Blackhawks Blasted By Wild Outdoors

The setting was perfect for an outdoor game, and the State of Hockey was excited to be hosting a national event.

Unfortunately, the Blackhawks never showed up.

Minnesota dominated every aspect of the Stadium Series game on Sunday afternoon, running away from the Blackhawks early and Chicago never woke up. Two first period goals were enough for the Wild to win an easy victory.

Right off the opening drop it was obvious the Hawks weren’t ready, as Minnesota had a shot on net within the opening ten second of the game. Matt Dumba got the Wild on the board at 3:25 and then the parade to the penalty box began.

Dumba Desjardins

Dumba was called for roughing after a big hit on Andrew Desjardins at 5:17, and Phillip Danault picked up two minors coming to his teammates defense. With Danault and Andrew Shaw in the penalty box and the Hawks short-handed, Thomas Vanek extended the lead to 2-0 in favor of the Wild.

And that second goal would prove to be enough.

Jonathan Toews and Brent Seabrook were sent to the box in the first period as well, with the Hawks successfully killing those two penalties (Seabrook’s carried over into the second period). The Wild out-shot the Hawks 11-9 in the first but the Hawks lacked any attack on the net, and most of their chances were one-and-done.

Nino Niederreiter scored his 11th of the year 2:26 into the second and the route was on. When Blackhawks-killer Jason Pominville scored his ninth of the season at 10:26, it appeared the Wild had the game safely in-hand.

There was controversy in the second period, however. As a Ryan Carter penalty was coming to a close, Michal Rozsival stood up Minnesota forward Jason Zucker with a big – and should-have-been-legal – body check. But Zucker’s head bounced off the ice and he required immediate assistance from the medical staff. Zucker needed help off the ice and was taken to the dressing room by cart; he did not return.

Rozsival received a major penalty for interference and a game misconduct on the play, penalties that were a gross overreaction by the on-ice crew based on the result of the play, not the play itself. Here’s a still of the moment of impact, clearly showing Rozsival making primary contact with Zucker’s upper torso. There is clearly no targeting taking place.

Rozsival Zucker

Without Rozsival – or a pulse – the rest of the way, the Blackhawks continued to go through the motions. Ryan Carter made the lead five at 2:25 into the third with his sixth of the year, and the game was emotionally over. Scott Darling replaced Corey Crawford to start the third; the score was hardly Crawford’s fault.

Patrick Kane ended the shutout bit at 12:05, but then hooked Erik Haula as he streaked toward an empty Chicago net less than two minutes later. Haula was awarded the automatic goal on the play to finish the books on the afternoon’s scoring, making the final 6-1 in favor of the Wild.

The only decent parts of the Hawks box score were Toews winning 15 of 21 at the dot and the Blackhawks killing five of six Wild power plays; of course, the Wild having six power plays is an issue. Chicago failed on both of their advantages on the afternoon.

Everything else sucked – a reflection of a lackluster effort that left a lot to be desired.

Crawford allowed four against 23 shots in two periods, while Darling was in net for one against nine shots. Devan Dubnyk stopped 31 of 32 in the victory.

Toews Stadium Series

Even without Marian Hossa in the lineup, this performance should give Stan Bowman a moment of pause as the team heads toward the trade deadline. Chicago has only two games – at home against Nashville on Thursday and Washington on Sunday – between now and the deadline.

55 thoughts on “Blackhawks Blasted By Wild Outdoors

  1. I disagree with you a bit on Rozsival’s hit. No doubt the game misconduct went too far and his injury was obviously when his head hit the ice but that hit was completely unnecessary. Zucker did not have the puck so there was no reason to do it. Probably not intentional, but 100% unnecessary.

  2. Serious question. What was worse?

    Hawks play
    Dubnyk’s acting
    Officiating (Rozsival penalty in particular)
    Or NBC’s camera work. Some of those angles sucked beyond belief could not follow the puck and they couldn’t hold the camera still.

    Svedberg needs to be physical if he’s an NHL player. I don’t think he is. His feet are too slow. I question some of the forwards being NHL players as well. Rasmussen is on that list. Didn’t notice Panik. Mashinter was tolerable. Sekac?

  3. Minnys been playing good lately since the coaching change and, as pointed out by Morrison on the previous post, these games are just for fun and marketing ploys, plus we don’t want anyone getting injured (i.e. Versteeg @ Washington) so overall it’s no biggie. Kane got a goal keeping pace with Ovechkin on goals and adding to his league leading point total. Heck of a goal to, too bad they couldn’t give him an assist on his own goal because that is what happened. There was no room for that puck to go in yet somehow he found it with deadly accuracy. Good learning game for Panarin as well as he made several boneheaded decisions and the video coaches will be able to point out his errors. The upcoming Washington game will be a real good test but we got to pepper Rinne first. Maybe let Darling handle the next two games, at least the Preds game.

  4. Sing to the tune of “The Orange Blossom Special”

    Lookie yonder cumin’
    Cumin’ down the railroad track
    It’s the Stan Bowman Special
    Bringin’ our Laddie back

  5. They looked like shit today, and the defense was horrible – both by the D-men and the forwards. They all spent so much time slacking in their own zone, I thought they might have thought they were playing another scrimmage. I watched the first four goal replays over and over and there were at least two if not three Hawks nearby who were not busting their ass at all to get near their man to break up a potential play or pick up their man and tie up his stick. This is hockey 101 for them normally. I’m sick of these outdoor games, too. The camera coverage sucks for the viewers and the ice seems to be pretty bumpy every period. Hopefully we can start fresh this week and forget this mess of a game.

    I am really hoping we can add a difference-maker on the first line; Panik is not cutting it and I really have a hard time believing Mashinter is our 12th best forward. Hinostroza looks out of place. I’m starting to think this is a showcase for him to maybe be included in a deal coming up. Just my .02c.

  6. I still believe Mashinter is up for salary reasons. League minimum. With that said, he played his role. Something I was critical of.

    Hinostroza looked out of place toward the end of the game when he went to the net and Scandella is standing over the top of him.

    Say the Hawks can grab a 1LW. Top 2 lines are set. Do you drop Shaw to 3c? Or 3LW. I think Teuvo is a Right wing. For good. Which is fine. Him being on the PK says something. Personally, this very much depends on the Dano injury but a 3rd line of Dano, Shaw,Teravainen doesn’t sound bad. Desjardins, Danault, and Panik on the 4th until Kruger is back and Danault can play wing. Send Sekac down as he’ll never be used apparently. Along with Rasmussen. Can someone please explain Svedberg over Gustafson?

  7. Rumor has it the Jets have been offered a 1st and a prospect.

    Out east Bruins writers say the Hawks could give up a 1st and Dano for Eriksson.

    Them prices are crazy high

  8. A first round pick and Dano for a rental would be insane. I am pretty confident Stan won’t get fleeced like that.

  9. Ernie- I don’t get Svedberg over Gusty either. Svedberg is a very slow skater, lacks quickness and does not bring much offense. The Hawks have too many Zus/Bolig type players on the ice. 53,70,32 and Svedberg are all slow skaters. Rozy has played fairly well this year but the other three need to take a seat. I still say Kero is a much better option than 70.

  10. You get the feeling the Hawks are tired of this outdoors type spectacle. Glad I got my Sunday errands in before sitting down for that.

    The team is getting very little production out of some of these Rockford “graduates”if you will. Denault, Rasmussen, Svedberg, Gusty, Hinostroza.

    Add to that TVR is not a top 4 defenseman. Not yet anyways.

    No doubt Stan sees all of this. Keep in mind he likes to get his moves in before the deadline. Could be an active week.

  11. One play in particular Svedberg had inside position as a Wild player gained the line. Svedberg rotated his hips. At this point he has two options. Play the body. Or skate the player beyond the red line keeping him to the outside. What does Svedberg do? He doesn’t play the body. He rotates and fails to take a single stride. He uses his reach and glides allowing the Minnesota player to get a shot on goal. Immediately after that he realizes he’s not screening Crawford so he stands in front. All he really does. He’s big, I’ll give him that.

    Agree on Kero over Rasmussen. However that drop off isn’t as great as Gustafson to Svedberg.

  12. In terms of this outdoor game, it prob better we won against TOR after a couple hits and got a good road win against NYR before White House so the whole wk was deserving and we walked with swagger during the wk, when it was moar important. This outdoor game will keep us awake during these 4 games in two wks. Then business as usual.

    I do not think Dano would be in a trade. I think a 1st and Hartman would get Laddy/or really good FW.

  13. Hawks looked like they really did not give a darn . They did not want to be awakened today — and they weren’t.

    I think Q needs to wake them up. This kind of play is almost unprofessional. Yuck !!

  14. I agree with Jack, “…looked like shit today, and the defense was horrible.” On to Thursday/Predators.

    Also, I trust Stan B. – but, in my opinion, “…give up a 1st and Dano for _____” is really OVERpaying for any rental. If they found a way to add Mikkel Boedker as part of the core for the next few years, then full-speed-ahead!! Not likely, though? The situation this year is different – they are not definitely going to lose a core player (Sharp) cap casualty and Anisimov’s extension kicks-in and Panarin’s bonuses (and possible extension) to consider. Loui Eriksson is a very good player, but at what cost, and will Boston really move him? And, isn’t he a RW? I guess we’ll soon see…?

  15. I agree with some of he posters that its not that big a deal to lose this game. This was the equivalent of a Stanley Cup Final game for Minny. However, the Hawks were not even competitive in this game and that is bothersome. I agree with Tab on the Rosie hit. It was a collision and Rosie sort of stood up to protect himself. Unfortunate that the guy hit his head for sure, but I don’t think it was a dirty play by Rosie at all. I actually think Hino showed a few bursts even though he did look out of place and Danault played hard. Rasmussen and Svedberg I thought looked bad and Seabrook had a bunch of issues. The only positive I see is that its a wake up call and Bowman might get more aggressive. When you bring back Kruger and Hossa from injury and if they add a LW then I like the team for a chance to repeat.

  16. A 1st rounder and the Hawks best prospect for Lou Eriksson go pound sand. Like thry say in Boston “thats wicked retarded”.

  17. Some games means more than others. Hawks are 1-3 in outdoor games now and
    are 3-0 in Championships in the Stanley Cup Finals.

    The 2009 NHL Winter Classic at Wrigley Field.

    Hawks vs detroit s..ks 4-6 loss.

    The Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions of 2010
    at philadelphia.

    The 2014 NHL Stadium Series at Soldier Field.

    Hawks vs pens 5-1 win.

    No Stanley Cup Final……..

    The 2015 NHL Winter Classic at Nationals Park.

    Hawks vs caps 2-3 loss.

    The Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions of 2015
    at the UC.

    The 2016 NHL Stadium Series at TCF Bank Stadium

    Hawks vs minnesota 1-6 loss.

    The Stanley Cup Final of 2016… Can it be a good sign
    to come in the near future?

  18. The fact that in a one off type of game they were flat is maybe excusable-but to leave Crawford out to dry like that was not. Still it’s one game but there seems to be quite a few of these in the last month or so.
    I would like a top six that fits the locker room well and Ladd would be it-but I think it would cost the best prospect or two not on the NHL roster—and I don’t think Hartman or McNeil (or Hino) would do it, so it would probably be Dano, ______ and a first for a rental.
    It’s a lot but this team may need an infusion of energy and they really need two special lines.

  19. Hard to blame the Rockford “graduates” for the lack of decent play by the Hawks. This was a collective pile of crap. Minny came to play, Hawks did not. Hence you get a blowout…..that is today’s NHL.

  20. Dano has hardly lit the world afire since being traded to the Blackhawks. And a 2016 first round pick is likely to be in the pick 28 or so category and so hardly the next McDavid or Eichel type is awaiting us with that pick in June. The chance to seriously compete for the Cup is right NOW. Therefore I don’t blink an eye trading Dano and a pick to acquire a top rental at LW.

    Svedberg is terrible. My assumption is Gustafsson is in the doghouse for awhile. I like the kid, but even at his best potential he is little more than a #5 or #6 type so having him miss some games shouldn’t be devastating. TVR has started to get abused out on the ice. It’s mainly because he has physical limitations to his game and isn’t a top 4 type. Makes me wonder if Bowman thinks a blueliner is of equal importance as a LW.

  21. The Real Magic… would be SB finally “releasing the “Handcuffs/29” and finding both a 1LW and a top 4 D-man…

    Otherwise my friends – the Hawks will not have the “Luxury” afforded to them last year by the Kane Injury/Vermette signing… Hawks are in some trouble this year…

    And Seabs- is NOT going to “age” well… so that contract will be Handcuffs2.0 in a few years…

    Dano- Yes- he is still NOT scoring goals… but actually producing solid Numbers on the Rock… playing with Crap (cuz- the good prospects have made the jump)…
    and Still being forced to Play WRONG wing…

    Hawks could be better in year/two when Motte/And if the next top College UFA sign… but Not feeling it right now as team is constructed….

    Any one see this Zac Lynch play??? Kid has 7 SH goals??? Must be a lucky shit, or have some serious IQ/anticipation/speed!!!

  22. First, if there is pause before trade deadline this team is in trouble! If it took a game like to make it obvious for GM on Madison Street then it’s trouble in the windy city,! Hawks need a LADD type addition a plug and play player with instant upside. I love HEART-NELL myself but he wont fit in Chicago to good, too tuff like Riley.

    Anyway Yikes! A big ass rest before this game and a big ass rest after this debacle.

    Our blue liners especially TVR and Seabrook flat out sleep walking on ice. Hard to do in such a arena with so much energy. The 3rd and 4th line while playing “okay” for a month now will need to be much more productive, neither line has figured it out yet. TNT is player you have to play to not with, moving into open space, meaning head up, get to the net and TNT finds ya, that line finally seems to get that, otherwise TNT is lost casue. So maybe now his line mates know how to support him MOVE! TNT will find you if your open, head up stick on ice, like Magic Johnson of ye ole Lakers!

    While its not important to win the division and Hawks wont win it, ya don’t want to give the WILD the team they will certainly face in the early rounds of the playoffs any edge! A low impact game and forgettable . . . Looking forward to CAPS the test of all test!

    Go Hawks
    Me want Ladd or Heart-Nell now!

  23. Eriksson of the B’s ( i’m out east see him a lot) is a good fit for the Hawks. He would be at least as good as Ladd, stable palyer, scorer and shows up every single night and makes players around him better. So Erikson YES!

    Hawks will no t use and calories or cash or draft picks for another defensemen, silly actually and i think they can land ONE very very good player it ain’t a defensemen.

    Go hawks . . .

  24. Seabrook is ok . . . age well? He is big and kinda sort of slow in an age of brisk fas moving Dunk-in Style blue liners. Seabrook will only get slower. I read recently Seabrook is the only player that when ON ICE everyone is less productive, literally everyone, that stat was not obvious to me, but it’s his lack of speed. Seabrook is very good, but age is lower body, legs and a step slower and your SCUUUUUDERRRI!

    I’m concerned with the NOW not next year or 3 years from now. Cup is half ful!

  25. Everyone had an off day on the same day yesterday. Didn’t like the D the most. Second goal Seabs and Denault do a fly bye instead stopping in front of the net and clearing rebounds or bodies. Hammer just putting a stick on someone in front of the net instead of moving him out. Enough about this game. Crumple up the paper and throw in the waste basket.

    Wish list would be Skinner, Boedker, Eriksson, Ladd for the first line in that order. The first two we might be able to keep.

  26. Tab- read MtM’s post from 8:22 am… stats say #7 has been a liability this year…

    I love # 7’s ability instinct to jump in on O and score the “big goal”… But Father time gets everyone at some point… and usually gets bigger guys earlier than others (not always)… hope I am wrong here… and will really show size/age on back half of contract- More likely than not!!! imo

  27. Let’s worry about Seabrook in 2 or 3 years, its likely going to be bad money then but Stan already went down that road and the Hawks need Seabs this year. Seabs production will fall off a cliff, with his style of play that almost a given! It just cant be this year and hopefully it wont be next year.

    This whole Hawks thing has a window anyways its 3/4 years anyways. All the players are set up for that type of run. The Hawks need to keep pushing for Championships while they can. That blueline isnt going to be capable of what they are doing now in their mid 30’s anyways. Thats way down the line through.

  28. Roman, I like the idea of a FW that we have the option to sign a two yr deal. Which 89 could do based on age. Would need to get 29s 4m traded to do this.

    We know what we need and Bowman usually gets really good deals but always gets what we need.

  29. SSHM- you are right on the window… And I will add the Hawks have a bunch of Young Swedes (some with good size/skating)… all they need is for one to develop soon… really liked Joni Tuulola – reminded me of Hammer- not much O … but always in good position/anticipation…

    I know- it’s catch 22… you pay him now… can’t afford to lose him in the “window”…

  30. HAWKS CAN NOT GET A PLAYER THATS MORE THAN A RENTAL. IF the player has term its a non starter. No Jeff Skinner. No Scott Hartnell. No JVR.

    Eriksson as good of a player he is is a RIGHT wing. Hawks have that side covered.
    Boedker wants 6 at 5.5 per. Can’t re-sign that unless he doesnt get it elsewhere.
    Hurricanes are kinda making a run so Staal may not be available. He’s my pick as he can play LW or center.

  31. @ Ernie,

    I’ve always thought the Eric Staal move was just nonsense, however it seems that it isnt the case. It also came to light that Stan actually have made an offer for Staal about year or so. It involved 2.5 million, Bickell and a surplus of picks and prospects going in different directions. His actually salary is 9.25 million that is a very big number to work with, but Staal has a big upside.

    His goal numbers arent great but my goodness his advanced stats are just sick. Its almost like adding another Toews to the team.

  32. Let the record reflect I’m not a Boedeker fan. He is soft and not defensively responsible. Not a good fit for Toews & Hossa line. I would rather see Versteeg than him, knows the system like the back of his hand, fits in immediately. I don’t see Q being enamored w/ Boedeker whatsoever.

    One more week for Bowman to get all this sorted out.

  33. I’d include Dano for Staal. If only because I believe the Hawks may actually be able to work out a long term deal for him. Here is the thing with Staal, he has already won a cup early in his career and has already banked a bunch of money so he isn’t going to be like most guys trying to break the bank. He might be a guy that is looking for a moderately priced deal to play for a successful team. If that’s the case Dano is absolutely worth is for 2/3 years of Staal. Essentially trading Saad/Dano and a pick for Staal.

  34. … did the Blackhawks ever suck big time in outdoor game in front of huge America hockey day audience…lol….forget about it…Wild has our number in regular season and even more so with Torchetti new coach ..x Blackhawk assistant coach in 2010….didn’t make it to end of second period….TV camera gave me dizzy spells and and Blackhawks lethargic play made me puke….maybe it was the new sweaters?…lol..

  35. If they can lock up Staal for 3 yrs and roughly 4 mil per I would absolutely send Dano with. I don’t really see that happening though.

  36. Wow ,that game was fun to watch,.,.,.,.,NOT.,.,Hawks looked like they were skating in cement,.,.,.talk about puck watching ,.,.deer in the headlights. Put that crap show behind us and move on!

  37. If the asking price for Polak-(big, tough but slow) and Spaling-(like him and he’s from my area-but one goal in a calendar year) produces two 2nd round picks–ouch!

  38. Find someone / 19 / 81
    72 / 15 / 88
    11 / 86 / 65
    24 / 16 / 14 or 34

    2 / 52
    7 / 4
    57 / 32 or 43

    With a healthy 81 and 16, nothing to drastic is needed at deadline IMO. To me, a decent 1-LW, like Versteeg and a true #5 Dman (57 moves to #6 or #7). In reality, that is all the Hawks can afford without leveraging some more future parts.

  39. Here’s my problem with Versteeg. He was routinely scratched last year in a lesser role than most here would ask for this year. So…what’s the allure there? Is he an upgrade over Shaw? Debatable. The only thing it would do is allow you to put Shaw on the third line. Is Shaw a better center than Teravainen?

  40. We’ve been down this road before. In February and March the Hawks seem to lose their legs and their minds go numb. Then in April everything changes and they start to pick it up, again.

    My biggest worry is Panarin. He has never played more than 60 games in a regular season. He is not a big body, so come playoff time he may break down a little bit. Q needs to monitor his ice time and make sure he is ready for the playoff run. I know everyone wants to trade #86, but guy with hands, vision and lateral movement like his do not come around everyday. The kid is 21 or 22, let him put some muscle on his body and develop in the next 2 years. Skill like his is not found on every NHL line up.

    Don’t Panik just yet………………HAHAHA.

  41. Reg, your biggest worry is Panarin playing a couple more games? He played 74 last year and was nearly as productive in the playoffs as the regular season. I’m not worried about him.

  42. Ernie…agree that Versteeg is not the ideal guy, but the key word is ‘affordable’. He also seems to be fully healed and is having a better year than last year. The way I see it, the Hawks must get some help on the blueline as well. That is probably going to result in 2 players with a combined Cap hit of $4mm or less.

  43. The Versteeg things seems like it’s one of those make a deal for the sake of making a deal. I know Staal’s numbers are worse but at least he can play a defensive game. Never been Versteeg’s strong suit. Turning the puck over in the neutral zone trying to be fancy.

  44. Did I read hockey database correctly ? Bodker has never scored 20 goals in an NHL season ? Wow. I thought he played very well against the Hawks in 2012 but let’s face it 20 goals is not a huge feat, even for a crappy team. Heck Pirri and Jimmy Hayes will score you 20.

    I hope Stan does not panic and overpay. Some of the prices reported are ridiculous.

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