaw-Kruger-Desjardins remain the checking line, there’s possibly an opening for a C and a 7th D.

  21. Hey Pete,

    Your previous question on why the victim would have a team of lawyers.

    Because Kane’s lawyer – Paul Cambria – has been known to tear witnesses to shreds(I covered cases he was on in Buffalo, that’s what high profile defense attorneys get paid to do, that’s their job, break people on the witness stand to plant reasonable doubt in a jury’s collective mind )

    The accuser(and her family) decided that she was not going to be publicly blamed, shamed, skewered etc but Kane’s team of lawyers lead by Cambria.

  22. Craig, generally speaking the prosecuter advocates for a victim in a criminal case. They don’t need to hire their own lawyers. Of course, that assumes its only a criminal case and nothing else is being sought doesn’t it.

  23. That press conference was highly insulting and will backfire very badly for McDonough. What a farce. Why even have a press conference if that is going to be your approach because it has to be your approach? Wow.

  24. The press conference was a horrible idea, and poorly executed. I understand that Kane has put the Hawks in a bad place but that was insulting to hear Kane channel his Marshon Lynch. This Hawks thing has been a punch in the gut since the parade.

  25. @ Dickie Dunn

    Neither Dano or Panarin are locks as a matter of fact those 2 guys are the easiest not to make the team. Dano can be sent down and Panarin can return to the KHL. However both guys have the highest upside of any new face in camp

  26. Southside — “locks”, in my opinion, based on traded for Dano and the upside and numbers last season (small sample)…and Panarin because the hype is true (Scotty Bowman says he’s real) and they made the effort to sign him. I realize nothing is guaranteed – maybe I’m the a hopeful optimist, but I have to believe they will be given a very good chance. I think guys like Morin and Tropp “are the easiest not to make the team” – Morin won’t crack the Top 6 and he hasn’t shown the skill set to make the Bottom 6. I believe Tropp is going to Rockford – too many Bottom 6 guys ahead of him with more to offer.

  27. I stand behind my comment from 11:16 pm last night, however, that press conference was not comforting to me at all…it was tone deaf, insulting to the brand and just stunk up the room. Kane looked like hell, so did Bowman, as if neither has had a good nights rest in weeks. That was the only observation that was genuine and real. Not what I expected from this braintrust with all their resources and advisors and what was a geniune authenticity. I see Daly doubled down and the league is fully in support of the Blackhawks decision so in addition we have Bettmans stamp. Just can’t understand why they went this route or wait until the grand jury decision in a few weeks time, maybe a month. It seems to me we have taken an approach not suitable for the class and leadership of this organization. The signal is good to me, it is what I wanted and waited for but the methodology is going to be harmful. One woud have to think they have offended many female fans and groups, lots of Blackhawk fans in general and a new cadre of “hate the Blackhawks fans” around the league. Going to be ugly in opponents rinks with the chants and signage. Unitended consequences…are they ever weighed into the equation? Oh I know …I appreciate the question but out of respect yada yada yada blah blah

  28. Pete, yes the prosecutor advocates for the victim while also handling a pile of other cases. They make paltry money compared to defense attorneys. This young woman’s family has hired very competent, expensive lawyers so that she does not get trampled on, intimidated and dragged through the mud. They are advocating for her much like Paul Cambria is advocating for his multi million dollar client.
    You might find it fishy. I find it very very smart.

    It’s Probably why Kane, Cambria and company have not been able to “make this go away.”

  29. Fantastic move by the Blackhawks with the press conference.
    Morons expected play-by-play answers about the case from all angles. So naive.
    The most important answer was said without opening the mouth. It was Kane talking before the training camp sitting beside the Hawks shot callers.
    Many, many somehow doubted that. Angry because they were proven wrong they found something else to bitch about. Lame. Predictable.

  30. Craig bottom line is if the only issue is criminal the accuser doesn’t need a lawyer. If there are more issues than the criminal case then a team of lawyers is very beneficial. The tribune article said she has multiple lawyers. I find that very interesting.

  31. Yesterday was a public shaming of Kane perpetuated by McDonough. The fact that Kane is in camp strongly suggests that the Hawks believe he will be exonerated, or that a financial settlement can be negotiated to make the legal crisis go away. If this were a low level guy on the roster there would be no special treatment from the Hawks. But it’s not…rather it is Kane and the Hawks apparently are unwilling to abandon their precious star. This is Bobby Hull kicking the shit out of his wife and the Hawks turning the other cheek all over again.


  32. Sara, “This is Bobby Hull kicking the shit out of his wife and the Hawks turning the other cheek all over again. Sickening.” – it sounds like you KNOW that Kane is guilty. That’s amazing because it would seem that only the woman and Kane himself really know what actually happened.

  33. Dickie, nice post …

    Sara doesn’t know anything. The only thing she’s proven she knows is how to jump to conclusions.

  34. (Thank you, Hofmeister.)

    Complaints about the press conference? Does anybody else think that if it was held without Kane present, just an Open Blackhawks Training Camp 2015-16 event, that the media wouldn’t have still asked the same questions about the Kane situation over and over, even after being informed (a few times) that the Hawks representatives would comment ONLY on hockey-related topics? (- refer to Dumdum’s comment above)

  35. The media insists on being the morality police. They are trying to intimidate the Hawks into getting rid of Kane. I am so sick of the media and their morality demands. Here is a fact. He is innocent until proven guilty and he hasn’t been charged with anything and he may never be charged. Sara hopefully you will never being falsely accused of anything. But if that ever happens to you we will see how sickening it is for people to assume things that haven’t been proven or even formally charged.

  36. …in my opinion, from what I’ve heard so far, “The Summer of Kane” has brought out the worst in many fans and (especially most of) the media — a “Self-Important Moral High Ground Douchebag” attitude. (- refer to Pete’s comment above)

    (….all that said,) GO HAWKS!!!

  37. Well said Dickie. I would just add that comments like Sara’s and from others are just one step removed from vigilante justice and mob level morality designed to intimidate people and organizations with the equivalent of the Scarlet Letter. The Rule of Law(Innocent until Proven Guilty) is way, way more important and I salute the Hawks for standing behind the Rule of Law and not giving in to the Media Moralists (and their supporters in the public like Sara) There isn’t even a criminal charge at this point and there may never be one. I would love to see how these people who want Kane thrown out would respond to an accusation made against them. They would be the first ones rightfully screaming Innocent until Proven Guilty and they would be right to do so. Of course, the way they are treating Kane makes them absolute Hypocrites. The Rule of Law protects all of us and the process needs to be respected.

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