Blackhawks Can’t Catch Predators

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before recently: the Blackhawks got a short-handed goal in the first period and that was the sum of their offense.

With Richard Panik in the box and 26 seconds left in the first period, Artem Anisimov scored his second of the season short-handed to give Chicago a 1-0 lead.

The difference between Friday night and many recent Blackhawks games, however, was the push they put on the opponents offensively. The Hawks out-shot 21-7 in the first period but scored only once; Pekka Rinne was good, but they didn’t get enough traffic in front of Nashville’s netminder.

Only three Blackhawks skaters – Panik, Lance Bouma and Jan Rutta – failed to put a shot on net in the opening 20 minutes.

It took just 57 seconds into the second period for Calle Jarnkrok to tie the game. And at 11:02, Craig Smith scored a power play goal to give Nashville a lead they wouldn’t surrender.

Chicago put another push on in the third but couldn’t beat Rinne.

When the dust settled, the Blackhawks matched their season-high for shots on goal with 44 – a mark they established against Pittsburgh on Opening Night. The penalty kill was good for the Hawks, holding Nashville to one goal on six advantages. But the Blackhawks own power play continues to be a dumpster fire; they were 0-6 on Friday night.

Corey Crawford had a good game, stopping 28 of 30 without much help – a theme that is becoming increasingly frustrating.

Patrick Sharp won three of six faceoffs and put a team-leading six shots on net. Jonathan Toews won half of his 24 faceoffs and put five shots on net in 22:41 on the ice. Patrick Kane put five shots on net and skated 19:22 even while spending four minutes in the penalty box in the third period.

Nick Schmaltz led the Hawks with four takeaways and put three shots on net in 19:11. He won seven of 20 faceoffs.

Alex DeBrincat was supposed to see more time with Toews and Brandon Saad but the amount of special teams play got in the way. He skated 13:35 but with only one shot on net and a blocked shot.

John Hayden also got bumped up the lineup – in theory – but ended up skating only 11:25. He was credited with two shots on net and zero hits, but was physical. He got chippy with a couple Nashville players including PK Subban, which led to Hayden getting called for hooking with eight seconds left in the second period.

Duncan Keith skated 25:35 and put four shots on net while blocking four Preds attempts.

The Blackhawks have now scored 14 goals in their last seven games. The power play is a massive disappointment, and the offense as a whole is now a major concern.

29 thoughts on “Blackhawks Can’t Catch Predators

  1. Frustrated with this team. Toews and Seabrook shat the bed again. Toews losing puck battles and getting stripped off puck and Seabrook his usual imitation of a a human pylon. Tab, be the bigger person here, and admit Wall is spot on with his assessment.

  2. A solid first period and then the awful play by Keith and the game is tied. You really never heard from the Hawks again after that. I see all the comments about Forsling being overmatched and Seabrook being finished etc. While there is some merit to the individual player criticisms, I just wonder about the Hawks confidence as a whole. There is no “comeback” in this team right now. They play the Avs tomorrow, who pounded tonight 7-0. They can’t blow that game.

  3. This result had nothing to do with Seabrook. The horrific turnover by Keith completely changed the game. Actually thought we played quite a bit better than other recent games.

  4. I will give a warrior like Keith a pass any day of the week. If you go back and look at the tape, on all odd man rushes given up #7 is caught out of position or chasing. Needs to be an occasional scratch and minutes limited when on ice.

  5. I agree, Seabs and Keith are not to blame. It’s tough to see Toews struggle so much. I would give Sharp some time on the PP as the one timer like Panarin last year because he can still shoot the puck.
    A good hockey trade that went under the radar this past draft year is Brayden Shenn to St-Louis!!! Wow, he looks strong.
    The effort was there tonight but we lack scoring touch with this group.

  6. Jonathan Marchessault: Salary $750,00.00
    30 goals last year with Panthers!!! Vegas money!!!
    Anyway, 20 8 88
    14 19 10
    13 15 40
    17 47 38

  7. MS, is right we played good and we let them into the game, Dunks. It wasn’t them outplaying us, like the other game. We outplayed them.

    I think were screwed until we get to around 15-20 games in to settle in. The sch. makers got us this yr. They try every yr and we do good with weird sch., not this so far. We can do good for a stretch starting with the PHI game.

    Not going to fun until NOV/DEC, then we have a somewhat normal sch. and by then we settle in with new/younger guys.

    Go thing we start really good 4-1-1, that will hold us near enough 1st/2nd in div. until game 15/20ish.

  8. “You are what your record says you are. ” – Bill Parcells.

    The team lacks finishers, that’s stating the obvious plus we get very little offensive production from our defense.

    For as much as I like Debrincat, he has that one snipe against Montreal that’s it.
    Sharp = meh.

    They should insert Franson, he has a chance to score when he has time and space to wire it and I would call up Jurco and tell him to shoot, shoot, shoot.

    Tomorrow’s game against the Avs will be tied going into the third period, a bounce here or there will win it or lose it. Two 500 teams.

  9. I agree, call up JURCO who can play left wing, has size and speed. He can also win board battles that Debrincat just cannot do unless he is playing pee wee hockey!
    Send him down, please!!! Enough is enough. We do not have time to mentor someone who is 5’5[‘ and needs to figure out his future in the NHL. Sharp is 35 and wants to produce not babysit a 19 year old. And if Hawks management is honest with the fans and themselves, they would send him down after tonight’s game. Also, we all saw the great preseason Vinny had. He is smallish but plays with a much bigger heart than #12, has lots more speed, and is not afraid to get is nose dirty. And let’s watch IACOPELLI closely because he has an NHL shot!!!
    Enough smoke screens Mr.GM…

  10. Demo- is right – Seabrook is a Pylon/turnstyle… many odd-mans/breaks happen with 7 being the culprit…

    to add- Seabrook- used to be great at pinching and skating into the slot… Now- he is so much less effective… because he knows how he will get TORCHED- if he guesses wrong- basically – the guy is playing on his heels… and still Can’t beat any decent skater back!!! Which also effects Hawks O zone possession -cuz he is reluctant to support/pinch.

    Sharp- is trying- just too old to

    Goldenrug- you are only as good as your best players- (and highest paid)… they are not getting it done… and even on PP– BAD

    Only thing encouraging- They did hold the O zone with more than one line… but at end of day- quality of shots in 20 shot first- mostly weak.

    SB- needs to make a major move- Core will only get older/slower… look how slow they looked versus Vegas… Vegas looked like they had 7 skaters- were all over hawks… Vegas- reminded me of watching Hawks Prospect tourney- Hawks Prospects- just swarmed the other Prospect teams.

  11. Jurco hasn’t been a regular in 5 seasons with two teams for a reason-he isn’t a difference maker! He’s a bottom 6 player, with fringe skills. (Who is good enough to get points in the AHL)
    The Hawks aren’t as good as their start or as bad as the last 5 games-where they settle in we’ll see.

  12. We use to joke about ‘losing a gear a decade’ as a skater-Seabs has lost his for sure, and he wasn’t fleet footed to start with–he can still contribute in the other teams’ zone, especially on the power play, because of his shot and ability to work with skilled players, but 5 on 5 he can’t adjust to change fast enough and can’t skate his way out of mistakes.
    I’m sure the coaches are aware of this, but…
    (Last time I’ll say anything for a while as there are enough people pointing this out)

  13. And Debrincat is ? And Bouma is? And Wingels is? And Kero is ? I would rather see the top four scorers of the Icehogs replace these bottom AHL feeders. The lack of scoring depth has been the issue for the Hawks since the Cup. This obsession with having responsible defensive players making the team again this year instead of going all out on speed and skill to restore our identity is frustrating. (remember last year we had KERO and KRUGER and TOOTOO and DESJARDINS playing games, just to name a few????) Who do we blame Coach Q or Bowman? Pens have not lost their identity. All you used to hear from coach Q was puck possesion well that happens with speed and skilled players who had size as well. Again, Kane, Keith, Crawford, SAAD, SEABS, SHARP and TOEWS are not the problem. Schmaltz is a potential top six centre on this team because of his size, speed and skill. The problem is the rest???

  14. Bouma and Wingels are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. Providing energy and banging bodies. And they are earning their, relatively speaking, modest salaries. I don’t put it on them. They’re meeting expectations. Not sure I can say that about the rest other than Crow.

  15. Demo- true dat…

    WTS- Hawks – only way to get faster/more skilled… with cap being Constraint-
    is Audition the Young Hogs/Hawks… (in place of Guys like Bouma/Wingels- who are “doing their jobs”)

    Or – SB – move a BIG contract or two ( not easy – or probable)

    Kampf – scored again last nite-

    Best thing that could happen now- AA plays great for ten games or so- and SB unloads him in a deal…. Kampf called up… and now SB has even more $$$ at TDL

  16. hmmmm …….. Blackhawks lose 2-1 to a Nashville team that steamrolled them last playoffs, while getting off nearly 50 shots on net against Pekka Rinne who has played lights out this year (just came off of a 140 minute scoreless streak), and the team is supposedly in disarray and terrible.

    I guess I was watching a different game. To me, it looked like Toews had perhaps more puck control and speed and moves than he has all season. Schmaltz looked like he was getting back into a bit of a groove after an injury got him right while he was hot. Rinne stopped some good breakaway chances. If I’m remembering things correctly (please correct me if I’m not), one of Nashville’s goals came on a turnover by Duncan Keith, who doesn’t seem to catch the wrath of the Committed Indians Faithful like others repeatedly do.


  17. Some thoughts:

    1. Clearly, DeBrincat has hockey skills. However, his size and lack of high-end speed nullify his effectiveness. I saw two or three passes on rushes which couldn’t be completed because of his limited reach and lack of burst. He is only hurting the team and his own progress by being up here. Is it just me who sees this?

    2. Perhaps Anisimov’s goal will quiet the haters for awhile. His versatility and size are a major asset. Is he overpaid? Maybe, but not by much.

    3. Panik needs to get back with Toews on the right side. Hartman needs to be moved back up to second or third line. He is much more than a grinder.

    4. Forsling much more confident and active last night. Beginning to see his potential.

  18. “SB- needs to make a major move- Core will only get older/slower…” (Wall) — SB tied his hands with those NMC/NTC contracts.

    “Jurco hasn’t been a regular in 5 seasons with two teams for a reason” (Noonan96) — agree…he disappointed in Detroit except for one decent year.

    There are a lot of different players here, only 11 games palyed – maybe being patient is the best way to go.

  19. So is it the lack of personnel or the coaching ? The Hawks are perennially a salary cap maximum team. Yet after 5 + months off to rest and recover, with no Stanley Cup hangover, this team is pretty much 500.

    Within our division, St. Louis is a better team, Nashville is a better team.

    If a 7 game series were held, the Hawks would likely lose to both those teams. While that is speculation at this point, we can only go by what we are seeing on the ice. The Hawks either get outplayed badly or when they play well, the cannot finish, examples include last nights game, Edmonton and Minnesota. Home games that winning teams SHOULD win.

    So again I ask is it the players underachieving or the coach not getting enough out of these players ?

  20. Might be worth a try to move Anisimov back to centre on the second line with Kane and then move Schmaltz to left wing on that line as a more suitable replacement for Panarin. He`s closest in what we have to Panarin. The top 6 then has the best possible speed / skill / size, we have available :
    Toews, Saad, Panik
    Anisimov, Kane, Schmaltz
    For the third line, call up Hinostroza to centre a line with Hartman and Hayden, ( we need even more speed in our lineup ) and then let Bouma, Wingels, and Kero ( Jurco ) alternate on the fourth line.
    Debrincat should go down to the AHL for a while to get himself some time on the top lines down there.

  21. Finally some perspective, well said Big Indian. Too many doomsday posters today. A 2-1 loss against Rinne & the Preds does not correlate to all the roster moves suggested. Let’s see if playing Colorado will help ignite the offense.

  22. “You are what your record says you are. ”

    Why win as many games in the regular season and fold in the first round again. This team was build for the playoffs and it will be some time before theres some synergy from the new players and existing players.

    Gloom Doom, enjoy yourselves.

  23. Seen enough ? time to move seabs to vanc or Caine’s or Arz and of coarse we will lose another young gun to move him ! This team has no chemistry and Kieth looks worn out ! Back up goalie Joke. Right now kings Knights Nash Blues all way better teams. To many pieces missing and Towes can’t win a face off! No pwr play and Q don’t have the horses ! Sloppy lazy no chemistry ! And they broke up number 1 scoring line in NHL. Watched m in Vegas and had ass handed to m by a team that was well put together. Bowman get to work

  24. Toews or Towes, Kieth/Keith– what does it really matter until the Hall of Fame calls.
    How about Jordie Howey or Booby Ore.
    RESPECT Please–
    Ah, maybe it was just too many drinks on a Sat. night, right from the Slammer

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