Blackhawks Assign Holm, Nilsson To Rockford

On Monday morning the Blackhawks announced that forward Jacob Nilsson and defenseman Philip Holm cleared waivers and have been assigned to Rockford.

With these moves, the Blackhawks training camp roster currently stands at 30 (17 forwards, 10 defensemen, 3 goaltenders).

52 thoughts on “Blackhawks Assign Holm, Nilsson To Rockford

  1. Both could end up being good depth, but especially good to have Holm available in Rfd. May be good leader for young D while he is down there.

  2. Saying Sonny Milano days in Columbus are over, wonder if Bowman do a Perlini for Milano deal, both same caphit and both get a new start. Milano lots of skill, lots of speed, needs consistency. Got in a scuffle in a bar and charged this summer might deter his appeal.

  3. The Hawks have Holm ready to call up if they decide to trade either or both KK and Dahlstrom

    I think Holm eventually will get some games with he Hawks this year

  4. I still like Gilbert over Koekkoek, Holm, Dahlstrom, and Boqvist defensively. Boqvist offensively is off the charts… We still haven’t seen Dehaan. Opening night I would would like to see.
    Seabrook Maatta
    Keith Gustafsson/Boqvist
    Murphy Dehaan/Gilbert

    I would like to see how Seabrook does with heavier minutes with Maatta, not sure how that will work in the long run. It would be interesting to see total defensive defenseman also.
    Seabrook Maatta
    Keith Dehaan
    Murphy Gilbert

  5. Knox still concerned how Seabrook and Maatta do when the games get alot faster with all Nhl players coming at them. Hope i’m wrong and they are a lights out pairing though, just not convinced without having a partner who is a fast skater is good for either of them..

  6. Loags pkayed in back to back games, Friday he was ond of their best players, Saturday in 2nd half had his minutes cut back , not as sharp.

  7. I respect Buckaroo. I do not Morin. Hes a little bostitch. When another world junior player taped his shoulder and looked over to me to show him I was wearing an Indian Blackhawks hat and then he did, his face expression was a spoiled little brat and guess what. Q was right about him. I didnt feel right about him after that day in Lake Placid.

    Wrong attitude. Two pump chump.

  8. I want Boqvist on the team more than Holm, but Holm impressed immensely. He should be rated over Keokeo. If, god forbid, Seabrook’s hockey days are over, Holm should step in for him.

  9. Holm appeared to have the tools to be a successful d-man. Having him clear waivers means that he could be first in line for a call up in case of injuries or trades. Holm skates well and can make some slick passes with good defensive skills. He certainly is better than Dahlstrom and could also be superior to a Koekkoek. Koekkoek at this time is a more known entity and is perhaps a more physical player.

  10. Nothing against Holm and I hope he is successful but I watched Joe Veleno go around him like he was standing still and the rest of the league pass on picking him up. I expect he will get a lot of ice time in Rockford but expecting that he could step into a top 4 role is a pipe dream.

  11. @MS – that was a good move by Veleno – he had a step on Holm and made him pay

    I’ve seen Toews and others do the exact same move to NHL D men so it doesn’t mean Holm isn’t or couldn’t be an NHLer

    Plus I don’t think anyone is advocating for him to be a top 4 – just a 7th

    Having said that he’s good where he is in RKF and chances are very good he gets the call up at some point

  12. Wrap – my point is that we all tend to view our own prospects with rose colored glasses, especially guys that are new to us. I know I am in the minority but still would like to see Dahlstrom in the mix. Last year he was thrown into a shutdown pairing with Murphy as there were no better options. I thought for an extended stretch they did fairly well. Many believe it takes a d-man up to 150 games to really become effective and he is nowhere near that point. My gut is that if either Dahlstrom or Koekkoek go on waivers they will be claimed.

  13. @MS: couldn’t agree more re the rose colored glasses. It’s hard not to though – as Andy Dufresne once said “hope is a good thing.”

    As a fan, watching the prospects develop is a huge part of it for me which is why I get ticked when they get shipped out in sketchy deals (e.g. Danault, Johns, Joki).

    I don’t know about Dahlstrom and KK. I think both have some upside, but Dahlstrom has slow feet and leaves big gaps, and KK tends to lunge at guys and blow coverages. If we hadn’t added Maatta and De Haan there might be room for one of them but it’s a bit crowded on the left side right now.

  14. MS agree Holm is good depth but how he matches up against Nhl calibur players is yet to be seen, true we get to high on some new players, at same time too hard on some others vets and new players. Have a small sample of both Dahlstrom and Koekkoek, at least one of them will have to clear waivers or be traded. Gilbert looks to be moving up the depth ladder for that number 7 part time 6th defensman too.

  15. Good point Ian about Gilbert moving up the depth chart

    I think there’ll be a trade (maybe more than one) before the season starts or shortly after to help clear the D man logjam

    I don’t think JC wants to carry 8 D men and it’s quite possible Dahlstrom or KK would get picked up on waivers if exposed

  16. It made a huge difference when Dals and Murf were healthy ready last yr around game 30. Then the team was better. Same thing with Maatta and Haan, the team is going to be better when both are in. Cant wait because its the first time since 2017 we have enough good defensemen to have a legitimate fair chance to play and we saw what we could do since game 30 last yr.

  17. Interesting how they are signing these bridge deals. Tkachuk just signed with Flames 3 yrs 7m caphit. However still a rfa at end of deal and last years actual salary is 9m, so to keep control of his rfa status and not let him become an ufa, the qualifying offer has to be 100% of previous years salary not caphit. So Flames will have to qualify him a 9m/yr offer to retain his rights or beomes an ufa.

  18. All these bridge deals sure make Marner look pretty selfish.

    On Perlini : in late summer I posted that I was told the Hawks did Not want him and that’s why there was no deal all summer. When I asked, what was going to happen to him, I was told he would come to camp and likely be waived at the end of camp in hopes that somebody would claim him. Seems to be working out that way almost to a T.
    He skates with the scratches and he told the Athletic’s Mark Lazarus he is fine with that, that it is hockey and he’s just trying to have fun.
    The whole thing is strange, but I think it’s obvious Colliton does not like him, his laid back attitude or the way he plays.
    Contrast that with Collitons glowing praise of Caggiula in the Sun Times and how he hustles on every shift, digs pucks out of corners and battles.

  19. With the bridge deals just signed by Point and Tkachuk – it gives me hope Stan can get bridge deals done with Cat and Strome. Normally I would prefer long term deals, especially with Cat, but a bridge deal keeps the AAV down to give more cap space for Stan to use to construct a Cup contending roster.

    The Hawks have to keep in mind that the so-called “T&K window” is not going to last forever so 3-year bridge deals with lower AAV plays well with maximizing T&K through the 2022/23 season when T&K contracts expire. If Cat and Strome sign 3-year bridge deals – then the expiration of their bridge deals, when they will command more, coincides with the expiration of the T&K deals, when they should accept less … in theory, anyway.

  20. Point and Tkachuk by taking a 9m actual salary on final, in essence signed a 4th year for 9m, as that is qualifying offer needed to prevent them becoming ufas.
    Marner gave up 2 ufa years so the end result of the longer deal could end up saving money.
    EB that was what i was thinking if they do bridge deals with 12 and 17, maybe they forgo a little on aav now for a guaranteed big qualifying offer on 4th year or get ufa status early. Seems like thats the avenue agents and teams are taking to alleviate immediate caphit for teams up against it.

  21. Jordy said bridge for Stromer since the start. Didn’t ever think De bob lee swagger cat would. So with these top players doing bridges he could then.

  22. Doing both Mo, quite likely not a good idea, Debrincat long term like 6 or 7 years may be better route, if asking price not too high. Puts alot of pressure on teams at end of bridge deals the way they are being done.

  23. The extension of Faulk to me means the Blues won’t re-sign Pietrangelo. He’d be 30 and want good money. The Faulk extension is going to hurt. The dollars may not be that bad right now. But the extension means he’s there for the next 8 years until he’s 36. He’s -100 for his career. He was -26 in 2017. Hanifin was the next worse with -20. The rest of the D was between -6 and +9. It’s either a lot of bad luck…or telling a story.

    The Faulk extension of 6.5 per and the Brady Skjei contract of 5.25 per are going to be reasonable comps for what Gustafsson is going to want.

  24. So let’s assume the Hawks keep players that are no longer waiver exempt to come up with lines for Rockford.


    Knott-Noel-Fortin-Versteeg-Moutrey-Coughlin-tyler Sikura-McClaughlin

    All but Versteeg in the second list should be in the ECHL. Not sure why I’m asking as you won’t reply…but where would you play Brouwer? He’s 34. They’ve got veterans. Play the kids and let them develop. Signing a guy like him means sending a decent prospect to Indy. At one time Brouwer would have fit that description.

    D position based on handedness only

    Krys- Osipov

  25. I know Nylander is skilled but without the grit, he jsut floats around the ice and stays away from contact. Again, this team plays small. Caps to big and fast for Hawks. Apart from Saad, who has sand paper in the top 6?No one unless SAAd joins Toews. Shaw if he joins Strome…Which is why Perlini who has made the NHL every year unlike Nylander needs to play alongside Teows.Our Top six needs Perlini and SAAD other wise, they will get pushed around all day.

  26. Wait until they play the top six of the Flyers in Berlin!!! Scary! Oh, and please enough Kampf JC, let’s hope DACH gets better soon to take over 3rd line center.

  27. Wow one game I know but……
    Reminded me of the first part of last year. Nylander has skill but lacks compete and honestly, the will to pay much of a price. Agree with Hull on the lack of grit.
    Long way to go to be a playoff team, hope they improve.

  28. Perlini has grit and sandpaper? Maybe if he’s learned how to wet sand a car with 1500 grit. He’s got size, but he don’t use it at all.

  29. Just like Noonan I felt this looked exactly like the beginning of last year. I’ll chalk it up as an exhibition but these were largely our starters, they should be embarrassed by this poor effort. Boqvist showed he needs to be in Rockford, Nylander needs to show much more to be on the top line.

  30. Agree Noonan kinda disappointing, Kampf and Kubalik only players not on the ice for a goal, with Saad best line 5 on 5. The 12, 17 and 88 line not likely a regular combo. Don’t see Nylander showing he is an Nhl pkayer yet. Perlini bringing grit is laughable, if Dach plays would lime to see maybe.

    12 19 65
    77 17 88
    20 64 8
    15 22 91

    Likely keeps 12 and 17, goes back to 88 and 19 for a bit though.

  31. Hope they improve too. Yes, the skill level has improved when you think of last years roster but the truth has not changed. Strome cannot survive with his lack of speed and strength. He will get outplayed, out muscled 5 on 5 against every 2nd line centre in the league in the top 20-25 teams. He is a PP passer but that’s it. Perlini? He still has more grit or potential (He has shown it). Shaw, on a playoff team is a perfect 3rd or 4th line player, like he was in those CUP teams in 2013-2015. We need more of those up front in the top 6 with skill, size and grit combined. This is why, the Beaudin, Mitchell, Boqvist and Joki draft picks set us back because Oliver Walhstrom or Joe Veleno or some other forwards would given us an upgrade since Graham Knott is a complete bust. I admire Cagg but he will battle 10 pucks in a game with all his might and come up with 1 or 2 because he’s too small. Dcat? Not his game either but a true sniper. Playing San Jose, Preds, Caps, Blues, etc…Hawks have no chance with this roster. And Saad will be wasted playing with Kampf and Kubalik unless Dach returns. Otherwise, play him with Toews! I think Quenneville can add some muscle and puck possession too. Nylander, not sure he will ever play with grit or urgency. He did not do it in Buffalo so let’s see what he does the 1st 10 games. But he cannot play with Toews and Kane because then the Captain is stuck mucking in the corners the entire game. Perlini or Saad remain the best option for Toews and Kane. Please no more Kampf .

    11 19 88 (more grit at center and on the left side, one skilled player on the right)
    20 77 92 (more grit at center and on the left side, one skilled player on the right)
    12 17 8 (Easier for Strome to play against a 3rd line center)
    15 22 91 (Good enough)
    Extra forwards (Wedin, Quenneville)

    Kampf to the AHL for good. Rather see high energy Highmore given a shot later in the season.

    Go Hawks!

  32. Was expecting a lot more then this after summer adds and draft. Not going by anything in these 6 scrimmages, but not what were want to see when were warming up the engine here.

  33. Wonder what 5million for a backup goalie could have given us instead for a top six winger with NHL pedigree? I know Kubalik can shoot the puck in the SWISS league but Perlini can shoot the puck as well, has more speed and a little more grit too. But, Kubalik does have some desire and urgency in his game which can grow.

  34. The biggest concern is the pp. It regressed at end of kast season to early season type numbers and hopefully tthe oreseason isn’t an omen if that. Pk was 1st star tonight and has been solid in preseason.

  35. @HULL65 in that universe, Perlini has more grit than Kubalik? Kubalik is the better player in all areas than him. He was one of our best players tonight, once again.

    And 5 millions for a backup goalie were definitely a great spend, considering how atrocious Crawford was in this game. 6 goals allowed in 25 shots isn’t good no matter how you spin it. Lehner allowed just 2 goals in offer 40 shots in the previous game. At this rate, Crawford will be the backup, not Lehner

  36. Sven, on Lehner being no.1, i said before and still believe they may employ a method similar to Isles of 80s, where Resch was no.1 in regular season, getting more starts and Smith got the call in playoffs to be the money guy. Could see a similar scenario with Lehner getting more starts during season and Crawford get the opportunity to be money guy in playoffs. Off course as you say performance, plus health may play a big role too.

  37. Reoccurring theme in the Washington game ,Gus coughing the puck up to avoid physical contact ,Boqvist getting man handled , Crow being screened on 4 of the 6 goals and most of our shots on goal were directed at the goalies chest with zero net front presents ……What is the J.C system ?

  38. With Boqvist and Saarela going down, roster at 28. There are 14 healthy fwds, plus Dach and Quenneville on ir. Quenneville either put through waivers or stays as 13th or 14th fwd and Wedin reassigned if they want to avoid waivers. Dach could end up on roster when healthy and Nylander to Rfd to work out some things maybe.
    Gilbert, Dahlstrom and Koekkoek competing for one spot. Gilbert may be insurance in Europe in case Dehaan and Murphy aren’t ready, they have 7 healthy bodies available. Koekkoek is he being showcased for a trade or has he won the no.7 job. Trade is my bet.
    Delia going if Lehner or Crawford can’t dress not likely plays, maybe in exhibition game, then to Rfd. How much can Crawford give this year, is he on a slide in performance wise, think we see more of Boqvist before year out and Delia may play a big role too. Forward depth is there, shouldn’t be a concern once lines get set.

  39. Agree with most posters that Hawks showed an alarming lack of compete – I will cut them a bit of slack because it’s pre-season and their heads may already be in Europe but still a putrid performance all around

    It’s very concerning to me that even with 2 weeks of training camp the Hawks are no better at defending as a 5 man unit than most of last year

    Also very concerning is that they won maybe 2 board battles all game long

    On the positive side Wedin continues to impress me as does Kubalik

    Agree Kampf’s line was the best but using 64 between 20 and 8 is a waste of those wingers – hopefully 77 takes that position when he’s healthy

    Crow looked slow to react even though the D did him no favours

    DCat couldn’t complete anything more than a 4 foot pass – just terrible

    And why did JC stick with those top 2 lines the whole game when they obviously weren’t working – sending a message?

    A lot of work to be done before being anything close to a playoff team

  40. Wrap, Kampf is no goal scorer but defensively solid, if he can continue to hold his own on fos, win some board battles as he’s doing and be a net front presence for Saad and Kubalik, he will be a fine 3c.

    The coaches keep talking about play without the puck being important, that makes Collitons system work, without that it seems to be alot of confusion. Perlini’s lack of committment to playing without the puck is likely a big reason we don’t see him in games, bad to worse effect.

  41. Kulablik I have liked since the start of getting him and always thought he is better then Kahun.

    Playoffs are going to happen, to get a 2 / 3 seed or the 4 /5 seed we need to get shht together. We have the players full roster no excuses.

    Do not think guys give a shit these 7 scrimmages, its just warm ups. Still want to see 3 of 6 look good get in sync. patterns down.

    PK and not playing short handed will be back to normal with full roster and a normal amount of DEF FW and Defensemen.

    Prob good Haan is out a bit so when he is ready it makes the team that much better, kind of like when Hoss was ready.

  42. Nothing agasint 11 but move your ass. Go Wedin and others that are, playing, and that are have upside to be NHL ready.

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