Blackhawks Blanked In Washington

No Toews, no Kane, no Keith, no offense.

Hawks Caps

The Blackhawks went to Washington and lost 4-0 to a Capitals team that, unlike the Hawks, didn’t just go thru the motions.

Jay Beagle doubled his goal output for the season, scoring twice to lead the Caps. Alex Ovechkin scored his 51st of the season only 2:04 into the game and it held up as the game-winner.

Corey Crawford allowed all four goals in the first two periods, facing only 20 shots in the loss. Antti Raanta replaced him for the third period and stopped all seven shots he faced in the game.


22 thoughts on “Blackhawks Blanked In Washington

  1. Shortest game summary ever by Tab. ‘Nuff said. Don’t get hit, don’t hit anyone, above all don’t get hurt, skate around make it look good. If the puck is sitting there with a wide open net then you can score, otherwise just take it easy. Cruising into the playoffs. Need to get there healthy, rested and hungry.

  2. Another Hawk loss while out shooting the WINNING team… this bad luck has to stop…
    How do the Avs keep winning when two of their Best players are out (Duchene/Stastny) and their Corsi Diff. is negative for the year – gotta be the luckiest team in hockey??? Surely these lucky Avs will lose their “puck luck” in the playoffs!

    Answer: Grade A shots

  3. So they didn’t show up for the game. Guess what, I don’t care. Hawks are #3 in their division for the PO’s and can’t move up and can’t move down, it’s set. They would have had a few other guys up there in press box w/ Keith if 88 and 19 not out and already using call-ups. Only thing of interest tomorrow night is to see who dresses and who gets the night off. Remember when Q did this last year…that poor kid goalie from Rockford gave one up on his first shot faced in the NHL. Maybe Hoss should rest tomorrow, and/or Hammer. Holy crap I’m glad I’m not a Blues fan…did they ever pick a fine time to tank, and this skid of theirs looks like the kind that continues and kills them in the 2nd season. Just fine for us, we’d have played both them and CO anyway most likely.

  4. Whether we got the 2 seed or not, now these last 2 reg. season games are meaningless. The Only important thing, is not to get hurt. Games 81 & 82 are like a game when your up 4-1 in the last 5 min of 3rd and the other team scores… when your not playing, its a meaningless goal. Just like game 48 last yr, etc. I think we had a lot of backups in that one to.

    I would like to get a tie or win in Nashville, so were 6 or more games over .500 on the road.

  5. Icehogs took it on the chin as well, lost 4-1. Pretty much a must win game against a team who has already clinched a spot. B&B…..was goaltending poor or did the Admirals get grade A chances?? TT scored the Hogs goal and Stephen Johns played as well. Hogs pretty much have to win their 4 remaining games to have a shot at the playoffs.

  6. Mike the Admirals are a very good hockey team and they know how to beat the Hogs. They hit create turnovers and then create scoring chances. The score may have been 4-1 but the Admirals out chanced us by a ton. I commented the other day that all the youngsters on the Hogs are tired. Lots of great kids with great character but dead legs. The only Hogs moving their legs last night were the Fin rookie Tevo and Clendening. The Admirals skated circles around us and that shouldn’t ever happen with this team. LaBarbera was great when he first came here, about a month, since then he has been average at best. I thought the rookie Johns looked good, he’s strong but smart too. Even so, dead legs. Tevo was the best Hog out there, and if he had more help his line could have scored a lot more goals. He was good at the draw as well. The Broadhurts, who have been dynamite to watch all season, are done like dinner. Dead tired like most of the team. But all and all it has been another entertaining season, its just too bad the Hawks gutted us when they did. We had a playoff spot all sewn up and now, were are out. But that’s normal business in the minors. I see Pirri keeps on rolling for Florida. I wish he was still here. Missed all of the Hawks game, glad I did.

  7. Clendening was terrible last night. There’s so much love for him on here because he scores points, but he played zero defense last night. The group of people I was with counted at least 5 odd man rushes that Milwaukee had as a direct result of him not getting back on defense. He scores so many points because he sits at the blue line and waits to shoot. Whenever the puck gets past him he has zero chance of skating back and catching anybody. Milwaukee routinely skated right past him and he then loafed back and yelled for a forward to take his spot. On Milwaukee’s third goal he was the last person back for either team and hadn’t even crossed into the defensive zone when the goal was scored. Gaudy offensive numbers are nice, but he can’t skate or play defense. Quenneville would eat him alive and park him on the bench just like he does every other rockford player that is undisciplined and plays terrible defense.

    Not too much to say about any of the other hogs. Tuevo looked pretty timid and didn’t play much until the last 10 minutes, which puzzled me. He also didn’t take any face offs until the third period as well. He did skate on the point on the first powerplay.

  8. I guess thats your opinion Matt but I don’t agree at all. All of what you are talking about is Clenny pinching. He does this a lot and can get caught. Dent has publicly supported this so I am not sure how you blame the player. If the Hawk coaches don’t want so much pinching he won’t do it. Also he can skate well and is very strong and wins a lot of puck battles, but you didn’t mention any of this. I am not sure how many Hog games you watch live, but Clenny is a great player. I saw Tevo take 3 face-offs last night and he won them all.

  9. He does not skate well. That has been his biggest negative and it’s clearly seen when watching games. It’s why he won’t be a good NHL player. How does a top defenseman give up numerous odd man rushes every game? He plays offense and gets points only.

  10. Wall- Score effects much? Keep riding that Avalanche… avalanche? Pretty obvious there was close to no effort from the Hawks last night because the game meant nothing. If you want to put your money on a statistically irrelevant “grade A chances”, go ahead. I’m going to side with what has consistently produced championships over the last 15 years.

  11. PS- the Avs got shelled by the Sharks when they could have clinched the top seed in the division and passed the Ducks for first in the conference. Must not have had enough grade A chances.

  12. What a joke . . . they have been playing very average hockey and “mailing it in vs Caps is the kiss of death.” They continue to out shoot the planet and still don’t score, still inconsistent in front of the net traffic and still skating too wide, over passing and not getting to the net with speed. A few good scorers on the team but lots of shots right at the goaltender. lame! Seem teams have figured the hawks d men out, dump it, but go so gad damn hard at the man, dont worry about the puck the hawks will turn it over. Play the man vs hawks d is key, Boston figured it out, but Hawks d men are very very good high skill level so at times it doesnt work. Hawks gotta get the puck up and out quicker, so many times d men hold the puck looking for that “lame” break out pass. i think the Hawks will win their first playoff game and sadly not win another and be sent home? I pray not, they are too talented to exit so quickly.

  13. Could well be Michael petan…reasonable analysis…which Hawk team shows up for the playoffs? I’m thinking they are capable of 16 straight …boom, boom, boom, and boom…if there is one tean capable its the Blackhawks…I know, dream on, but ….???/

  14. Jeff Schantz- I know– I am being sarcastic.

    JS- But how do you explain the “luck” of Avs – when they are so Bad in Your Corsi %- blah-blah…

    And- “Scoring Chances” are a legitimate stat- and ARE relevant… I thought I made this argument before… Not ALL shots are equal… 10 shots from the just inside the blue line aren’t the same as five 2 on 1 rushes!!! I will take the “Scoring chances” from the latter with less shots… (and this is how the Avs have been successful all year) while being “Out-Corsied”!!!

    Can the Hawks beat the Avs- sure! But if they allow the Odd-mans and Grade A’s (like they have in last 20 games ) in large #’s – the Hawks are not going far this post season!!!

  15. Take out Hossa and sit him and Nashville scores 5 goals in the third. Got to be concerned about Raanta…makes some great saves but lets in a lot of goals. I know it meant nothing but we had the game to win. …dominated the first, got clobbered in the third. Should have been an icing call on the late Nashville goal.

  16. If the Avs do anything in the post season, I will re-assess the way I view hockey statistics. Until then, they have 3 horse shoes so far up their ass they won’t come out. However, I fully expect them to come shooting out come round 1.

    Not all shots are equal, but over the course of a season, shooting percentages even out.

    For Fenwick For with the score close, the Avalanche are 27th in the league. Worse than the Panthers, Hurricanes, Flames, Capitals. You know who else thinks it’s ok to rely on your goalie to stop 30 shots a game and hope you can maintain a high shooting percentage? The Maple Leafs.

    There are 5 teams in the playoffs with a negative shot differential. Tell me which ones you think have a chance at the Stanley Cup.

    (per 60)
    Detroit -0.2
    Minnesota -1.1
    Montreal -2.1
    Colorado -2.2
    Philadelphia -3.8

    Meanwhile, the teams I think have a chance.

    LA +7.1
    Chicago +6.6
    San Jose +5.3
    Boston +3.9

    Maybe the Avalanche will prove me wrong, but the odds are not in their favor. 1 team in the past 14 years has won the Stanley Cup with a negative shot differential.

  17. That was icing, 5-5 tie. Good thing these 2 games are meaningless. Fucking refs better call icing correctly in playoffs.

    Really good two games, we won… no one got hurt. All that matters.

    I love that we play Hoss, so he can get 30th goal, then healthy scratch after that.

    Give these ahl & depth guys credit we won 4 in a row against good teams when the games counted to get 2 seed. Organization is smart. I think we could have even rested some guys even moar.

  18. Raanta sure could have used more time in the AHL. That said, he is our backup. Earlier this year the Hawks played stifling defense when CC was out. The result was a good W-L record. Without that type of defensive effort, Raanta is really exposed.

    He is our backup so I will support him. I am still curious why he did not go to Rockford during the Olympic break.

  19. JS- I fully understand your point and the odds/%’s… however- the Stats don’t tell the story on styles/matchups… some team’s styles are negated vs. other teams…

    Hawks struggled vs. Oil and Avs over past few years- (AND Hawks were FAR better than both 2-3 years ago)- the Elite Forward speedcounter attack teams- can expose the Hawks “Fast break-pinching D” style of Hockey (that just doesn’t show up in your Corsi/Fenwick)… That is my point!

    Just like Kings give the league fits… But Hawks Quicker D- gives Kings no chance to forecheck- Kings have had tough time vs. Hawks…

    Boston and Sharks are probably the most rounded- to playing ALL styles…
    Hawks are right there- but not as strong on the boards as either of these teams.

    Another example of “styles” is Wings- Wings gave Hawks a run last year- and Head to head -did very well vs. either Pens or Bruins (who are by far “better” stat wise)… Wings system is speed checking counter-attack- IMO

  20. Wings might be a counter attack this team this year, but that’s simply because all of their best possession players have been hurt. However, they are still 12th in Corsi (close) relative to the Avs 25th. If the Wings got the same goaltending performances that the Avalanche got, they would have many more points.

    Probably won’t be an issue with Colorado getting past Minnesota in the first round, but I don’t think they would beat Dallas or Chicago.

    Hopefully Tab posts up the playoff matchups before they start and we can all make predictions!

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