Blackhawks Bring 6 Prospects To Chicago

On Monday afternoon, the Blackhawks Blackhawks have recalled their “black aces” for the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs: forwards Jeremy Morin and Brandon Pirri, defensemen  Joe Lavin and Ryan Stanton, and goaltender Carter Hutton from Rockford and forward Brandon Saad from Saginaw of the OHL.

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7 Responses to Blackhawks Bring 6 Prospects To Chicago

  1. Zebra Greg says:

    Reading other earlier posts of many wanting Saad in the line-up…hey, I’m all for the kid but not unless it’s an emergency. I just can’t see dropping him onto the ice at this point. Let’s wait for 2013 to see what he can do. I could be wrong and he could turn into this year’s Ben Smith but I’d rather see Q stay with playoff-tested skaters.

  2. SJS says:

    If there is a need, use Saad. Bollig, Shaw…why not? Again, only if there is a need.

  3. J.C. says:

    I would rather play Morin instead of Saad, doesn’t burn a contract year and I’ve always loved Morin. They are on the same field IMO

  4. wall says:

    Good call JC- I did not realize that would burn a contract year on Saad? are you sure on that?

  5. Tim G says:

    JC is right… if Saad plays 8 games, the first year of the contact is used. So could be play in a dire situation… yes. Would Q want to explore other options first… most likely. We have Morin, Hayes, Pirri, Frolik… guys with more NHL time under their belt to play if needed.

  6. Tre says:

    In calling these guys up, who’s being sent down?

  7. Tim G says:

    No one Tre. After a certain date (not sure if its the regular season or game 1 of the playoffs or something) Teams can play anyone under their 50 contracts as long as they arent playing in the AHL or Juniors Playoffs. But Juniors players have eligability deals where if they play more than so many games in a year, they are no longer able to play in juniors.

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