Blackhawks, Arizona Make 7-Player Deal

On Wednesday afternoon the Chicago Blackhawks made a major trade. Finally.

Chicago sends forward Vinnie Hinostroza, defenseman Jordan Oesterle, a 3rd round pick in 2019 and the contract of effectively-retired forward Marian Hossa to Arizona for forwards Marcus Kruger, MacKenzie Entwistle, Jordan Maletta, defenseman Andrew Campbell and a 2019 5th round draft pick in the 2019 NHL Draft.

The Blackhawks are trading $7.425M in NHL cap space (before Hossa goes on LTIR) for $2.775 in used NHL cap space.

Entwistle, who turns 19 on Saturday, was originally a 3rd round pick (#69 overall) by Arizona in the 2017 NHL Draft. He is listed at 6-3 and 175 pounds and is a right-handed shot. He scored 13 goals with 25 assists with Hamilton in the OHL last season. He is likely the most important player in this deal for the Hawks. Entwistle is not yet signed to an entry-level contract.

Kruger is a familiar face for Chicago fans. Now 28, Kruger has one year left on a contract with a $2.775M cap hit.

Campbell is a 30-year-old defenseman who was originally selected in the 3rd round (#74 overall) of the 2008 NHL Draft by the LA Kings. Listed at 6-4 and 206 pounds he’s a left-handed shot who has appeared in 42 games in the ten years since he was drafted. He has a $650,000 cap hit at the NHL level (which is highly unlikely).

Maletta, 23, is a career AHL veteran. He appeared in 29 AHL games last year between Cleveland and Tuscon. He has a $792,500 at the NHL level (which is highly unlikely).

Hinostroza, 24, was originally a 6th round pick by the Hawks in 2012. He posted 25 points in 50 games with the NHL club last season and has scored 13 goals with 26 assists in 106 games in his career.

He had two years left on his contract with a $1.5M cap hit.

Oesterle is losing a numbers game in Chicago. He was a surprise last season and was effective as a bottom-pair defenseman. He carries a $650k cap hit.

Hossa will be remembered as arguably the greatest free agent signing in Blackhawks history. Hossa had three years left on his contract that has a $5.275M cap hit (but only $1M in actual salary being paid out).

169 thoughts on “Blackhawks, Arizona Make 7-Player Deal

  1. Can’t wait to see how Bowman blows the extra cap space. Maybe use it on performance bonuses for Seabrook.

  2. Got Hossa contract moved, faceoff concern addressed and a big bruising winger with potential for future. I like it.

  3. I guess the cost of doing buisness. Hate to lose Vinnie. Was really looking forward to seeing him for a whole season. Losing hossa’s deal is the big positive here going forward. Getting Kruger back, is ok. Can win a face off to help toews in the d-end. Help on the pk. Can’t score worth a damn.
    The prospect is a bit interesting.
    Hopefully more is in store.

  4. Have to think AA and maybe a roster defenceman is going now for some Defensive help. Unless Saad for Faulk happens.

  5. Essentially Hino and Oesterle for Kruger and lots more cap space. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

  6. Mox right now little over 8.5m with 18 if 23 on roster. He could no problem if AA moved have in the vicinity 0f 10m to 11m for a couple of spots if he chooses to. Just next years rfas the concern.

  7. My instant reaction is to like this (and I am not a Stan fan). We lose the albatross contract and really only give up Hino who I totally admire as a plucky little warrior, but I think gets overrated by a lot of guys here.

    Adios Oesterle. Don’t forget to lay out the welcome mat in front of the crease for us.

    And as for Karlsson, I don’t think so. Our future is at least 2-3 years out and we just drafted 4 defenseman in rounds 1 and 2. We also are still atop the league with 7,19,20, and 88 accounting for something like 42% of the payroll so a big NO on Karlsson at 11+ million.

  8. Current cap space is $8.5M but that’s not all available to get a big ticket player because they have only 9 forwards and 6 d-men on the roster. They will need some of that cap space for 4 or 5 more forwards and 1 or 2 more d-men. Realistically they have probably $5M – $6M to spend on someone not currently under contract with the Hawks.

  9. Moving Hossa’s contract is huge. It gives Stan $5.5M more to make off season moves – not only this summer but next summer and the summer after that. Getting $5.5M on LTIR the day after the season starts is better than nothing but really means Stan can’t use that $5.5M for off season moves.

    The Hawks gave up a 3rd round pick next year but got AZ’s 2017 3rd round pick so that’s more or less a wash. Maybe Entwistle turns out to be a player?

  10. Apologize in advance as I know this has been asked a million times. Seabrook’s NMC, does he have to approve a trade for us to move forward or is any move a non conversation?

  11. OOPS – hard to keep up with the moving parts today. The Cap Space is now up to $9.3M because Forsberg was sent to Rockford. Hawks now down to 2 goalies – CC and CW.

  12. Save all the cap money you can cause Panarin not signing with jackets and if the tank. Look for jackets to maybe move him at trade dead line. Or we go after him guns a blazing at end of the season! That gives us best of both worlds Saad Panarin! Kaners stay in contact with the bread man please. I want bowman to pocket Hossa cash just for this reason !!! And I don’t think the jackets perform like last year. For get Karlsson ! But I rather William Karlsson instead.

  13. Just read on another blog (but don’t have confirmation) that Kruger had surgery two weeks ago to repair a sports hernia. It was also mentioned the recovery time required means he probably goes on LTIR after the season starts for up to 2-3 months.

  14. Kruger comes off books at end of season helps too as probably at least 2 to 3 m in bonuses to deal with. Ltir for 2 or 3 months doesn’t help cap wise, but makes a roster spot for a young player to get look out of camp.

  15. Aside from getting rid of Hossa cap hit for the next 3 years (that is good), what is worse, Kruger for one year at his cap hit and he has an awakening or Oesterle the turnstile?

    As we all saw, Q obsessed w Oesterle. Worst case Kruger $1M cap hit this season, and we lose Hinostroza but don’t have to be concerned re Q obsession w Oesterle.

    Verdict: Bowman plus.

  16. The Kruger from the last few seasons isn’t the same player as he was prior to that. If he played like he used to he would be the answer to having a second face off guy and a solid PK’er. But, odds are he’ll never be that guy again. The good news is he has only 1 season left on his overpaid contract. We’ll see.

  17. Kruger coming back is laughable but the real move is moving Hossa contract. Good ridance to Osterle and losing Hino isn’t a huge deal. Sounds like Entwistle only the important piece coming back which is also fine. Sucks losing a 3rd rounder and I hate saying there is a good chance the Hawks finish worse then the yotes next year so it moves them back in the 5th round also.

    The bigger question becomes what’s the next move? Are the Hawks now in on EK65 or does Stan have his eyes on Faulk and Skinner? Or does Stan just sit on his cap space and wait?

  18. Is a sports hernia just like any other hernia except that you’re showing it off?
    Or is sports just oozing out of you? :) Sorry, always wanted to ask that.
    For reasons mentioned above, I do not think we are even close to being able to absorb Karlsson, and after looking at his putrid +/- from last year, I don’t want him

  19. Kruger says he will be good to go for training camp. Injury slowed him all last year but playing didn’t cause permanent damage.

  20. I have the original scouting report on Entwistle. This may very well be a steal for the Blackhawks. If this kid is given time with Rockford, he may get his confidence back, fill out, and be a two-way force.
    The Hossa salary dump is the biggest upside, currently.
    Kruger coming back after his surgery…no big rush.
    Now, is Panarin a deal in the making? Will Stan go after Karlsson? Is Anisimov on the clock to be moved?
    Interesting times. Stay tuned.

  21. Bowman not going to address media until prospect camp, says he’s probably not done yet. Pacioretty talk interesting as Habs looking for center help and maybe a defensemen with Weber out for a bit.

  22. I love Entwistle’s bass solo in “My Generation.” I think this kid has real potential…

  23. I love the people who no matter what we do think its bad, not good enough or something. Basically have no faith or belief in team/organization.

    That is pathetic.

  24. For as nice as it would be to get Panarin back, I don’t think the Hawks should go that route (even if Panarin wants to) because he is going to want more than the Hawks can afford. We’re not even 24 hours out from under an almost decade of Cap hell and the thought of going right back into the same cap strapped situation should dissuade all Hawks fans from hoping the Hawks get Panarin back.

  25. Rumors are flying about possibly the Hawks being the 3rd team in Karlsson trade to TB. Guesses are the Hawks get Stralman (1-year remaining on $4.5M) and possibly a young player like Anthony Cirelli. All just guesses at this point but Stralman would be a pretty good 1-year placeholder to play with Keith and Cirelli is a nice speedy centerman (played with DeBrincat at Erie a couple years ago).

    Off season is fun again!!!!

  26. Trading 15 caphit. Well have plenty of space to sign Bread. As a ufa, not trade so we can get him for free. Pac Man or Mr. Skin are good players.

    Hoss caphit wont go un noticed, whether its this summer, next summer or summer after that. Its drafting 4 and getting 81 for free as a ufa is what it takes. Were half way there with stocking D at the draft party.

  27. Morrison, Thanks for the shout out.
    I absolutely love this deal !
    Toews-Schmaltz-Anisimov-Kruger at Center (for now)

    Campbell will likely be the veteran steady defenseman that Colliton will need with all the kids on defense. He no doubt will wear a letter.
    Malletta gives Colliton some size.

    Oesterle = meh. You can find a bunch of these type of guys in the “A”

    So Hinostroza and a 3rd rounder for Cap Space, a 5th rounder & a legitimate prospect in Entwistle. Done !!!

    Now Stan is free to make “hockey trades”. Fantastic.

  28. First of all hats off to Hoss for waiving his NMC so the Hawks could do this – it’s quite a trick to loved by all of hockey both as a player and as a person

    Sounds like Rocky will bring him back when his contract is up which is exactly what he should do

    As for the trade – love it. I said at the end of last year I couldn’t see where Hino fit – I never liked him as top 6, maybe 3rd line but I think we’ve got others who can fill this roles

    Good riddance Oesterle – I don’t blame Q completely because for a 10 – 15 games it looked like he might be something but I think other teams figured him out – he couldn’t handle a physical forecheck

    Entwistle looks promising – so there’s that – and Kruger’s has one year left on his deal and probably doesn’t get re-signed – no biggie

    Getting rid gof the Hossa contract for Hino and getting back a solid prospect is a good deal

  29. Trade comes down to this:
    Hawks give up: 3rd round pick and Hino (bottom six contributor)
    Hawks receive: mega cap space and promising prospect Entwistle.

    What’s not to like?

  30. @ EB

    Interesting, I’d be ok with Stralman for a year. That gives the Hawks another NHL top 4 player dman in the mix. Stralman is usually near the top of the list for (+/-) although playing on Tampa with Hedman has a lot to do with those numbers. It’s not the worst move in the world. He’s leaps and bounds better than Manning.

    First I wish Hino nothing but success the local kid has done a nice job I hope he plays well in Phx and scores himself another NHL contract.

    Its only July 12th but the roster is starting to take shape. I feeling like with the bonus money Kuhun was paid he is going to be a factor, probably somewhere on the third line. I HATE to say it but with Hino gone, it feels like Chris Kunitz is going to get those 1st line minutes with Saad and Toews. Let’s hope he can put up some pts and get flipped at the deadline. He is 38 after all yikes! What a wasted roster spot.
    (((Actually stupid me, Stan, OF COURSE, gave Kunitz an NMC seriously WTF)))

    The 2nd line that makes the most sense is all American line of Cat, Schmaltz, Kane

    Let’s assume Anisimov isn’t moved he centers Kuhun and Sikura on the 3rd line and then Kruger is going to hold down the 4th center spot as long as he’s healthy and Q is still the coach, and then its a cast of characters looking for their chance;

    Ejdsell, Martinsen, Hayden, Fortin maybe?

    As for the problematic blueline that hasn’t been fixed, if the Hawks line up Left/Right

    Seabroke/Gus-PLEASE HELP!

    It’s still a last place team with a healthy Crow

  31. if somehow SB brings in Stralman to ease TB’s cap space on an EK trade and Pacioretty for AA plus I would sleep easy until September

  32. This prospect Entwistle looks very interesting. Excellent skater with size and very strong defensive skills. Hurt by catching mono in his draft year. Looking forward to hear how he looks at the prospect camp.

  33. I saw a lot of mock lineups with Hino on the top line with Toews and Saad – I never agreed with it. Hino has speed and plays with heart but he’s never shown he can be a top-6 finisher. I know it’s premature to pencil Sikura into the top-6 but he has more top-6 potential than Hino had. Maybe the odds are better that he finishes the season in the top-6 than he plays top-6 right out of the gate. I wish Hino well but I doubt the Hawks are going to miss him.

  34. kunitz approached the blackhawks about playing here and not the other way around. His wife is from chicago

  35. I really hope the rumor is true that the Hawks are looking to be the third team in the Ottawa-TB deal that gets Karlsson for TB. Wouldn’t it be very cool if somehow the Hawks got J.T.Miller in the deal. He’s signed for 4 more years at $5.25M which is pricey but he would step right into the 2C role – he’s skates well, has good size, wins faceoffs, and can score. Then trade Anisimov+ for a d-man. How about something like:

    To TB: Anisimov (3-years $4.55M), Mitchell, 2020 2nd round pick
    To CHI: J.T. Miller (4-years $5.25M), Anton Stralman (1-year $4.5M)

    TB gets $5.2M in cap space which gives them enough space to acquire Karlsson.
    The Hawks get a 2C for 4 years and a 1-year placeholder top-4 d-man until Joker or Boqvist steps in.

    This is probably a far fetched trade proposal … but tis the (off) season for dreaming.

  36. Stan, Whatever you do with cap space please no max Pacioretty. On the back nine and a notorious no show in the playoffs. Panarin is an elite talent.

  37. 7th place in this division in hockey is better then 16th place in league. Problem is theres only 5 from any division.

    Good thing were 3 seed last yr, without 2 ahl goalies/with Crow.

    Whatever people think/we are, it doesn’t matter. We wont be the deep we want/and will be until 20/21 seasons anyways so theres no whining about it now.

    It should be all salute and good job done for getting us ready for the yrs that count. When were deep again.

    It almost wants me to gag/spit up how bad people think were are.
    If we were really that bad/or going to be in this yr coming up, why not trade Wirtz hes got value, trade some seats from the rink, they must be worth more then a top5 checking line center in the league. by all means.

  38. Just like people thought we couldn trade 81 caphit, because no teams want to help the dynasty team of the salary cap era.

    We would have to give soooo much to even be able to do it.

    Get fleeced.

    It happened.
    Suck on thaaaat!

  39. And this, the top organization in hockey, isint done yet.

    These guys arnt looking for only this yr.

    believe it or not.

    Long term.

    BAD intentions.

  40. Take it easy Mo, it’s weird that some people have to make a problem out of every solution. Definitely a step in the right direction. Little early to talk about defence pairs until see who will be there for sure. I feel there is very good chance Jokiharju is with them to start the season, if he is it isn’t to sit in press box.
    One other thing this could allow, is if Crawford is unable to play a full season, he can be put on ltir now and his cap room used to acquire a starting goalie during season.

  41. Whistler- like his stats in Tourney’s …

    seems to be in the “Shaw” mold- over-achiever type….

    skates well

    Kruger was a true warrior back in the day… classic “mudder” on the walls
    But- Kampf is better now… faster/more skilled… and still learning NHL game

    Really opens door for Kampf or Edjsell to play 2nd o r 3rd Center… and Move AA out… before the season… or at TDL – if Hawks are sucking… might even get more for AA

  42. I’ll give Bowman credit for moving the Hossa contract. Sorry to see Hino go, but Kahun is likely as good. They need a legitimate top 3 defenseman. While the situation has improved with the cap space, the Hawks where they are right now, are still not a playoff team.

  43. I know. God to keep me in check. Just get a little defensive after celebrating for 9 hrs then read that stuff. In the right place, between 2-7 am posts are defensive and funny at times.

    Good vibes is what I like.

  44. Pacioretty-please no–there is a reason Montreal wants to trade him.
    29–30 at the start of the NHL year and coming off a bad year-he’s trending skill wise in the wrong direction as far as speed goes.

    Skinner better option at 26 but was way down in points and went from -3 to -27 in one year. He can skate and people think he’s small but he’s strong lower half. (200 lbs)

    A good day today.

  45. 1st line: Saad Schmaltz Kane (Coach Q needs to keep them together the entire season)

    2nd line: Kunitz Toews Debrincat

    3rd line: Sikura Ainismov Hayden

    4th line: Edjsell Kempf Kahun

    Unfortunately, this is the weakest roster for any upcoming season the Hawks have had in the last 12 years.

  46. Bowman has gone a little overboard with drafting dmen the last 3 years with none in the NHL yet. Yes, 1 or 2 will contribute one day. But, if we look at our impact prospects up front, especially on the wing, we are extrremely weak. Sikura and Debrincat are nice players but are not blue chip prospects like a HOSSA or like a Laine or a young James Neil / Evander Kane.

  47. Cap space freed up is a very good thing in that the present Hawks roster has some large holes that need to be filled on the offensive and defensive side of the ice. Given the present age of Toews, Kane, Keith Seabrook, Crawford, I think the time is now to get the players needed to make this team a contender. How good are those core guys going to be in 2-3 years compared with right now when the younger guys coming in are supposed to be hitting their stride?

    I believe Panarin would be happy to take less money to play in Chicago than many think. He and Kane had a very special chemistry on the ice, which in itself would positively change the offensive dynamics of the Hawks. I hope Stan can find a way to get Bread Man back here where he really wants to play.

    A solid top 4 d man is also needed. I don’t know where that guy comes from, but the Hawks will need to give something to get something.

    The present Hawks roster barring some crazy positive player performance surprises once the season gets rolling is as thin as we have seen since pre Kane/Toews. The Hawks brass know season ticket holders have started to bail. The waiting list is finally getting tapped this off season. I was almost one of those guys to not renew, but said what the hell and ponied up or another season. When it’s often hard to get face value for your tickets with games you can’t attend, that is not a good sign regarding fan base attitudes.

    This team needs more talented players that are difference makers.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  48. Phil, well put.
    The first paragraph sums up what the crux of the dilemma is for the Hawks. The problem is 3 of those five guys will be 33, 34 and 35 during or before the season with one a big question mark at this point. Do you play it smart or go for it to further complicate the financial bind that has been created and perhaps put some current or future players and contracts in jeopardy? Yet it’s very hard to waste Toews and Kane.

    Your last line about difference makers is the key-add ageing difference makers to make an average club better or be flexible to do the right things in 3 to 5 years? I’m glad those decisions aren’t mine but often they are done by GM/Presidents to aid/keep their job in the short run.

  49. If – big IF – Panarin takes less than market value (Kucherov got $9.5M so Panarin is probably looking at $9.0M), and it’s low enough to not put the Hawks in Cap hell again (lose Seabrook’s contract?) – then I would love to get Panarin back. But, I would wait until next summer when he hits UFA and can get him for “nothing” rather than paying through the nose to trade with CLB. Tank this season and get a lottery draft pick (Jack Hughes?) and then go get Breadman back. Optimistically thinking – by then Jokiharju and Sikura will have successful rookie seasons under their belts, Boqvist will be ready join the Hawks and the transition to the top-4 of the future will have started. The Hawks trade Anisimov as part of the OTT-TB Karlsson trade and somehow end up with T. Raddysh. Yeah … that will work.




  50. All the speculation as to line and D-men combinations is extremely premature. One more trade, maybe two, likely to transpire this summer.

    There are a lot of young forwards and D-men as well who have a shot to make the team this season and thereafter. Unfortunately, a draft choice’s status (i.e. 1st Round pick) and a player’s salary (i.e. Murphy) seem to be factors in slotting players into positions on the team. This wasn’t the case a few years ago — for example, Hjalmmerson & Shaw were lower round picks who established themselves. They would have never been projected to play important and consistent roles on the team. In the same respect, a player like Highmore was a free agent. He plays a sound game, has speed, an offensive skillset, and can move up and down the lineup, even killing penalties. Who’s to say he isn’t already or won’t be a better player than some of the other “highly touted” younger forwards (i.e. Sikura, no one can state for certain if he will be a successful player or not, although based upon Q’s relationship w/ his family and the Hawks’ obsession to sign him, he certainly is in the driver’s seat right now).

    Lastly, Q was never a Hinostroza supporter; it pained him to compliment him post-games. It is smart of Bowman to clean house of all players Q has his “issues/fetishes” with. On the other hand, bringing in players like Kruger who Q is obsessed with in a positive way is a concern.

  51. Being the 3rd team in a Karlsson to Tampa trade likely means bringing in a team to take Bobby Ryan, Ottawa want him to go with Karlsson so don’t want to go there if that’s why.
    Kruger was brought back to address faceoffs and lack of a true shutdown center. Kampf doesn’t seem to have offensive numbers for a no. 3 either so not sure where he fits as center, unless he finds offensive game.

  52. Ian- Regarding Kampf:

    imo – Kampf has way more offense than Kruger… while both have great effort and go to “the dirty areas” – Kampf’s size gives him the advantage… Kampf skates as well as 16…. Kampf moves puck up and sneaky Touch passes – to quicker wings- bodes well – if actually played with better/quicker guys (like a Kane)

    Kampf’s Face-off #’s where actually pretty good– and seemed to get better

    The ONLY big advantage Kruger has in D/Checking role (and it is BIG advantage)
    Is Kruger – has great ability to “muck/Tie ” up play on boards– which is a great asset – when he is employed Versus Superior 1st line types… to simply Kill play/eat time… BUT- Kruger’s days/ are probably numbered on this skill- due to the beating/pounding he takes doing it.

  53. I think the Hino trade was a favor to him, he was looking at less ice time, now he goes to a team where he will get a better shot at more ice time, win-win for him & Hawks.

    Troubling news out of Slovakia: Hossa has been seen leaving a medical facility that specializes in radical stem cell & immunization therapies…. Comeback…???

  54. Even though Krugs isint 57% faceoffs anymore/wrist, hes still around 50 and that’s better then 45-50 and a reliable 50%.

    PK and defensive zoon starts are huge for 19.

  55. Wall… I have to agree Kampf would be my choice as well. At least a little offence is good.
    Kruger is not the player he once was or Phoenix would not be trading him.

    Kruger had 1 goal in 48 games last year. To me he has to totally shut everyone down
    unless you are trying for a zero, zero tie.

  56. ……sad about Hossa leaving….end of the greatest era in Blackhawk history…..I would say let’s roll the dice with Max Pacioretty!……

  57. if being the 3rd team in EK sweepstakes means taking Bobby Ryan then no thanks

    Frankly OTT should stop trying to include him in the EK deal and focus on maximizing the return for EK instead – this trade could set the Sens on the right course for the next decade but trying to slide Ryan’s deal in there as well is bad form IMO

  58. @ER you pay that plant in front of the net you’re bound to get a few goals on deflections alone ; )

  59. I’m perfectly fine with committing the bottom six forward slots to all young players (that would have meant Duclair as well v. Kunitz, but we know that was another player Q not fond of), but Ben Smith would have been a far better addition to the team in the same role that Kruger is going to play. He signed in Europe for 3 years, likely good coin, but one would think he would have taken a one-way deal for the minimum or slightly above to play in the NHL. Smith also appeared to be on Q’s good side.

    Anyway, no big deal.

  60. Kruger’s inclusion in the deal negates the benefit of moving Hossa’s contract in year 1. If he can’t play, and last year he was AHL caliber, that is a huge negative to this deal.

    My understanding is that there is an insurance clause that covers 80% of Hossa’s salary, so actual cash outlay for Ariz will only be $200,000 per year of his $1 million salary.

    Hino’s speed is formidable, and with little ice time he averaged .5 pts per game last year, and was locked in at $1.5 million for two years. That’s exactly the kind of depth player with speed and skill and upside of youth that this team needs more of.

    That’s Teuvo, Johns, and Hino this team has had to move out due to trying to move salary on current players. It would be nice if we could reverse this trend and take advantage of a Tampa Bay or Toronto to get a good piece for basically nothing for a change.

  61. Panarin:

    – would blow-up the budget
    – has not (as far as I know) expressed a preference for returning here
    – would not take a discount
    – would not put us over the hump
    – will turn 29 in just over 2 years
    – will not be allowed to walk for nothing by CBJ

    Chat away – why not, that’s what fans do, but he is not coming back.


  62. Panarin hits UFA July 1, 2019 – so unless Panarin re-signs with CLB – they will watch him “walk for nothing”.

    But, I agree Panarin will probably not take a discount to play for the Hawks, at least not enough of a discount to make it feasible for the Hawks.

  63. Wall no arguments on what Kampf does better, its just as you said he doesn’t meet the shutdown checking requirements. As a 3rd center he is no where near the offence that AA would likely bring. If Toews and Kruger are taking 75% of the draws and likely all the important ones save icings where can’t change. Do you want to basically offensively challenge 2 lines for a small percentage of draws. Maybe an Ejdsell would offer more there.
    If Kruger struggles then Kampf would be 4th by default.

  64. Agree on Panarin, he’s 88 lite with worse defensive acumen.

    Question – didn’t Kunitz play with 89 in Pitt when he recovered to his old self?

    Maybe the same can happen with 19?

  65. Panarin will get closer to $10 mil than $8 on his next deal – agree he’s not taking a discount

    agree with HereIsMike that the Hawks should be looking to take advantage of cap strapped teams – this is why I like the idea of them being 3rd team for TB in EK trade and scoop up a good player from TB for less than market value

  66. KUDOS to BOWMAN for getting out from under the DEAD WEIGHT of Hossa’s contract TALLON saddled him with. Not as impressive as winning 2 STANLEY CUPS after the TALLON-CAMPBELL CONTRACT DISASTER ROSTER MELTDOWN but a positive move nonetheless.

  67. Wraparound – I went back and looked Entwhisle was actually rated higher by The Hockey News than Jokiharju and Ian Mitchell for the 2017 draft.
    Hmmm, so 2nd round value and his game is improving. Nice addition ! I hope he attends prospect camp next week.

    Also, the angst I’m seeing by some other Hawks faithful about the trade is mind-boggling.

    Stan’s hands were almost completely tied until the season opener by the Hossa contract. Now we are free of that albatross.

    Yes we moved Hinostroza. I could care less about Oesterle.

    Suddenly this off-season has potential to be a positive one. Two days ago, that was not nearly the case.

  68. Sorry but this is another Stan throwing away a great kid in Hino just to unload Hoss`s burden . Hino is an energetic ,speed man . What we get back??? Oh yeah an over paid broke down , shit point producing Kruger ,and a complete unknown who will be benched and bitch slapped by Q .
    Stan just can`t help himself bringing back old Hawks from the glory years ,this is more than a bad trend ,.,.it`s all Stanley knows .
    If Stan burdens us with a 5 -7 million dollar cap hit player signed to 5 years plus we are fucked . I don`t care who it is ,.,.,.,we need to grow ,develop and draft . Just stop it Stan!

  69. Lots of good posts.

    Craig, like to hear good things on prospect. Another good prospect coming from the Buckeru and Mitchell draft.

    Wall, Krugs and Kampf, like 16 and 67.

  70. Unlike some I haven’t bailed on the idea of a 4th cup sometime with 19, 2 and 88

    On which side of that issue a fan is will largely determine what you think SB should be doing.

    As I see it SB is positioning himself to add an impact player (which IMO Hino wasn’t or will ever be) this summer – that player may be on an expiring contract which would be OK but he may also be on a longer deal or signed to an extension and for the right player I’d be OK with that

    He’s signed some older UFAs (Ward, Kunitz) who on their own aren’t that exciting but will come off the books in 1 year giving the younger players the Hawks will need around the ‘old’ core more time to develop and himself a little more cap $ for next summer

    He’s now freed up cap room for this summer by trading Hossa to improve the on ice talent, hopefully to make the playoffs this year and by the following year hopefully contend for a SC again

    I think that has to be their plan roughly and I think it’s the right plan

    So far I’m fine with SB’s off season – the big test is now what will he do with the cap $ from the Hossa trade

  71. Jordyhawk is exactly right about Panarin. Hawks will not blow the budget on him and CBJ will never let him walk for nothing. No more wasted discussion about him.

    Hino is fast but needs to learn how to finish better. The Hawks are loaded with small players, so trading him is a good thing. And yes, please no declining Pacioretty.

    This is going to be a tough year, but the pipeline is getting stronger. We will likely miss the playoffs next year. Another good draft will put us in a strong position, starting in 2-3 years. We must have the goalie situation nailed down by then. But the dilemma: Kane, Toews, and Keith are not getting any younger.

  72. Hino was nice but so was Ken Yaremchuck and Dennis Cyr. Great move by Stan. Now is the time to use the cap space for expiring contracts. Maybe get a Simmons from Philly. Max is only one year also.
    If we are the third wheel for Ottawa and Tampa can Ottawa keep half of Bobby Ryan 7.25 and then Tampa keep half of the 3.625 then get Ryan for 1.81 aav for the next 4 yrs? Same with Duchene. If not Stralman or Girardi will do.
    My move will be Skinner and Faulk from Carolina. After that wait for next off season when Toronto is going to need help signing people.
    The shoes feel good now that they are on someone else’s foot.

  73. Hawktalk…. Hino is a bottom six at best and is hardly a big loss. Sikura and Kahun are both more talented. Also people complain about too many small players ( smurfs) yet we get a solid prospect that’s 6’3” at 19 years old (in a couple of days) and could be that power forward the Hawks need. Entwistke May be the best player in the trade and we free up the Cap space and Kruger is ONLY 1 year. Also Oesterle was a waste of space as well this is a win win

  74. Just following the rumors I feel like the asking price is too high on Faulk and Skinner so the Hawks are moving on. I have no doubt that if the Hawks want Patches he can be had. It doesn’t solve anything on the blue line but certainly gives them more of an offensive punch.

  75. I really like the ideas of hoarking a good player from another top team when they cant keep everybody.

    Get a top6 player this summer and hoark a good player as well. Next summer is a big add, like 81 was.

  76. Morrison has simplified it all for us–we need to just keep HOARKING, HOARKING, HOARKING players.

  77. Keep in mind that most of Stan’s trades come as somewhat of a surprise. A lot of the rumors are a smokescreen. All the beat writers had him trading pick #27 to Carolina for immediate help in Justin Faulk. Instead they went with Beaudin and kept the pick.
    Most had the Hossa contract going to Ottawa.
    How many columns said look for the Hawks to sign Chris Kunitz and Brandon Manning on 7/1. ?

    So it’s tough to predict what’s going to happen. I know this. The Hawks got somebody to take the Hossa contract, that’s a huge positive.

  78. I confess, I am a little worried about the sudden change of direction by the Hawks. In less than 12 months, we have lost young, fast skaters like Hartman, Duclair, Jurco, and Hinostroza for slower (some older) skaters like Kunitz, Kruger, Edjsell and Schroeder? It is true that our prospects on the wings are non existent. But, I thought giving a younger Kampf a shot at 4th line centre was worth looking at. But, I guess Kruger was an Arizona problem and Hossa’s contract Chicago’s problem.
    I am one who does not trust Stan’s ability to make good hockey trades and thus I worry about these Panarin and Pacioretty rumours. Apart from the original Nick Leddy trade with Minnesota, his record is below par. I hope Toews does not land in Montreal!

  79. I wouldn’t say the Hawks “prospects on the wing are non existent”, but it is pretty thin. Sikura is their best prospect and has a legit chance to be a top-9 winger, if not eventually a top-6 guy, and he skates and plays fast. After him it’s a bunch of guys with warts and/or fading chances and a bunch of unknown Euro’s. We kinda know what we have in Hayden, Kampf and Highmore because we’ve seen them play in the NHL and all of them are serviceable to some extent but none of them project into the top-6 and probably not the top-9. Louis is quick as can be but makes DeBrincat look big, Fortin has decent size, skills and speed but hasn’t progressed since he wowed at prospect camp in 2016. Kahun and Nilsson are unknowns on American ice. And the rest of the wingers are just a bunch of guys. The center prospects aren’t much better.

    Forwards recently drafted like Wise, Nordgren, Soderlund and a couple Russians show promise but they’re no sure thing.

    Hey Stan, don’t trade draft pick for short term players (Skinner/Pacioretty) – you need to restock the forward prospect pool.

  80. Bouma/17, I am not saying throw under bus.

    Push, shove. Hoark.
    I want moar. I want moar.

  81. We were thin on FW, drafted FW for a couple yrs,
    Then thin on centers, drafted centers for a couple yrs,
    Then we’re thin on top4 D guys, drafted D for last two yrs,
    We prob go to drafting FW with size next drafts,

    We only get two 1st picks not often, 2011 and 2018 the drafts after not being able to keep everyone/when being stacked.

    Craig, that’s basically always the way Bowman and crew do trades. So someone here could think outside the media and dreaming box to figure who/s players well add this summer. That’s a good research there.

  82. Goldenbladz ,my 14 year old daughter is the same size as Sikura ,158 lbs ,.,.,you kidding me ! Hino gave it every shift ,got dirty and played a great board,cycle game .
    Who else we got bringing that ? Hayden ?,oh yeah he`s in Q`s shit house as well . Stan is spinning his wheels , this has been his m.o. for the last 3 years . Stan has not even come close to rebuilding our D end .,keep up the great work Stan flounder Bowman .

    Wait and see what he blows our little cap space on .

  83. I agree, I think Bowman has failed in drafting prospects in the first 3 rounds of every draft which is where the percentage of NHLers with impact come from. Their picks are odd and they seem disconnected from other scouts around the NHL. We all knew that Hossa at some point was going to retire. And when we traded away Saad after 2015, we needed another 6’3″ winger with size, speed and skill. Instead, we have opted for a ton of defenseman like Gilbert, Hillman, Mitchell and smallish forwards like Louis, Hinostroza, Debrincat, Sikura and now Wise. I was also one that was hoping for Walhstrom. Yes, we are extremely thin on the wings and trusting Bowman with a trade is not a great idea. This roster is defintely weaker than last year. I think it is time to move on from this GM and his staff. But, I would keep Toews, Kane, Seabrook and Keith! They are not the problem. They deserve to end their careers in Chicago.

  84. Hawktalk… I agree on your earlier post… trade is similar to Bickell and Sweetener TT…

    Hino- is a very solid offensive/speed player… who if played in “right situations/lines” … puts up 50 points +… imo- in right situations

    Like TT- Hino has his short comings… TT/Hino- need to play in systems/teams… that fit their style… TT- shined for Finland in Jr. Elite tourneys… which I watched a lot of… the Jr. Finns – played a lot like Pittsburgh… really move puck North and up and “Puck Possession” wasn’t really as important…

    Re: Trade… Time will tell on this Entwistle kid… What I read (and more important to me– is- he has over-achieved in Playoffs/and U18 stud tourneys) … so I am hopeful that he can actually turn into a nice player.

    IF Entwistle- does NOT pan out… This is another Stan fail– like Bickell/TT…
    We also- have to see what SB is able to add here- w/ Cap space… but on surface – losing – Hino- is a fail- especially when u consider his Cap hit

  85. How is this roster weaker then last yr.
    Every rookie and first yr league guys will be better.
    Crow, night and day.
    By making no moves, this roster is way better just with Crow and 75% or more of players not having off yrs for them.

    Plus we’re going to add a top6FW and top4D this summer and next summer. That is the significant adds we need, though, which gets us 81 and 4 spots back. Then we’re talking.

  86. Rumor out if Carolina is Schmaltz and a 1st rounder for Faulk. I’m good with that, the Hawks Blueline needs a lot of work. Faulk fills alot of those holes. Obviously Schmaltz is a good player but so is Faulk.

  87. Wall – cautiously optimistic on Entwhistle too – let’s see how he does at prospects camp but liking what I read about him

    but can’t agree on losing Hino to lose the Hossa contract as a fail – to me it’s a win for opening up the cap space

    You can judge what SB does with the cap space (when he does) as a fail if that’s the way you see it but as a stand alone transaction this trade is a win for Hawks IMO

    We’ve got Sikura, Kahun to replace Hino and already small perimeter players in Kane and D Cat so as useful as Hino may have been (3rd line tops) SB did well to deal from area of strength (ie. small perimeter players)

    Now we have some flexibility to add a more impactful player then Hino

    My $.02

  88. Please , just say NO to drugs,.,.,i mean Faulk ,he has been a minus every year in the league ,mind you playing for Carolina ,still ,his style of play will NOT fit Q`s brain set .
    Who want`s a cap hit like that riding the pine in Q`s house of dogs . Please Stan leave Faulk out of the picture . Add a steady stay at home ,calming mature ,cheap D man . Who fits that mould ? Wall you got any answers ? Think out side the box here Stan .

  89. Plus/minus isn’t a legitimate stat to judge somebody by. I would be fine with Faulk for the right price. Don’t want to give up somebody who can a big piece for the Blackhawks alot of years though. Hino wasn’t likely going to be a major player with Blackhawks as much as i liked his play, so ok with that but not giving up Saad or Schmaltz who can be top 6 forwards on this team for next 10 years for a someone to bridge a couple year gap on blueline.
    Heard Chris Tanev was available, whats the thoughts on him. Don’t know alot about him little i saw seems reliable and moves the puck good.

  90. It’s not just a huge positive trade cap space, it’s also huge to bank space during the 186days prorated space is gained for covering past due and this yrs player bonuses.

    In terms of a caphit for players people donot like, it’s up to 1.025m from .925m and starting next yr up to 1.075m to be in Rockford.

  91. Faulk is not a Bridge the Gap kinda player ,if he were to come i am sure he would want a multi year deal ,.,. I know he is not the answer .

    Tanev making 4 million a year and seems to be broken down at times .

  92. There is absolutely no way we trade Schmaltz and a first for Faulk. Schmaltz isn’t going anywhere in the next few years – he is easily the most skilled of all the young guys and his ceiling is very high.

  93. Schmaltz is a legitimate 1st line centre offensively. He has tremendous playing making ability. I enjoy watching him play and so does Kane!
    Many teams, including the Canes and Montreal Canadians, are interested in him. I truly hope Stan stays put and keeps Schmaltz. Faulk is someone we do not need. We drafted 3 of the last 4 dmen who are right handed shots? He is a minus player so unless you trade him for Murphy, then I suggest we stay away from him. I think Bowman and his pro scouts need to make hockey trades. I am willing to trade Ian Mitchell for another top prospect from another team that plays left wing, for example. Trade prospects for prospects of need?

  94. Ok thought maybe Tanev could play a Hammer type role but maybe leave it alone. Trading Mitchell at this point in time could be like jumping off a 50ft. bridge tied to a 51 ft bungy cord. Too early to tell if he will be the keeper of the bunch. Know what you got first, before trading the high end Dmen prospects is my thoughts.

  95. Agree with MS: No way does even a dumb GM trade Schmaltz and a 1st rounder for Faulk. I wouldn’t trade Schmaltz straight up for Faulk. He is the most successful piece selected by Bowman, one to rebuild around.

  96. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Blackhawks are going full rebuild and take on salary from tampa along with draft picks/prospects much like the Blackhawks were doing in going for a cup.

  97. I wouldn’t mind trading for one good player this summer, keeping 20/12/8/last two drafts top prospects, for other prospects/picks.

    Then next summer get another good player that’s ufa for free. No assests traded for ufas.

    That way we are adding/getting back 81 and 4. By doing a full retool.

    Were back in 2yrs, as young guys come in each yr. Year and yr

  98. Hawktalk I doubt Sikura is 150 anything now and he will easily replace Hino but I agree with you totally on Faulk. In no way should the Hawks get him and definitely not for Schmaltz alone or him and a 1st is lunacy. Also agree on Tanev he is a good D man but has had a lot of injuries and can’t play a full season. We should be keeping all four of Mitchell, Boquist, Joker and Beaudin

  99. The Hawks are not trading Nick Schmaltz. Carolina is not in a position of strength. Their new owner and GM want to change the culture and rid themselves of guys who have been there like Skinner and Faulk. Skinner is soon to be a UFA AND he’s not a $6 Million player. Faulk is overpaid at $4.8 plus he does not defend well. Pass on both.

    Pacioretty on the other hand is a legitimate 60 point forward. But again he’s soon to be UFA and everybody knows Bergevin is trying to dump him. Absolutely no reason to overpay or getting into a bidding war.

    I think we’d be better off trading with Tampa for Anton Stralman so as to allow they to acquire Karlsson. Again, Stan would be in a position of strength in that Yzerman wants Karlsson and so dumping Stralman is a means to an end and would mean Stan would have to give up very little to accommodate Yzerman.

    All of this is now theoretically in play thanks to the Hossa deal. Amazing !

  100. Totally agree with MS and others about Schmaltz and First Rounder for Faulk-wow please lord no!
    GMs love first rounders and Schmaltz is an important piece-do we need to give every young player with hockey skill/upside away?

    150 , 175 or 210 pounds– who cares -can they play and do they compete/play hard every shift?

  101. Morrison – get a life. Your posts are beyond moronic. This blog has degenerated into a landing place for blowhards and fools. Yes, that’s you, too, Makita, and your misspelled CAP-heavy bullshit. Never thought I’d long for a Rufus post. Oh, can I do a lineup, too? Here’s mine:

    Kane Kruger Keith Kunitz
    Schmaltz Seabrook Saad Sikura
    Murphy Manning

    No one on defense and an empty net.

    How’d I do guys?? Is that a great line up???

    Fuck warts on the Savanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Just saying what the rumors are. The Canes are looking for a center, they have zero interest any defensive prospect. Obviously this is a counter to the Hawks not wanting to move Saad. Also the Hawks/Canes will need to sign Schmaltz. If the Hawks pass on Faulk Hawks fans can look forward to another year of a pathetic power play with absolutely no one who can QB the PP for another season. At minimum Faulk can do that. I think some are selling Faulks talents way short.

  103. South, Faulk is fast and a really good passer.

    Bowman and crew usually do not listen to others.

    Most trades/moves are from right field and are good deals.
    Definitely maybe going to be a creative.

  104. @ Craig – acquiring Stralman would be at the top of my list as well

    Obviously Stevie Y has to be willing to part with him but if he is and SB swoops in (without giving any young stars like Schmaltz or DCat) that’s a home run IMO – if you could be sure of extending Stralman you might even give up a 1st rounder

  105. Tony in LA – Rufus is that you? Thanks for that fine positive contribution. Come back soon.

  106. No comment about Tony in LA . I hope Stan stays calm and makes a good hockey trade and keep Schmaltz who I think is his best ever draft pick.

  107. Phil/AJ/JS/MS/you guys, who do you think would be good to get for a top6 and top4 D. This summer and next summer.

  108. When I think of upgrading the blue line for the Blackhawks, I don’t think of flash and big names. I think primarily of staying in position, not making unforced errors, and the ability to get the puck out of the zone. This is what will benefit the team defense and the goalie who has to contend with all of the skill that the NHL throws at him. The lack of decent, basic defensive play majorly hurt the Blackhawks this past season (albeit with substandard goal play at times). But, the goalie has to be given a chance. I hope the evaluators do a thorough job of looking at the skill sets that will really help the team out. Being physical is good. Being physical and as a result, out of position, is not.

    Schmaltz is a great passer but needs to lose the “pass first” mentality. When he does that consistently he’s going to make another jump up in his game. IMO he’s just too valuable to consider trading at his age and upside.

    Go Blackhawks!

  109. Another way to improve your team defense is to acquire elite shutdown forwards.

    If Kruger is healthy, he is an excellent addition for a team that struggles to defend and possess the puck. I don’t care that he doesn’t score. That’s not where we need help.

    Now we might only need 1 top 4 D instead of 2 to be defensively competent. Also taking some matchup pressure off Toews might help him resurge as well. God knows we need him.

    Still need 2 impact players and good health to have a prayer next year. But so far so good. Really curious to see what happens next.

  110. Stralman’s name has been mentioned as possibly being a top-4 d-man the Hawks might acquire and I would be all for that providing it doesn’t require losing DeBrincat, Schmaltz, Saad, Boqvist, Jokiharju, Beaudin or Mitchell – everyone else is up for negotiation. It would be different if Stralman had 4 years left on his $4.5M contract but he has only 1 year left so 1 year of Stralman is not worth any of the Hawks best young players/prospects.

  111. If a couple of guys like Murphy, Forsling, Jokiharju and Gus are able to take their play to tbe next level defence could show a big improvement. Finding a legit partner for Keith either within or acquisition will go a long way to improving defence. Having some solid shutdown forwards to help is a plus too and of course, Crawford.


    The name is spelled MIKITA, dear sir. I am NOT a CIRCULAR SAW. If my use of CAPS for EMPHASIS has triggered you, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY APOLOGIZE. My intention is not to BELITTLE or OFFEND. Merely to LIFT UP and PRAISE BOWMAN, the FINEST GM of recent SPORTS HISTORY, and blow the LID off of TALLON, that SNEAKY, CONNIVING, BACKSTABBING, yet simultaneously CLUELESS, INCOMPETENT SUBHUMAN TRAITOR to the INDIAN HEAD SWEATER. Now I shall TAKE MY LEAVE of this page, so that I might SOMBERLY REFLECT on my ACTIONS and how they AFFECT OTHERS.

  113. Travis – That is a great point. I thought the Caps forwards were outstanding defensively which covered for a defense that was not great. Our forwards have a lot of room for improvement on the defensive side of the puck. The loss of Hossa was a huge blow in this area.

  114. That post looks like the back of a tshirt add.

    Indian/Travis, that’s a good points.
    Ian, every rookie and first yr league guys are going to get better, just because. 38 looke worse because he had such a good rookie yr. Every guy we had last yr did not do that, so everyone will be better. Going to be sweet to see some of them get better for real/level.

    Weve been getting better for certain positions as well. Kampf is a little better then Kero/Rasmoose. Kutniz is a little better then Bollig/Mashinter/Bouma. When we can weve been increasing the talent there, little by little. harder to play against. Now Krugs is back home. Same with the Defenseman, increasing the 3rd pair talent. Now we need to do the 1st or 2nd pair when we have opportunity.

  115. Interesting … I just check Capfriendly and noticed the Hawks cap space went down from what its been the last few days – $9.3M to $5.5M. My first thought was they made a trade but it turns out they brought up 5 forwards to their roster – Hayden, Kampf, Ejdsell, Schroeder and Tyler Sikura. So the roster now has 14 forwards, 6 d-men and CC and CW.

    Something is afoot …

  116. Remember that time in CAL when he had like 55 saves and we tied the game. Won in OT.

    Some of the saves were soo good in that game, from the onslaught, the puck went flying to the side boards.

  117. the capitals heavily relied on the board icing method; they would shoot the puck hard off the opposite side boards so it would go down the rink very far and come short of icing. They relied on this very heavily in particular in the Stanley Cup final

  118. Good point Recliner with the small speedsters on this team now, might be good way to utilize them. EB wonder why they would do that, shows how much cap space there if just wanting to add one more anyways. As far as trades go if your roster or non roster, status shouldn’t have any bearing in off season.

  119. Someone mentioned on another board that CapFriendly does that periodically to better represent the usable cap space. Probably none of the moves shown at Capfriendly really were official moves. I’n fact they moved Forsberg to the AHL roster a couple weeks ago without him actually going through waivers – so it wasn’t a real official move.

    In other words it doesn’t indicate anything is afoot or about to happen. Oops – my bad.

  120. Spoke with a contact this weekend. Hawks are elated with moving Hossa’s contract.
    Expect only prospects camp stuff this week. Also, Stan and company really looking forward to next years free agent class. Expect only stop gap moves to get through this year but next July is what they have their eye on.

  121. Sad news about Ray Emery. There are great memories of his time with the Blackhawks. Rest In Peace.

  122. EB its not AHL this time of year, 23man roster and non roster. Training camp when players are cut is when they are sent to minors, direct if exempt or clearing waivers then demoted.
    Yes very sad to hear about Emery.

  123. Theres more and better ufas next summer. Some will sign, there are a lot who say there not singing already though. Feed us the B R E A D.

    Then we could keep AA for longer. AA would get more at deadline. Another 1st.

  124. Sorry Mo i`m gluten intolerant and Absolutely no Bread for me .
    Just freeking stop it with the bringing guys back to the club . Bread is dead ,he will never win a cup because he is sooooooo one dimensional ,leave him to rot where he is . Rick Nash is another one dimensional guy who`s name i have seen on these forums ,.,.that type of playing style is selfish ,one dimensional and not needed in our dressing room .

  125. Saw a rumour on what I consider (for a rumour site) a relatively credible site that CHI and CAR now discussing both Skinner and Faulk to the Hawks with Saad being the key piece going to CAR

    This makes the most sense to me of the various CHI/CAR rumours – I think you have to look hard at giving up Saad to get both CAR players

    The question would be what else would fill out the trade from CHI to go along with Saad? A prospect and draft pick – nothing too high say Chad Khrys or Soderlund and a 2nd?

    or perhaps a lower roster player like Ruuta or Gus?

    I could see this kind of deal happening whatever the final mix of players/picks/prospects

  126. Craig, I hope your contact is correct about looking forward to free agency next summer and doing nothing but a stop gap measure this summer. If they can pick up Stralman for 1 season without giving up much – great but other than that I think Stan should bank that $5.4M cap space and either use it at the TDL if the Hawks are in contention or save it to pay bonuses that hopefully guys like Schmaltz, DeBrincat, Sikura and other may earn with good play this season. Don’t empty the cash drawer on something not needed and then need to dip into the 2019/20 cap to pay 2018/19 bonuses.

    Use the 2018/19 season to give Schmaltz and DeBrincat time to continue to grow their game. Give Sikura and Hayden every opportunity to find their niche in the NHL. See what we have in Ejdsell, Kahun, Nilsson, Jokiharju and see if Forsling is ready to take the next step. The Hawks have lots of developing players and question marks and the 2018/19 season is the perfect time to play them and make an assessment for moving into the 2019/20 season.

    Sometimes the best deal is the one you don’t make. Here’s hoping Stan feels that way at this time.

  127. I’m all for the hawks staying the course and saving their money long term till next year.
    Would love to see the hawks role with their current players. As painful as it might be this year to go through.

  128. The Hawks have lots of developing players and question marks and the 2018/19 season is the perfect time to play them and make an assessment for moving into the 2019/20 season.

    Exactly! Well said.

  129. There may not be alot of money to spend next season after signing rfas and leaving room to extend Debrincat for following year. AA could be moved but unless Crawford stays healthy and comes back on a 35+ deal or something a goalie will be needed the followinv year too. It appears next year, to sign a backup goalie and a high priced skater may be more than will be doable. No bonus overages would help but thats no given and still likely limited ufa room. Trades may be the best route for a year or two.

  130. Craig N

    Yes- next year’s UFA market looks way more enticing… and better/more quality forwards to chose from… (but –there ain’t no HOSSA in that group)
    and let’s hope one or two of these Young Buck D prospects pan out…

    In 2 years’s— How much worse and slower will Seabrook/Keith/Toews all be???

    It will probably be too late… unless- one of the BIG 3 contracts are shipped off- between now and then… and odds of that are – pretty low in my mind…

    Of course- Lose-4 -Hughes…. could change all of that in 2019 draft!!!!

  131. Hawk, as much as I like Bread, I wanted the Saader trade. I am down with both, like you be better to have the elite two way player/81/20. Just as we have enough of them.

    Rick Nash. Fuck no. He belongs in NY. That’s the place for those kind of players. For show, money and no Cups. I hear Hayes like that a lot.

    2/19/88/50 will still be good/or as good for 5-6 yrs. Seabs sure. EDM got top pick/top 3 pick what 6 yrs in a row, there still not a top 10 team. We could trade 7 contract by time younger wave guys need higher contracts.

    Wrap, that’s a tuff deal. I would find another way to get Faulk or top4 D. Keep 20.
    Iam, thinking we trade 15/7 and so on when we need to get younger guys to 4-6m range. Cap should go up, no bonuses, retained caphit guy trades.

    The better core guys have more then 2yrs in them. The young guys cant be that many yrs away. It feels a little tight now, shell find the spot.

  132. I’m going to closely watch Alexandre Fortin as much as possible this summer. He’s got great speed and has the hands to make plays at top speed. He’s got decent size at 6’1″ / 187 and still only 21 years old. Fortin has the physical attributes to be a top-9 player in the NHL but aside from a few injuries that slowed him – he just hasn’t been able to play with confidence and consequently hasn’t played well enough to stay in the lineup last season in Rockford. He’s still go 2 years on his ELC so it’s not a make or break year for him but he needs to step it up and make progress this year, if for no other reason than his own confidence.

  133. The 2021 lockout season might help the older guys. They wont have to play 82 games. Be like another 40-50 game season.

  134. Dusting off my crystal ball I’m looking into what the future holds for the Chicago Blackhawks defensive corps in the 2022/23 season. They are one of the best d-corps in the league with the way the NHL has evolved into a speed and skill game. All 6 starters are very good to elite skaters that give the Hawks a 5-man attack regardless with d-pair is on the ice. An added bonus is 5 of the 6 were drafted and developed by the Hawks. Without further ado, here is your 2022/23 d-corps:


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