Blackhawks Assign Sikura, Delia to Rockford

After the Blackhawks 4-1 preseason victory over Columbus on Saturday night the organization announced forward Dylan Sikura and goaltender Collin Delia have been assigned to Rockford.

Chicago’s training camp roster currently stands at 25: 13 forwards, nine defensemen and three goaltenders. Included in those numbers are defensemen Gustav Forsling and Connor Murphy and goaltender Corey Crawford, all of whom could be on IR on Opening Night. Forsling and Murphy are expected to miss at least the first month of the regular season.

60 thoughts on “Blackhawks Assign Sikura, Delia to Rockford

  1. Delia didn’t get the look i hoped he’d get. They finally bit the bullet on Sikura and sent him down. A little time to adapt his game and get some confidence, is what he needs and hopefully like Hino and Schmaltz he responds.

  2. Kotkniemi… makes Habs team.

    Boqvist– 2 games- OHL… zero points… -2

    Me likes Beaudin – better

    At least there are lot’s of Centers in top 10 –2019 Draft… which Hawk’s will have great chance of picking in…

    Kakko– will be next year’s Kotkaniemi!!!

  3. Moving Sikura to Rockford was the right move. There is little doubt he has the skills to be a good player in the NHL but he needs to learn how to play in the physically intimidating world of pro hockey. Will he? Hopefully.

    So now we know the opening night roster. CapFriendly shows a roster of 25 and Cap space of a little over $3M. Murphy and Forsling are on the roster and will be put on LTIR after the season opens, reducing the roster to the limit of 23 and increasing Cap space to $7.7M There are 13 forwards, 7 d-men and 3 goalies. Apparently CC is close enough to keep him on the roster with the plan to send Forsberg through waivers when CC is ready to start playing, thereby reducing the roster to the preferred 22 and increasing Cap space a bit.

    Having Kunitz, Martinsen and Davidson on the roster isn’t the way I would have wanted it to turn out but here we are. Let the games begin.

  4. Regarding Boqvist’s first two games with London – I suppose casting a negative viewpoint is one way to do it by citing 0 points and -2 … OR … one could offer a more positive viewpoint by citing his 12 shots on goal in the two games and refer to some highlights that show his electrifying skating and play.

    If he stays healthy he will be a star player in London and in due time with the Hawks. He’s the last guy I worry about meeting high expectations. Jokiharju and Sikura – a little more worried they may not reach the lofty expectations for them – but not worried about Boqvist.

  5. I would send Jokiharju to Rockford as well. I am not down on him at all, I just don’t think he is near ready. It wouldn’t bother me if he spends a year and a half down there where he will learn lots and not get torched regularly as is likely to happen with the big club. As well, who is he going to play with….Gus, Manning? He would need a steady guy to pair with and we don’t have anything like that at this point.

  6. There is a couple of options with Forsberg, they could send him down this week when he is liable to clear easily and recall him. Then have him for 10 games as emergency replacement without waivers again, and can use Delia until Crawford returns, then Forsberg still have his 10 games waiver exempt status. Depends on Crawford if he is likely to be awhile or not. Saying he may start practicing with team tomorrow or early this week so hard to know how close he really is.

  7. Three things this season regardless of won/loss record to me is
    1) Watching Hayden, Johnson, Kampf and Kahun plus likely callups Highmore, Sikura, Fortin & Ejdsell and see what prospective bottom 6 and possibly top 6 players for future are there.
    2) Jokiharju’s development and younger defencemen to see who can be future supporting cast when the star defensemen are ready
    3) a clearer picture of what the goaltending position is going to look like next year and years after.

  8. Jordy, that makes sense. Maybe when 5 and 42 are healthy then have him go.
    9 game elc, depends on him being ready/when ready. or they do not care and hes getting more then 9 so.

    Ian, that makes sense with goalie. Usually 2 wks of practice to get up to speed. He must of been out of shape/in ways so maybe more then 2.

  9. The team usually starts ok (not in transistion yrs-even though it was same last yr until injurys) then play really good in NOV and DEC.
    It doesn’t matter, we could be 10-10 then go 15-5 when Crows back and be in good spot. Otherwise like that other guy said we might be in the hole after 10-15 games and that would just get us back to 20-20.
    No matter what, I look to those games, 10-15 in to 40 to play good. That’s really the stretch that will tell a lot.
    Overall like everybody says, its 100% about young guys getting established and nhl ready and see whos going to be good.
    Remember though, just because some play better now, doesn’t mean some of the others wont emerge later. So we should keep most of them. Overflow them in Rockford.

  10. Kaliyev… another 2019 draft kid to look at closely

    ER- I see Boqvist… with some serious High end skills… especially on the O side (skates like 72 with the puck at times)…. No Doubt

    Just saying… I am really HIGH on Beaudin… seems like serious Offense/skating too…
    But Higher IQ than Boqvist… and Beaudin really thinks the game quickly

  11. See these are the reason why I like drafting 4 defensemen like that with those 1sts and 2nd pick. We need everyone of them. Not guaranteed that they are all top 2 and 4 players. I would veryhappy with one top pair and 3 top 4 from them. Its needed. It was, was our weakest position. Rather load up that way and trade an extra top 4 D then try to draft perfectly.

    NAS got JoHo that way/a top line center.

  12. Wall, I’m very high on Beaudin too. At this point in their careers I would agree Beaudin has a more well rounded game than Boqvist but Boqvist has that “it factor” that few players have and in my opinion has a higher ceiling than Beaudin. Beaudin will probably be very good on offense and pretty good on defense whereas Boqvist may only get to the level of serviceable on defense but electrifying on offense. Both are keepers.

    We think Joki will be very good all around but if I had to guess which of the three will end up being the best d-man I would place both Boqvist and Beaudin a slight tick above Joki. And then there’s Mitchell who is probably right in that mix as well.

    I don’t recall ever having this many legitimately promising d-prospects.

  13. It almost, almost makes you forget BQ is 17 at draft. He really has another yr to, see, where hes at compared to others in this draft.

  14. E.R i am just very high ……Houston we have a problem ,.,.,we have 2 real certified D men ! That is cause for serious concern . You talented bunch of number crunching name throwing couch bosses not dealing with reality ? We are seriously screwed on the back end .
    Bowman is crossing his fingers ,his toes and cupping his jewels ,.,.,hoping and praying at least one of the opening night rookie D men pans out to be a steady n.h.l. player . This D shit show lays fully on Bowman’s shoulders .
    I poor pity who ever is in net for us .

  15. Anyone see the ridiculous numbers goalie Carter Hart has continued to put in preseason for the FLYERS? A stud goalie in Juniors and Philly’s future in nets. Btw, he was drafted in the 2nd round , 48th overall Mr.BOWMAN…Oh yeah, you don’t draft good goalies.

    Sikura needs to be in ROCKFORD for a year and maybe two. I do not see him being a top 6 player in the NHL and not sure as a bottom six either. TOOOOO SOFT!

  16. Halktalk, we don’t have a good team this season so if you were expecting better than I can understand why you feel we’re screwed. I wasn’t expecting anything other than a rebuilding year this season and most likely next season too. The cavalry is on the way but the earliest they’ll get here is next season and that’s the optimistic view. The hope is the cavalry gets here in time to get the last good years out of Toews and Kane.

  17. When the Hawks were winning Cups and riding high with the best lineup in the league the cautionary tale was to not become the Detroit Redwings where they tried to patch a team around their aging core and ended up in a decade of mediocrity where they weren’t bad enough the get the top talent in the draft but weren’t good enough to contend for the Cup. All teams rise and fall but the idea is to not try to hang on too long with the old stars but rather cut bait and go full rebuild while you can still get something for the old star players.

    That’s were the Hawks are right now. It seems Stan and Q realize this but aren’t prepared to jump in with both feet. They’re trying to go half way and hope it works. I’m not suggesting trade Toews and/or Kane because they still have some good years left – but I am suggesting trade Keith. If the realistic expectation is the Hawks’ young players may be ready to play by the 2020/21 season – that would mean Keith will be 37 by then. He probably isn’t a true #1 D-man anymore but he would be a good 3/4 guy on a contending team. Why not trade him for something that can help the 2020/21 Hawks? I know he has a NMC but if the trade is to a contending team maybe he would agree to get one more kick at the can.

  18. Don’t disagree with the Keith trade idea and that may happen at TDL when you can get the most for him but not now or this past summer

    Trading Keith will also depend on how the Hawks are doing in the standings – if they’re in the hunt they may choose to add a short term piece with the hopes of getting into the playoffs giving their young players a taste of what is required

    IMO I think the Hawks will be a little better than most here seem to think – I think they’ll tread water until CC is back then hang around a playoff spot for most of the season which will make the TDL interesting for the above reasons – trade someone like Keith or not

    There is more speed on the team this year, more ability to forecheck and if Kahun is legit then two good scoring lines – the 3rd and 4th line aren’t gonna score much but seem defensively steady

    Toews looks like he’ll have a better year

    The D is a concern but Forsling should help when he’s back and I think Joki although he will have his struggles will be fine

    The trick for the D is to limit the egregious turnovers and bone headed decisions – maybe easier said than done but it shouldn’t be hard to do better than last year’s D which committed both endless turnovers and bad decisions

    Assuming CC gets back in form by the 12- 15 game mark (or earlier) I think the Hawks will keep it interesting – they may or may not squeak into the playoffs but they should be close either way

  19. It is telling that Sikura — w/ the heavy inside track based upon his family’s relationship w/ Q and the dogged pursuit of Bowman — was sent to Rockford. He was the poor man’s chosen one, and they chose to send him to Rockford; frankly, if you ask me, his brother is a better player. He has a long way to go to make it as a contributing NHL forward.

    On a positive note, Bowman has stocked some decent forwards in Rockford that can actually play (Highmore, Fortin, Noel), and the guy he got from Arizona has a solid future (unlike Edjsell, Enstwhile can skate well and he has an offensive skillset). Say what you want about Saad lately, Bowman drafted him buying low, as well as Debrincat; Bowman drafted Shaw and Danault as well. Bowman’s strongest suit may be drafting forwards. He could have drafted Wahlstrom & Veleno instead of the B&B D-men he drafted in the first round this year and the Hawks still would be in good shape down the road D-men wise. Anyway….

    ….Speaking of D-men, if you ask me, Rutta is atrocious. Joki has a long ways to go to prove he is a top 6, regular minutes D-man; we’ll see. Hillman will play well in Rockford, I can’t imagine w/ their jobs on the line Q & Bowman will allow a joker like Rutta & green player in Joki to stay w/ the team too long; one would think they’ll have a short leash. (Save the #4 jersey for Hillman, same kind of smart, gritty, steady, player. “Reliable” (Q).).

    As Q has eloquently stated many times, they’re in “the winning business.”

  20. That’s what I think.
    Were better then last yr- by
    not having two ahl goalies and defense same-hair better and FWs are better, then you add Crow for more then 21 of 30 games.

    Still hardest division and same thing your saying.

  21. Should be improved over what we saw last half of last year, playoffs be struggle, especially if Crawford is still awhile . Ward will have some good games and some not so good ones but he should make his backup better.

    Top 6 is set and will be fine, 4th line too. The 3rd line looked like they wanted to copy last year AA centering Sharp Dcat last year with Kunitz and Sikura. Instead will need some time to see who.

    Defense as expected will be a work in progress and injuries make it even more so, but a year or 2 can turn that around fairly quick.

  22. Leafs just put Connor Carrick on Waivers. Would love to see Hawks go out and get him for a late round pick or one of these young forwards in Rockford. More young players can’t hurt.

  23. First ten games are critical. Starting 3-7 or worse will mean chasing the pack for the rest of the season.

  24. Agree Craig – it’s huge for the Hawks to stay afloat until CC is back then maybe they can inch forward

  25. Ernie,
    Usually the case but with a kid with that much potential he had to get traded. Stars got him for a conditional 7th. Hawks could have easily given that up just to see if he’s he real deal or not.

  26. Yea.

    Usually the first 5 games or so are always a split. As no team is up to speed yet. So that should help 2-3/3-2, its after that where you need to do that.

  27. Mo from Nov. 21st to christmas break their schedule is 10 road ganes, at Caps, TB, Fla, Jets twice, Preds, Ducks, VGK, Stars & Avs. Home 8 games against VGK, Jets, Flames, Habs, Pens, Sharks, Preds & Fla. Brutal liable to set the tone for rest of season.

  28. I’ve already come to terms with Crawford retiring and I kinda feel like he should. Having him back won’t save the season. He’ll save a few games for sure, but I’d rather him have a pleasant life after his hockey career, which is already historic. I’d hate to see him take another hit just to help out a mediocre team.

  29. Gander – Lindros retired when the doctors told him that one more concussion could result in a compromised life after hockey and that was a time when concussions weren’t taken as seriously as they are now and the Hawks are taking Crawford’s

    Nothing is guaranteed of course but if Crow has been cleared to play we have to trust that the doctors (and I think Crow has his own team) wouldn’t clear him just to help out a mediocre team but because he’s actually medically Ok to resume playing

  30. Why should he retire just because the team isn’t deep right now. It will be in 1 or 2 yrs, not now.
    When hes 100% and good to go, let the guy play.
    It doesn’t matter if he would only get this roster/not deep now, to playoffs and then get beat by a top team.
    Its about getting back to where he was, a top3 goalie. Even if he isint as good/top3 but is still top5-10, we need him when were deep.

    I am only thinking about a yr or 2 from now, when were deep and back.
    So I think its ok for him to play, not 60 games/if playing entire season, but get half or something of the games. Use this yr to get back into it and not worry about being a top3 goalie. Next yr and on its on.

  31. Wonder if Bowman is trading for draft picks etc. at deadline, who would be candidates to go. Obviously AA, Murphy, Kruger or Saad could garner enough interest to be moved. Others like Gus, Rutta, Forsling, Hayden or Kampf maybe possibilties.
    Ward and Kunitz have nmc, so unlikely to go, Nalimov, who looks like he is hoped part of the picture next year if he has a good season with Crawford if he is available. So unlikely much interest in any goalies during season, unless somebody is in a bind with injuries, then maybe Forsberg be a moved.

  32. Ian, that is the reason why I said the 1st 40 games are harder then the 2nd 40 games.
    We could have a bad record in the 1st 40 and have Crow the entire 2nd and have a good record. Where to it could look like were there for a top pick, then go 25-15 in 2nd 40 and not have as high as 8th or be close to playoffs. Sch. wise.

  33. Parker,
    Bowman does not have the eye to make a savy minor hockey trade like Tallon did with Patrick Sharp from the Flyers or Kris Versteeg from the Bruins. Carrick would have fit in for sure. Who I thought would have been a good gamble? Nick Baptiste from the Sabres who NASHVILLE’s GM just traded for.
    Sleeping at the wheel Pierre Gauthier and Bowman.
    I think we need to keep KEITH, SEABROOK, KANE and CRAWFORD. We all remember what happened when we traded Chelios to the Wings! Disaster! Nothing in return!
    We will be stuck with KUNITZ , MANNING, WARD and DAVIDSON all year because they have no value on the trade market. And with Murphy’s injury, he has also dropped in whatever small value he had.

  34. Whatever the record is, I am going for playing good and winning out fair share.
    Crow comes back gets back to 100% and gets into it, take her easy, build through season.
    We could be really good 2nd 40 games.
    No matter what just enjoy the FW getting good.
    The D will come when it does.

    Theres important parts/FW to see this season, that will be part of being a deep team in a yr or yr and a half.

  35. Forwards look ok for next season, 3rd line Sikura should be good to go after a transition year, maybe sign a FA. Kahun somebody back there if FA is top 6, Soderlund looks to be in the mix . Plus a Kurachev could make it too.
    Johnson and Hayden form a good base for 4th line.
    Development if the younger guys, top end and supporting cast, the defence does nothing but improve from here, hitting the low now so getting better is coming soon.
    Yeah Mo the 2nd half much more favorable schedule for sure. Even if Crawford is back don’t see him playing any more than half the games for awhile.

  36. A guy to keep an eye on next years draft could be Podkoizin out if Russia. Could be a Hossa type power forward, 2way possession winger, who can score. May be a top 15 choice or higher if he keeps improving his stock this year.

  37. Forwards for next year may also include Jake Wise depending how he does in his first year at Boston U.

    Maxim Shalunov may also decide to come over although I think that would be the 2020/21 season.

    Niklas Nordgren could be in the mix too – he is playing in a junior league in Finland but I believe he’s scoring at better then a point per game.

    And don’t forget my boy Fortin. I still think that guy will be a regular on the Hawks within the next year of two.

    And finally, Mackenzie Entwistle has a shot too.

  38. Absolutely EB and i would throw Highmore as strong candidate too. Ejdsell far from out the picture yet too.

  39. I wonder if Stan would take a run at Duchene with his unused cap space either in a trade (probably at the deadline) or perhaps more likely as a UFA next July

    He could fit in nicely with the idea of getting Toews and Kane another legit shot

    Next year we could also see Boquist on the team and the young guys currently here already could be coming into their own

    An add like Duchene next year could pry open the contending window especially if Crow is back to his old self

  40. Duchene was one i thought about also the Isles have Brock Nelson, Anders Lee and Jordan Eberle all ufa s next summer, probably won’t sign all 3. There may be a candidate there also.

  41. Questions is who would you rather have 72, any of those, other.
    I would want ufa and keep every asset.
    Unless we trade a little more at deadline then an asset I guess wouldn’t be a problem.
    We can rotate some with more coming and being full.

  42. I do not think that were not going to add, next summer, a high end ufa and not let Crow play just because were not deep right now.

    We add a 81 and 4 type player and were right back were we were. Crow being good.
    Once the younger players are established.

    That’s the thing people most forget, weve been playing short handed-without 81 and 4 for these two yrs, not just the goalie thing/and not being deep when relaoding. If we were reloading with 81 and 4, it would be/feel different.

  43. Its not about one over the other, but Panarin going to go high and likely alot of suitors. Not seeing where the money he needs is right now without a little shakeup.
    There is a good chance of a high end forward coming in next summers draft, plus Saad, Schmaltz and Kane may light it up. So too early to say with scope of forwards available to say who best suits, all things considered.

  44. Wow, Caps pick up another ex-1st round pick from St-Louis on waivers; Dimitri Jaskin!!! Another one slips by our GM.

    Coach Q and Bowman need to give AA 2 offensive players to have a good 3rd line. And I do noit mean KUNITZ or Hayden or Sikura….!

  45. Jaskin was a 2nd Rd pick. You realize 29 other teams in the league decided to pass on claiming him right? Those other 29 GMs are bums and should be fired. Every one of them.

    Your bias is showing.

  46. Bowman and the other 29 gms will have their chance at Jaskin again when Wilsons suspension is over, most likely.

  47. With Sikura and his potential $925,000 in bonuses in minors for now, will be back up at some point. That leaves just over 4M in possible bonus carryovers on roster. 1.85M are Kahun’s B bonuses which are tied to how big a year he has offensively basically, similar to Panarin.
    So about 2.1M very good chance they are attained and about 2.8M are pending.

  48. I doubt Kahun is as offensively gifted as Panarin. And playing on a line with Toews probably drags his ceiling down a bit as opposed to with Kane. Panarin barely hit those bonuses.

  49. I agree but if other things like +/- or comparisons to other rookies accomplishments or voting on rookie of the year triggers it i wouldn’t say it’s out of the question.

  50. Parke, I know a little late regarding Carrick… Your info about him being placed on waivers was incorrect. The leafs traded him before they placed him on waivers. Placing him on waivers would have subjected him to every team in the league and that wasn’t the case here.

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