Blackhawks Comeback, Fall Short In Shootout

Early in the second period, Corey Crawford skated off the ice and Ray Emery replaced him between the pipes for the Hawks. It felt like a week before, when the lifeless Hawks failed to show up and got hammered by the visiting Coyotes.

This time, things were different. And it’s because of Jonathan Toews.

Toews scored twice and had a gorgeous primary assist on Patrick Kane’s game-tying goal, all in a span of just over 11 minutes in the second period as the Blackhawks once again fought their way back from a big hole to extend the game. The Captain also won 15 of 17 faceoffs (88.2 percent).

Unfortunately, the great momentum the Blackhawks had carried over into a break-even third period and a strong overtime, but not into the shoot out. The Coyotes scored on their first two attempts and Mike Smith stopped Toews and Marian Hossa’s attempts to earn the second point.

Dan Carcillo was credited with a team-high seven hits as the Blackhawks (wait for it…) out hit the Coyotes 28-23. The box score wasn’t great for Ben Smith (three shots, one takeaway, one hit, minus-two), but he drew two critical penalties. Toews’ second goal was scored on the power play resulting from the first penalty drawn by Smith.

Marcus Kruger had a strong game as well. He didn’t factor in the scoring, and won just four of eight faceoffs, but he was clearly irritating the Coyotes every time he stepped on the ice. His presence in front of the net was getting attention from more than one opponent on every stopped puck, something Dave Bolland used to do.

Crawford was pulled after allowing three goals in 16 shots and only 21:08 into the game. Emery stopped all 11 shots he faced in regulation and overtime, but was 0-2 in the critical shoot out. The question now is, after a strong game from Emery in St. Louis, does the would-be backup start getting more ice time, or was the move to pull Crawford completely motivational.


9 thoughts on “Blackhawks Comeback, Fall Short In Shootout

  1. Thanks for the article Tab…there is just too much up and down, and swing in their game…and WAY TOO MANY mistakes by key players…

    I am tired of watching Montador and Keith at least once every game, each create a huge giveaway and scoring opportunity…and we are only a 1/3 of the way into the year.

    I know I have been saying this again and again for the past 2 weeks, but we need to make a trade NOW…maybe not all the moves we need for the post season, but at least one deal, to bring in a very good defenceman that will settle this group down. In the 3rd period alone tonight, Seabrook, Keith and Hjalmarsson all had bad giveaways that could have led to goals.

  2. One…

    that is the official count on the over-under for Montador falling on his ass (on his own) and giving the other team a goal. (I know it is really around 5, but i just started the Pool last week)… do I need to start one with Keith?

    Brad, you are right… the two glaring weaknesses from this game (and all year) for what the Hawks are missing… another D-man , and a Power-forward who can go to the net, and win a battle on the boards for the puck. Love the effort from Kruger and Smith… but they are way too small to be our Power forwards (besides Toews)…

    If Bickell or Beach had 1/2 the heart or I.Q. of Smith/Kruger… the Hawks wouldn’t be in this position. As is they need to address lack of power forward asap! (Hayes) is an option if we aren’t going to deal soon.

    Lastly, Bowman has to realize Monty is scary! (makes John Scott look graceful)

  3. Well, since this game was on versus, this is the first game I was able to watch. Loved the pace of the ‘hawks in the second and in OT. But any insight into what’s going on w/ Bolland? He looks like my grandpa out there. Shouldn’t Q sit him until he’s back to his usual self?

  4. Honestly don’t know what’s wrong with Bolland, but he simply isn’t close to the same player he was to start the season…playing through an injury I would guess, but without Bolland at a high level, we have one awesome centre and 3 mediocre ones…and that’s not good enough in the NHL.

  5. I do not believe the hit count from the game last night. I think there was a little home cooking when it comes to the number of hits credited to the Hawks. In the first period the stats were 13-4 in favor of the Hawks, and there is no way the Hawks out hit the Coyotes. They couldnt even catch a coyote player let alone hit one. Another thing that irks me is how many back handed passes that our D-men make. They are predictable,soft and often picked off.

  6. A big part of the Hawks problem is the poor stick handling of Corey Crawford and it is especially evident with dump and chase teams like Phoenix. Crow is an outstanding shot stopper but is a liability when the puck is behind the net and he stands there like a statue while the opponent has a 50-50 chance of coming up with the puck. And Crawford is painfully slow tracking the puck and moving to the other side of the crease when the puck is behind the net. That is where teams are killing us right now. I would play Emery against teams where some degree of stickhandling competence is required of a goal keeper.

  7. This team may want to start thinking about options in net. Last year I was a surprised and happy as everyone else at Crawford’s stellar play. I say surprised because what everyone is seeing from him this year is exactly how he played in Rockford. Some games better than others but never with the consistency that he showed last season. I still believe that one of the reasons they kept Emery up was his possible trade value at some point in the season. However, if Crawford is unable to find the game that he brought to the ice EVERY night last season Emery may be more important to keep.

    This team does not need offense. Would a power forward be nice? Certainly it would, but scoring goals does not seem to be a problem on most nights. The atrocious defense on the other hand has been this teams undoing at times throughout the season so far; well that and sleepwalking through the first period of several games. I still believe that the defensive pieces they have now are good enough to win with as long as Monty is kept on the 3rd pairing and no higher. Which reminds me, why the hell or what the hell has Lepisto done to be in Q’s doghouse. The man has to at least be somewhat better than OD. I can’t think how many times there has been a rebound put back for a goal while OD stood there watching or was just playing too high in the slot and was out of position.

    I actually thought that the St. Louis game was what the Hawks needed to right the ship and maybe go on a 6 or 7 game tear but alas, one less than mediocre first period shot that thought in the ass.

    Here’s hoping that they get their act together before Thursday because if they play like they did the last time the faced the Isles they may not be as fortunate.

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