Blackhawks Announce Traverse City Rookie Tournament Roster

On Thursday morning, the Blackhawks announced the 23 players who will compete in the annual Traverse City Rookie Tournament. The group will be coached by Rockford IceHogs Head Coach Ted Dent and Assistant Coach Derek King. The tournament, which overlaps with the World Cup of Hockey, will take place Sept. 16-20 at Centre ICE Arena in Traverse City, Michigan.

The team includes 23 players. Here is the Hawks squad (player age in parenthesis):

  • Forwards

Radovan Bondra (19)
John Dahlstrom (19)
Alex DeBrincat (18)
Luke Johnson (21)
Graham Knott (19)
Tyler Motte (21)
Nathan Noel (19)
Roy Radke (19)
Nick Schmaltz (20)

Free Agents:
Bryn Chyzyk (23)
Alexandre Fortin (19)
Trevor Mingoia (24)
Ivan Nikolishin (20)
Hayden Verbeek (18)

  • Defensemen

Carl Dahlstrom (21)
Gustav Forsling (20)
Robin Norell (21)

Free Agents:
Jeff King (20)
Justin Lemcke (19)
Dmitry Osipov (19)
Travis Walsh (23)

  • Goaltenders

Free Agents:
Jake Hildebrand (23)
Brent Moran (20)

19 thoughts on “Blackhawks Announce Traverse City Rookie Tournament Roster

  1. Who was the player that impressed everyone at prospects camp that it was rumored Bowman would sign?

  2. Fortin was the player who impressed at prospect camp. I heard he was supposed to play in this tournament. Anyone hear anything?

  3. {the prior post was a poor attempt at humor; for the record, Morin has a guaranteed six figure two-way deal w/ Tampa Bay…}

  4. Ivan Niko- put up OK #’s in WHL…

    Let’s hope He is another small Late bloomer (like Shaw/Panarin lite)…

    I still think there is a chance SB moves one of the Young D-men — for a “prospect” or younger Forward … He should be waiting for a Training camp/Pre-season Injury to some other Team’s all ready weak D core- to have the most leverage…

    Hawks have a bunch of “Prospects” sitting at the D line… waiting to make the “Jump” to NHL…. Ya gotta think one/two of them make good in next year or two.


    Most are bottom pair guys, but some might make it higher, albeit- on weaker teams

  5. Tab I see they / you updated the list to include Alexande Fortin really appreciate it. I think Stan wants a long look if they like will come really cheap like TVR did entry level free agent. I think this kid like TVR was injured hurt his draft placement. Love the kids that come out of nowhere. I think the Hawks do too.

  6. Lemcke was named captain last year. He played one shift before he “fell into the boards and suffered a broken fibula, dislocated ankle and torn ligaments”

    He returned before and played the final 18 games of the season.

  7. TVR had the max ELC hit. If Fortin is signed I highly doubt he would see any ice in Chicago until next year at the absolute earliest

  8. Fortin’s uncle is JS Giguere. Fortin missed one game his first draft year. He did have a hip injury this year which is worrisome. TVR was never injured pre draft. He was already a UFA to be when he broke his leg I believe in the last game. So he returned for a final year and then was signed.

  9. I am a little surprised Dillon Fournier is not on the roster, playing defense. He has pretty much lost almost 2 full years to injury(including last year). It’s the final year of his entry level contract, I would think he would need all the on-ice action as possible.

  10. Unfortunately I think the organization has kind of moved on. He had injury issues with his shoulder when he was drafted. Lost almost all of past year. And part of the year prior. And when he had been on the ice he was nothing special. A damn shame. He was a 2nd round pick. Good size. Good mobility. 1st overall in the QMJHL draft. First overall in the Lewiston dispersal draft. And hasnt been able to stay on the ice

  11. Top 50 pick at that. I think you are right Ernie. He’s likely ticketed for Indy, then likely not given a qualifying offer in June.

    I would imagine the Nikolishin and Verbeek roster spots are professional favors or courtesy to Andrei and Pat on some level.

    What will be telling is who from the rookie tournament, not under contract with the Hawks, gets invited to the main camp later this month.

    Fortin is trending in that direction. Osipov supposedly is coming. Wondering if anybody else might get an invite.

  12. Hard to say Lemcke “fell” into the boards. It happened against the Soo, when rookie forward Kopacka got tangled up with Lemcke. Some feel like he was rushed back into the lineup back in March to help with the Bulldogs playoff push. It was hard to say if it was helpful, he was a step behind the competition who were all in mid-season form. It’s likely he’ll have a recovery season and will probably be back as an overage player next year on a stacked team that’s applying to be Memorial Cup hosts.

    He’s participated in a Canucks development camp, and was with Detroit last year in their training camp, was in the first round of cuts.

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