Blackhawks Bury Avalanche

With revenge on their minds, the Blackhawks handled their business in Denver on Monday night.

J Hayes

Patrick Kane had another dominant three-point night (one goal, two assists) leading the Hawks to victory. He also had three takeaways.

Unfortunately, Kane spent a lot of the night back on a line with Jonathan Toews. Marian Hossa was hit hard with just under two minutes remaining in the first period by Ryan O’Byrne – the same O’Byrne that hurt Patrick Sharp – and did not return to the ice. The team reported that Hossa had an “upper-body injury” but wasn’t ruled out for the rest of the contest.

Thankfully, the Hawks handled their business on the ice and his services weren’t needed.

When Hossa left the game, his teammates had a 2-0 lead on goals by Jimmy Hayes and Andrew Shaw; the goals came 57 seconds apart inside the first five minutes of the game. Hayes finished with a nice backhand off a Kane feed from behind the net, while Shaw put a gorgeous pass from a flying Viktor Stalberg into the back of the net.

A late short-handed goal by Gabriel Landeskog got the Avs to within 2-1, and a poor play by Brent Seabrook may have put the defenseman into coach Joel Quenneville’s doghouse; he didn’t take a shift for over 13 minutes to begin the second period.

Kane extended the Hawks’ lead to 3-1 with his 16th goal of the year. On the play, Toews was credited with his first of two assists on the night.

When he finally got back on the ice, Seabrook earned it. On his second shift of the period, he finished a great rush from Kane and Toews to push the Hawks’ lead to 4-1.

On the blue line, even with Seabrook spending most of the second period in the doghouse, Quenneville spread out the ice time once again. Johnny Oduya led all Blackhawks defensemen in ice time, but only skate 21:47 in the game. Michal Rozsival (21:46), Niklas Hjalmarsson (21:10) and Duncan Keith (20:42) were the four Hawks to skate over 20 minutes, while Nick Leddy (19:46) came up just short of that mark.

Hjalmarsson filled the box score and played a strong game. He was credited with four blocked shots – one of which saved a goal with Ray Emery out of position – and also had three hits and two takeaways.

The Avalanche would add another late-period goal, but that would effectively end their night offensively. In a dominant third period, the Avs were only credited with only four shots in the final 20 minutes. Toews added his 14th goal of the season on a missile to put the game away.

For Emery, he bounced back and made a few key saves in the second period to maintain the Hawks’ lead. He stopped 17 of 19 shots to earn another victory.

Kane and Toews led the offense with three points each, and Seabrook added a pair (one goal, one assist). Bryan Bickell, Brandon Saad, Keith and Stalberg were credited with assists.

One encouraging note from the final box score, the Blackhawks were only short-handed once and did not allow a goal. After killing only nine of 17 penalties and allowing at least one power play goal in five of their last six games, the Hawks showed a lot of discipline in a physical game.

On Wednesday night, the Hawks visit an Anaheim squad that made some news off the ice on Monday night.

It was later reported that Perry signed an eight-year, $69M deal ($8.625M cap), which is $3M more than the eight-year deal Ryan Getzlaf recently received.

35 thoughts on “Blackhawks Bury Avalanche

  1. Anyone have any thoughts on the Hossa injury? Just guessing, but it looked like it might be the left shoulder or his back tightened up with the hit. It didn’t look like he hit his head.

  2. On the replay and on Colorado TV you could see him favoring his hand/arm and in pain. Fingers crossed that it’s minor- Q usually says something like- he could miss some time.. he didn’t say that. He did say “we’ll know tomorrow,” which he always says. Hopefully not waiting for x-rays. Didn’t seem like shoulder to me- seemed more like hand.

  3. agree. it didn’t look like he hit his head.

    Q was asked if he and the team noticed it was the same player that injured sharp and hossa. he said the team sees the replays and they talk to each other. (i’m paraphrasing) was he hinting at something?

    the discipline the hawks played with was great tonight. they beat teams on the scoreboard.

  4. Another great win…sweet revenge after having the streak broken there…Lots of great moments in the game…

    Hayes made a great goal scorer’s move on his goal…if this kid continues to go to the net, good things are going to continue to happen…he is a small mountain out there…Bolly was robbed of an assist on the play.

    The 3rd line was wonderful again tonight…beautiful goal by Shaw off the great pass from Stahlberg…what an important line to the Hawk’s success.

    Brandon Saad is just getting better and better…he made so many great plays on the night, I can’t recount them all…how good is this kid going to be?

    Toews and Kane were outstanding again, but Toews was the best player on the ice once again for both teams. Captain Serious is on a serious tear…seeing Kane on that line reminds us how effective he is on a line where the centre wins the face-offs.

    Bollig skated a hugely important 12 minutes on the night…right now, Q just can’t and shouldn’t change this lineup…we are rolling 4 lines, everyone is staying fresh, contributing on defence, and competing hard…

    Kudos to Q for sitting Seabrook down after the Shorthanded goal…horrible effort by Sebs, and he had a chance to think about it…all the other DMen stepped up to fill the load…and when Sebs came back…guess what? He was a lot better. This is something Q wouldn’t have done over the last 2 years.

    I don’t feel Emery has really looked good for awhile…his unsteady performance tonight made me glad that the Hawks shut down the Avs offence. However, what do I know, Emery is now 11-0-0 on the season.

    As for Hoss, I hope he’s okay to play in Anaheim…from the sounds of Q it isn’t very serious. If he can’t go, it will likely mean the return of Carcillo to the lineup and I was hoping to avoid that.

    Great game guys!

  5. There was alot to like in this game. We came out strong to start all of the 3 periods which was good to see given the fact we let in 2 late goals in the first 2 periods allowing hope for the home team. We clamped down big time to start the 3rd to deny any momentum for the Avs and held them without a shot for maybe half the period.

    Improvements over the first game at Colo were everywhere. We stayed out the box with no bad penalties and we took good care of the puck while getting numerous takeaways. Blocked a fair amount of shots. We did struggle on faceoffs, especially late but were close to 50 % for most of the game. No shame in losing a few to Duchense or Statsny. Solid game and win. Road records dont lie and we’re 13-1-2. Hope Hossa is a go vs Ducks

  6. What a difference a week makes. Or maybe better said – what a difference a well rested Blackhawks team makes. The Hawks started the game with good energy and their play was crisp throughout. It is truly a joy to watch the Hawks when they’re playing at a high level – man that’s some good entertaining hockey. I wish puck possession time was a stat that was kept because it would be interesting to see just how much the Hawks dominate and have the puck in the 0-zone.

  7. What a great came by the Hawks. Other then those two late period goals the Hawks dominated the play last night. I’m a little worried about Hossa’s injury. It did look to be some type of shoulder injury. Lets hope it was just a stinger and he’ll be good to go Wednesday.

  8. Josh, which arm was he favoring? A few games ago the defender’s stick was wedged between Hoss and goalie… Stick snapped across his Forearm/elbow…. it looked like he was in some pain on that play…

    What a difference- In Game 2 vs. Avs, Hawks skated like Dallas (Saturday)… and then Skate like this!!! Even Rosey looked quick out there!

  9. Yes, what a great difference a couple games (and days off) can make for these Blackhawks…

    But let’s not forget the Avs are in last place. My focus this week is on two things: Hossa’s health & the Ducks. The Blackhawks are supposed to beat the Avs; Colorado isn’t very good this year. Anaheim, even without Perry (still suspended), is a tough game on the road.

  10. Excellent comments everyone…Ryan, great post…I really believe that not only were the Hawks tired when they played COL and EDM, but they were sick…publically we knew about Frolik and Hoss, but Shaw and others looked like they were fighting off a virus.

    When you consider the Hawks body of work this season, and take away those 2 games (and the EDM backup goalie stood on his head to prevent that game from going into OT), Chicago has been literally perfect as a team. And as Ryan said, a road record speaks for itself…in any league…and in a strike shortened season, its insane!

  11. Primary assist on that short handed goal has to go to Seabrook. Maybe he is still feeling the wrath of the one punch TKO from Saturday. He has seemed off all season. Even before the piss poor effort on the shorty he made a terrible pass to Keith in the defensive zone that should have been a turnover.

    Really happy that people aren’t upset that Bollig didn’t go after O’Byrne. Yes, he hurt two people. No, they weren’t dirty hits. However, the crosscheck to the face of Saad didn’t make me happy. Bollig played a great game. Dan who?

    Hope Hoss is ok for Anaheim. Should be a great game. Hopefully my hotel internet is good enough for me to catch the game on GC.

  12. Tab…agree with you on both counts. Hossa’s health is of paramount concern, second to the Ana game. That being said, it is a HUGE game, regular season notwithstanding. A win for us will say a lot about where we stand in comparison to the other serious contenders in the league. Really wish things were different and we had a few scheduled against the big boys out east…man , that would be fun!

    We played well last night, other than the dot, which will become a greater concern as playoffs roll around. I do hope that Sharpie takes over faceoffs for 2nd line when he comes back. I want the puck in Kaners hands as soon as possible when he is out there,lol…Also, what do you see happening with the lines should we be without Hoss for a few games?

  13. Also, how about Kane double shifting with the top two lines in Denver? I’d like to see Ryan Miller do that!

  14. If things keep going like this for Kaner…maybe its time to slap an “A” on his sweater sometime soon. He has really shown me a lot this season, grown up in many ways, accepted the fact that he is blessed with supreme talent, and, along with that, comes huge expectations and responsibilities. This year, he has not run away from it, but owned it.

  15. Another huge contract for the Ducks. Ducks are definitely playing for this year. Loads of cap space this year… trouble next year. I suspect they will pick up a player or two by deadline. But next year they have $53mm dedicated to 16 players leaving on $11mm for 7 players. Hmmmm, sound familiar?

    Hawks need a strong effort tomorrow but will really need to bring it in the playoffs. A Hawks / Ducks Conference final would be awesome. It amazes me that some of the “annalists” say neither the Hawks or Ducks will make it to the CF. Can’t they just enjoy 2 great teams having great seasons???

  16. Right on Brad… great hands… actually faster in straight line than people think… skating agility is his weakness, and top heavy/skinny bird legs! Would like to see Hayes ass get half as big as Buff’s… then he could post up on PP.

  17. remember when when some Hawks fans were lobbying for Carcillo over Saad,….yeah that was funny. How was Carcillo’s night last night? Oh wait he was a scratch. Just an amazing game last night from the Hawks the 3rd period was a thing of beauty to outshoot your opponet 9-0 when they are trailing speaks to this teams D. Should be a good one on Wed, Ducks havent lost at home in 12 games.

  18. It looks as if Philly is out of it. If they were to be sellers, what is the opinion here on Max Talbot at center. Not a real 2 and I don’t know his faceoff numbers or salary(guessing reasonable) but I do know he is someone who will be physical and HIT , block shots, kill penalties and is a character guy….but he has to be good at dot!

  19. I likeMax Talbot alot, I think the organization likes Max Talbot too, I believe they made a serious move for him when he was a UFA, but Philly offered more money. He’s got 4 goals and 5 assists on the season and he is a 47% faceoff guy. Im not sure what his contact looks like but he a very nice bottom 6 guy for the playoffs

  20. I like all the suggestions for a new player, but here is the thing…what we are missing is a 2nd Line Center. Unless we can get a 2nd Line Center (some skill, bigger, wins FO over 50%), I’m not changing this team. I like Max Talbot a lot, but one could argue we already have three of him on this team (Bolland, Kruger, and Shaw). I am not changing this team unless it’s for a Ryan O’Reilly or Jordan Staal (or similar type player). I do not think we find that this year…

    Tab as an aside, what will the Duck contracts do to the Toews and Kane contracts? I think Anaheim is banking on the cap not being at 64.3 for the “long-term”. I have been worrying about our new contracts for awhile (which I know is crazy), but they are going to be big. I think one way the Hawks keeps them at say 8.5 mil a year is to offer both the same contract. If only one stays, the dollar figure is going to be bigger.

  21. Peter, totally agree… the only way it makes sense is True # 2 center/ w/ 36 + other prospects trade…
    or 1 year rental of Top 6 power forward!!!

    So 1 yr. rental looks more realistic… and we will have to wait and hope no major injuries occur.

  22. Couple things…

    re: Talbot – he has three more years after this at $1.75M, and he isn’t an upgrade at the dot. I would rather that money be given to Kruger. GREAT guy, good player, not a top-six forward and the Hawks have plenty of kids in Rockford that can (and likely will) get a shot at a bottom-six role at some point.

    re: Perry’s deal impacting 19 & 88 – Getzlaf and Perry are now in the same neighborhood as Sidney Crosby ($8.7M per but for 12 years). I think the Blackhawks should realistically budget for $17-18M to be allocated to Toews and Kane when their new deals start. On the plus side for the Hawks, the cap should move up by the time those two deals need to be written; Anaheim is in a tough place having to pick up the new money given to Getzlaf and Perry next year with a lower cap… which means Bobby Ryan’s name will be back in the forefront of trade rumors. With that being said, before we all get a chubb for Ryan in a Hawks sweater, remember what we just said about allocating money for Toews and Kane. Whenever you want to look at trading for a superstar, keep that reality in mind.

  23. was thinking about this last night. what do you guys think about going after jagr? I don’t think we’ll be able to pry a top 2 center from anyone.

  24. **Bigsmokej**You are absolutely correct, unfortunately I just don’t see alot of teams giving up on the season and moving highend players. Goofballs like Jay Feaster will most likely not move players because they think they still might be able to “make a run” if not a guy like Matt Stajan would be a nice addition. I don’t think Buffalo is crazy enough to trade Hodgson or Ennis, because they are a team willing to make moves. Heck if SJ falls out it would be awesome to have Jumbo Joe on the 2nd line(and that would prevent him from punching Toews again). But at 7 million SJ would need to take Bolland back in return, and that seems completely unlikely. Even Mike Fisher would look awesome on the 2nd line but Nashville is only 2 pts out of 8th. So that’s even more unlikely alot of these trades seem wild and a complete pipedream.

  25. No Jagr please. That would seem a distraction for the team. An obvious HOF player in his last year.

    Tab, I think you are right on about Toews and Kane. Fortunately, Hawks will get a look see as to what teams are going to do next year with the lower cap. I think we have remember that all teams have to deal with a cap that $6mm less than this year. The new CBA also complicates the Cap with “bury” restrictions. Finally, most of the teams that are below cap now can not afford an $8mm player.

    Tab I also agree on giving money to guys like Stalberg, Kruger, and Leddy. Others with expiring contracts, Bicks, Rosival and Emery are all also worth considering. Rosival is a definite plus and could come reasonably. Emery will be hard to replace. Bicks seems like the odd man out when it comes to new contracts.

  26. An incredible year. To see 4 lines playing hard two way hockey is inspiring. We know how much talent we have on our first two lines, but to skate a 3rd and 4th line that puts other teams on their heels is what separates us from most teams. Shaw plays his butt off, makes some immature mistakes, but his overall effort is fantastic. Bickell and Stahlberg are playing for new contracts and it shows, as they have really bought into the team mentality. Kane is on a mission this year. His hands are quick as anyone I have ever seen play. Amazing skill set and he along with the Capt are still really young guys. Kruger and Saad just keep getting better and better, and they look so much more confident. Frolik deserves some goals for his work ethic. Watch him be a guy in the playoffs that starts lighting it up.

    Lets hope Hoss is ok. I don’t think he popped a shoulder. Something maybe with a wrist, or hand injury. Overall team play is outstanding and this has been without Sharp the past few weeks. Of concern that other teams would rather give up ice position attempting to run our guys. This has been a noticeable trend especially with the Avs. If we go into the playoffs healthy I like our chances against anyone to challenge for the Cup. This team is special with what they are bringing this year. The game against Dallas was the biggest blow out I can ever remember. We dominated for 3 periods. Against the Avs last night it seemed as though we had puck possession 65-70% of the game. All these Hawks fans at road games is something else. No wonder other teams hate playing against us. Amazing.

    The Perry contract is huge. I didn’t know Anaheim had that kind of bankroll? Their draw at home is one of the worst in the league if i read the stats correctly. Obviously, they are going for it. Ducks fans should be pleased. If Perry can get this kind of coin then Toews and Kane will deservedly get that and likely more. Funny, owners in pro sports cry about revenues, but keep upping the ante with salaries. Meanwhile, us loyal season ticket holders pay the freight.

    Meanwhile it’s Ducks tomorrow. Let’s Go Hawks!

  27. I think its very clear at this point, Bowman won’t bring ANYONE in who is more than a rental player…the Hawk’s lineup is loaded with young talent that needs room to play and advance…the Hawk’s farm system is loaded with talent that is ready to move up, and have to be given that chance (for example, next year Hayes, Smith, Morin, Pirri, Clendening and Ryan Stanton).

    If the Hawks can’t find this player, they won’t make a move…Ryan O’Reilly was the prototypical 2nd line Centre that many here talked about as worthwhile going after long term, and Bowman didn’t even table an offer sheet. He is set with his notion of filling that position from within…It’s really that simple…unless another injury occurs the Hawks will take this team into the playoffs with perhaps that one rental centre that can win draws…and it would be hard to critique him.

    I still maintain that the biggest concern for the Hawks to win the Cup is goaltending. If CC and Emery stay consistent, we will be fine.

  28. What does everyone think about Mike Ribero? He is having a great offensive year and is on the last year of his contract. We can part with him in the offseason and pay “our guys” (i.e. stalberg, leddy, etc). As a rental, i think he would be a top option, but what would be worth trading to get a rental?

  29. Ribeiro is an awesome playmaker… but doesn’t win faceoffs…

    Jagr would only be a PP specialist … can’t skate (at least on D)!!!

    Mathew Perrault… looks interesting… skates well, faceoffs – improving… but he is small…

  30. Back to back games now where the Hawks dominated opponents who they should dominate. That’s not always an easy thing to do.

    We’re getting very good at scoring back to back goals. It feels likes Toews or Kane is involved in a big goal and then the third line comes out next and before the PA announcement is even finished there is another one in the back of the net. That is hugely valuable.

    Saad is really reminding me of Hossa and Toews in the way he uses his legs. Once he gets in that wide stance he is pretty much impossible to move, whether it’s in front of the net or on the puck along the boards. That buys time and opens up ice for others. In the goals Toews has scored in tight the last few games, Saad has been right there creating net presence as well. Keep it up.

  31. I would like to pry one of the centers from COL. I would prefer Duchene but with his cap hit, I think it would be difficult for the hawks to manage. I also don’t think that COL can trade O’Reilly so that leaves Stastny. I wouldn’t mind that but I would prefer Duchene. I just think that COL can’t hold on to these three guys considering the market thay are in.

  32. @Jim – I don’t think Colorado would trade Duchene unless it’s for another elite player. The only players on the Hawks that Colorado would trade Duchene for is Toews and Kane and no Hawks fan would do that. If they have to move one of the 3 centers it would probably be Stastny as he is overpaid and Duchene is a much better player.

  33. Let’s take a step back from the trade proposal ledge for a moment and remember that Dallas, Minnesota, Winnipeg & Colorado will be division rivals of the Blackhawks starting in October. I don’t think for a second the Avs (or any other team) would move a core player to a division opponent, and I don’t think another GM would send the bounty of prospects required to get said core player to a division opponent either. So let’s scratch Duchene, O’Reilly and Stastny off the Blackhawks’ list (Stastny might be available, but too expensive against the cap for the Hawks).

    Look at guys that would realistically fill a need. Mike Ribeiro’s name keeps coming up, but he’s winning 42% of his faceoffs. If you’re going to look for a guy that would fill a role on the Hawks on the Caps’ roster, I would look at Matt Hendricks as a potential 3-4C option. And, if we’re considering an intra-(future)division move for a veteran, I would think Vern Fiddler in Dallas would be a good bottom-six center addition as well; I liked him in the free agent market.

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