Blackhawks Assign Gustav Forsling To Rockford

On Sunday afternoon the Chicago Blackhawks sent struggling defenseman Gustav Forsling to Rockford.

Forsling, 21, has 13 points in 41 games for Chicago this season.

This move opens a roster spot for Artem Anisimov to come off IR. Anisimov returned to practice on Sunday on the third line.

25 thoughts on “Blackhawks Assign Gustav Forsling To Rockford

  1. Forsling has had some moments – some good, some not so good. His ups and downs reminds me a little of Gustafsson when he spent half of the 2015/16 season with the Hawks. They both showed ability but seemed to get a little overwhelmed as the season wore on. Kid has talent – probably a good thing to spend the rest of the season in Rockford.

  2. This is a move for the future. The big club is going no where let him succeed in the AHL and have him ready for next season.

  3. Well I got the 3rd line right


    Play good like the WIN and MIN games and get a big win.

  4. Thought it would be Rutta but good points maybe Forsling is the better choice to go down and recover his confidence.

  5. Best news of the day as far as Hawk fans are concerned. Ruuta needs to sit and just dress as the 7th defensemen for awhile, as well.
    Time for the Quennville Crush to be over.
    Q’s heart must be breaking. He NEEDS to play Kempny and Murphy.

  6. Within the next 10-12 games the boys must be neck and neck with the wild card contenders, at least, else the season can be scratched. Right now they’re 5 and 8 points out of that scenario with 3 teams between them and the current 2 wild card qualifiers if the season ended today. That’s going to be a tall order to overtake that many clubs.
    I agree with the Q comments above and posted elsewhere. I sense and observe that some of the overall issue is that the communications lines have broken down, among other obvious issues.
    If they, indeed, are left out of the playoffs, I think it’s time for a different direction with the coaching staff.

  7. Thats what I have been looking at for awhile to game 57 need to be 10 over 500 otherwise sch gets harder in MAR. So need to be there to play for it.

  8. I wonder if Gustafsson is in their plans for next year or being showcased for a trade as looks like they may doing with some players now, be interesting to see who goes and who their looking to move.

  9. Craig N, spot on 1000%. Particularly as to Kempny. Forsling has gotten every benefit of the doubt two years in a row; he had a nice stretch earlier this year, but he has a clearly proven he is not a top 6 NHL D-man to date; will he ever be? As Q likes to say, “we’ll see.”

    Alternatively, Kempny — without any fair basis this season for certain — has played less that a handful of games here and there, and gets benched for long stretches despite playing (at worst) decently, and compared to Forsling (& Rutta) like the second coming of Doug Wilson. The game @ Winnipeg showed what Kempny is capable of on a nightly basis, and that was coming in cold off the street after not playing for a month. Q gets a nice flat “F” on his handling of Kempny, to the detriment of the team.

    That being said, I think Q is an outstanding coach, no one is perfect. I wouldn’t want to see him fired if they don’t make the playoffs; It’s not Q’s fault the Hawks have minor league back-up goalies this season. He’s been correct about jettisoning certain players like Morin & Pirri, but he has been wholly incorrect about Kempny, and Kempny will prove him wrong as soon as he gets out of Chicago.

  10. Of the free agents at forward you have Wingels, Bouma and Sharp(ntc likely stays) as ufas, so who ?nows if they are coming back any interest they could be moved. Rfas Hartman, Hayden who like Forsling maybe recalled when some trades made and maybe Duclair you would think they try to resign unless it was a good trade. Hino alot of other small fast forwards and Jurco could go.
    Defense Franson will likely go a veteran who is waiver exempt and can be minor league depth and no roster spot needed should be moveable. Rutta and Kempny also ufas could be moved and rfas Gustafsson and maybe one or two rfas in Rockford could be moved before deadline. Won’t give any cap room but will give a clearer picture who is going to be around next year. Then if he moves some non free agents contracts things could be interesting.

  11. Earlier this year I called Murphy a “Stiff” on this post, but I was wrong. Murphy has played pretty good, and deserves to be in the line up every night. Forsling can’t be happy going to the Rock, but maybe he will get the experience he needs to be an everyday player up in Chicago for next year.

  12. Bowman and crew will always make move that make roster better. When theres someone else to take that spot. You just listed we have plenty extra. Need to be creative though and intertwine deadline with draft and summer. Get more good deals like Dulcair when available.

  13. Iceman it’s good to hear someone else state the obvious about Kempny-on limited ice time he has been one of the better D-men they have, and perhaps some of his ill-timed rushes have been to showcase what he can do for some team in the NHL–and that is be todays’ valued type of defenseman– skate, shoot and handle the puck with just enough strength to handle the front of the net.

    Don’t get it. Use him or trade him-he’s being wasted!

  14. Iceman and Noonan

    agree- Kempny – is top 3 D man on this squad!!!!

    Athletically– he is #1

    he can’t wait to get out of Q/Hawks

  15. I agree that Kempny needs to play more but I have thought that from day 1. Not sure what the issue is, also not sure why Murphy was a scratch. If they are going to be scratching players why is Keith exempt? He is 0-107 in shots after all. Seabrook can certainly be scratched again too. All hands on deck!

    As for the schedule to get 97 points, the Hawks will need to go 24-12. That’s IF 97 points gets them in any way. I’m keeping track of those losses they only have 12 left before its really curtains or a ton of luck; Not good!

  16. I have no problem with letting Forsling develop with the Hogs. This kid raised his game through much of the first half of this season, but has regressed recently. Let him keep playing and gaining confidence. Forsling is going to be a real good defenseman imo. He certainly has had excellent mentors in Keith and Seabrook and Q as well. Hammer last year too. I believe Murphy and Kempny also have the ability to improve and become big contributors. Rutta can play and so of course can Oesterle. These guys are all learning on the fly.

    Lack of defensive physical presence has been glaring. Opposing players just camping out in front of Hawks keepers fearlessly, establishing screens, and whacking away without fear of getting hammered to the ice. Make em pay when they go in there! At least Franson and Murphy are willing to drill guys. Seabrook occasionally, but not often enough. Fricking Malkin runs Crow in Pittsburgh and doesn’t even get an NHL face wash from ANY Hawks players. That incident still riles me. Hawks have guys that deal out justice with Bouma, Wingels, Hayden to name a few. Again where is Saad taking the body? The Islander game I saw Duclair peel off away from an Islander player along with boards that was allowed to make a crisp pass up ice without fear of being hit. That just pissed me off and was an example of what a sorry ass effort that game was the other night. HIT EM!!

    Defensive woes have plagued this inconsistent Hawks team all year. There have been games where team defense was really good with forwards coming back to mark opposing players and filling passing lanes. Of course Crow, was back there when they needed him too and that can’t be understated. Team defense was beyond brutal these past 2 games. Too many games this year where opposing teams have been given waaay to many quality scoring chances.

    Thanks for letting me vent a little. Hawks-Bolts games have been entertaining up and down the ice affairs. Man, we can sure use some fun at the UC tonight. Lets hope this Hawks team brings some give a damn tonight.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  17. Patrick Kane takes a TON of heat for never playing the body or giving a hard defensive effort. The TRUTH is that Kaner is a good defensive forward when he needs to be. He also wins ALOT of boards battles because his hands are so quick.

    On Saturday, the Hawks were down 7-3 with about 7-8 minutes left in the game. He went behind the Isles net, tracked down the Isles defenseman, took the puck from him and made a decent scoring attempt. For all the crap the guy gets about losing board battles, he seemed like the only interested player for the hawks on Saturday night.

    This team is not the team that I know. Tazer, Saader, Keith, Seabs, Sharpie and a few others are just so INCONSISTENT this year. They all just seem DISINTERESTED.

    But they are STILL my team. Go HAWKS!!

  18. SSHM- agree on Kempny. He’s not perfect- but with his skating/toughness – thought he should have been given a “longer leash”. Goes back to an article- suggesting- Kempny intentionally left ice (and Seabs alone on 2-on-1 ) to save himself from the +/- rating… and been in dog house ever since.

    But- I thought- Q had Kempny in dog house long before that.

    Either way- I don’t see how Kempny stays with Hawks- after all of this.

    Seems like a major mis-handle by Q/Hawks.

    I think Kempny – will go on to be solid top 4 for some other team soon.

  19. You know Reg, the Hawks actually have some good defensive forwards when they want to be. Kane will seal guys off plays, take pucks away and yes he back checks. I like what I see from Schmaltz in this regard, and as you said those quick hands really help winning board battles. Toews and Saad too, but we just don’t know when the TEAM wants to commit to playing that way. In discussions such as this one cannot overestimate what a defensive presence Hossa was, and how much he is missed in that regard. Hopefully we get strong 2 way play tonight from everyone. The Bolts will likely be flying.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  20. You bring up a great point Phil. Our D are so passive in front of our own net when compare to the Preds. Everyone of their D hack, slash, hug, crosscheck and it rarely gets called.

    I think the Hawks will be fine but this year looks like a loss and I’m in the camp of trying to remove some of the UFA’s and stock pile some younger assets. If they miss the playoffs I won’t be too upset as you can’t win every year. I think some of the players are playing hurt. It could be that they have turned off Q but I believe more in the former. Also Dineen has to go as he can’t run a PP. I read somewhere that Oates should be brought in as an assistant as he is a PP specialist.

    Tonight will be a fast game and hopefully an improved effort Tampa is quick but a smaller team.

  21. I’ve read several articles that I agree with regarding the Hawks current season. It’s time to forget this season and plan for the future. (1) Be sellers at the trade deadline move any veteran that you can Franson, Bouma, Wingels, Sharp and Kempny if your not going to play him. (2) Play the kids all of them let them learn without fear of benching. (3) Like someone has already said above change up the power play coaching it has always stunk under Dineen’s guidance. (4) Let these goalies sink or swim for the rest of the season no rental goalie. (5) Bring up Dahlstrom from Rockford he has size and plays defense and let Murphy play at least he tries to be physical. (6) Do everything you can to sign Sikura and then let him play. I love the Hawks have been a fan since the Hull and Mikita days but it’s time to look to the future. Good luck Hawks You’ll always be my favourite team!

  22. Reg/Phil- thats what it seems just not our guys normal. Every yr theres always about 5 games we donot play this yrs there seems like 10 already its not us. Maybe transition they know it ll take a yr or yr and half for younger guys to get good to have deep roster then go at it as usual. Disinterested more then normal.

    The guys know they can play good they just need to, its not a question if they an anymore. I donot believe a word of that Florida shit.

  23. Golden- I donot like to settle but if we are not close standing wise its better for long term. Thats what this yr is about besides playing for the CUP it makes more sense to play for the Cup when the roster is deeper and better. That means making good moves to make team better. That will happen.

    Sch. and not having Crow really doesnt help record on a somewhat tuff building yr anyways. Not blaming that but that can be difference in its own. Not to mention the hardest by far not at-best division on hockey. Way harder then that one last yr.
    On a yr we were getting experience anyways so its ok. Lets get a a better pick like top 8-10.

    In the mean time theres no reason not to play with nothing to lose. Get these young guys taking it to another level. PR.

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