13 thoughts on “Blackhawks Assign Vince Hinostroza To Rockford

  1. Can we get Dano up for a trial on Teuvo’s wing?
    Through 35 games last year he had 8 goals; on pace for 18 for a season.
    Let’s have a look…

  2. Yes, I’m expecting Bickell to play. Or, at least, attempt to play. If nothing else he will get attention from a Wild team who irrationally believe he can still hurt them.

  3. 1 more game until Bickell has to go through the waiver process again. After being scratched the last few games I’m curious if anything whether it’s a waiver claim, trade, or a trip to Rockford happens.

    On an unrelated (sorta) note, Wideman of Calgary is suddenly possibly available. Although he has a huge cap hit. Someone (maybe Friedman?) connected the Hawks to Kris Russel. I don’t think either player is anything more than speculation. And, frankly at this point anything more than a salary dump or recall would be difficult to fathom.

  4. Well the Icehogs do have a game today. Perhaps he plays to get a little bit more experience and to relieve the cap? Perhaps he might come back up later this week when the Hawks play a few games. Didn’t they do this with one of the Hawks prospects a few years ago? Constantly calling them up for games and then returning them?

  5. Believe they played the two way game with Jack Skille and Bryan Bickell ironically in 09/10.

    I don’t know if thats what theyre doing here or not. I liked what I saw, but 9 minutes a night and 40% at the dot with no PK time for a 3c isnt really going to cut it. I dont really know what you want out of Hinostroza anyway. What kind of game do you want him to play?

  6. Hino has impressed, good for him!

    Bickell isnt even worth mentioning at this point any longer, he isnt an NHL player but he does have an NHL contract.

    I would love to see more Dano but some salary needs to be moved, wonder if Shaw is being shopped. He has hit a wall of late and hasnt done much in my eyes.

  7. I think the youngster played very well. They’re just protecting him.
    They’ll play Bickell on the road, against the division. As they should.

  8. reminder: Quenneville said they would probably call up a 7th defenseman for this trip (before Rozy is ready). My guess is Cumiskey shows up sometime this week.

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